Pittsburgh slaughter

You have heard on national television the merciless and senseless unabated murder by a monster in a synagogue on a rainy Saturday morning in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. A baby naming ceremony. Heart wrenching. He targeted a Jewish community exclusively. 11 people confirmed dead.

But did you notice these hick town (cited thus by atheists in times past) SWAT teams, and Pgh. Police, and how they ran TOWARD the danger, and apprehended the shooter lickety split? 4 police wounded. Did you notice the rapid response and total professionalism of EMT’s during this regional nightmare?  Hicks huh.

Some who are familiar with death scenes said it was the most horrific they have witnessed in their careers. The man (no I will not lower myself and call him a gentleman as the media usually does so thoughtlessly) was wounded and taken to a hospital. Not just to A hospital, but to one of the finest medical centers in the country. Are you listening ye godless?

This man whose sole desire was to ‘kill all the Jews’ was treated by no doubt, some Jewish doctors. Try explaining that in a world with no higher call, no morals. Why should a monster be tended to in such a fashion?  The Hippocratic oath, doncha know. Ethics and code of conduct blind to circumstances.

Go hide your head in shame ye godless atheist, because if the survival of the fittest was true, then the Jewish MD would be within his rights to slice apart the heart of such a ruthless devil. But no, the oath says, ‘the righteous tend to life,’ even tending to the life of such a one as a murdering bastard. It is not within the worldview of an MD to arbitrality decides who lives and who dies. THAT is reserved for the depraved.

But Pittsburgh, the city of champions, or so we are told regarding the Penguins hockey team, the Pgh Steelers football squad, or the Pirates baseball club, were champions of a far better caliber today.  One local and state leader after another laid their politics aside, and spoke of evil intent of the heart. NOT a time to speak of the evil intent of a gun, which there is none, but good job Pittsburghers, you represented the commonwealth of PA well, and the country I’m guessing also.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Netanyahu sent condolences immediately) and for the families and friends who will never recover from such carnage. And one need not look far to see the evidence of the grace of God.

(Btw, it was genius of Pres. Trump at a rally to include at a moments notice a  praying rabbi as well as a pastor. Loved their words.)

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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9 Responses to Pittsburgh slaughter

  1. tildeb says:

    You never miss an opportunity to try to vilify your non believing neighbours, do you? How many ‘godless’ made up the police officers or victims? How many ‘godless’ made up the EMTs? How many ‘godless’ made up the all the medical personnel at the hospital?

    You are a piece of work, CS, using this tragedy to try to vilify those who do not share your religious beliefs. What does that say about the quality of your character, CS?


    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi tildeb. Tks for the visit.

      First, it was a gentle reminder that some of your kin have mentioned in time past that Pittsburghers were/are, somehow unthinking morons.

      The post is about the immediate response of help, and more importantly, the care tendered to the monster by they who live according to a Higher Call.

      That call is not accidental, evolutionary, nor without purpose. Thank God that the scriptures speak of God, the Jews, and the all out assault by the totally depraved who act according to their animal instinct.

      The mention of ‘atheism’ was only ancillary to prove a point. And I am certainly not saying the killer was atheist; he no doubt was just one more deluded and self made devil


      • tildeb says:

        This mass murder had exactly zero to do with atheism and everything to do with hatred of Jews… until you try to make it about vilifying atheism. That’s disgusting. If anything, the murders had to do with religion because without that aspect, there’s no target here.


        • ColorStorm says:

          I am sorry you can not connect the dots of the higher point made.

          Religion and atheism can both be barbaric; the aid rendered by they who live with a code have God to thank, and not Chuck Darwin. Period.


        • tildeb says:

          Then why do atheists have the lowest rates of all kinds of anti-social behaviours, CS? Your reasoning here fails at every turn.


  2. Doug says:

    CS.. I am curious though… and I ask simply for perspective and not to engage in some religious debate… to those that died, or more so for their family survivors… how does one even think of trying, to those believers who were assaulted in the very place in which they worship a God who is supposed to protect them in exchange for their faith… how does one even begin to not blame God in some way? Those involved in the Charleston church shooting.. the same thing. Just curious.

    I am reminded of a past adage.. bullets are not guided missiles.. therefore once the bullet leaves the muzzle, where it strikes is totally up to God.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Certainly solid concerns doug that fair minded people would agree with.

      It kind of cries for a day of reckoning, that seemingly, innocent lives are snuffed out by a monster, that the books will be justified, all accounts settled. Things made right.

      But no, faith is no guarantee for a life of Riley, as a matter of fact, its usually the opposite. Paul’s hardships were second to none; beatings, perils on all fronts, stonings, enemies you cant imagine, on and on, then there was the greatest of all the Baptist, John, who was beheaded, so, as we can see, faith brings troubles, but the component that most cant see, is how faith lends to a most reasonable mind in spite of these things.

      Of course, all answers never satisfy at this time, as a matter of fact, many seem aloof, but per your request to not dive too far into religiousness, the Judge of all the earth shall do right.

      Sin is a btich, and its infectiousness has infiltrated everything. A terrible day in Pgh PA.


  3. SLIMJIM says:

    What a senseless violence. Praying!

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