Wait a sec

When you walk into the home of a friend as an invited dinner guest, generally you are mindful of where you are and how to behave, or are you? You don’t bark out orders to get this or that, or do you? You don’t order food like you are in a restaurant; you don’t help yourself to the washing machine, you don’t decide on a new color scheme for the den, and you surely don’t move the aloe plant to another location, or have you?

Why then, if you so act respectful as a matter of common decency, do you equally insult the earth and its Homeowner by not behaving, barking out orders as if God is your Butler, while accepting all food from His hands, availing yourself of His colors above and below, and are just all around indecent as if your willful trespassing is not a crime?

Yes, a trespasser. Therefore a criminal. Trouble is, man compares himself with others, and gets a false vision of himself. Not too smart. Want to know what level is? Don’t take my word for it, get a level. The crooked ways of others will always make yourself appear more sober or straight.

Saw a vid the other day of Bill Nye and his egotistical claims that he knows more than God. Oh how I loathe such pretended intellect, yet I think of the patience of Almighty God who allows such creatures to spew such raw sewage and still walk like ants on a hill without God stepping on the mound.

His patience in light of such blatant pride is truly otherworldly. What men know can fit on the head of a pin compared to God’s infinite wisdom, (yes, this includes the mindless intertubes with its instant googles) yet mankind has managed to put God under his thumb. Hmmm, when will men learn.

But a guest! That’s what we are, stewards of Another’s property, yet men have tricked themselves into thinking that THEY are the great engineers, that THEY have all the copyrights to trees, mountains, clouds, birds, whales, and DNA itself.

Sorry folks, man is made in the image of God, an image which we have tainted purposefully, and have been duped to fall for the image on the coin. The next time you dine, consider the delicacies of the Creator, and how He actually waits on us………


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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10 Responses to Wait a sec

  1. Oh, a big amen to this Colorstorm! We are actually honored guests, invited to come play in the garden, to join in the wedding feast. So wipe your feet and behave accordingly. We are His guests.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Seems we would all benefit eh, if we took our places as stewards and guests instead of acting like we own the place; ie: there is no God!

      What a pathetic excuse as humans: so glad God saw fit to give us the drop on things. He is good like that/ doesn’t want us to be blind as bats. 😎

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  2. lynnabbott says:

    Yes! I love this! Guests, indeed!

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  3. sklyjd says:

    In your thinking the world should not have developed further by utilising science that does not point to the Christian God. Therefore we should not even have attempted to understand the universe, the biological structures, the history of our planet and just simply believe what the Bible claims as true.
    In fact Jesus says we should all be living in some kind of poverty and be giving our riches to those less fortunate as the good Christian life is one of poverty and charity.

    We all know without riches the modern sciences would not exist and no modern technology would be available, no modern medicines, no engines and modern transport etc. I would say it would have an upside to be riding horses and donkeys rather than exploiting and polluting our warming planet and with no modern weapons of destruction it would even prevent mass shootings in your country.

    Of course the downside would be less health and a reduced life-time, much hardship, lack of hygiene, no flushing toilets, a very primitive justice system and the likelihood of catching fatal diseases and leprosy, being stoned to death or being taken as a slave, raped or hacked to death by an enemy soldier.

    Of course you and I would not know each other and tapping out sentences on a keyboard.
    What do you pick? I cannot see many of your middle class overweight citizens of Mac Donald’s wanting to swap life styles and live like many of today’s Muslims still do in those under developed countries.


    • ColorStorm says:

      You are putting tech which changes every day with time tested truth which never changes.

      ‘Science’ has no effect on water level, a plumbline, or a compass. Science is a by product, not THE end all as you would imagine.

      “Science’ helps us understand things, it has no life, no identity, and does not care if the science of the piano maker plays tunes to the devil or God.

      It has NO identity even though you worship it as such. Furthermore, you assume people thousands of years ago lived lives that were not as rich as yours; while all along a 15 year old may have packed more ‘living’ than a 85 year old male today. It’s all perspective and WHO decides what is rich.

      As to your gripes about disease, sickness, infirm, tell that to Joni Eareckson who is a parapalegic since 19 and now well nearing the end of days.

      Tell her she is somehow scientifically deformed and someone who has lived a ‘lesser life’ because of her malady and ‘if there were a God I wouldn’t have this life’ excuse.

      She will pity you, for her RICH life has enabled to have a mind and outlook otherwise impossible. She THANKS God for her wheelchair where you would abrade her for her lousy faith……………..

      Wake up steve, You are a guest in God’s creation. Start acting like it, instead of the childish knowitall.


      • Anonymous says:

        You have an explanation for everything CS as though you know it all. I would bet that that Joni and all the wheel chair bound kids would have chosen a life without disabilities. They all show strength in the face of Knowing that they have to make the best of their lives because that is their reality, God or no God. Feeding them stuff that you definately know there is an eternal life with a real God certainly gives them hope, but it is unethical because reality is a proven fact of life and that is something you cannot face.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Should I respond in like manner by saying nothing to prove your point regarding ‘unethical’ because you decide to be as a ghost, ie, anonymous?

          But reality is a proven fact of life……………………….gee, now that’s deep. Who do you think owns life?


        • sklyjd says:

          Very sorry CS that was me, I sent that message from my phone as I was in Sydney and it was the first time I have used it for sending emails and did not realise it would go to you as anonymous, I am a bit behind the 8 ball in the tech world.

          To answer your question of who owns life. That can only be yourself as you can live it or take your life at any time you choose, unless of course events out of your control have something to do with it. Your God cannot and does not control life by striking down people, crippling children or infesting others with diseases, all these events are just the reality, facts of life that could happen to anybody, just as accidents, human error, genetics, hereditary defects, randomness, law of averages and bad luck etc, that change and direct our lives.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Ok then.

          Sounds altruistic steve/ but to OWN something, you need the title, the deed as it were.

          Morgues do not own deeds. Nature reserves do not own deeds. Hospital baby wards do not own deeds; they all are beneficieries of someone greater.

          They all borrow. WHO owns life belongs to the creator of life. There are no owners of accidental life, as much as you would like to imagine, and as much as John Lennon thought.

          And no, nor do I OWN life just by virtue of being born. Neither do you.


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