The teacher above all

Was reminded of an old favorite scripture truth recently, brought to our attention by the astute, level-headed, sober, and brilliant mind of Paul the apostle, a mind by the way, that has no modern equal.

Is this my opinion? Nope. It is actual, factual, truthful, and may be challenged, but not so by brutally honest hearts. Key word there, honest.

Saul the legal scholar who sat under Reb Gamaliel, then the gracious Paul the apostle who was instructed by the direct teaching of the Lord most High said this: ‘Doth not nature itself teach you?’ Of course he was speaking primarily of the distinction between men and woman, but he carried the mail in so many places, telling of truths that all may find comfort in.

He told of the natural affinity between the sexes, and used as a springboard Mr. and Mrs. Adam, there being no ambiguity at all of humanity’s first parentage. He spoke of the seed that springs forth another ‘kind’ of life, an offspring of that which went before, confirming the ‘kinds’ of nature and Genesis.

He spoke of the differing stars and their place, and how they covet not the glory of another. He spoke of botany and plant grafts, he spoke of that age-old institution known as marriage, as that mysterious yet obvious union between essentially opposites. Yes indeed, Paul was all about nature as the grand instructor.

He plied his craft as a tentmaker to pay his way, and was no stranger to hard times on the high seas. A man’s man was he, rugged, strong, natural, spiritual. A man not afraid to take the low place of unpopular opinion, because he valued truth more; a man not afraid to pray for ruffians in public, no doubt as some scorned. He too gave them bread for their weary stomachs which calmed their minds. To this end, many of Paul’s enemies became his friends.

A man with a price on his head, but why? Because he spoke with absolute truth and his words had power. He knew how to act in public because he was trained in private. Paul was wise. He too was nature’s friend. He met with no-gooders, do-gooders, and gave them all the correct context for their deeds, once more, using nature, logic, and the eloquent words of scripture.

Paul knew of economics, deposits, and banking, but knew of a finer jewel known as the sacred trust. Paul was well aware of battles, fights, scars, threats, but used this knowledge to impart insight into what a good soldier really is. One who is aware of the real enemy and his tricks, and one who requires a special set of skills to recognize and defeat.

Can I refer you to the helmet, the sword, the breastplate, and the sandals? To battle in this warfare which is inevitable, one must know He by whom all things consist, and that He alone is the reason for all opposition and warfare, and that to He alone all men must answer; to be called a ‘worker together’ during this warfare is truly humbling.

And oh there is always Paul’s instruction on death, citing it’s beginning and certain end, as he explains here we are today living between the corners of life as it were. By virtue of being born, we all earned our righteous wages. Righteous as in not righteous, but well deserved. I have been through this countless times that children are adept in trickery of their minds and hearts, lying and pretending to deceive: without ever having a lesson by Dr. Spock, while at the same time displaying a guilelessness that many an adult should envy. Such is the dual nature of man.

Paul was well aware of the many natures that humans employ; some choose to act like beasts and he said as much, but he also says it does not have to be, that men can aspire to a better nature, one with the Creator in the picture. He speaks too of going further, as in the Redeemer, but far too many have fingers in ears already.

Paul spoke of this and presented it perfectly, with of course, a more excellent way. As Paul wrote, travelled, and explained the doctrines of faith, he was met with miscreants from all sides, yet gave them faith, hope, and charity, the likes of which they have never seen. He was like fresh water to so many, while the many brought him grief as well as poison.

When he met with the proud intellectuals of his day, only a keen eye could see how easily they ate their own words, as some using their God-given brain, deferred to the apostle of the Gentiles, but with a heart for Israel. Paul knew all about nature’s dry bones, and those bones which caused tears.

And if this were not enough, one could always be awed and stricken by this: It was not Sagan, it was not Hercules, it was not Darwin, it was not an orchestrated accident without a conductor, it was not every atheistic blogger who ever lived, it was not DeGrasse, it was nobody and nothing but GOD Himself:

who commanded the light to shine out of darkness,

That’s right, according to our illustrious and thoughtful apostle as he refereed to that monarch of chapters which has no equal, Genesis, which proves the beginnings of all that is. But there is more, for by this same power and truth, God also:

hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Love these twin truths. God is glorified. Genesis is confirmed. Believers carry this same light, and this is precisely WHY the infidels cannot tolerate the true nature of science, for God is involved. Light from darkness, light that has no purpose apart from intelligence. It is no wonder fools write books upon books of useless and endless theories to create merry-go-round smokescreens against the God of nature and redemption.

So who is this teacher above all? Solomon? Paul? Apollos who was also mighty in the scriptures? Nope, all fine choices, but not a who, but what. The winner and only choice? Nature, just as it was asserted above.

Doth not nature itself teach you? Indeed.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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7 Responses to The teacher above all

  1. Very powerful. Thanks for the insight on this stunning day in paradise.

    Blessings, grace and peace!

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Well, you know I love that word you used, “consist.” He didn’t just create it and let it all go do its thing. All things consist by Him still. Without his hand in it, it would all literally just fly apart.

    Have a blessed Sunday, my friend.

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  3. Citizen Tom says:


    As I was looking up some of the verses you quoted, I ran across this one.


    blockquote>Revelation 21:23
    The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light.




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