Dr Ford?

So how many people have I offended because I have not included her maiden name? So what, who cares?

In the middle of her testimony today, here are a few observations:

-Not ONE Democrat has offered the idea that we will reserve opinion UNTIL we hear from the accused. Wow, what a novel idea.

-This professional psychologist with a dozen degrees is applauded for her bravery, yet she needs a therapist? Appears she has other issues and baggage no one has recognized.

-She loosely throws out her knowledge of the hippocampus, the lobe, and the brains ability to CONTROL information, but has trouble remembering basic facts?

-Supposedly, her life was traumatized so badly, yet she managed to conduct a ‘normal life,’ including a ‘normal’ rest of that day…………….and replete with a thousand exotic vacations that most would only dream of.

-Polygraph? Ha, any psychologist could manipulate information. Brain specialists doncha know.

-She didn’t know what ‘exculpatory ‘ meant?  Really? I mean really?

-Her voice is notably weak, and her ‘woe is me’ tale is boring.

-Feinstein, Durbin, etc. are an embarrassment.

-Ms. Mitchell is treating Ford with kid gloves, but is constructing the demolition of her story, or so it seems.

-Grassley is more than fair.

-How can any sane person judge a matter before they hear from both parties? Kavanaugh will surprise with his turn.

-Remember,, these are ALLEGATIONS.

Now let’s wait for the accused to tell his tale.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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9 Responses to Dr Ford?

  1. What I find most interesting. When asked if she provided therapist session documents to the Washington Post (which by the way claim there were FOUR men in the room, not two as she testified under oath)… she says she doesn’t remember.

    WHAT?! How could you NOT remember something TIED directly to an event you can recall with perfect clarity 36 years ago. I would love to dig into her financial records over the past year and see if there are any mystery deposits made in that time. Democrats would move heaven and earth to keep Kavanaugh off that court.

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  2. Tricia says:

    This entire episode is just infuriating to me. It’s obvious as pie that this is pure partisan politics at play here and it’s just shameful that so many are ok with just turning our justice system upside down to prevent Kavanaugh from being nominated. Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted but there is nothing that points to Kavanaugh’s guilt. The world’s gone mad.

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    It seems to me that it is partisan mad flinging at this point

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  4. Ha! I did not see your post until just now. I think I concur with all your observations.

    I’m actually feeling a bit angry about the whole mess, mostly because I know some women who have been through some “major stuff.” There’s a gal who was just a child during the war and was left standing alone in the rubble of her house, the only survivor on the entire block. Poor baby, because life didn’t get much better for quite some time. She too was assaulted, but for real, and wound up with a disabled child in a war torn country where everyone was starving to death. Those two are alive today, doing well, and thriving. Also, frequently testifying to the grace and goodness of God.

    I’m thinking of offended pride here, but more like a pride of lionesses. Those who serve the Lion of the Tribe of Judah are generally made of much tougher stuff. All this melodrama and talk of ruined lives dishonors the whole struggle and shows little respect for who and what women are actually capable of.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      If that little inconvenient word ‘sin,’ is considered, it clears up a whole lot of nonsense in a New York minute.

      Rather than focus on the hundreds of opinions Kavanaugh wrote, and his track record as a husband, father, coach, American, no, we focus on the shortcomings common to ALL humans.

      Geeze, people, get a grip and grow up already. The Dems btich about the ‘partisan process……………’ yet they are oblivious that they created it.

      There is enough blame to go around, but c’mon, only Christ Himself is blameless. We? Eh, not so much.

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      • Yes! Also missing from the equation is any potential for mercy, grace, forgiveness. I know that’s a sticky wicket when it comes to justice or naming sin for what it is, but just the same, I do notice modern Dems seem devoid of any potential for mercy and grace?

        Sure, some unknown guy may have said some racist thing back in college, but people can change, we can become new creatures. It’s all wrong hearted to make everything a potential gotcha moment.

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