Let God be true

I love those four English words: yea, ‘let God be true,’ then perhaps even more accurate and powerful is what follows: ‘but every man a liar.’


I know I know some will cry ‘we don’t have the information or evidence to agree,’ but simply put, we do not like such incriminating dogmatism. There is not a man alive (no apology for the reference to the politically incorrect non-anthropos of mankind) who is not immediately made uncomfortable by these words pointing to himself. All men are liars of sorts.

Because by comparison, men are selectively true, while God is ALWAYS true. His consistency is above board. He does not fool us with sunsets in the east or one day a week oceans becoming vodka. No. His mercies they fail not. But yours, mine, ours? Ha! We fail, we fail because we are not impeccably infallible.

It has been said that the measure of a man can we seen by how he treats somemeone who can do him absolutely no good. OUCH again how our hearts are revealed. There are people who to us, do absolutely no good, and some even value them as worthless, yet, God is equally good to them. He gives rain from heaven to the praying grandmother as well as the auto thief. He gives days to the tax cheats as well as the grass cutter who doesn’t make enough to feed his family.

So how is it that we fail miserably to understand that God does not need us, that He does not need our help to illuminate the moon nor keep the sun shining in his strength? Because all men are liars. (It doesn’t have to be) Our sense of balance is wrong. We seek ‘justice’ as it suits us, not because we are perfectly fair. Our scales of fairness are completely in need of calibration. We lack in perfection.  Will you now dare to cite me a liar for saying so?

A man will step on an ant hill or burn it to the ground, then go to sleep, yet have no problem ending the life of a third trimester, or second even, human about to be born. We commit moral fraud as we respect the ant, yet lie regarding humanity. We lie and do not the truth.

God is true. Always and perfectly seamless. But we? We judge truth by the dishonesty in others while failing to see we are equally guilty by our very deception of God’s person. We are defective because we do not have a base line. We judge what is ‘wrong’ based on preference or prejudice, instead of weighing against what is ‘right.’

All men are clueless liars IF they do not consider WHO is just, right, and always true. May I then  introduce you to the God of heaven and His Christ who IS truth? Will your tongue flap without understanding as you try to find words citing Him with contempt, His life, His purpose, His person, and what He reveals about YOU?

Ah yes, truth be it however uncomfortable, was shown in the elite men who could not in good conscience pick up that stone against a common member of their humanity. They were found out by being in the presence of truth Himself which is always a good thing. Notice how they could not abide in the presence of that scorching heat. (And btw, this conversation and incident is repeated even now today. The heart is oh so deceitful.)

But did they enjoy that revelation of truth? Nope, they crept away being within arms length of agreeing that ‘all men are liars regarding themselves,’ for God is true. Of course He is. The finger of God always points to His perfections and our shortcomings. BUT, God is not a far away cosmic policeman waiting to give us parking tickets. His mercies are delightful and He is near.

And as a word of history coupled with a matter- of- fact, it was both truth and love that could not be tolerated in a world of darkness. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Truth, perfectly showed us who God is, and who man is not. For this, the Light of the world was snuffed out. Truth is obviously painful to face, and men enjoy darkness, so it was far easier for Pilate to wash his hands, even though………..’I find no fault in this man.’

He is dear and understands what is in man. If we would only wise up, men would easily have a more harmonious outcome. And this is no lie.

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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3 Responses to Let God be true

  1. Well said, my friend! Chuckling at how you have said all men are liars, because that has been my line for the past few days, too. What can I say? It is what it is. At best we can only see through the glass darkly, and we are seldom at our best. Love that crowing rooster who points us to what you have revealed here.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Men can be good and still be liars as to greater things.

      Now Zacharias was a good man,
      yet without violating ‘there are none good , no not any.’

      What men see and what God sees are night and day.

      So the scriptures are always true as to liars. And in the simplest fashion, denying the Creator His very existence is quite the whopper.

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      • Many good men can be liars! Yes, and the women, too! 🙂

        Peter is my favorite example because I like him the most. He is a good man. So we have the Holy Spirit, we have the Word, we have each other, and it all works to help us to Divine the truth.

        The word of a good man is still worth something, still incredibly valuable, like Peter.

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