The WHOLE creation groans

Paid attention to the news lately? Have you considered the big picture as opposed to your selfish interests which refuses to connect the dots, them all? Ah yes, God’s word, reliable, verifiable, and of course always truthful, those golden words which demand careful attention which gives context to our lousy opinions, such as the ‘age of the earth,’ evolution, which results naturally in such poor spawning as those idiotic children called Atheism and Science. (insert a few groans here.)

Me loves science, but not that wannabe false and lying science which masquerades as Truth, nope, can’t stand such poison, as the taste is nauseating to a good palate, a taste which nourishes not, and has zero calories.  But Science! I laugh at the dopey professor who cries for ears like an elephant so he can hear danger a mile away, but will not once consider that the Creator has withheld such floppy tools sitting at heads end, but he says anyway: ‘give it time! man will have ears like elephants and skin like the leather cow, give it time, as we WILL evolve!’

Yeah, sarcasm of course, but you get the point at such stupidity, for God created the tiger after his KIND, with his inability to fly a kite or tie his shoes, just as man will NEVER run as quick as a cheetah. (I can hear the groans.)

Men’s groanings are one thing, we should pay attention when nature groans. Earthquakes where there were never earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Flooding. Brutal cold. Intense heat. Fire crawling on the ground via lava. Do these things mean a whit to you? Or are you in utter denial because they have not come to your town? (more groans)

Perhaps then natures groans are in direct response to the acts of men? Maybe the ransacking of the earth and all its emoluments being raped by thieves, liars, embezzlers, professional fraudsters, corporate hucksters who feed on the backs of the poor, all have been witnessed by nature itself, not that nature can act alone, but by way of divine permission, that the thunder of nature’s voice, may just possibly ring the bell of our conscience, a conscience which pretends to be intelligent, while denying and blaspheming He who owns all intelligence? Yeah, something like that.

Ever seen the waste from a hospital? Not just the infectious waste, but the waste of good things? This is a topic for another time, but consider the landfills of we the people who are sooooo advanced in intelligence, that we now dump our garbage in the oceans of the world because the earth has no place. (Triple groans.)

But the larger point is not our poor stewardship, but the refusal to admit allegiance to the Creator of land and sea, and by so doing, have substituted lies for truth, and truth for error.

The whole creation groans, this we know, this we see, and there is not one reader here who believes I am not telling the truth, for THAT would be a lying opinion pure and simple, emphasis on pure. The fool says in his heart, ‘there is no God,’ it is a conversation which a crooked stick wins the day, not because there is not enough information, but because a person WANTS it to be so. A person cannot read a level with a bent eye.

But why else should creation groan? Glad you asked. A woman now gives birth to not son or daughter, male or female, but another KIND……ouch. A kind foreign to common sense and nature.

Marriage has long been under assault as if He who instituted the arrrangement was mistaken, as we can’t understand why there are hiccups beneath our feet aka earthquakes.

Oh how the pride of life has slain so many, oh how creation is correct by groaning. Yet the Creator is consistently good. He does not fool us by placing the lamp in another corner of the room so we by habit reach for a switch that is not there, nope, the sun will always rise in the east, there will always be 24 hrs to the day, (God’s clock is always correct) and lions reproduce lions and not monkeys.

Taste and see that the Lord is good, and He is God. Recognize the groanings of creation, and you just may be able to understand redemption. (remember the first rainbow)



About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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12 Responses to The WHOLE creation groans

  1. kiabooks says:

    “Me loves science, ”
    Correction: this should read “I love me some science when it agrees with my interpretation of the bible. Otherwise, it’s hogwash.”
    There, that’s better.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx anyway mike, but I don’t need an auditor. I know perfectly well what I say and what I mean.

      I use a carpenters level and a plumb line which agrees with science and scriptures.

      Here on this blog, I tell the truth. In addition, if Truth was on your menu, you would agree.


  2. Tricia says:

    Good stuff ColorStorm, as usual. I sometimes wonder when God will wash his hands of the human race and send another flood or earthquake or something similar. Kind and patient that He is though, he’s willing to wait for all to repent. Even your friend above.

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  3. sklyjd says:

    You are admitting in your weird and exclusive way that global warming or climate change is actually a fact of life? Maybe there is some hope for you yet CS.


    • ColorStorm says:

      You are joking right? I am admitting no such thing. There were quakes before King Solomon was in diapers, and plenty of tornadoes long before we had gasoline.

      Furthermore, global warming is fraudulent because no man as yet can prove the world is a globe.

      But pay attention to the title.


  4. Well said, Colorstorm! Ahh yes, the whole creation groans! I prescribe more of creation for just about everybody, more going out into nature. Not of course, going out into a hurricane, but going outside and having a good look around. We are really connected to the land, to the environment around us and there is stuff to be learned there. 🙂

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  5. farmgirl says:

    1st john 5:19 tells whos in control. We see it by the animalistic traits of humans. 2nd timothy 3:1-5. It will soon end. Those runing the earth will be brought to ruin.


  6. sklyjd says:

    In a roundabout way are you suggesting God will inflict the Earth with natural, opps sorry, God instigated disasters, therefore a whole lot of people will get hurt and killed regardless of religious belief?
    Just gotta love the guy.


    • ColorStorm says:

      I do love the guy.


    • Citizen Tom says:


      Either God is responsible for everything because He created every thing and everyone, or things just happen randomly? I suspect former is true even though it seems to indicate God is the author of evil.

      Why isn’t God the author big evil? Free Will. When God’s creations do evil, there are consequences. Some of those consequences are difficult to understand. Others are not.

      Does global warming have anything to do CS’s post? No.


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