Just wishing you some evangelistic merriment

Far far too many names to mention insofar as wishing greetings, you know who you are. What a network of believers found on WP; rock solid in the mind, goodwill in the heart, and passionate in the soul regarding life in general, and the things of God in particular.

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And to the unbeliever, atheist, or fencesitters who have frequented this site, and who have lost every argument as to the truth of scripture and the provable existence of God, thank you too.

You have made my (and many others) faith stronger. We have examined the claims of godlessness and false science, and have understood that the slight difference which cannot be bridged between man and monkey via biology, is as far as east is from west, impossible to bridge, and is utterly incapable of a man being a monkey’s uncle. Of course.

In short, like the good lady on the phone hearing your ‘claim’ about a faulty product, your claim has been denied. Your refund is rejected, as you have simply used the product wrong; you have not read the directions. The user of life is barking up the wrong tree.

To those who cry for ‘more proof!’ wake up, as life itself is your proof. Gold and coal, leather and wood, blood and water, ant and aardvark, turtle and rabbit, eagle and egret, swan and rat, bat and owl, male and female, hot and cold, reaping and sowing, man and woman, living and dying, all testify to the sole Giver of life, as well as the ability to differentiate between sense and nonsense. Which reminds me.

Gold, coal, and wood. Put these babies in a furnace and see what remains. These three, and the greatest of these is gold…………unless……you are freezing, and the wood is golden as it heats you, while the gold is useless. So yeah, imagine an accidental creation where the heat rejects the ‘seeds of wood,’ whereby the earth is left with only gold to eat like Cheerios.  But what heat? I degrasse,  oops, I mean digress. Sense or nonsense…

Yep, God made man and woman, male and female created He them, and oh yeah, horses of different colors. Gotta love God’s design. A woman with ten thousand babies in a ward will walk straight to her offspring by hearing the coo, or the smell of her own flesh and blood. Nonsense?

Wait, I thought this was a well wish, and here it is a sermon on conscience and the Creator. That’s right, Conscience, that intangible which knows God is, and that His word is good, very good even, more solid than gold, and a thousand times as valuable. But if unbelief was a food, then its disciples would die of starvation that can never feed the hungry.

But life on earth? Yes, God reaching low, condescending to a place which neither knows Him nor wants Him. Quite the affrontery. But He came and was refused by His own, yet received happily by the hungry. So as we enjoy eats and treats, let’s consider what really and lastingly satiates.

That fulness of time was, is, and ever shall be. Blessed be He that cometh in the name of the Lord. Emmanuel. God with us. Therefore, God bless us, each and every one. As He has.

And oh yeah, it’s December, but the very best of years end to you, as the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months, are all extended courtesies of He who created time.

Go ahead and toast the holiday spirit, because its all about good news doncha know.



About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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23 Responses to Just wishing you some evangelistic merriment

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Blessings brother, from the land down South.

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  2. Thanks for speaking the truth. It is all about good news.


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  3. Happy days of continuing the good fight CS—the course is not always easy, nor happy as I wish you…but it is a course none the same that is to be journeyed none the less with the proclamations of Victory…because in the end, that’s what it is, a victory…a victory for all those who believe and are faithful. It is not an easy journey, nor one to be taken lightly.
    But rather one that requires unrelenting tenacity. And that my friend is the gift you give.
    You offer those of us, your readers, an unrelenting, unapologetic tenacity of commitment of faith—and we are the better for it.
    Even those who spar with you and mock you, they too have been so richly blessed–and yet they have not the eyes to see nor the clarity to realize…not yet anyway…but all in good time-For The Truth shall be revealed to all… the End Truth.
    A Merry Advent and Christmas my friend

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    • ColorStorm says:

      It is actually a good fight J, one without boxing gloves, and one whose script is written as the finisher of our faith bids us comfort in all things. Victory as you say, but til then, here we are. God’s word is ever so good, and the opposition against it, and Him, is so blatant through media, govt, economics, entertainment, academia, sports, you name it, that it is stunning that so many refuse to have a ‘second look’ at the wisdom of God in the book He has given us.

