Donkeys don’t ‘talk,’ they bray, but I do recall one donkey saying a few words to a man because he was stubborn as a mule. Heck, have you ever heard the asinine things some people say that would embarrass a talking parrot?

Yesirree, there be many folks who sound like honking geese when they talk, others like snorting horses when they laugh, and others gather round the campfire as they ravage believers like they were lamb on the spit, while they feast with ferocious fixens and frenzied evil laughter like hyenas; so what’s the big deal challenging the true account of Bal-aam?

I wasn’t there, neither were you. I heard it snowed 4 thousand years ago yet have no first hand knowledge, nor evidence that the clouds actually did send forth trillions of tons of snow. Yet, I have the reliability of history such as found in scripture, that yes it did snow, and yes, a donkey talked. So what. The scriptures have always spoken the truth.

There are other things more incredible to believe, like a person thinking ‘there is no God.’ Now THAT is fantastic, and makes an ass appear as a genius. Unbelievable I tell ya, how a person can wake up after being dead to the world….and proceed with another day, using minutes not his, time not his, a body not really his but borrowed, and go on and about complaining that the Creator of life has left him homeless in the mind, and helpless to see as it were, that the rain from heaven is a misted gift, and that if men choose to be blind, God sends more rain, and more, until men get the torrential message that God is the bestower of all gifts.

Tis sad that men receive daily packages known as the gift of life, and never thank the Giver.  Also a sign of the times: ‘neither were they thankful, but were VAIN in their imaginations.’ Ah yes, reminds me of Solomon when speaking of the vanity of the ill-informed.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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2 Responses to Gifts!

  1. So true!

    It snowed in Israel a few years back, somewhat unusual, and the kids were just delighted. I spent the morning watching clips of people excited by the surprise. So of course I tried to tell others about the fun and was just blasted with disbelief. “Don’t be ridiculous, it never snows in the ME, that’s all fake,etc etc.” Wut?? Like sight unseen, they were absolutely certain I was lying because apparently the idea challenged something they were quite convinced was true.

    It was kind of a comical lesson on how stubborn our brains and hearts can be, just like a mule for sure. The bible shares this wisdom with us all the time, “lean not unto your own understanding,” or “believing themselves wise they became fools.” Pride, arrogance, quirks of our brains, whatever, will render us just as blind as that donkey’s owner was. Of course, then we usually proceed to blame the poor donkey and kick him a few times.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    How dare you msB tell others it snowed in another part of the world without you seeing it personally, and it not having been peer reviewed! Don’t you know that kind of talk shames grandmothers and withers crops!!! ( lol)

    And so others will blog about your mental shortcomings, and accuse you of everything under the sun, then again,, there is always the alternative, to just believe the word of a good person.

    And of course in this, there be a whole lot of good people behind the writings of scripture. God saw to that for sure. And as a bonus, these good people included it all, the bad, the ugly, and in between. Thus does the honesty of scripture shut all mouths, and in our case here, sometimes God will employ Balaam the mule…..because the man was stubborn! Who is the mule here? ha.

    And yeah, blame the donkey; that’s what all scoffers do too, blame everyone and everything but themselves: no proof! no evidence! bah blah and half a dozen bleches.

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