Ready, set, level, create

From the moment we wake up in the morning (Who cares for you while you sleep?) we are designed to create; how in God’s good name, can anybody on God’s good earth be blind to the fact that only an engineering marvel is responsible for the agreeing note of man, made in the image of God?

What SANE mind could ignore humanity’s need to create, in a way that far surpasses the finest masterpiece of a spider’s web, the awesome visuals of geese flying in Vees, the demure flight of an eagle soaring without effort, or the creation of a dam by beavers?

Whether it be by land, sea, or air, it is man, and man alone who stands taller than the Sequoia’s, and only a fool would deny that man is the pinnacle of God’s creation. True, some men have abused this fact, and lived as if they were gods who created the very eagle or tree, but this only proves the point. There will always be imposters or trespassers on another man’s property.

Every party has a guest who is completely obnoxious, toxic, alcoholic, or just plain irritating. Some people are not happy unless they are spreading their own brand of poison ivy. They just itch to flatter themselves with knowledge greater than God’s. Yeah, good luck with that, but better minds recognize arrogance and pseudo intellect a thousand miles away, for the permeating odor is a great warning.

Your preaching of that god ‘Science’ is so boring, not because science is boring, but because YOUR science has no context apart from truth. Like a plastic boat in a tsunami, your science is purely an imaginary wish to deny the Author of true science, tossed and turned neither knowing left or right, up or down.

Your science denies common sense, it refuses to see the triple truths of the never-changing carpenter’s level, the plumb line, or the mariner’s compass, all tools which guide to absolute truth, a direction and foundation conveniently missing from all conclusions reached by the godless. Not too smart.

Soooo, WHO created east and west, north and south? Who created the idea of absolute straight or level? Not you ye godless heathen and denier of creation; yet you create, but do not see the connection proven by your own embarrassment? Not too smart. Stupid even.

Creatures. Created. Creatures by the hands of the absolute Creator. How low has the mind of man sunk in depravity that this discussion is even necessary? To the believer I say take heart, be neither afraid or slow to point out the absurdity of the godless whenever you can; for a testimony must testify!

It takes no effort nor causes no sweat, and oh yeah, don’t be fearful of getting your feelings ‘hurt’ because of the insane responses you will get. ‘You are an idiot for believing scripture. You are brain-dead for thinking God created whales. You are retarded if you think Moses lived. Christ never walked either, He never died, and He certainly never rose again the third day. All idle tales.’

To this I say, blah, Blah, aaaaand BLAH. Are we then surprised when we read that such mouths must be stopped?

And to the unbelieving knuckleheads I say engage your brain, and try to reason like a 4-year-old child who has not been brainwashed to believe that the very house he lives in was ‘created’ by the inconvenient tornado. Don’t be an enemy of common sense. That kid need not go to Harvard nor wait till he hears from DeGrasse or Nye before he can decide WHO made the sun and moon overhead. His brain need not be twisted or damaged to learn: ‘There be no God.’ There you have it, men must UNLEARN what they innately know. Such is the mindset of that other half-breed liberalism, which gives birth to lawlessness, then more chaos.

We need colleges and universities to fund professors to lecture the young man and the rest of humanity, that life is irrelevant, purposeless, and that there are no absolutes, for admitting so, must mean One greater, and the pseudo-scholars who love to look at themselves in the mirror, cannot tolerate such confidence in the living God.

Nope. The fella can decide today. No PhD needed. But you will then berate this simple ‘faith of a child?’ Perhaps you then sir, ma’am, madam, have not yet considered what faith actually is. Faith is not hidden in the billions and trillions of years of unprovable guesswork cloaked as intellect, but is tangible, full of substance, testifying to evidence, having infallible conclusions reached by true science and a perfect record.  I never met my great-grandfather, but I have the word of my father that he was a good man. The science of his existence has not escaped me. Perfect records are handed down. Good men do not lie. And God’s words are far more reliable than liars. Thus, my faith has substance. I’m sorry you are going through life having no foundation, in ANYTHING.

Didja catch that last part? A perfect record. A perfect word. Such is scripture, the only perfect level.  No, no, not the knockoffs of JK Rowling and Harold the Potter, not the bastard children of Shamanism, Joe Smith, Baked Eddy, Frankenstein, Finklestein, Isn’tlam,  and the other kids of Bedlam who are simply hoodlums, no, but scripture, that only true account of God’s revelation to the creatures He made, which account we know is true, because nature, arithmetic, our conscience, all agree with the singular symphonic voice of the word of God.

Extra, extra, read all about it. It’s free, but it will cost your pride. Such is the genius of the good book.

If you do not think God’s word is reliable, verifiable, accurate as to history, correct as to geography, spot on as to Israel and prophecy, dead on as to the life and times of mankind, spiritually astute, with wisdom above and beyond the ages, then you sir, ma’am, are simply not level-headed.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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2 Responses to Ready, set, level, create

  1. Amen,Colorstorm! I’ve often said we are made in His image and what does He do? He creates! We call the Lord our Creator sometimes. We little people reflect Him, however poorly, but we too are called to create. Great works of art, music, literature, gardens, it is simply what we people do,what makes our heart sing. I can give you a logical answer for why we might put some kind of a roof over our heads, but painting the Sistine chapel? The elaborate lengths we will go to create not just something functional, but something beautiful, says a whole lot about where we come from and Who we belong to.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    In all you said, while certainly agreeing as to the more creatorial and artsy things we do, I think even the necessary or practical roofs as u say, are all cut from the same cloth.

    Some roofs are even considered masterpieces by a well thinking tradesman. Think Solomon’s temple, and the attending craftsmen, stonework, carpentry, tapestry etc; all rendered unto, and because of, God Himself, who gave hands to men, and not to foxes, bless them little fellas. 😉

    Even the godless create of course, and they do so without embarrassment.

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