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Ever since there has been a history recorded of men’s doings, we have been witness to the spin of ‘why’ one truth is credible, while others are not. ‘Interpretation’ is called upon as a smokescreen to deaden the weight of what GOD HATH SAID. Dreams need interpreted, and there are plenty of Daniel’s when needed, but rest assured, God’s creation of whales, flora and fauna, the sun and moon, birds, and Mr. and Mrs Adam, as well as the mountains, rivers, and brooks of the world, need no interpretation. This is an important distinction to keep in mind.

Believe it or choose to remain in ignorance, but please do nor say there is a drop of ambiguity in the simple words: ‘In the beginning God………’ Only a stiff neck would say this statement needs interpreted. So when we read such things levelled at believers like this:

‘When you talk about “the approval of God, the apostle Paul, Peter, the scriptures, nor Mary herself,” you are talking about your fallible interpretation of scripture. But of course you cannot see this.’

We can immediately see the lazy excuses for not believing what is clear as a bell, and substitute fallible interpretations perhaps as to the seventy weeks of Daniel which many men have disagreed, with God’s crystal clear truth that ‘there are none righteous, no not any.’

The honey laced deceitful question ‘Hath God said?’ is met with an eager group who would dare to assert that God hath NOT said, and that what is plain needs interpreted, and what needs interpreted means God’s word lacks in credibility. Both are fool’s gold, and if food a man would starve.

The greatest man born of women, the harbinger of Christ Himself, was said to have done no miracle. This is monumental, yet, Yet, YET, the words of John and their effect on the proud of heart were not such words that kings needed a sage to interpret, but words that agreed with already revealed scripture.

The fulness of time had come. The powers of Jerusalem were shaken. A lowly king was somehow a threat to godless leaders. Wickedness would be exposed. The heart would be seen for its wonders, and its vice. He who stole penny candy would be compared to the criminal who extorted thousands. Sin would be pointed to as the great deceiver, as the offerer of temporary ecstasy. The elder religious ones would be fearful that their hearts could be thus exposed.

Yet, there were good people, sinners mind you, but good people, as goodness has many tiers. Nathaniel lives in every age, as does Anna, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Esther, Mordecai, Joseph, and of course Mary, all these, and more, yet God’s word is true: there are none righteous, no not any. No interpretation needed.  Righteousness comes in many flavors, but before God, there are NONE. No interpretation needed.

Only the sinless spotless Lamb of God was righteous, before man and before God, and He was MADE sin. Are we paying attention to scripture, the scriptures that need not interpreted but believed, since God is true and every man a liar.

I mean no disrespect here friends, but if our sister Mary Joseph’s wife was sinless, she could have ‘died for our sins according to the scriptures,’ but thank God, God hath said, there was no according to the scriptures in this regard. This needs no interpreting.

Oh if we were only happy to not rape the scriptures, forcing our way and emotions upon the entire warp and woof of God’s word. And by the way, this is not news in 2019, as God’s word has been perverted for centuries. There she was in the upper room after the Lord ascended, not to receive accolades or homage, but was simply there with the eleven.

She was there not to instruct, but to receive blessing as the others. She would not take the lead as Peter and Paul, but would disappear from the page of scripture, not as a ‘new Eve,’ much to the dismay of religionist superstitionists, but only as the mother of the last Adam, and only as a little member of the body of Christ, and not a co-head with the only Head of the body Himself. The throne of God hardly needs a support staff.

Thank God for the wonderful revelation and consistency of scripture, which all point to the living God, and the only Head worthy of acclaim and affection, not of an organization with mafia like tendencies, trading and bribing favors, indulgences, and wishful thinking, but one in which Truth dwelleth. And to disagree with this, is to have an issue with belief, NOT of interpretation.

At the end of the day we only need ask: is scripture enough, or do we need the crooked opinions of well dressed or robed men to tell us what is plain as day….

I say scripture is enough. I say God is clear. He does not babble. What say ye?


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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11 Responses to Interpret this

  1. Now where have I seen a stone head before??
    I wonder…hummmm…

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    Ha, true enough J, but I had not thought of that, but certainly approp- 😉


  3. Wally Fry says:

    Excellent my friend. BTW I had jacked up(no offense to Jacks LOL) my subscriptions and you sort of went off into cyber obscurity for me. I didn’t realize I had turned off all comment notifications for your blog somehow. Any rate, all you have said is the truth here. One of my favorite songs, “Mary, Did You Know,” has the following line. I say it is the truth and God seems to agree it is the truth also.

    This child that you’ve delivered, will soon deliver you

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  4. Brother, scripture is enough! Amen and amen!

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  5. Good post, Colorstorm. Oh, the stiffnecked!! That’s biblical, too. How prone we are to forget it.

    Aren’t all the dream interpretations about the godless needing the wisdom of the prophets ,some insight from God’s people? I think they are. So it always makes me a bit crazy when I hear Christians tell other Christians, all they have is their own “fallible interpretation of scripture.” No, I’m pretty sure being in Christ gives us the authority to read for ourselves. And of course, most accusations of having a “fallible interpretation of scripture,” aren’t really rooted in love, but rather a desire to just provide one’s own services as interpreter……

    And, “oh what a tangled web we weave,” when we try to fill in the blanks or help God out with extra ideas like Mary needing to be as sin free as Jesus Himself. Sin came down through Adam, Jesus is both the Son of Man and the New Adam. Mary must carry the lineage of original sin herself in order for Jesus to be fully human and fully Divine.

    And not to start any gender wars here, but we did not need a new Eve, we needed a new Adam. Contrary to many misunderstandings and odd quirks of relationships between men and women, Eve is not actually “the root of all evil.” The cover of the Lord, the cover of Adam, the cover of Jesus, all cover Eve too, and really celebrate all that is good and protective about men, which is part of the reason why our restoration with God Himself came in male form.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Sweet. Comment better than the post, but that’s ok, at least I can take credit for the inspiration. 😂

      People of God being the conduit for correct interpretations. Love it, and yep, no need or authority for 2nd Evee.

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