Can you purchase common sense with a shekel?

In light of historic and almost biblical proportion of rainfall and flooding, do consider just how quick and how high, and how deadly water rises after a mere few INCHES of rain in an hour or so.

Towns erased as it were, some with nary a loss of life, so don’t you dare try to tell me God is not good. It is within His rights to take His giant hand of grace away from His creation, since mankind has pretty much forfeited his rights to the title deed of the earth, by DISMISSING God from His very terra firma.

That’s right, by word, deed, principle and practice, man has become the very cesspool that he finds in others. Of course there are exceptions, there are Some who have not bowed the knee to DeGrasse, Nye, Hollywood, the lying gods of evolution and atheism, CNN, NPR, (Fox is not always innocent either) and the sinister henchmen who line their pockets with the preaching of that false gospel called ‘global warming.’

And I am being entirely too kind by calling these people sinister- for the floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, freezing weather, intense heat, are all but part and parcel of the four winds which alone control the land we call home, aka, the earth. But I digress.

To gripe about flooding without recognizing the Creator of water is well, not too smart, stupid even. People complain with utter disdain about the impossibility of the water from the rock of Moses, while speaking with the forked tongue that evolution in fact produced the oceans of the world from that little rock and the so called big bang to begin with! Idiots I tell ya. Too much head banging perhaps.

But the floods. ‘As it was in the days of Noah.’ Of course people will laugh, ignore, despise, mock, try to embarrass others, as they ridicule God Himself and His very recording of His doings, but they miss ENTIRELY that it has not rained for 40 days and forty nights since………just as God promised.

……….He is good like that, keeping His oath to Himself. God cannot lie. It is not that He can and chooses not to, but He CANNOT. This is why God’s word is despised. It is good, because He is good. This is why Christ was despised. He told the truth because He is the Truth. Light has this effect on darkness. Turn the light on in a dark room and watch the night critters head for the hills.

But we go about our ways, and rebuke God for our temporary inconviences, while forgetting and ignoring ten thousand days of health and prosperity. I think of the clowns who had their amusement at the expense of Noah as he built a rather large vessel. Imagine the social media of the day, with people drawing cartoon images of a man and his family as the ‘retardation of the species,’ those unfit to grace the dirt of the earth while they ‘believe’ there is a God above all, with Whom we have to do. Yeah, Noah was just a fool.

But it is safe to say that Mr. Noah was a gracious man, a hard working honest craftsman, whose skill would no doubt exceed even the expertise of the mortise and tenon work of the Amish, and King Solomon, that other excellent builder.

But what is ‘even as it was in the days of Noah?’ It is not a flood let me tell you. It is daily life, going to and fro, nothing unusual, people marrying the same sex, opposite sex, some even dare to marry a horse. ‘Even as it was.’ Some living as if they were animals themselves, others oblivious to decency and law, others creating mayhem and mischief, stealing, lying, and others of course, with one sharp eye on the goodness of God while being careful to remember that earth is but a temporary place, with the sun and moon also testifying to the fleeting of time.

So what’s it to be? Who and what gets your vote? Is it the goodness of God, or is it the decadence of man in which you place you trust?  It’s a no -brainer if we engage the God given brain.


(And do remember that the world is darn near 75% water………. But this is irrelevant……yeah, sure, okay)

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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  1. sklyjd says:

    “Is it the goodness of God, or is it the decadence of man in which you place you trust?”

    Tell me CS how do you know anything about God? Tell me also about the sources of the information about God and how this information was discovered?

    Yes man is decadent, depraved, corrupt, immoral etc. God according to the Bible actually wiped mankind out with the flood as you note. Therefore, why do you believe that the word of God that was written by man is true and free of man’s decadence? If men were corrupt before Jesus, they certainly had time to become decadent again and this we know for a fact.

    How long does it take before man becomes decadent? Why would men that are mostly unknow claim they wrote down God’s words, when man is inherently decadent, a liar and a cheat?


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx steve but you are arguing with yourself-and losing.

      How do I know anything about God? The same way you do, but I accept it, while you suppress the same information.

      Since man arrived, he has dabbled in the counterfeit, which word by the way suggests there is the true, and you fail to grasp this.

      Sure there are many books which TRY to present a version of what it true-look at the hundreds of flood accounts- yet ONLY the bible tells WHY and WHO and WHEN and WHERE with precise accuracy- people hate this matter of factness, but it does not change what is true.

