Search and seek mission

‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is the honour of kings to search it out.’ No, it is not Confucius, nor the Lama, nor Sagan, Hawkins, or Nye.  It is the voice of truth as spoken through King Solomon, a man who had no intellectual equal. But of course he would make no claim to this wisdom, as if it belonged to him, nope, it was truly the wisdom of God, and oh yeah, the good king believed every word of the book of Genesis.

Why wouldn’t he? The same God he counted upon to equip him to rule and adjudicate properly the Jews, created the heavens and the earth, so of course God could be trusted for anything else, big or small.

Which reminds me. As if anticipating objections of every stripe, coming from every corner far and wide, the good book thunders with this opening: ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’  Did you ever consider WHY this is the very first verse of scripture? God, as Solomon knew owns all wisdom, and utters words of absolute confidence and certainty regarding His own handiwork.

Space, time, and matter, and all objections erased with the first line of God’s word. No wonder infidels and fools despise such words. God knew people would ask, God knew people would stray, God knew some would honestly wonder, and He supplied the finest answer to the conscience, which answer nature bows in humble agreement.

It is written, it is written again, it is written again and again; how many times must God say something before stubborn men take heed and actually give God the courtesy of knowing what He is doing, has done, and will do. I am sooooo glad that word for word, Genesis 1.1 is stated exactly only once. As it should be.

Of course the very thing is confirmed elsewhere, as we have God ‘holding all things together through the word of His power,’ and ‘by Him do all things consist,’ and ‘where were you when the morning stars sang for joy?’ all words which should render men immediately to their knees in humble thankfulness, but no, men thumb their noses in utmost arrogance, as if the created has the drop on the Creator.

Some things never change. So God gives us a detailed account of things that He wants us to know, 66 books actually, all of one voice, that prove God is for us, that He can be trusted, and that give us the confidence that His word is good, very good even.

Left alone to his own devices, men (and women) would screw up scripture, so the Creator made well sure that no fluff or fanfare would wreck the work of careful scribes, as they meticulously copied the text. They were not to interpret. They were not to editorialize. The message was not theirs to amend. They were to only display fidelity to the text, as it should be. 

It was irrelevant if they understood Daniel’s dreams. It was irrelevant if they believed the trumpet sound of Joshua. It was irrelevant if they believed the Red Sea was parted by God for Moses. It was irrelevant if they believed Haman was hung by his own dilemma.

And it was certainly irrelevant if John on Patmos believed one single word of his revelation. Ah, but let God be true, the exile was in good hands, and he did believe the letters to the churches, he believed the First and the Last, he believed the bowls and the vials, but the time was not his.

Scripture! That golden bowl of luscious fruit which awaits the truly hungry and really honest seeker of truth, where the gems of history are revealed to give credibility to all of God’s words.

So seek and ye shall find. Many a man and woman has done just that, and not only have minds been purified through faith, but lives have been transformed for the good of others, and unto the glory of God.

There is no other pursuit worthier than the finding of the glory of God.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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11 Responses to Search and seek mission

  1. says:

    What a perfect post. The Word has proven itself down through the ages, in spite of various translations. God’s hand is clearly in it and He has made sure that the core message remains throughout time and eternity.

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  2. Tricia says:

    This is a beautiful post ColorStorm, thank you for writing it. Reminds me of my own journey through faith; the more I seek, the more I am shown and the more God’s love for his creation, for me, comes shining through.

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