Bells of glory

No apes and peacocks today, but something equally finer coming from the book of books, the Monarch of books even, something that rolls off the tongue and sounds so sweet to the finely tuned ear, that can hear both the melody of grace, as well as see where the arrow points:

To the Owner of the alphabet, whereby all words from scripture are perfectly assembled and constructed to say that which only scripture can say. Didja catch that?  To say that which only scripture can say. 

No wasted words. Intentional simplicity. Unapologetic truth. Sublime. Deep. Illuminating. Fragrant. Historical perfection. Geographical marksmanship. Intentionally complex when needed, that men may walk like turtles while cogitating, lest they become intellectual road kill. Scientifically light years ahead of Darwin, Nye, DeGrasse, and every fool who will be borne. Spiritually unchallengeable. Prophetically 100 per cent accurate. Entirely truthful. A book of absolute sobriety. Humorous. The eternal anvil which has withstood every godless hammer against it. Exposes every false religion. The only book which explains the source of sin and death.

But I have already digressed too far…

Perfectly assembled? All of it. But here is a window into that magnificence, and that is: bells and pomegranates. Sure we have the blue, the purple, and the scarlet upon the robe, but upon the hem we have the wonderful weaving of the bells and the pomegranates, so the high priest be heard, lest he die.

Some serious business, this meeting with the Lord of glory thing.

Three English words, six syllables, words so resounding with eloquence that you must take notice. But like scripture is wont, the emphasis is not there, not upon the shadow, but toward the substance. How precise and attending we are called to be, to take note of little things, that we may appreciate greater things, so he that is faithful in the least, is faithful in much.

I’d say this takes a fresh meaning upon they who would merely ‘sweep a floor,’ as opposed to performing ‘open heart surgery.’ Perspective is a great thing when considering the sanctuary, and there is no useless service when done unto the Lord. He knows. He sees.

But the thought occurred to me that the one who wore the bells, would walk so cautiously as to NOT make a sound……..I rather like this idea, but not making this a matter of fellowship. (after all, all the stone work was to be outside the temple, lest there be the sound of the hammer)

But bells and pomegranates. Alternately upon the hem, so when the woman just wanted to touch the HEM of His garment……….well, you make the connection. Perhaps she heard of the purple, the blue, the scarlet, and in this small act, was rewarded greatly, for the Lord, He sees, doncha know.

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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