      Read the first of Romans- read it in the excellent language of the KJV which pierces the heart and reveals what man could not possibly know or write if left to himself.

      And the reason God’s word stands alone is because it stands alone- it unflatteringly tells the truth. I could cite thousands if not hundreds of thousands of scriptural proofs that God’s word is historically perfect- geographically unchallenged- politically spot on- socially relevant in any age- prophetically unequalled and entirely correct- there is no other book on earth steve which could hold a candle against it- and the fact is, you know it.

      While I’m here, the alleged de-converts write of their disappointments- their frustrations- their misapplications and misunderstanding- and every single time without fail- God’s word exposes the fraudulent human heart.

      They, perhaps like you, deconvert, not because scripture is not true, but because what it says, and they do not like it. Period.

      And btw, only the bible stands world apart as far as the grace of God- only the word of God explains how and why God can justify an ungodly sinner, Without compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection.

      And please, do not bring your common theme of ‘God is a monster’ because you will lose this battle every time, and I hardly need to prove your ignorance.

      It is your business if you do not choose life as God given, but rest assured, I have told you the truth.

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      • sklyjd says:

        CS, you say you have told me the truth.

        How could I believe a person tells me truth who believes the Earth is flat, the Noahs Ark, the walking dead and a talking snake are real events, or that global warming, evolution and gravity are nothing but myths and science is based on lies and deceit. Of course modern scientific technology such as computers, cars, medicines and surgery will be utilised by people such as yourself but not considered in the same light or they were invented by God.


        • ColorStorm says:

          People use their God given brains to use technology.

          As to a stationary plane, one hardly needs the Bible to realize what is obvious.

          As to ‘global warming’ of course it’s a hoax, as one would need to first prove the world is a ball- a magic act that entertains but has zero basis in REALITY.

          As to Christians who disagree here, I’m afraid they simply have not examined what preposterous notions they are expected to believe- you know, the 67,000 mph crap and all that.

          I have science on my side as well as common sense and scripture, so u are at a huge disadvantage.

          But what great faith u must have, to think trees, Everest, the oceans, are all moving/spinning/orbiting, without having a single drop of evidence.

          Pity the poor robin who can’t find her nest- since it moves on a regular basis. So yeah, I tell the truth.


        • sklyjd says:

          The massive size of the Earth means you cannot feel the movement, just like a massive cruise ship does not feel the 5 metre swell like a smaller boat would. If you been on a small boat in rough wind-blown white caps, you feel everything, and in fact if you are a non-swimmer it is scary, but on a large ship like the Titanic or more appropriately the MS Queen Elizabeth it is not felt unless an iceberg gets in the way.

          Do not forget size and constant speed is everything, If the spinning and orbital speeds of Earth stay constant we will not feel anything unless it quickly slows down or speeds up. If you are traveling along a smooth road in a car with good suspension or fly on large aircraft and close your eyes you do not feel movement, and if I was clever enough I could probably show you the math for this.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Yeah, I heard the same rumors.

          But you are a massive contradiction- you do not believe one word of scripture having every infallible piece of evidence at your disposal-

          -while holding to an improvable theory having ZERO evidence.

          That said- true science calls men liars for the prostitution of the absurd. I dare you to take your case to court- the earth itself will cry out in protest – but you will not hear- and while most people ignore- at least others have an excuse- out of ignorance- while the atheist/evolutionist pretends to know.

          The earth is still as a calm lake. Period. Case closed.


        • Citizen Tom says:


          There is no such thing as a perfect human being, except for Jesus. So except for Jesus, it seems you would have difficulty believing anyone. Yet you do believe imperfect human beings. You revere science, and you don’t believe Jesus.

          Consider. Is ColorStorm actually asking you to believe him? No. He takes us to the Word of God, and he expects us to believe it. You don’t God’s, but you criticize ColorStorm. Foolish! But I suppose that is because it is much more difficult to criticize God’s Word.

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        • sklyjd says:

          “Yet you do believe imperfect human beings.”
          Are we not all imperfect? just that some are more imperfect than others.
          “But I suppose that is because it is much more difficult to criticize God’s Word.”
          Not at all Tom, CS I assume is an actual real living person who has taken the wrong advice and I was merely explaining the reality. Gods word would only exist if God was real, however the Bible is a different story with much to criticize.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Not the Citizen needs my help Steve- but certainly you have many allies for criticizing the scriptures- this however is simply because you do not approve of the content- NOT because the content is not true.

