Kavanaugh, Flake, and the face of atheism

Strange bedfellows these words above? Nope, not at all, and as usual, no apology will be forthcoming for telling what is plainly true.

The now notable elevator scene with Senator Flake. He was approached as he was closing the door, and the ahem cough couch orchestrated camera’s appeared, and presto, a live stream of two women in an obvious complete meltdown mode of hysterics. Listen carefully. They were hysterical, and the media loved it because it advanced their cause of character assassination of decent people.

Listen ye ladies of the elevator: Mr. Flake did not respond to you, not because he did not hear you, he did not respond because in that instance, he was wiser. One doesn’t reason with a drunk, one doesn’t waste good works trying to settle the rage of a hungry lion, and one surely doesn’t come within spitting distance of a poisonous snake when spuing venom.

One woman said at the top of her lungs: ‘We didn’t tell anybody about our abuse or rapes, nobody listens….’ or something close to that. Did one person catch that massive contradiction? You are screaming at this man and it is HIS fault you didn’t tell anybody? It is HIS fault nobody listened?

But that’s the playbook of the insane leftist propaganda machine. Distract, create bedlam, use hysterical hoodlums under the guise of caring and being fair. No! It is lawlessness. This was never about Kavanaugh, it was about insanity, and if one’s person’s mind was changed because of this elevator spectacle, I feel sorry for such a person.

Emotion and the tears of a raging woman have no place in what is fair when making decisions. Well might the emotions of mothers everywhere cite King Solomon as a cruel monster when he ordered: ‘cut the baby in half,’ words never meant to harm, but to expose the lying deceit of a fraudulent claim. Wisdom comes in many flavors, and the calm response and the ‘no response’ by Flake were cut out of the same cloth.

But no………. not  one word about the raging fools who got in his face and treated him like he was their garbage man, (with apologies to laborers) and it was pure embarrassment when the fools continued: ‘look in my eyes!!!’

Whether Flake was convinced by them is not the point here, that’s his problem, but the greater point is the conduct, both mental and physical, that is missed by they who wish to carry their points. Look ye elevator women,  look ye atheists, no one can take you seriously when you act like morons.

When you cannot even see that it is YOUR behavior, YOUR so-called intellect, YOUR ignoring of history, geography, facts, logic, common sense, and of course the ultimate truth of a Creator and loving God who has easily revealed Himself through nature, scripture, and the conscience, then it is no wonder that you would find the elevator women as useful, while denying the proper response by Flake. Nothing. Nothing but patience, maybe some pity.

And it is the patience of God which is ignored by atheists, because YOU are those elevator women. YOU dare get in the face of God and ask Him to prove Himself, YOU unashamedly debase yourself in His presence as you cite Him with contempt, but it is YOU who is blind to see that blood, water, (lots of water) bones, marrow, brains, veins, lungs, kidneys, hearts, eagles, whales, clouds, mountains, trees, fruit, cattle, love, hate, death, and all of life are enough proof that instead of berating Him, you should be thanking Him.

Flake, whether you like his politics is not the point. In the midst of that chaos, no one seems  to notice he was the perfect gentleman. And in the face of universal disgust by atheists, God is still the perfect gentleman. So while the deafness and hysteria of those women continue, so do the loud mouths and small brained atheists not see the connection.

Wake up and see the goodness of God.

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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24 Responses to Kavanaugh, Flake, and the face of atheism

  1. SharaC says:

    From the second I saw it I absolutely knew it was orchestrated. If you look into who those women actually are, you see just how planned out and sick this whole thing is. Such a sad and maddening circus unfolding.

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  2. Running the Race says:

    Interesting that you compared the lunatics outside the elevator to atheists. You’re kinda right I’d say.

    That take themselves awfully seriously (like the atheists do) but all sane and reasonable people see their antics for why they are, unhinged.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Maybe not lunatic in actual behavior so to speak, but certainly in the lack of mental ability to connect the obvious dots of life.

