Now serving 19


Key word service. From the beginning of my experiences in blogging, there has been no deviation, no swerving, no turning, nothing but unyielding affection for the truth regarding the origin of man, the reliability of the historical narrative, the precision of geography, the testimony of good men, the acts of wicked men, the recognition of God’s faithful promises upheld, in spite of man’s waywardness and rebellion, and the ever and always honesty according to the scriptures.

Those of you who have followed, know without a doubt, that I do not compromise God’s word one whit. The Giver of life has every right to take the same life, and still stand blameless. Some don’t get this, but God is always good. He is also not a puppeteer, and while He is indeed Sovereign, we the created ones, are responsible for the life and times we have.

While other blogs are suitable for ‘anything goes,’ regarding the posting of vulgar comments, pictures that would shame a weeping willow, or just all around perversion as to content, this is not one of them, and I do not apologize for not hosting every foul and unclean bird. And yes, I am a pretty good judge of what is foul and unclean. Atheism is foul and false science is unclean, and I have no problem saying so.

Insults toward me I can tolerate, as they are water off a ducks back, but I will faithfully defend the wickedness aimed toward my friends in blogsville at my expense.  It is important that we as believers testify to the word of God, that is, not when things are pretty, but when they are ugly. Blogging brings out both.

Thus the baseless accusations of ‘liar,’ ‘you are mentally unhinged,’ ‘you are a retardation of the species,’ need to be pointed out, and such characters should be sent to the dunce corner until such time as they learn how to behave.

Unfortunately, many spend entire lives in that corner, with thumbs in mouths and blank faces, completely unwilling to reason with their own lack of willful rebellion, and included in this evangelistic outreach, is the visiting and harassing of believers blog sites who are resolute in the faith.

‘If I can get them to doubt Genesis, I will prove God is a fraud and faith a sham.’ This is the SOP (standard operating procedure) and ministry of charlatans and I can see them 4 continents away. I am aware of the phone calls, the texts, the emails, the links, the naming of believers who actually believe Genesis who are deranged…….

Guess what? Genesis is fine and true, accurately and perfectly portraying the only beginning revealed to men. Of course infidels find fault, and they sire grandchildren to follow their train.

‘If I can get them to think Moses never lived, this will make Exodus fall to pieces.’ Blah, blah, blah, then they get a dozen more modern heroes who massage their depraved ignorance of history as they write their own book. Which reminds me. What atheist book finds its home in motel nightstands, relieving the hearts of the weary? Think real hard.

‘If I can get them to believe  that Daniel never spent a night in a den of lions,’ (can you hear the cunning hiss?) they will doubt the fact that God reveals the secrets of dreams, that God protects, that Israel was in exile, and that the book of Revelation is pure nonsense.’ Yeah, good luck with that, as the prophets also confirmed every word of Genesis.

‘If I can get them to think there is no evidence of God…………’ Oh good gravy, what a sad song and even worse state of affairs. As if that great supposed random act of cosmic serendipity put in action the composition for the making of coal, gold, blood, water, flesh, bone, brains, trees, fruit, meat, wings, gills, love, hate, light, dark, male, female, so yeah, no evidence of God.  Of course all these things confirm Genesis, so yes, the hits keep on coming from the evangels of doom and gloom.

But don’t you dare cite my friends as brain-damaged, liars, retarded, or deranged, as this is worse than your Hustler pics you try to peddle, and the consequences of your tone deaf ears are your ticket to the corner to sit.  So here’s a toast to all bloggers everywhere,  with a special head’s up to they who are distinctly primus inter pares.  😉

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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14 Responses to Now serving 19

  1. got that armor on and you are ready—and I for one thank you CS!
    Happy New Year and blessings as you fight the Good fight!

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  2. Thanks for fighting the good fight and speaking the truth. It is very inspirational.


  3. Citizen Tom says:


    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    I am somewhat amazed by those who don’t believe in God. Gave that matter some thought before I read the Bible and became a Christian. Then I knew about Jesus, but I had not studied what Jesus had done carefully. So I really only had the advantage of general revelation.

    Accident? Creation just happened? How can anyone believe that? Of course, the Apostle Paul had an explanation, Romans 1:18-32.

    When I finally finishing reading the Bible, I realized I there was much in it I did not understand. Since I am just a little man, there is much I cannot understand. Still, I was happy. God is my Father, and I am one of His children.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Wally Fry says:

    Happy years my friend, and keep those elbows tucked in.

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  5. Arkenaten says:

    So now you have laid your cards on the table, how about a straighforward honest to goodness answer.
    And this question is also open for any :of your regular visitors, IB, Tricia Tom etc.

    Do you consider human beings and dinosaurs co existed?

    And if so, please explain the reasoning behind this and any archaeological evidence for such a claim.

    Much appreciated.


    • ColorStorm says:

      So while your persistence is commendable, the demanding of my attention is not.

      I have no interest in a thousand comments regarding things in which we are generally clueless, since they are but creative theories at best.


      • Arkenaten says:

        Actually we are not clueless at all and this is why I am wondering you continully hand wave the topic?
        However, as I mentioned, the question is open to any of your regular visitors if they fancy offering an explanation ( as you obviously are unable to do so)


        • ColorStorm says:

          Open table for my regular readers of course. And for the tenteenth time, my refusal to engage long term actually has merit.

          I think no less of others who have differing opinions, after all, it would be a shame if we were all cookie cutters, stamped out like animals.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Excellent response. Then let’s hope that one of your regulars is prepared to venture in to this metaphorical Believers’ Minefield, and maybe we will have an intellectually stimulating dialogue?
          You never know. There is a first time for everything.


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