          From Genesis 1.1 – to the ending of Revelation, we see that GOD is good- we see that smart men have proven to be frauds, and that frauds have also come to their senses.

          God’s word reveals truth that man could never fabricate- and His word is proven to be correct in every age-

          Maybe it will take the new trading and monetary system of the cashless mark of the beast, before you wake up.

          Coming to a town near you, then what will you say of a two thousand year old ‘guess,’ as if it was written this morning.

          As I said, God’s word is good.

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        • Citizen Tom says:


          If ColorStorm is taking the wrong advice, he has made it quite clear he is taking it from the Bible. Therefore, if the advice is so awful, it should be easy to criticize the Bible.

          Of course, the Bible provides excellent advice, and people have been making the same criticisms for 2,000 years. Criticize the Bible, and it takes just a few minutes on and Internet search engine to find a decent refutation. So that’s no fun, is it?

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        • Citizen Tom says:


          Various people have attacked the Bible for thousands of years. So any criticism you might offer someone has offered before.

          In times past theologians knew of all these criticisms and wrote down their answers. Now all any good Christian has to do is use a good Internet search engine, study what we find, and we can offer the best rebuttals.


        • sklyjd says:

          The thing is that theists of all religions think they have all the answers for everybody on the planet. Theists quote their holly books and say it is God’s word and will claim God created everything and some say God even guides everything that happens in life and of course in death.

          They are the best and only claims theists have or can ever hope for; they need to cover all bases with variations of these kind of ignorant claims because they literally have to wave away 200 years of modern science in one faithful breath.


        • Citizen Tom says:


          Western Civilization, Christians, discovered the scientific method. We don’t have a problem with science.

          At one time people regarded Theology as the queen of the sciences and Philosophy as her handmaiden. Philosophy provides the logical tools upon which we base the scientific method. Philosophy also provides the tools by which through reason we demonstrate the existence of God.

          So why is it now popular to doubt the existence of God? As I understand it, during the Age of “Enlightenment” a philosopher named Kant said we could not through reason prove the existence of God. We had to believe in God based upon faith. Kant was wrong.


        • sklyjd says:

          Western Christians may have discovered the scientific method, however at the time they did not believe any other answers to our existence were possible other than God. When science progressed and evolution particularly became a reality and space travel confirmed we live on a global Earth with gravity and our insignificant Earth was located within such a massive universe Christian thinking about scientific progress became very selective and often confrontational that I might add is still obviously the case in the 21st century. Christians will cherry pick the sciences they need, particularly because of medicines and technological progress.

          Philosophical ideals about theology do not make the cut when we measure it against the scientific methods, where your philosophical reason for a creator is judgement and comprehension and possibly some logic mostly based on the Biblical works and faith, but it does not take the honours from solid scientific evidence, proof and facts.


        • Citizen Tom says:


          That’s not logically addressing the issue. Kant and the Apostle Paul disagreed on something fundamental. Consider something Paul wrote.

          Romans 1:18-20 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

          18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth [a]in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident [b]within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

          Paul said we can look within ourselves and at Creation and ascertain the attributes of the Creator, our Creator. Kant disagreed.

          What has modern technology changed? With more confidence than Paul, we can say that “that” — all we are and all that is –did not just happen.

          What is your alternative to God? What does your “science” have to offer? Nothing! All you can do is suggest the possibility of a endless stream of the most unlikely accidents stretching back into time. In fact, your “science” has to go back billions of years just to make accidental creation sound creditable. Even so, all you can offer is highly speculative. Calling it scientific doesn’t change that. It is just sales talk and packaging.

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        • sklyjd says:

          Paul if he actually existed was speculating on what would happen according to his beliefs, exactly as you do, except he knew nothing of today’s science, and he had no choice but to believe in a creator like everybody else.

          “look within ourselves and at Creation and ascertain the attributes of the Creator”

          His comment is not wrong, it all takes place within the mind, if you want God to be your creator and saviour so it will be for you. Do not underestimate how your brain controls aspects of your life.

          Ok it is a nice place to be when you can basically say, “all we are and all that is –did not just happen.” And claim God was behind it.

          What about evolution, if God can be responsible for everything and anything what about biological evolution and a spherical planet? Does God adapt to our modern world?

          “What is your alternative to God? What does your “science” have to offer?”

