The internment of the internet

‘Knowledge will increase.’ So said scripture thousands of years ago by the inspired writers who were led by He who lives outside of time. God knows what He is talking about. Always. He is never wrong. The Creator of numbers, letters, sight, length, depth, weight, height, width, water, blood, bones, sinew, intellect, reason, wisdom, atmospheric pressure, rain, cold, heat, gold, and all the dotted orbs in the sky, has not left His creatures in the dark as to Himself and His ways, nope, there is this made in the image of God thing, where all men, that is All men, one more time, ALL men, are without excuse as to the very existence of a Supreme creator.  There is NO EXCUSE for man’s stupidity in this regard, None. It is never a matter of learning, because of the divine DNA upon the conscience.

A person can gaggle, haggle, boogie, gobble, goggle, and google to their heart’s content, and have their biases confirmed in .0004444572 seconds flat, and remain ignorant and unlearned having more ‘knowledge’ than all the tea in China, yet remain idiots.  The information superhighway is clogged and littered with dunces, and is the lone place where atheism finds a friend in useless data, video, essays, and the latest god, aka so-called science, and those other wannabe celebrities, who must at any expense and effort, make themselves relevant at the expense of God’s ahem, irrelevance. Nice try Bozo.

Am I correct in this assessment? Of course, as common sense rules any day of the week. Ever seen a picture of the ISS, the International Space station, that tin can supposedly racing above us at plus 17, 000 mph? That’s 5 miles a second. But we have pictures. It’s on the internet. Who believes this crap? Have you ever seen an American fighter pilot at Mach 1? Insane speed. Yeah, the ISS has that beat with ease. Puhleeze. Need I remind you of the alleged Tesla red convertible sports car hurling through space in cruise control??? We have pictures. We will believe anything………..because the internet sez so.

The ‘knowledge’ of this does not make it true. It is spoon fed knowledge the same way Disgraced Tyson and the other clown Bill Nye speak of things well out of their mental reach, as they sound like fools from the Outer Limits.

They preach the impossible, and do not believe the credible. Their science lies are fraudulent claims that any panel of sober-minded jurors would reject because of pure speculation. Wishful thinking does not live in the world of sanity. Your trillions of miles and billions of years are the very worst of pretended ‘knowledge,’ but far too many have choked on the information, and are stranded without water, gasping for air by the wayside, trouble is, they do not know it.

The immediate sugar fix of alleged mental superiority because of the false xillions of data bytes at one fingertips tells them: ‘You are smart.’ Google says you are smart. You click, cut, paste, rinse, repeat, and presto chango, your world view is confirmed: there is no God!!!

Wow good for you. Knowledge will increase, and guess what? The love of many will also grow cold. Little boys in girls bathrooms? That’s ice-cold I tell ya and Dopey of the dwarfs would blush in shame at such vile promotions. But thanks to the internet, the speed of such treacherous deeds gain traction, and suggest to the minds of they in drunken stupors, that THEY are the elite, and society is changing for the better. Intellectual bastards I tell ya.

But nooooo, people will not admit that such ‘knowledge’ was documented long ago, and that the heart of men would be exposed, because God KNOWS what is in men. The internet and its ‘knowledge’ have supplanted the knowledge of God, because men worship themselves. They would not admit this of course, but godless science for instance has produced a generation of MEEBOTS, those annoying people who must be the center of attention wherever you go.  After all, only they know how to pour milk correctly over Cheerios.

You know the type. You see them online too. They said that God did not create the heavens and the earth. Heck, they know more than God, of course they are correct. Ha! But professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS. Not my words, just reporting the facts. Takes quite the strong man to remove He who created the weight of all mountains.

So the internet suggests that atheism for example is that strong man. Where is my laff button? Knowledge will increase. There will always be one more video to watch that PROVES men flew like birds, whales walked like dogs, and eagles built children’s swing sets, yep, one more lecture by a self-described expert who has an audience of fools that says there is no God! Yep, he must be right, because everyone shakes their head in derision and laughs at the idea that God created a whale for the water, an eagle for the air, and man as the pinnacle of God’s creation. (Can you hear the snickering jowls in the audience as the godless enjoy their intellect apart from the Creator…)

Fortunately and thankfully, the word of God does not rely on the internet to give and keep its strength. It is self-contained, true, verifiable to the hearts of good men, historically perfect, spiritually accurate, prophetically light years ahead and always true, and is the only place you will find on earth where God justifies the ungodly, while at the same time giving him favour, the favor of kings even. Such is the incomparable grace of God.

But you have heard that the internet is the place where religion supposedly comes to die? Ha! How about the place where all fraudulent miscreants are exposed in light of the glory of God and the eternal truth of scripture.

I’ll leave you with one forceful example. Only one is necessary. A thousand people are in a lecture hall listening to a so-called internet expert/mocker/unbeliever/evolutionist/atheist as he gives his 200 reasons WHY there is no God and scripture can’t be trusted since it was written by stone age dunces.

