The lambs are not so silent

More toward the welcoming of spring, which arrival is not too silent, as the lambs doth baa. Consider if you will then, the pretended wide and wonderful world of evolution, and the pseudo crap of lazy intellect, which suggests there is a NEED for both lamb and lion, a need mind you, unguided and unaided in the least by a divine hand, a NEED which can supply ZERO reasons why either should exist, AT ALL.

Yet, Mr. Skeptic and Mrs. Infidel have NEVER wondered WHY the lamb was so graced with the wool that was withheld from the lion, and why the lion was given paws instead of hooves. As I said, lazy intellect on display here.

I despise the godless reasons for life, because the cloak of intellect adorning such minds is so obviously ragged and reeks of intentional blindness. Tis not an aromatic flavor. The lion and the lamb, animals that could not be farther apart in nature, but could not be closer as to purpose, that purpose being their own distinct field of operation, thanks be to God.

Look at the distance between the eyes of the lamb. Look at the ears. The wool. the legs. Evolution should be so embarrassed at the mere insinuation of accidental existence, as if a camel has a thousand legs, a confused wannabe millipede, so please dear reader, don’t pretend that ‘evilution’ is somehow superior as to WHY things are.

Got that? EVILution, because that’s what it is. A lamb is not some mixed up hybrid of camels and humpty dumpty that got lost trying to escape the desert, but are lambs, period, always have been, always will be.

Believers who engage such parlor tricks have not thought the matter through, trying to play the compromise act against the middle to remain academically correct. Sorry, no, there is no middle  ground, and there is no room, there is no suite in the compromise of God’s creation. He made the kinds. God needed no interim period so He could finalize His creation. Everything He made was VERY good, as it was, as it is. The whale spouts this truth. The whale does not lie like humans.

How do I know? Because God said so, thus meaning, my opinion and yours regarding things that are clear, are irrelevant. Casting down imaginations and all that.

If the lambs existence is accidental or dubious, so is the revelation of Abraham that God would provide Himself a lamb, so is the lamb of Isaiah 53, and so would be the assault on the lamb of God Himself, per the great baptist’s own eternal words. Perish the thought.

As with all snares, we can see that to go to bed with evolution, is to actually rape the scriptures, and say God is not true, and His word cannot be trusted. Fortunately, God is true, every man a liar, and His word can always be trusted.

But look at the lion, that fearless creature whose mouth God shut in the den of Daniel. Look at that hungry mouth which can naturally devour a lamb, but did not, no he CANNOT, not while God is involved. Daniel is safe. And finally, look at the lamb in the bosom of the lion, the curse of sin rolled away, and God’s word proven to be true once again, just like before.

Both creatures, reveal the intrinsic glory of God, and the evolutionist should really wake up and pay attention, that the God of Daniel, the God of Abraham, the God of Adam, the God of the baptist, is certainly the same Creator of the lion and the lamb, and more so, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who as Lamb, will shortly display His nature as Lion, and rightly so.

After all, isn’t it only proper that trespassers on His earth, and they who have despised His name and good graces, and they who have willfully abraded good people for testifying to the obvious, while cited as delusional, should have a day of reckoning? Seems fair wouldn’t you say that the records and the books be accounted for.  I think so, for even the banker must keep straight simple ledgers of his customers, how much more God who has given us stewardship and a much more valuable commodity: life.

And if you care to listen, and if you listen carefully, the lambs do scream creation in all their demureness.


(PS- if I were a judge in a courtroom, I would immediately disbar any lying attorney for trying to peddle atheism and evolution in a place where truth is president)



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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5 Responses to The lambs are not so silent

  1. Ha! Good post, Colorstorm. Well said. There are also some creatures that seem to be made up of spare parts, platypus and frogs. They really throw a wrench in the theory of evolution, as do the stubborn ones who have somehow refused to evolve as instructed. Everyone else has been mandated to adapt and change…..except for the cockroaches and crocodiles. Apparently their design was so perfect the first time or their paperwork just got lost in the evolution shuffle

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Spare parts.
      Cracking me up. Some folks don’t get the ‘theory’ thing. As in, on paper.

      But we do enjoy the dismantling of science falsely so-called as the good book clearly instructs.

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  2. sklyjd says:

    “A lamb is not some mixed up hybrid of camels and humpty dumpty that got lost trying to escape the desert, but are lambs, period, always have been, always will be.”

    Well CS I would like to ask you how do you account for no lambs during the Mesozoic Era (dinosaurs)? The bones they find in the ground do not and never have resembled todays lambs.

    The history of the domesticated sheep goes back to between 11000 and 9000 BC, and the domestication of the wild mouflon in ancient Mesopotamia. (Wikipedia)

    Here the list of top 10 oldest animal species on Earth.
    7 Sturgeon – 200 million years old.
    6 Coelacanath – 360 million years old.
    5 Horseshoe Crab – 445 million years old.
    4 Nautilus – 500 million years old.
    3 Jelly Fish – 550 Million years old.
    2 Sponge – 580 million years old.
    1 Cyanobacteria – 2.8 billion years old.
    Hmmm, no lambs here, maybe they were not always lambs, or maybe the scientists just made it all up, huh?


    • ColorStorm says:

      Do you ever actually read what you think?

      You must have not read my posts on THEORIES and ASSUMPTIONS.

      Please Steve- your guesswork with no basis in reality is boring.

      For God’s sake your god science can’t even get right a three day weather forecast. And you expect people to take you seriously regarding bazillions of years? Please.

      It is pointless to argue such idiotic speculation such as you bring- and I will not dignify your googleolotry with time to dismiss it.

      Please don’t speak of things in which you have no proof. God made lambs.

      I do not care what your science says about your Dino crap. You obviously missed once more the germane truth of a post you are commenting on.


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