          Why does there have to be an alternative to God. It so happens there are many other alternative gods, however I do not need or want to worship any of them. Political and religious Ideologies remove many peoples thinking from reality and put their minds into beliefs based mostly on faith, hope, anticipation and expectation but quite often it become despair.

          “all you can offer is highly speculative. Calling it scientific doesn’t change that. It is just sales talk and packaging.”

          That is what people said before man went to the moon. Maybe you do not believe they did, however it is beside the point, the scientific process is obviously not understood with such a failed comment.

          November 1859, almost 160 years ago “Origin of Species” was written by Darwin, since then every scientist and creationist has had their chance to challenge and have failed to find any major disagreements regarding the foundations of his theory. In fact since then the fundamental principles of evolutionary biology provide new insights into major diseases and enables an integrated understanding of human biology and medicine. Hardly sales talk, in fact I bet you have benefited from this with medicine at some time.


        • ColorStorm says:

          ‘Paul IF he actually existed.’
          ‘Napoleon, IF he actually existed.’

          There is more credible evidence backed by thousands of years that Paul lives rather than Napoleon.

          I’m sorry Steve, but this is why I find you incredibly boring. Typical atheist dung, with apologies to good cow pies.


        • Citizen Tom says:

          If Paul existed? I wouldn’t have to prove the existence of Socrates to you, but Jesus and His twelve apostles? 😏

          Did Paul have a choice? Did Paul have to believe in Creator? No. They were mostly Pagans (which are essentially Atheists), but the people of the Roman Empire actually had a wide variety of beliefs, including Atheism.

          His comment is not wrong, it all takes place within the mind, if you want God to be your creator and saviour so it will be for you. Do not underestimate how your brain controls aspects of your life.

          Reason is suppose take place in our minds. That God exists is a logical conclusion. The issue is whether the universe came into existence in accordance with what we think logical.

          Consider three scenarios for creation.
          1. Creation occurs spontaneously. Things create themselves. From out of nothing comes something.
          2. The universe is eternal. It has always been , and it will always be.
          3. God created everything.

          All of our experience suggests things don’t create themselves. So scenario #1 is out. The universe is orderly and logical. I’d it did not just happen, scenario #2 is out. That leaves scenario #3.

          But you don’t need God? That sounds like a humility problem, but it has nothing to do with anyone except you.

          Darwin’s theory is interesting, but it doesn’t explain creation. It is an unproven hypothesis, and all would if it would do if it were proven would be to explain the complexity and diversity of life. That’s important, but it is only part of the problem. Yet you act as if it is indisputable. That requires more faith than believing in God.

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        • ColorStorm says:


          Your comments are always thoughtful and decisive, and I thank you for bringing such time and attention to this blog-

          Your patience with Steve is otherworldly- and He should take note of the consistent stability and strength of your points.

          I’m sure you would agree that the scriptures, while citing God’s ways and mans- ever suggest that disbelief in God is ever a rational option. All roads lead upward so to speak.

          And I too have said that for some, far too many even, it’s not that the scriptures are incredible- it’s simply that the scriptures present things that are uncomfortable to a mind that is set in concrete.

          Since when is it ever wise for the creature to pretend he is smarter than the Designer of the brain? Sheesh.

          But Tkx again.

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          The wisdom of man does not suffice, but those who refuse to believe in God do try to make it suffice.


        • sklyjd says:

          “I wouldn’t have to prove the existence of Socrates to you,”

          For a start Socrates existence is not debated because millions of people want to believe in him as a god and thousands of scholars are not studying his life. Even though his existence is widely accepted a few scholars have claimed he was a myth and a literary creation of the 4th century. The debate is much the same.

          “They were mostly Pagans (which are essentially Atheists)”

          Totally wrong Tom. Paganism was first used in the fourth century by early Christians for people in the Roman Empire who practiced polytheism, that is the belief and worship of more than one god. The term of paganism was used during the middle ages to describe uncommon religions by presuming they worshipped false gods. (info from Google)

          “3. God created everything.”

          OK the usual question, where did God come from; I suppose he sprang out from nothing?

          The universe is eternal and timeless as far as humans are aware, science has ideas such as the big bang, however it certainly was not created along with the Earth about 8,000 years ago, this is a subject far more technical and well beyond any man made gods and religions.

          “All of our experience suggests things don’t create themselves.”