He says the idea that there was foretold a trading system contingent upon a ‘mark of the beast upon the right hand or forehead’ is ludicrous, impossible, stupid, guesswork, or wishful thinking to dupe people into following a non-existent God. After 20 minutes of laughter, he opens up the floor and every single person in the auditorium expresses utter disdain at scripture and agrees with the PhD that God’s ‘word’ is only meant for the mental infirm.

After the circus abated, one small voice arises and says:  ‘You have never seen your great, great-grandfather sir, but you know he existed. How? By your parents word and by faith. But here you are, embarrassing yourself by mocking things in which you are but clueless. Faith is the operating system of life. You drove your car, having faith that the car coming in the opposite direction will not turn suddenly in your lane and crush you. (the audience became more still)

Well guess what? God’s word is even better than your father’s father, and his father’s word. The mark of the beast has long been set in motion by the very technology that you worship, and the cashless society was foretold long before Jeff Bezos was in diapers. There are no flaws in God Himself, nor in scripture sir. God cannot lie, and it is mighty nice of Him to give us a heads up on things that WILL occur on His earth. That’s His earth sir, where He is well aware of the actions of kids on His own playground, the same way a loving parent sees everything in his own backyard.

Embrace faith. It is God-given. God’s goosebumps are always good, and they make you feel alive as to Him, His purpose, His image, your image, and the complete superiority of man over all beasts. Of course. God’s word will always tell the truth, the internet? eh, a whole lot of cryptic and twisted opinions all striving for the attention not meant for beggars to have.

Don’t be a beggar. There is always a more excellent way, and to live as a godless infidel trying to find fault in God’s word is the very worst of choices. Yeah, I’m talkin to you ye self-made Professor. Why? Because while knowledge increases, and reams and reams of url’s are coded, truth never changes. THIS is the difference that makes man so close in understanding, and so far in understanding.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. The journey between the mind and the heart is closer than you think. Take the leap and become truly smart. Tell godlessness to ‘begone,’ for truth is a much more steadier and faithful friend. And oh, btw, God’s word is always good, and will still be good, long after the internet takes its last search.’

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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2 Responses to The internment of the internet

  1. sklyjd says:

    So, you are a flat Earth believer CS. As you have not been into space to see the world is a sphere you therefore cannot believe it. Do you also not believe man went to the moon and that 9\11 was a construct of your government? I would say it is a “given” that you do not believe in climate change, the age of the universe or the Earth and any other scientific issues apart from the ones such as in the medical or technological fields that will benefit yourself of course.

    It is unintelligibly odd that you reject scientific discoveries and facts, yet you believe in a God, a devil, angels and supernatural places and events.

    “The internet and its ‘knowledge’ have supplanted the knowledge of God,”

    Very true, now kids can log onto reputable scientific sites, find the facts and expose the rubbish rammed down their throats by fanatical priests and indoctrinated parents.

    “So the internet suggests that atheism for example is that strong man.”

    Wrong, atheism suggests that an unbelief in all gods is an indisputable fact, it does not discriminate, and it is a straight forward message that has a direct meaning and cannot be clearer for the most logical and serious thinking person.

    “Faith is the operating system of life.”

    Ha, Ha, very funny. Yep, I have faith, or I would rather say some confidence in my car and in other people that they will not run me off the road and crush me and that they have maintained their vehicles properly.

    This does not equate to religious faith, because we know drivers are flawed, they get drunk, they take drugs or text on their phone and drive, or they are simply careless drivers. We also know that vehicles have mechanical defects, bald tires faulty parts etc. And we know no matter what we could be a victim of an accident, maybe a freak accident, but we hope like hell that nothing like this happens. As we do have real evidence these events do happen and it has nothing to do with any gods as far as atheists are concerned, it is more appropriate that atheists have hope, confidence, trust or self-assurance.

    Faith in Christianity is in terms of believing God’s promises, trusting in his faithfulness, and relying on God’s character to act.

    Your religious faith is in anticipation of something ultimately for yourself that is a reward promised to you if you conform, but this reward has never been evidenced to have happened to anybody before on Earth and considering you have to die first and all this from an entity that no one has ever seen. Your faith is based on strong emotional beliefs solely supported by scriptures that are written by people who may or may not have even existed and there is virtually no evidence of most of the events recorded as ever happening. Get of your knees unclasp your hands, you are only praying to your own brain.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Do you think I am stupid to allow you to goad me into things well above your pay grade, when it is obvious you have never learned the law of refraction, mirroring, and vanishing points, as pertaining to the crushing blows sent to the little god Bill Nye, who is clueless as to WHY ships move AWAY, and not DOWN?

      I am all about TRUE Science, not the endless and unprovable theories and assumptions of pseuyscientists.

      As to faith, it is ‘the evidence of things not seen.’

      Got that? Evidence, not some wishy washy fairy dust of your hopes.


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