‘Adventure reveals more decadence.’ News at eleven

The news sleuth M. Drudge posted an article about undersea activity by men which found garbage at the lowest parts of the ocean, ie, where the carpet of the ocean is showing signs of litter by way of plastic. Is this newsworthy? Yes and no. Then again, what is really newsworthy?

What snapped my attention was not the fact of garbage itself, but the ensuing commentary which further reveals the heart of men, the dark and sad hearts of men who cannot see that they themselves are the very ones guilty of far worse crimes than they find in others. Yes, criminal activity, as in tossing God out OF, and FROM, His own creation. Am I sure? Well, you decide.

In the neverending attempt to ‘prove’ that man is advancing in intellect, morality, wisdom, and humanity, the daily news itself mocks evolution while it promotes evolution which elevates the lying narrative that mankind is on an upward spiral toward utopia which must at all cost leave out God, while giving the silver envelope to the academy winners who worship the golden calf: Science!

Let’s hear the speeches from a few who have memorized their imbecilic lines, but first, enjoy the fact that it was NOT stone age men who have dumped their waste in the oceans of the world. Nope, these federal crimes, while appearing misdemeanors, would be reserved for the enlightened ones, they who would make commerce by violating another man’s property, intruding upon which common sense forbids.

While our ancestors made brass, copper, perfectly cut stone, milled timber for the excellence of building, tools that were precise and exquisite and useful, finely made tapestries, they avoided apparently by choice, things which while useful, were destructive to generations later. Plastic and rubber must wait until such time as evolution becomes king.

Useful yes. Important yes. Innovative, moreso, but not at the expense of hurting God’s creation. So while some btich about trash at oceans floor, and the danger of extinction of animals, let’s hear from a disciple of higher learning:

‘Reading those stats above, I can’t get too worked up over human fetuses being aborted. After all, we’re not an endangered species. I feel obligated to do my bit: I always encourage lovely evangelical ladies to consider going the abortion route, instead of being so selfish about bringing their unwanted brats into the world. Call it a civic duty, if you like.’

I hope you have paused to consider the reality of these words. Hope the fire has simmered. THIS is the example of the godless, the decadent, the insane world view of they who have set themselves out as Trash Collectors, deciding by artificial fiat, WHAT is worthy of living, and what is unworthy, just as a person tosses a sandwich baggie into the ocean as a useless piece of scrap.

It is precisely these kinds of people who while being intruders, masqueraders of academia, are but trespassers on God’s earth, and who have impaneled a jury of peers to acquit all their colleagues, so they can hand out plastic useless diplomas to everyone who agrees with them. God is garbage! Toss Him out to oceans floor!

Ha, as if God is unaware of the deeds of miscreants. Plastic at ocean’s floors reveal greater problems than whales which forego such lousy plankton by choice. The plastic exposes the fact that man has NOT evolved, but that man has by word and acts, PROVED to be full of greed, ignorance, vice, crime of all sorts, and has proved correct what the good book has said all along, that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Got that? The ROOT. The source, the cause, the operating system. I dare you to turn on your computer and scan your screen, and within seconds, you will see the attempt to SELL you something- the love of money will embarrass even your pride it is that thick.

Back to the guy about the unborn, the human trash compacter. He gleefully places the fetus in the same boat as the trash at the bottom of the ocean, and is proud; he further goes on to say it is the ‘civic duty’ to do so. Gotta keep the case workers employed doncha know, they have mouths to feed….

Can you not see why I so despise the godlessness of the atheist and their pretended smarts yet warped view of life? They accuse the Creator of the vile acts of men, while doing the dirty work themselves as they wash their hands and accuse good people of superstition. Yeah, ok.

This line of ‘taking out the trash’ as in including humanity’s young, is indicative of atheism, evolution, public schooling, higher education, and dare I say, simple pride, which is really the worst sin of all, men setting themselves up as kings over all, promoting their duncery to susceptible minds.

Congratulations ye earth dwellers. While you have pretended to be advanced in thought, ye have debased yourself, by your very words, and while enjoying every emolument that life offers, you have refused the Author and Giver of life itself. Nice work. You made mom proud. Disgusting to think upon a plastic bag in the ocean and refuse to see the utter ignorance of the atheistic heart.

This is jack the barbarian, and I approve of this message.

(And yes, I am well aware of the advancement of the medical world, and the steps implemented to extend lives, and am aware of the massive tonnage of bio waste for instance in one hospital alone, let alone two in a city, or five, or a hundred, or in a state, a country, and combined in the world. This point alone should stun all sane minds. Where does it go? At what cost to the greater good? Yet, evolution should be embarrassed at the destruction it has created. But since evo is blind and emotion free, it is therefore non existent and thus irrelevant)





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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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17 Responses to ‘Adventure reveals more decadence.’ News at eleven

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Thank you for reading, Colorstorm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ColorStorm says:

      Sure thing. Tkx for the inspiration. I did see that article and while I do agree as to the mess WE have made of the earth, I think I have made the greater point.

      And for what its worth, and not to be an offender for a word, there is a difference tween the earth and the world, just saying.


      • Arkenaten says:

        I read your piece, but aside from your reaction to the abortion comment I didn’t quite understand your point.
        What exactly did I miss?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Many things ark.

