Salads, kinds, and brain rot

(Dedicated to worldwide self made apostles of the keyboard, who smirk while enjoying their atheism, as if God is subject to their lying intellect; enjoy yet another simple installment and the utter ease in tearing to shreds that plastic god: humanism.)

If atheism is not a religion, water is not wet. And the twin freakish sister of course of this religion is evolution, aka, ‘accidental and purposeless creation,’ whose disciples while feasting on a mirage of bread, simply are trying to gain calories from yesterdays mildew. Too strong? No. Not strong enough.

Reminds me of a hundred professional food experts, who judge the cut, the taste, and the presentation of luscious dishes, only to deny that there was an actual cook who stands behind the stainless steel doors laughing at the stupidity of the elite. Yeah, the lamb chops and the Waldorf salad appeared from the trash compactor just waiting for your ability to dismiss them.

But the two headed monster known as Atho and Evo, has somehow missed that it is the white-tailed deer who happily sits on a blistering cold and frozen ground at -70F, protected by leather, and not skin, a fact that mocks the evolution of man, who could only hope that in a zillion years he could be so lucky to be born leather clad so he can ice fish like he was sitting in Miami snagging a sun tan.

Then there is the elephant who dreams of the day when she can give birth to a lion, for she so tires of the same ole repetition of reproducing after her kind, a fact that mysteriously eludes all atheists and promoters of godless evolution.

Or maybe there was a mother on welfare who is still hiding behind endless bureaucracy that helps her raise 4 tigers, 3 camels, 9 hippos, and 7 chimps, all animals which she swears, passed through her very birth canal. Oops, didn’t think so, I must have her confused with the intellectuals and truth tellers of atheism, whose ability to fabricate a yarn is legendary.

There is no God!!! says the atheist, an evil and monstrous lie that refuses to see that the very ‘pursuit of happiness’ condemns such flagrant stupidity, for the right to life is God given. Which of you reading, who of you ASKED to be born? correct, it was chosen by another, and you would be well served to cement your lips shut lest your foul mouthed ‘there is no God’ be the very weight that drowns you.

Can’t stand this dirty job, but no man worth his salt runs and hides from pointing out such blatant and willing poison and infectious waste, especially when it is dressed in chiffon while the gullible applaud because they don’t know Adam from Saddam.

A little voice maybe, but a necessary voice nonetheless, as truth does not seek approval from the majority.

So of course atheism and evolution are religions, pure zeal but of the lying imaginary. Of course atheism and evolution despise God’s word, for the Creator must have the first and the last word. He does, of course. The Alpha and the Omega doncha know. He was before all things, and by Him do all things consist. Love that.

There is more science in Genesis 1.1 than in all the godless books combined, if but men would only pay attention, and actually engage the brain, as to WHAT is said. (And of course what follows is proof positive than Gen. 1.1 is without apology, and matter of factly, infallibly correct.)

Btw, as to the obvious ‘kinds’ thanks be to God, that women produce babies, girls, ladies, etc, so too does the atheist honor God’s word by his desire to reproduce baby atheists, who will one day grow up into full fledged adults, who will also refuse to recognize that they too want to see their ‘kinds.’  Even the wrath of man praises God. Ouch.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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4 Responses to Salads, kinds, and brain rot

  1. God created laughter, atheists and relativists say funny things, satire brings it together. I have a red hat that says, “Make Satire Great Again.” The God haters insure that I never run out of material.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      True enough/ and as a reminder ‘He that sittteth in the heavens shall laugh ,’ obviously meaning laughter is serious business.

      Agreed, laughter is awesome, just have to laugh at the right things. 🤗


  2. Speaking of humor, something I often find hysterically funny, one cannot even speak one’s own name without naming God first. “I am,” the Great I am. So first we name God which then gives us a reference point in which to name our own existence. This truth has gone down from Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and landed in English.

    Just to name ourselves as a “kind,” one must first declare “I am,” (a creation of He who breathed life into me.) Even the atheists. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      The ‘reference point’ you cite is strong as iron ma’am. Appreciate it. I say something similar regarding the earth itself.

      It was once void- without context; it is by everything else that we understand how unique not only terra firma is, but we too as humans, as you say. Context.

      So the ‘kinds’ are not without a special dispensation, given us by One greater. Last I checked, lion tigers and bears still do their thing, just as the Creator designed.

      It really is hard to understand how the common atheist can forego these ‘sign posts,’ while being happy in his own special ‘kind’ of crazy. For God’s sake. just look at rain- those volumes and volumes of massive weight, carefully made into sprinkles lest we be crushed by the weight.

      But yes, humor. 😉

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