          Agree, energy does not disappear or appear from nothing. The question is, the first energy was generated from where for the big bang? Many cosmologists think its origin lies in so-called quantum uncertainty, which is known to allow energy to emerge literally from nowhere.

          “But you don’t need God? That sounds like a humility problem,”

          Sorry wrong again, I hope one day you do understand atheism.

          “It is an unproven hypothesis,”

          Come on, that is such a dead argument. And while today it is accepted by virtually all scientists, evolutionary theory still is rejected by many Americans, often because it conflicts with their religious beliefs about divine creation. (pewresearch)

          “That requires more faith than believing in God.”

          Requires more reality and questions answered, but faith no, that is your domain.


        • ColorStorm says:

          It must difficult living in your mind Steve/ having to select who lived/ Peter Pan? Socrates? Saul of Tarsus- then Paul the apostle?

          Gee, I wonder which of the three is fiction. I suppose next in line is your explanation that wind dies not exist either- you can’t see it!!

          Thus does common sense elude you. God’s word us good. Every word.

          But maybe YOU can go into the lab and create a rats brain- then a humans-

          Didn’t think so.


        • sklyjd says:

          “It must difficult living in your mind Steve/ having to select who lived”

          Not at all CS, reliable sources of information such as believable content from known writers supported by other texts and physical evidence must also be a major consideration. Most of the Biblical writers were unknown, there is a distinct lack of Biblical events recorded by the methodical Roman scholars of the day, not to mention the forgeries discovered in scripture and the fakes passed off as archaeological finds with biblical ties.

          “But maybe YOU can go into the lab and create a rats brain- then a humans-“

          I would say that in the near future that is going to be possible CS, great inroads have been made in neuroscience over the last decades.

          We have reached a technical point where it becomes feasible to imagine approaching an understanding of the way the brain is constructed at a level of detail, granularity, and rigor so that we could imagine that taking shape and reaching a theory of the mind and the brain at some point, commented Dennis Choi, former president of the Society of Neuroscience and the Director of the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center at Emory University. All that remains is to do it. (ncbi )


        • ColorStorm says:

          Steve- you are the quintessential example of ‘worshipping and serving the creature- rather than the Creator.’

          No insult, just stating the obvious. You have simply not thought through and clearly the unstableness of life apart from God.

          Perhaps a fresh reading of Romans chapter 1 by Paul may help.


        • sklyjd says:

          I serve not man nor creature CS. I have what is known as complete freedom. I do not need divine assistance or threats of hell to be a good boy or to make decisions for my wellbeing.

          My life is just as happy and fulfilled as any Christian, Muslim or Jew. My life and death is no different than any other living creature on Earth and if the unlikely one percent chance happens such as anything exists after death it will be far more sophisticated and advanced well beyond anything like the many hundreds of ancient gods man has created on Earth.


        • ColorStorm says:

          And when you are dead and gone steve, God’s word will have lost none of its lustre, and will continue to embarrass the next batch of self promoting earth dwellers, but tell us, who do you thank for your life? For truly, a sign of the times is that men ‘were not thankful……………………….’ so saith the good book, and I agree of course.

          Going through life and no one to thank? Surely you can’t thank your parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents, for this admission leads to the first man Adam…….

          ‘Neither were they thankful.’ So be careful next time some-one thanks YOU for something- thanks requires and assumes reciprocation. Thanks be to God. So yeah, you do serve yourself.


        • sklyjd says:

          As soon as your God decides to introduce himself in reality I will thank him personally, otherwise I will never ever get on my knees every day and thank anybody or anything such as a god, human or alien unless they are proven to be the real deal.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Sure thing Steve- after all, every single atheist on earth is greater than God. Nice work.

          See you next time.


        • Citizen Tom says:

          There is far less proof Socrates ever existed than there is that Jesus and His apostles existed. Not even in the same ballpark.

          Were Pagans essentially Atheists? Yes. There are two reasons for this.
          1. Until the ideas of people like Aristotle and Jesus, in particular, began to catch on, people struggled to find order in the natural world. So charlatans had great success making up explanations and selling idols.
          2. Those who believe in a Creator tend to understand that the point of view that matters is God’s. If we don’t live in obedience to His will, we are not fulfilling His purpose. It is not good when a creature does not fulfill His Creators purpose. Those who worship idols see placating their idols as a means to get what they want for themselves. In today’s world, sex, stuff, state, science, and self are the idols of Atheists. Idol worship has not actually changed. It is still about seeing ourselves instead of God at the center of Creation.

