The recycling of the stubborn

To this day, it is my understanding that an ape has never won a spelling bee. Perhaps the godless can prove me wrong, and point one out, so as to put to rest the notion that men did not have apes as great uncles. Never won a spelling bee, or learned to read Hebrew……backwards? Ha! You be no great ape, and your nakedness doth appear.

Remember the gentle giant and wise above all King Solomon? You know, the one who was an engineer, architect, builder, botanist, economist, fabric specialist, sage, councilor, farmer, lover of birds, insects, animals, he who had no equal?

Remember when he had apes and peacocks brought to him? Why do you suppose that was? Let’s emphasize again his wisdom given him before we rush to cite him as delusional

“For the king’s ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram: every three years once came the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks”

But this was small potatoes because Solomon was the richest king endowed, and as a matter of fact, to cite our modern vernacular, Queen Sheba was blown away by him, and all that was his, his kingly stride, his employees, and all that she saw.  No man like him.

So no, there was no ambiguity, and it would not surprise me in the least, that the good king had apes brought to show the absolute WISDOM by God in the creating of all creatures great and small.  I say put that great ape on trial. Tell him to defend his apehood. Ask him why he’s working real hard to grow up some day to become human. Ask him what’s taking so long.

Then again, maybe his inability to speak Greek is enough of an answer, and the judge and jury must acquit him of all false charges. Maybe Solomon was indeed on to something we have not considered, for the king wasted nothing. His decisions were full of purpose. Does the phrase ‘cut the baby in half ‘ ring a bell?

Here was no mean king waiting for an opportunity to display his power and cruelty. Nope, here was a wise man just proving who the mother was. Apes and peacocks eh? Seems to me I’ve seen some of those today, and maybe they just did not get the memo that it was time for them to grow up, get with the program, and ‘evolve’ already.  What a combo, apes and peacocks, just rolls off the tongue. Love that.

So what is recycled here? Just the same stubborn antics and ripped up playbook used by they who cannot see the absolute truth of the alphabet, or arithmetic, sciences that shut the mouths of godless wannabee intellectuals.

And oh, then there is this. When was the last circus you attended where the ringmaster was a monkey, who tried to teach peacocks how to play the piano, and commanded midget’s to jump through hoops? Didn’t think so.  But I am all for recycling by the way, especially on motorcycles.  Stubbornness? Eh, not really that interested.

(Of course the question was answered, it simply was rejected summarily)

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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6 Responses to The recycling of the stubborn

  1. Well said! Ha! Apes and peacocks, I never really paid attention to that. Cool!

    We had a beached whale last week and people trying to free it. This cartoon as been circulating, the whale says, “Guys, how we can ever hope to evolve if you keep throwing us back into the sea?” Made me laugh.

    Science, the real kind, will tell you that the odds of life simply appearing on Earth are so astronomical they can hardly be calculated at all. The universe is so vast, so huge, so ancient, if life could just pop up it would have done it somewhere else by now. Try as we might, we have yet to be visited by any aliens. We’ve also never seen a whale sprout legs and start walking up the beach.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I neglected to say we need to apologize to all fine apes everywhere. 😉

      But your last line doncha know, there be some misfits who say you are mistaken because whales once walked like puppies…….. lol

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    • Allallt says:

      We haven’t been visited by aliens, but we haven’t visited them, either. Kind of suggests there might be more principles at play here. If the odds against abiogenesis are astronomically small then we expect the distance between planets where it has happened to be astronomically large — and over coming extremely large distances in single life times isn’t easy.
      I’m not saying I believe in alien life, just that your argument isn’t a rebuttal against it or abiogenesis.

      I am curious, though, as to where this ‘real kind’ of science is being published. Do cite a source, I’d really like to read it. This ‘real’ science, that can both calculate the odds of life, and claim that it can barely be calculated, all at the same time.

      I suppose it is this ‘real kind’ of science that says evolution predicts whales ‘sprout legs’ or that gorillas should win spelling bees.


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  3. Should attract someone’s attention. Good post.

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