      Tks much for all the sweet thoughts, and hope your holidays are happy too.

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  4. sklyjd says:

    I need to also thank you CS and Wally and the rest who comment on your blog.

    I must tell you that I have found that a creator zapping the world and universe into being along with making a man made from dust and the rib he lost to be made into a woman to be truly unbelievable.

    When told my life is nothing but sin and when I die I will go to hell, I feel the strong emotion of disbelief.

    You know what, when this rapture comes and you lot are sitting next to God up there somewhere, I am really going to miss you guys😊


    • ColorStorm says:

      Well steve, your 3rd paragraph tells me why you struggle with people of faith and attach meaning never intended.

      Who told you your life is NOTHING BUT SIN? Me? You are commenting on this blog, so this statement of yours is only your illusion.

      Of course death is the result of sin. The next time you see a dead ground hog run over by a car, and the next funeral you attend of a family member, proves to you man and animal are not in the same ballpark.

      Why don’t you stop and give the ground hog a six gun salute or a proper burial?

      But no, to say that believers say ‘your life is nothing but sin,’ is a blatant falsehood, and this is another reason you have difficulty with seeing things that are true, as opposed to things that are false.

      Yes, God’s word is true, its not because you think there is no ‘evidence,’ but it simply because you do not like what God says of history and mans doings.

      Happy holidays though.

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    • Citizen Tom says:


      Merry Christmas!

      We are all sinners. Christians are saved sinners. Our Maker saved us because He saw in each of us someone worth saving. Read John 3:16. Whether you believe in Jesus is up to you.

      If you choose wrongly, it is your loss. You have been told the Gospel, and God will respect your decision.

      What if Christians have chosen wrongly? Then if you going to gloat you must do it now. You won’t be able after you are dead, but what is the point? Why bother? What is there to gain? Are you trying to prove your life is nothing but sin, that when you die you deserve Hell?


      Merry Christmas! Thank you for your fellowship.

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      • sklyjd says:

        Merry Christmas to you CT and all bloggers.

        “If you choose wrongly, it is your loss.”

        Agreed, maybe we are both wrong, plenty of other gods and alien life out there to believe in.

        For myself, I do not really care if I were to be wrong because I have weighed up as much evidence and facts as I possibly can and finding the irrational and absurd reasoning for creators is clear and speaks for itself, therefore I disbelieve in any gods, super human creators, alien beings, heaven or hell, reincarnation and ghosts etc. It would be false and detrimental to my own intelligence and well being to pretend I believe in something I disbelieve in.


        • Citizen Tom says:


          You don’t care if you are wrong? Yeah! Sure!

          I have weighed up as much evidence and facts as I possibly can. I believe Jesus lived a sinless life and died for our sins.

          Since the salvation offered by Jesus Christ (His shed blood) requires us to repent of our sins and to believe in Him as the Bread of Life, conversion requires a voluntary choice. You don’t have respect that choice. I don’t have to respect your choice, but I think it is pointless to try to force what we think the correct choice on someone else. Unfortunately, I don’t think you agree.

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  5. Tricia says:

    It is indeed all about the good news ColorStorm. Merry Christmas to you!

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  6. There is no sight given to those who refuse to see what’s right in front of them. As you mentioned, nature itself speaks of an awesome God.

    God gave each of us free will to choose Him or the world/self, and honors that choice. Come judgment day that choice determines where you fit-in in His kingdom and eternity. For every knee WILL bow and every book (our recorded history) opened. One either has their slate cleaned by Christ or not.

    Thank you for sharing. God bless.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Agreed. To deny the Father of nature alone, let alone the Owner of redemption, is not too smart. Stupid even. When I say ‘Father of nature,’ btw, I don’t mean the male version of mother nature, but as in He who from whom springs forth all things.

      And every knee shall bow. Just reminded someone of that, and myself, last week. Some in thanks, others in scorn, but EVERY knee shall bow.

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