      In this they are dead equal as the women elevator thugs.


  3. That’s really true, Colorstorm! The antics of those women in the elevator really is a bit like atheism. And God, such a gentleman, so unbelievably kind to us! He really will meet our hysterics with calm and comfort, with the answers to our questions, even.

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  4. It’s incredible to fathom people actually believe this narrative of these fools (obviously planted), let alone the circus atmosphere of these hearings. Shameful that common sense and sight (for anyone with an inkling can see what a sham it is), has gone the way of the dodo bird.
    My question to the shenanigans being orchestrated in real time is, why did they not do one full background check on the accuser’s allegations, then..? Do process was not given but assumed and her rights were violated. Would of avoided the heartache of this circus to both parties and the media hyping it to the next level. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it the accuser’s obligation to prove what happen happen, and then the receiver of the accusation to prove his innocence? I always believe our judicial system of ‘one is innocent till PROVEN guilty’. Apparently that too has gone the way of the dodo bird. The conflict is there’s no evidence. How is any of this helping either one of these main characters..? Let alone society as a whole. All of this should have been done in private and the real truth found out. There’s a bigger agenda being portrayed through this false narrative, when truth is hidden and deception is accepted. God help us.
    The words of Scriptures are fulfilling in these last days. And I agree with you, wake up and see God’s goodness. My prayers are for truth to be evident. Thank you for a thought provoking post. Blessings.

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  5. Can’t say that I’ve ever gotten in the face of God, or said anything critical to him. I have certainly known a lot of theists who liked to confuse what is said to them with what is said to God. Rather a telling move if you ask me.


  6. ColorStorm says:

    Narrative dan? Ha, u are hilarious. I have seen and read your commentary. ‘The fool says in his heart, there is no God’

    Not my words. Just because you have lots of icing to cover a stale cake…..

    Atheism is the religion of fools . It stunts people’s abiliry to connect the dots of their own arguments. Not me who is lying- with every comment of yours, you are proving my case.

    But you never answered how one can be an Alaskan and an atheist….. Truly stunning.


  7. Citizen Tom says:


    I have some mixed feelings about this post. Can’t say those crazy women harassing Flake are not any more ridiculous than some Atheists. Still, I am not certain making fun of atheists is a good idea. The Bible does ridicule those who say there is no God, but the primary targets are scoffers and apostates, people who are actively rejecting Jesus or seriously distorting the Gospel.

    There are lots of people who are just ignorant and confused. Our education system and the mass media have become largely godless institutions. Since the biases of our educational institutions and the mass media have become common knowledge, we have an opportunity to preach the Gospel to those who are beginning to suspect they have been misled. However, we do have to be careful to avoid needlessly insulting them.

    Nevertheless, anyone with a handle like danielwall@$!#%& probably needs a more empathetic correct.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I actually agree with your assessment Tom, except prob. for the .making fun’ part.

      Atheism is so prevalent today, and the adherents are not so because of a lack of learning; it is a choice, no college needed, or even high school, or kindergarten, tho we know indoctrination to godlessness is found in many places.

      But that elevator scene made the point and quite well that when people get in the face of God, (like Goliath, lousy kings, the Herods, etc, it usually doesn’t end well)

      Endless words and accusations, libraries of essays trying to say ‘there is no God’ was representative of that mob scene where chaos is applauded by the thoughtless.

      Can’t stand that crap. I do confess that all atheists while being cut out of the same tattered cloth, do have different dispositions.

      I have an atheist friend who is mild mannered as Clark Kent, and we both laugh that some believers and atheist alike, have trouble articulating why they believe this or that.

      That said, there is no such thing as a true atheist, but we like to use tags that put us in a camp with others.

      Btw, even the fool who says in heart, ‘there is no God,’ does battle with the obvious, it’s not that the mind is not convinced, but that the heart overrides, it’s pride as you say many times.

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