One by one, like flies they drop

There have been countless visitors, young and old, male and female, believer, unbeliever, atheist, professor, PhD,  political professional or novice, nurse, carpenter, salesman, breadbaker, homemaker, fisherman, mechanic, you name it, all dropped by to say ‘hey,’ and add what they will to enjoy, or to ‘set straight’ this particular blogger, in all matters of life.

They who have hung around from the beginning have no doubt noticed, that here at the Den, there has been no change in appreciation of God’s word, and the resoluteness and stability of scripture presented, has not changed one whit. How could it if God be true and every man a liar?

Aah but you say, that makes me a liar as well if EVERY man is a liar! Fair point, but not no fast with the loose interpretation. If I do not agree with God as to His assessment of myself, and do not take Him at His word, then yes, I would be a liar, but if I believe there are ‘none righteous, no not any,’ then most certainly in this I tell the truth.

The liar is he (I make no apology for including female in the royal nonanthropos of mankind) who generally denies that God is true, and specifically asserts that Christ was a mere man, with no more relevance than a greeter at Wal-Mart. God is true, and the Lord Christ lived in obscurity with a purpose; that God is for us, and that He proved it, according to the scriptures.

So one by one the naysayers do fall by the wayside, after seeing there is no way to make inroads here, so they flee to seek fresh meat, not being able to find one weak link of scripture, not being able to bring the smallest of charges against the demonstrated proof of Genesis, and the consistency of God’s created ‘kinds,’ which are observable, testable, and repeatable, which model by the way is the essence of TRUE science, a fact that is despised by the idolators of science falsely so-called.

In this they lose, every one, every time, for the Creator has proved there is no contest. The game is lost by all fools ere they enter the ring. They are knocked out dead flat by scripture, reason, common sense, and facts, all which have been clearly presented and defended by the history, geography, and complete accuracy of God’s word. Oh how do infidels despise such concrete and changeless truth, so unlike the cartoons of every false discipline.

Of course God left us a record of His doings; He wants us to live without excuses, that we be not as others who grope about, being lost as fog, like a mariner without a compass, guessing which way is north, only to run the ship into rocks, then to blame God for disaster. NO!

You are to blame for the bed you lie in, as all believers know this, even a fool is considered wise on occasion when he uses his brain and asks: ‘So what about Nazareth, what about this alleged son of a carpenter?’

So you see, there can be no inroads made here to suggest in the least that God is not, and that His word is not good. Of course He is, after all, He holds all things together. And of course His word is good. Always and forever. God cannot lie. See that whale yonder in the greatest playground in the world? Still a whale, and still the greatest of guests. Thank God. But you will not. Not because you cannot, but because you will not, and I remind you again that there is no contest.

I heard a man so wonderfully and arrogantly boast that ‘if God shows up, we will do the fire test of the prophet,’ and see if God can put out the fire, then and only THEN will God be true and every man a liar.

Fools just do not get it. God does not play favorites to the whims of clowns. You want to see a circus, go see P.T. Barnum. God has won every contest by not even showing up. His word is enough, but some people just do not get it. For 120 years (that’s a lifetime btw) men btiched in the days of Noah while they enjoyed their daily perversions of thought and deed, THEN blamed God that their wickedness was not rewarded.

So what has changed today? Ha, Solomon had it correct: ‘nothing new under the sun,’ so I’m just passing along solid information, but please do not blame God for your stubbornness, then say it is I who is weak-minded and who needs a crutch.

Hilarious. I know what true science is, and it is not found in the godless bytes of the googlemeister, which has simply aided and abetted in the rapid addition of one dunce after another, as they swear they ‘know.’ After all, they have all these zeros to support their godless proofs of assumptions and theories, ALL which leave out the Creator who made the brain.

So thank you all for confirming the word through this little blog, to the believers who have a sweet savor unto life, and to the godless atheist who has proven you rather prefer a savor of  death. Thus is the strength of scripture, always correct, in any age, historically and scientifically no contest.



About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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11 Responses to One by one, like flies they drop

  1. Tricia says:

    Love the consistency of your blog ColorStorm and your steadfast defense of the faith.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx for the appreciation trish, but as we know we are only affirming the steadfastness of God’s word and His immutable promises.

      There are sooo many fine people with whom we rub shoulders in blogsvilke, each playing a vital part- Truth has so many layers, and it always rings with that certain sound.

      This confidence unfortunately many cannot tokerate and call it arrogance.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ColorStorm says:

    Ok I won’t- but how can a man live without recognizing the Lord of heaven and earth, and not seeking the Lord of the living and the dead?

    Geez- even the perennial flower knows it’s maker, and bows in humble thanks.


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