          Where did God come from? He is eternal. Where did the universe come from? Why is it orderly? The difference in believing in God and an eternal universe is that belief in God explains the order we find. The problem for Atheists is that the existence of God makes us answerable to Him.

          Why do I have faith in the existence of God? Believing in God produces better results than just believing things happen because they supposedly do. That is, when I make decisions that assume the existence of the God of the Bible, I make better decisions.

          Why better decisions? Instead of trying to be god, I am making better decisions because I am trying to be what my Creator wants me to be.

          What is faith is about? Faith is not just believing something because I want to believe it. Faith is believing something because the belief works in practice.

          The Theory of Evolution has little practical significance. All it provides is a lame excuse for Atheism. Some how some way life just came to be. And the proof? Doesn’t exist. All we have are some interesting data patterns that suggest the possibility. We have an unproven hypothesis, and we have the refusal to consider other possibilities.


        • sklyjd says:

          “There is far less proof Socrates ever existed than there is that Jesus and His apostles existed. Not even in the same ballpark.”

          Not actually true Tom, there are many statues, busts and details written about Socrates, but that in themselves do not prove anything from this time in history of course, however just as with Jesus some scholars believe he existed, and some do not. Socrates, in the aftermath of his execution, was pretty much the most famous person in Greece and it is clear that his existence was taken for granted by all the ancient authors who mention him, but it is also quite clear that writers of historic events in those early centuries do not measure up with the modern values of authenticity we believe a historian should possess today. If you go to ************ there is much on this site regarding the application of historical data to ancient historical figures and events. (EDITORIAL PRIVILEGE: THE FACT ALONE THAT THOUSANDS OF HOSPITALS SUCH AS ST. JOHN’S, ST JUDES FOR CHILDREN, ST LUKES, ETC ETC ETC, WHICH WERE INSPIRED BY THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THEY WHO SERVED AS TRUE EXAMPLES OF GRACE, FAITH, LOVE, AND MERCY, SHOULD SILENCE VOICES WHO WOULD DARE SUGGEST THAT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST DID NOT LIVE, AND THAT THE PRESENT DAY FRUITS OF HIS WORDS ARE ENOUGH PROOF.)

          “In today’s world, sex, stuff, state, science, and self are the idols of Atheists.”

          Are you saying Christians do not have sex for enjoyment, do not have flash cars, fancy houses, antique furniture etc, and do not support a political ideology and enjoy some of their favourite science subjects? Atheists may idolise or more aptly admire something or someone, many teenagers idolise their music and movie heroes and oldies may idolise their doctor for keeping them alive, and I would say idolisation and admiration does not apply solely to atheists.

          “Where did the universe come from? Why is it orderly?”


          Imagine Newton’s and Kepler’s dismay if they could have read the July 3 issue of the journal Science this year. In it Gerald Sussman and Jack Wisdom, a computer scientist and an astronomer, respectively, at MIT, announced that the entire solar system is unpredictable. Without an infinitely precise knowledge of the location and velocity of the planets at any given moment, our Newtonian calculations will be completely wrong after a mere 4 million years.

          Such startling findings about the changeable nature of the universe are appearing more and more frequently at the frontiers of today’s mathematics. We now know that rigid, predetermined, simple laws can lead not only to predictable, everlasting pattern but also to behavior so complex and irregular that it appears to all intents and purposes random. This phenomenon is called chaos. ************* (EDITORIAL PRIVILEGE: WHILE ALL ALONG DENYING THE MAKER OF THE BRAIN TO UNDERSTAND THE MATH THAT GOD ENACTED. NOT TOO SMART. STUPID EVEN.)
          “The problem for Atheists is that the existence of God makes us answerable to Him.” EDITORIAL PRIVILEGE. DING DING DING. WE HAVE A WINNER.)

          No, wrong in so many ways, atheists totally disbelieve and therefore do not consider about answering to any gods.

          “Why do I have faith in the existence of God? Believing in God produces better results than just believing things happen because they supposedly do. That is, when I make decisions that assume the existence of the God of the Bible, I make better decisions.”

