The ways of the serpent are…

I am currently enjoying many conversations, and watching the itch of poison ivy like gossip spread like wildfire with a sole purpose: trying to stamp out Christianity and the testimony of believers. Trouble is, the ones with large mouths like those river bass, are using gasoline which only magnifies their depravity and ignorance, while at the same time proving God’s word is reliable and of course, true.

And I am being extremely polite in the careful choosing of the word depravity, for it is much worse; thankfully, God and His word have said as much to remind good people He is not surprised, so neither should we. Am I sure? Oh yeah, and then some.

The pretended professors with useless PhD’s who say ‘Moses never lived…….’ or ‘Christ was a liar for alluding to Moses as a historical certainty,’ do in fact have slippery skin and more forks in the tongue than the most craftiest and slithering of snakes. Double emphasis on slithering.

Let that sink in. The Lord Jesus Christ, He who is the root and offspring of David, He who is the root out of dry ground, He whose understanding is infinite, He who was without sin, He who knew no sin, yet He who was MADE sin, was mistaken, or historically stupid for citing the law and law giver as mere fiction? Perish the thought and strike these words!

What deranged mind would sink so low into the cesspool of imagination to conceive such hazardous waste or lunacy to suggest that He whose ways are from everlasting to everlasting, and that He who became part of Adam’s posterity to PROVE it, He who laid down His life for His friends because His name is Wonderful, (no man dare assume this title, now or ever) what fool could say with a straight face that scripture (unlike any source of course) cannot be trusted as to the person, worth, and work of Christ Himself?

Here’s a clue worthy of Scotland Yard. The true reason why the Holy Bible and son of the living God is assaulted and people leave alone the Ko-ran, Joe Smith, Bagavad Gita’s, Froto’s, Frito’s, Baker Eddy,  Eddie Munster, and all other irrelevance is simple.

They pose no threat to absolute truth, they pose no concern to historians, and they trouble not the conscience which demands to know what is tried and true. The bible contains the origin and history of man. It is written to confirm what we know as humans. It, from the very first sentence, arrests our attention, and answers questions we have not as yet asked.

God’s word has the drop on intelligence. Yet, to the mentally insecure who have no use for their Maker, God is presented as evil, but why? Once again, God explains why, and gives the reason that so-called progress and evolution could never dream of in a million lifetimes: it’s all about the heart baby.

To the froward, God reveals Himself as froward. (Perverse, that is, turning from, with aversion or reluctance; not willing to yield or comply with what is required; unyielding; ungovernable; refractory; disobedient; peevish; as a froward child.
They are a very froward generation, children in whom is no fair.)

Yep, pretty accurate. But the thought never crosses the minds of the accusers that it is I, and not God, who is at fault here. It is I, not Him, who has fallen short. It is I, and not Him, who is on trial.

‘Ungovernable.’ Ouch. Yet the horseman sees no issue with his demand to govern his own horse, while he rides the rails of intentional rebellion. Too bad.

But that wild rash, that conversation that has delighted the stomachs of so many infidels who cannot cease from assaulting that book of history and truth, is contagious, for there be many ‘frowards,’ and they all not live in Broward County. I rather like God’s assessments of such kin, being ‘raging waves of the sea,’ they ‘who foam out their own shame.’

Look at the sea-foam as it washes ashore. What an astute picture of shame and waste. Is mankind not compelled to consider such behavior? Is God’s word surely not worthy of serious contemplation? Only a fool would argue otherwise.

Hare dare a man gripe against the science of the light of day! How dare a woman btich that sunlight does not reveal truth. How dare the pseudo scholars dismiss the words of He who brought grace and truth, and who Himself, is the light of the world, and He who gave history its beginning!

How dare a man scorch He who holds all things together, and He who gives science context! What science you ask with disdain? How about the fountains of the great deep, which springs have been discovered a mere few years ago, yet which fountains were explained many thousand of years before Jack Cousteau was in diapers, and long before there was a printing press!

As I said, true science. The same science which ignores light. The same science which is clueless as to darkness in its many degrees. So Moses never lived eh? You sir, ma’am, are a liar, plain and simple, and your issues are far deeper than just having an opinion about scripture, but I have already said enough.  But not before I leave you with this:

Of God we read this: ‘But to the pure, thou wilt show thyself as pure.’ Seems like a no brainer, frowardness or purity. Single, or double-tongued.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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5 Responses to The ways of the serpent are…

  1. Well said,Colorstorm.

    Loved this, “But the thought never crosses the minds of the accusers that it is I, and not God, who is at fault here. It is I, not Him, who has fallen short. It is I, and not Him, who is on trial.”

    Now see, that is the truth of our faith, but it also the truth of science and philosophy, too! We call that intellectual humility. Pride in our own understanding is downright crippling, because it renders us blind to any of the evidence around us and we cannot even think logically.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I am so not afraid of science. But that false god ‘Science,’ capital S of course, is the golden calf of carnage and pseudo intellect, (billions and billions of unprovable years of guesswork ie)

      and has artificially supplanted true science at every turn. This is why I despise modern astronomy, and even the idiotic notion of some so called Christian-scientists who say Adam never lived……..

      ………….triple blechhs, and a dozen ughs, and a few thousand grrrrs,


  2. Tricia says:

    Good post ColorStorm. As IB says above, it all comes down to pride. Those that can’t see it and address it in themselves will never believe in the truth.

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