Professing themselves to be wise….

Please take a few minutes to consider the greater ramifications of swallowing University ‘findings,’ and putting God’s word in the dumpster so to speak. One doesn’t pick and choose what parts of scripture they find tasty, or do they?

-from BioLogos (Francis Collins)

-The universe was created by God, approximately 14 billion years ago. (Yeak ok, Francis you were there. And you did the math)
-The properties of the universe appear to have been precisely tuned for life. (Ya think?)

-‘unfortunately the concepts of Adam and Eve as the literal first couple and the ancestors of all humans simply ‘do not fit the evidence.’ (uh oh, Mr. Collins, you seem to be doing battle with God Almighty, who expressly said He created Adam from the dust of the ground) 

-While the precise mechanism of the origin of life on earth remains unknown, it is possible that the development of living organisms was part of God’s original creation plan. (Wow, that’s some serious detective work)

-Once life began, no special further interventions by God were required. (Apparently Collins never read the sun of Joshua standing still, or the countless ways in which He aided His people, in battle, in dreams, through very words.)

-Humans are part of this process, sharing a common ancestor with the great apes. (I protest. I have more in common with the cunning whitetail deer………However I got feet.)

-Humans are unique in ways that defy evolutionary explanations and point to our spiritual nature. This includes the existence of the knowledge of right and wrong and the search for God. (Yeah, big news here, read that in Genesis, and see it every day)

Note how Collins states the ‘PRECISE mechanism’ remains unknown, he then ASSERTS boldly that Adam PRECISELY never lived (through the HGP,) thus making the godless science of atheism palatable. Guess what Mr. Collins?  Adam lived. Deal with it. Scripture said he lived. Christ spoke of him as a historical certainty, as did the incomparable apostle, and brilliant minded Paul, who knew more science than all the godless atheists combined.

I would rather take God’s word over Adam’s existence than modern man’s opinion that he didn’t, hiding behind ‘projects’ which only straddle the fence to cohabit with godless science and so-called PhD’s who obviously know more than God….

But note the PROCESS…….the common ancestry with apes………..uh huh, ok, sure, King Solomon had apes and peacocks brought to him because they were his bird friends and ape cousins……….

How convenient to share the life and times of God’s creation with animals, that is, if we only admit that God  gave man dominion over all living creatures. And He did. And Adam was the first man. Period.

(But waiting for the day when Collins will admit he made a crucial error in his calculations, he missed something, but that would make him an embarrassment to academia, for it needs the scriptures to be not true. In this Mr. Collins is an ally of godlessness, perhaps unintentional, but still,  c’mon Francis, get on board with Genesis, completely.)

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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7 Responses to Professing themselves to be wise….

  1. Brother, well said. Thanks for speaking the truth.

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  2. Well said!

    This one always gets me, “-Once life began, no special further interventions by God were required.” Right. Such hubris! As if you can just set a week old baby down in the forest and it will magically fend for itself. We people are nearly as fragile as that baby. A microscopic germ can take us out, but supposedly we’ve just mysteriously thrived for no reason at all.

    This stuff is so foolish, I want to laugh, and yet you put a 19 yr old kid up against one of these phd brains and their faith can just collapse. It sounds smart, at least on the surface, and kids often want to be pleasing, to fit in.

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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    How did God make everything from nothing? Cannot model that. That is why scientists don’t like miracles. Awe is a very uncomfortable sensation.

    Just like anyone else scientists experience indoctrination and groupthink. Scientists are serious students, and they are educated for decades that certain theories are accepted as true. What is especially daunting to those who would buck conventional wisdom is that the theories fit each other and jive with what little data we have quite nicely.

    The surprising thing is how even scientists ignore the obvious. Theories like the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang require us to extrapolate the relatively few data points we have today millions and billions of years back into the past.

    Given Jesus affirmed the Old Testament, and we have eyewitness accounts of His resurrection, doesn’t it make more sense for a Christian to believe God didn’t just walk away from His Creation, especially if you are a Christian? Where is there any “scientific” evidence that God did walk away? Well, there is not any, but like we observed before scientists don’t like miracles. Cannot model them.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      True Tom, we wrongly ask for ‘proof’ of miracles, and do not see the miracle of life itself.

      Water water water everywhere. Yeah, an ‘accidental’ explosion made all water. Then there is the miracle of blood, bones, acorns, besides all this we have nature’s examples of seeds being put into the ground, ‘dead’ so to speak, so its no surprise that God raises the dead.

      Scientists don’t like miracles? Ha! its a miracle they even wake up in the morning, thank God. 😉

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