          If Christians make better decisions than atheists I am happy for them, but please divulge the evidence is real and the studies done to confirm this claim. If this was true it would be considered fantastic and good evidence of God’s existence and we would all become Christians. EDITORIAL PRIVILEGE: THERE IS A REASON WE EXPECT OUR OWN CHILDREN TO REPRESENT US IN PUBLIC- AS WE HAVE ZERO EXPECTATIONS OF OUR NEIGHBORS WITH WHO WE HAVE NO EQUITY IN THEIR UPBRINGING. WE VALUE THINGS ACCORDING TO NATURAL RELATIONSHIP. IT IS NATURAL TO WANT TO PLEASE GOD.)

          Truth is our lives are partially controlled by our good and bad decisions and partially controlled by random events that we do not have any control of. From a statistical point of view, random events are not meaningfully related to anything else, and it should not be surprising because they happen all the time.

          “The Theory of Evolution has little practical significance. All it provides is a lame excuse for Atheism.” (SHORT AND SWEET)

          You have not yet grasped this fact. Evolutionary biology, in particular the understanding of how organisms evolve through natural selection, is an area of science with many practical applications. Creationists often claim that the theory of evolution lacks any practical applications; however, this claim has been refuted by scientists. (EDITORIAL PRIVILEGE: WIKIPEDEA IS ONLY AS USEFUL AS THE PROGRAM IT SUGGESTS- THIS CONVERSATION WILL NEVER END WITH EVOLUTIONISTS AND ATHEISTS TRYING TO HIDE IN THEIR OWN CIRCLE OF STUBBORNESS. COMMON SENSE SEEMS TO HAVE ESCAPED THE PENETENTIARY AND IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. ANY SCIENTIST WORTH HIS SALT, MUST ADMIT THAT HE KNOWS SO LITTLE COMPARED TO HE WHO CREATED LIFE. WHILE THE GODLESS MAY HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS, I TRUST NO MAN WHO HAS WRITTEN OFF GOD FROM HIS OWN CREATION. )


        • Citizen Tom says:

          If you are going to defend the existence of Socrates, then it is idiotic to suggest that Jesus and his apostles never existed. The existence of Jesus and the apostles is far better documented. The idea that guy who never existed could have such a huge effect on history is preposterous.

          Are Christians sinners? Yep! The difference between a Christian and an Atheist is this. The Christian has admitted the sin and repented, but Christian do sometimes backslide. Sometime we to put our needs, wants, and desires before the love of God and obedience to Him.

          Do Christians know where the universe — all Creation — came from? Yes. God is the Creator, and He supplies the order. When you observed that our Newtonian calculations will be completely wrong after a mere 4 million years, I just laughed.

          As an engineer/military officer, I calculated the orbits of spacecraft. At best those calculations were good for about a week, especially for a spacecraft in near earth orbit. Because creation is extremely complex, we don’t have perfect formulas for our calculations, not even for something as well understood as orbital mechanics. Nevertheless, that hardly translates to chaos, pure randomness. Consider. The thing you worship, science, depends upon our ability to discover cause and effect relationships and describe those orderly relationships with mathematical equations. Pure randomness would make that impossible.

          Do Christians make better decisions? Because some people call themselves Christians when they are not, sometimes that can be difficult to discern. For example, there are a great many people who call themselves Christians, but don’t believe Jesus was God. 1-3 John emphatically states those people are not Christians. Others, however, belong to Christian denominations that proclaim the divinity of Jesus. They just don’t themselves believe, and without knowing what is in their heart we cannot know the truth.

          So how is it I say I make better decisions as a Christian? I remember what I was l like before I was born again. Now I try to see myself as God sees me.

          Psalm 26:1-7 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

          26 [a]Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked in my integrity,
          And I have trusted in the Lord [b]without wavering.
          2 Examine me, O Lord, and try me;
          Test my [c]mind and my heart.
          3 For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes,
          And I have walked in Your [d]truth.
          4 I do not sit with [e]deceitful men,
          Nor will I go with [f]pretenders.
          5 I hate the assembly of evildoers,
          And I will not sit with the wicked.
          6 I shall wash my hands in innocence,
          And I will go about Your altar, O Lord,
          7 That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving
          And declare all Your [g]wonders.

          Okay. The Theory of Evolution has practical applications. Could you list some these practical applications? Well, I guess not. ColorStorm doesn’t have much use for Wikipedia.

          In ColorStorm’s defense, I would just observe that Wikipedia is not exactly unbiased.


          I found your editorial comments both edifying and amusing. Thank you.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Tricia says:

    These recent floods really do have a biblical air to them don’t they CS? Just another reminder that God is who He’s always been, all powerful and awesome.

    Good stuff as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

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