          For starters, how could evolution dare to challenge what it has created? If evolution is king of the world, and is the necessary product of how water flows, (in its natural course) then how could there be one legitimate complaint about evolution’s natural offspring?

          How could evo’s children be accused of crime if evo acts naturally? If trash at oceans floor is a product of the world’s natural progress, then what is the problem?

          Unless of course, as I proved, evo is something else.

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        • Arkenaten says:

          The problem lies with you trying to introduce creation into a post that has nothing to do with religion.,
          However, I’ll play the Patsy for a while …

          You claim we are all created with Free Will.
          Several billion people believe this.
          Thus their actions in the decimation of natural resources is willful and by extension damaging your god’s creation.
          To my mind this should be regarded as a mortal sin.


        • ColorStorm says:

          A problem? Hardly ark. It’s a fact God created water. And the ‘problem’ perhaps lies in you trying to equate religion with creation.

          Man put plastic on oceans floor, as TRASH. Men abort fetuses, as TRASH. There’s your evolution. Religion has nothing to do with it.

          And as to free will, it is your decision to post another comment. God is not holding you hostage.


        • Arkenaten says:

          You misunderstand. I am trying to see it from your perspective.
          If several billion people actually believe in your God then the damage they are doing to HIS jewel of the universe is criminal.
          We can understand atheists, such as me, as we have no moral or ethical foundation, but what reason/excuse can you give for all your Christian brethren behaving in this manner?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Actually I do understand. I used a comment from YOUR site to prove people make no distinction between garbage in an ocean, and an unwanted fetus.

          People were at smart not to engage such stupidity.

          As it is, doesn’t matter WHO disposed of trash unlawfully, it is all unrighteousness.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Well, only one person made that distinction on my blog.
          But at least we are in agreement that Christians are as likely to be equally as guilty for the woes of our planet.


        • ColorStorm says:

          And perhaps u agree as to the obvious egregiousness of ‘disposing’ a fetus……. as if it were a sandwich wrapper.


  2. Arkenaten says:

    Popped back for a second read …. in case I missed anything.
    Where in the comment you are referencing does the writer allude to ‘taking out the trash’.

    And why do you consider that your personal view of abortion encompasses every ”atheistic heart” ?
    On what grounds do you make such a sweeping generalization that all atheists would be actively pro-abortion?
    There are probably as many ignorant people – Christians and those from other religions as there are ignorant atheists. However as you use religion in your all encompassing phrase to despise the godlessness of the atheist you might like to pause for breath and look to your own religious ranks and wonder how many God Fearing Christians have undergone an abortion and the many millions who actively use contraception.
    And to remind you ONCE AGAIN: Atheism- or A-theism – is simply disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of gods. – yours and everyone else’s.
    That and nothing else.
    No doubt Wally be jumping in any second….


    • ColorStorm says:

      My observations spring from the connection made at YOUR site by a visitor who equates trash at oceans floor with the dumping of the unborn. I’m pretty sure this is clear and not subject to argument.

      I then made the logical link with ‘evolution,’ and in that world view where atheism reigns, I also proved there should again be no complaint about ‘trash at oceans floor.’

      I also agreed that various kinds of people are guilty of crimes, as in ‘littering,’ from cigarette butts to toxic waste.

      The world we live in has become a cesspool in the midst of progress. The waste from the media is also hazardous and infectious. You would agree I’m sure.

      The greater point missed is the fact that this world is God’s creation, and mankind has abused the very air we breathe. However, God is blameless, and allows miscreants to run loose- but He is not blind/

      There is a hidden gem in Revelation where God, during a time of great distress to come, orders; ‘hurt not the trees,’ meaning God is nature’s true friend, as opposed to the charlations such as Algore, yet, I have cut trees down when needed, without violating environmental concerns- everything has context.

      It is the context of a pristine ocean carpet with stains of man‘s hand, and the ‘waste’ of aborting the helpless, which is a theme owned by the godless, that’s all, but Tkx for the reread.


      • Arkenaten says:

        I then made the logical link with ‘evolution,’ and in that world view where atheism reigns,

        Don’t Catholics and the majority of Protestant sects accept evolution as fact?

        And I am curious if you know that stats on the number of abortions undergone by Christians?
        Do you know?


        • ColorStorm says:

          As to stats, don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Wrong is wrong.

          Regarding evo, I have said countless times that adaptation is not evolution. The rotary telephone turns into a cell phone then a smart phone, then?

          A robin will adapt to urban life, yet will not change ‘kinds.’ A whale will always be a whale, after its kind.

          I really don’t care how many people believe otherwise, wrong is wrong. I am not impressed by polls or PhD’s that lack logic and truth.

          For God’s sake, does not the majority accept the spoon fed lunacy of a 67,000mph ‘wobbling’ earth?

          If however the majority says the sky is blue, then I would be quick to get on board. Because it’s true.


        • Arkenaten says:

          I am not going to debate evolution with a Creationist.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Smart move there ark.

          God and His word have never lost a single argument. The daily timekeeper aka the sun testifies to the unerring reliability of Truth.

          One day you may be graced with open eyes, but I do appreciate your visit.


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