Does it ever dawn on you?

Opinions about thousands of things neither make them true, important, irrelevant, or even necessary. But they can be, as some are obviously better than others. Consider this line of thought:

FACT- 6 year old boys and girls should have separate dressing rooms after Gym class.

Opinion- 6 year old boys and girls are not mature enough to know they can gender select, and they are too narrow minded in thinking a male is a male, and a female is a female., therefore separate dressing rooms are not necessary.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- I am insulted at this suggestion, because I know you are trying to connect the bathroom/dressing room thing with dark and light.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion. No, the Democrats have proven that they alone dwell in the light.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- Little Greta Thunberg is not a raging maniac used by ‘globalists,’ and is smarter than all ‘scientists’ who disagree with her. After all, CNN has already crowned her saint.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- There is only light, as darkness is a mere interpretation, and that darkness has not fully evolved. It will, and we all will live in the golden age of sunshine, where there will be no taxes, no gasoline, no theft, no killing a man for a nickel, for the ungendered, Dems, and Greta, will save us all.

FACT- The mere existence of light and darkness should cause every man to stop and think. WHY? Not a trick question here, but one that goes to the observable, testable, and repeatable consistency of that which we take for granted, daily.

Opinion- Random acts of serendipity have already proved that the universe and life are mere coincidental or if you will, accidental, and serve no real purpose, for if there was a purpose, we would admit to a Creator, which we cannot. For the 15.8933 billions years that we have been studying such things, we know we are correct.

FACT- Men are fools. We are clueless what lies beneath the earth a few hundred feet, we are lost as fog regarding what dwells a mile under the ocean, yet we have ‘proof’ of what lies above and beyond us at a thousand zillion miles………..and as to time? You are asking us to be too stupid.

Opinion- Scientists know, they told us. We believe the scientists. They would not lie. After all, listen to that genius Degrass or Nye, who swear that boats disappear over a ‘curve’ at a mere three miles. They saw it.

FACT- Oh great, don’t get me started. 3 miles? Really? And you call these people scientists?  They no doubt have never heard of the vanishing point, the laws of refraction over water, the mirroring effect, distortion, and lensing, where boats do NOT disappear over a curve, but simply MOVE AWAY due to perspective.  Don’t believe this? Engage a pair of quality binoculars, and you will see that ship which Degrass swears disappeared come right back into vision over his non-existent curve. It’s called a fact witness.

Opinion- Your dogmatism is arrogant. Everything you say regarding separate bathrooms for children, Democrats, little Greta the savior, the oceans, the sky, the beginning of life, the really smart DeGrasse, the 3 mile curve……proves it is YOU who lives in the basement of darkness, and that you have not got on board with the evolution of mankind, which leaves you living with apes who have already passed you by.

FACT- Truth does not seek nor ask for approval, but defends itself without effort nor breaking a sweat. Light and darkness. Light is separated from the darkness, and the dawn of each day proves this point. Evolution cannot now, nor ever, explain WHY light is separated from darkness, for if evo had its way, one would overtake the other for bragging rights.

Opinion- So you are saying evolutionists and atheists are short sighted and actually behind the times? You are saying men are not smart if they say ‘there is no God?’

FACT- I didn’t actually say that, but for once, that’s a pretty accurate statement.  Beginning with girls and boys choosing their gender from one day to the next, to people’s infatuation with clueless celebrities, reveals a lack of knowledge for Him who ‘separated the light from the darkness,’ and on the strength of this point alone, all other false conclusions spring forth, as noted.

Opinion- You are helpless, and one day you will bow the knee to science, and you…….

FACT- Stop right there. You have had your say. Tell Nancy Drew she was really Joe Hardy. Yikes. I saw a bug asleep on my living room ceiling. Can you walk on the ceiling? Can you traverse a basketball like an ant?  Enough of your pseudo science crap- I thank God every day for the ability to engage the brain, to use the trinitarian plumb-line, level, and compass, to gauge all things. The tools of nature preach the truth of scripture and FACT.  Have a nice day.

In fact………….evo, false science, and atheism have no fact witnesses.

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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12 Responses to Does it ever dawn on you?

  1. Citizen Tom says:


    I agree 6 year old boys and girls should have separate dressing rooms after Gym class. 6 year old boys and girls should have separate dressing rooms before Gym class too .

    I have accepted the fact we live on ball of mud that revolves through empty space around a huge and fiery star. If the earth was flat, we could not make GPS work, but we do.

    Evolution? We have no way of testing that hypothesis. It is just a matter of faith for Atheists.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Aah but Tom you are more tolerant than most people.

      While the kid gender thing is easy peasy- the zip code of earth is subject to opinions. Men smarter than me are able to articulate both sides- and come to opposite conclusions.

      But one reason (I do not use the word flat) my point of view caries weight- is because the so called men of science refuse to debate it/ thus strengthening my position by default.

      You have to decide CT how and why any man would try to defend the ‘disappearing ship’ theory by saying it is due to a alleged curve.

      It is not. And on this point alone the foundation is crushed- that said- and I’ve said it before/ the topic is most fascinating and I would never base fellowship on anything that is not clear to others.

      But if your science agrees with Degrasse… oh oh- just saying. 😉

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      • Citizen Tom says:


        When we are talking about Orbital Mechanics, there isn’t much to debate. The equations are difficult to understand, but they do work marvelously well. That settles the debate.

        The disappearing ship theory is a geometry problem. Even with a good pair of binoculars, a departing ship will disappear over the horizon. That works with radar too. That’s why the Air Force and the Navy put radar equipment on jets. Operating radar equipment at higher altitudes extends the range that enemy tanks, aircraft, and ships can be detected by radar.

        People spend lots of money upon and risk their lives using equipment designed based upon the theory we live on a spherical earth. I worked with such equipment for years.

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  3. sklyjd says:

    I agree the children and adults should have seperate changing rooms.
    The Earth is a sphere and a fact.
    Global warming or climate change has real evidence and is a fact.
    Biological evolution has real evidence and is fact.
    And to top of the scientific realities, the vacinations do not cause autism is a fact.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi Steve-

      Well u are in good company with Tom- as for me- I don’t mind being the Lone Ranger.

      I’m pretty sure Mt Everest and any robins nest would disagree with both of you.

      I believe it is a preposterous offense to charge the greatest of mountains as having moved from their foundations. But hey, I’m just a realist.

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  4. Good post, Colorstorm. It can be really disconcerting to be standing in surreal land and trying to get your bearings, that place where there is no up or down, no boys and girls, and Greta is supposed to be some kind of moral and scientific leader. We need some agreed upon version of reality or else it makes functioning together and communicating very challenging. I assure people there is a light and dark, a right and wrong, an observable reality that insists on being somewhat constant. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Ugh, so much to set straight, so little time. lol
      You got it right, the word for the day is ‘constant.’

      I’m pretty sure it’s not God’s intention to fool us. We can do that without help. I like the thought: ‘on earth as it is in heaven,’ and I’m not ashamed to say that in this truth is revealed so many things, including how God maintains His creation, above and below.

      But some things are soooo easy, and we should stand firm, such as the braniacs who decide it is not mentally harmful to choose the ‘gender of the day, or whatever floats your boat.’

      God and His word are constantly correct, and let the redeemed of the Lord say so, so tkx for saying so msb.

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  5. SLIMJIM says:

    The world going bad to worse…

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