A guide for decons, aka The absent-minded professors

Some things never change. Ran across this again, and thought it may be timely. Enjoy.

The Lions Den

“Most Christians have pure (blind) faith, not well-versed at all in their own Scriptures and its plethora of incongruencies, contradictions, and erroneous logic — ”

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So sez the false professors of academia as well as the pseudo-professors and self-described experts of Christianity.  Didja catch that?  ‘Professors.’  As in professing. As in mouthing. As in professing but never possessing.  Nice. In one sentence, the decon here has played his hand. He has given us his doctrine.

But first. Did you notice how the decon framed his argument by putting ‘most Christians’ into his little box? Of course the decon is a bible expert and once professional Christian……one who has singularly decided that he has the drop on scripture, and all other people of faith are idiots for not believing what he now despises.

‘Incongruencies, contradictions, erroneous logic.’ Hmm, let’s examine briefly the so-called learned ones claims which have decided…

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2 Responses to A guide for decons, aka The absent-minded professors

  1. A good repost! One thing that can be learned from decons, don’t try to build your faith around people favor and pride. “Most Christians,” is indeed a doctrine, one that validates one’s own non belief. Who worships at the foot of “most Christians?” “All scientists, all smart people, all biblical scholars,” are all ways of saying one’s non belief is all about people favor. I know this pastor who often reminds us to let go of the false assumptions. There is no “all, everyone, or always” because of course we haven’t met them “all.”

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    People tend to align themselves with others who confirm their bias. I align myself with others who are correct. Huge difference. Similar to aligning a car. We want to make it correct. We want to line it up, straight and true.

    That said, I naturally align myself with you msb because you are straight and true; like all my level headed friends. 😉 because our affinity is in One greater.

    And of course, the standard is scripture and God’s truth; why wouldn’t we align ourselves with He who holds the stars, (not even to mention the single and solitary morning star, which preaches the glory of God)

    We do a good thing, our ‘here a little, there a little,’ confirming, repeating, defending; blogsville is crazy town, you just don’t know who is parked in your driveway!


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