Yes, your honour

Of the many things that crack me up, this the more. Since mankind is made in the image of God, it would behoove us to carefully pay attention to simple relationships, relationships here on earth, which reveal the sublime and greater relationships of divine truths.

On earth as it is in heaven kind of things.

A man named Eugene is a Judge on the Circuit court. He is also a husband to Marlene, father to Sarah, Michael, Josh, and Karen. His brothers are Joe, John, Jerome, Anthony, and his sisters are Caroline, Rebecca, Gabriella, and Jennifer. He is uncle to Louis, Lauren, Darla, Mary, Zach, Ashley, Patrick, and Rose. Eugene is also nephew to Francis, and he is called ‘Coach’ by the boys in the chess club.

His brothers do not call him ‘Your Honor’ but Gene, unless of course, they stood before him in the court, in which case it would only be proper to forego the congeniality in light of respect. Francis would not dream of calling him ‘Coach,’ ‘Your honor,’ ‘Bro,’ but ‘Uncle Gene.’ Sarah and Michael would not call him Gene, but ‘Dad.’

Caroline and Becky would not call him ‘Uncle,’ but ‘Gene,’ and I hope we are seeing the obvious pattern and implication of greater things. Names define relationships, and when I hear unbelievers, atheists, or your garden variety of infidels cite God as ‘El Shaddai,’ ‘El Elyon,’ ‘Jehovah,’ or even, ‘Yahweh,’ I cringe with embarrassment for these lost minds, who are clueless as to simple relationships, and how one should address another, and why.

But it’s a sign of the times I suppose  when you hear 10-year-old Tommy call his mother Julie by her first name, as if they are best friends. Uh hello? She is ‘Mom,’ you have many others you can call a friend. Lack of respect abounds, much more toward God.

And this is precisely WHY the unbeliever is lost as fog as to the relational names of God in scripture, as if they are one plug and play. I have already demonstrated above that a Judge on the bench IN THAT CAPACITY is a far cry different from the role of ‘brother’ or ‘uncle.’ He may be uncle or brother, but not THERE.

Simply put, if one does not see God as Creator, FIRST, as the supreme over ALL that is, then surely you can understand how and why this same person can never appreciate, nor understand God’s relationships with they who have entered into covenant with Him.

Since the JUDGE is a bit more knowledgeable than you, since He knows the intricacies of law better than you, since He knows things about the case that you do not, since He has already adjudicated millions of cases with perfect justice and judgement, since He has withstood every grievance and dismissed all pettiness summarily, since He set in motion law in the first place, since He has heard every btiching gripe under the sun, let’s just say He is in a far better condition to act without blame, and to express His perfection by His NAMES implying uncle, brother, coach, Judge, which all reveal the wheels within the wheels of Almighty God.

You looking for fault with God? Good luck with that, the same old story of sinful man, sitting in judgement of the Creator. Not too smart. So the next time you hear of the circus acts and clown activity of people blaming God for this that, or the other, just remember the all instructive names of El Elyon (God most High), El Shaddai (God of the breast), which are divinely absent from the very first words of scripture: in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Of course, as it should be. One God over and above all, with no relationship yet established. Such are the jewels of scripture as God reveals here a little and there a little, until today, this God, this El Shaddai, is known as the glorious God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle John knew this as he drew near to the Lord’s bosom on that fateful night. Peter yet for a moment (he would learn later) thought God was one of rightful and immediate retribution, but was humbly corrected; you see there is this thing called grace.

Rightful yes, but not immediate; there is this thing called grace.

And to follow suit, it is equally notable how this name is despised among the nations, as if there is a blemish on this Judge. Divine context is always, Always, ALWAYS missing from the lips of unbelievers, who want answers from scripture while not believing one word of scripture……….To mock without understanding is the highest of crimes.

They make no distinction between uncle Gene and El Elyon, coach or God Almighty. Then there is always the 4-year-old daughter of the bailiff who sees the black robe and intuitively says with careful and soft-spoken humility: ‘Hello your honour……’   She got it right, while the atheists spoke with disdain and called him Genie. God Almighty is not your sideshow.

Out of the mouths of babes thou hast perfected praise. And yes, the faith of Daniel was but that of a believing babe too. Some things are ageless.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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7 Responses to Yes, your honour

  1. Tricia says:

    I agree ColorStorm that names are important and I like your analogy of calling a judge your Honor and not uncle, brother, etc…. I wouldn’t dream of calling my parents by their first names as a child (or even now), but you see this a lot in homes where the parent-child relationship is more friend to friend than leader/follower. We should certainly offer the same respect to God.

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  2. Ha! Great minds must think alike, Colorstorm. I see we both have “on earth as it is in heaven” on our minds today.

    Amen, this is a fabulous post! You’re speaking of our roles, our lines of authority in the world. That understanding is sadly lacking today. Authority is often perceived so negatively and aren’t we all just totally equal now? What people often fail to realize is you don’t want your 7 yr olds running the world and your 70 yr olds totally disrespected because they actually have all the wisdom, experience.

    Laughing here, but I’ve never been terribly fond of cops or judges, but just the same, every time I’ve gone to court it’s been like mercy, justice, sanity, and restoring some order and common sense. God as judge is much like that too, rather than condemnation, you may actually find protection, safety, fairness, or restoration.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      That’s what I was thinking but I’ll settle for fellowship of the spirit…… No wait. No settling- just call it what it is.

      The worlds worst tho is hearing people (atheists more so) speak of Yahweh when they don’t even give God the courtesy of existing.

      Mutiny of the mind it appears.

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  3. Amen. I just replied to a similar idea by insanitybytes22, and would say it isn’t just great minds that think alike, it’s the spirit the sovereign Lord gives us. Unbelievers futilely seek certainty in a world of ambiguity, and I am content to give Him glory for mysteries.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Good observations, tks for the visit.

      Amen to your appreciation of ib22’s blog also. Some very good thinking in that zip code, and rare gift which is obvious to good hearts.


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