‘I don’t like this’

Sure there are legitimate reasons not to like something, as in a torrential downpour when you are already bailing out 4 feet of water from the basement. That’s a legitimate gripe.  Love me some rain, but c’mon.

Or when you are decent to a stranger on the highway, allowing him to go through the gate before the train comes, only to have you sit and wait for six hours because the train conveniently broke down, JUST as you were ready to drive through the crossing. The fellow who said tkx is now home, showered, dinner, and sleeping, while you sit still waiting for the mechanics to arrive from Timbuktu. So yeah, that’s a legitimate gripe.

You get the point regarding the thousands of possible daily interruptions or inconveniences that test our mettle, and far too often we succumb to impatience.

HOWEVER, don’t you tire of the illegitimate gripes by people who say ‘God’s word can’t be trusted. God’s word is untrue. God’s word is full of fables and fiction. There is no God’s word. There is no God, as gods are a dime a dozen.’

Well, one of out six ain’t bad.  Little gods are a dime a dozen, even cheaper than that, since all gods collectively can neither count to three nor tie their shoes. Aah, but there is ONE God, capital G thank you, wherein and whoin we all live under the umbrella of His goodness. We even breathe because of His intrinsic worth.

That said, not liking what God’s word says is a legitimate reason for avoiding Him and His word. It is a bastard excuse nevertheless, and the most shallow of reasons for somehow dismissing the Creator from His very realm, but NOT LIKING something does not mean it is not true.

People dismiss God NOT because scripture is not credible: people dismiss God because of what scripture reveals about themselves. The very first words of Genesis thunder to the intellect and conscience, that: ‘in the beginning God………..’

Man cannot abide nor tolerate such authority, such dogmatism, such resoluteness of fact and purpose, such error free thinking, full of power and truth. Thus do bastard’s children reproduce more rebellion by living a life subject to rule and law, yet being so willfully blinded by He who set law in motion, not even seeing the daily laws of the sun’s circuits, with the moon right behind Him.

So we have been proven to be lawbreakers, by word, fact, and in deed. But please dear reader, do not gobble down the lame excuse of scripture’s weakness to appease your lazy intellect so you can replace it with the worship of that other little god: science! Stubbornness is the most uncomfortable indigestion.

Scripture is good, very good, and records with accuracy and excellence the life of times of Adam and his posterity, with man’s future laid out, and we have the last Adam as the most reliable witness that scripture is true, even the words of God Himself. But we do not like scripture, and the world’s endless books are enough proof that I am correct.

Men must worship something if not themselves, bowing to others to confirm their comfortable idolatry, finding common ground among rats and weasels, never looking up to see the unapologizing piercing eye of the eagle, whose vision was also given by One greater.

Oh that we would see with eyes of heaven, not wasting one more breath, not disLIKING scripture because it is not true, but because what it reveals about ourselves.

Wisdoms children need not always be orphans.  I LIKE scripture. Do you?


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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3 Responses to ‘I don’t like this’

  1. Anyone who doubts God needs to read the story of George Mueller, who prayed daily and whose orphanages were provisioned by God daily.

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