The world that then was…..

Sooooo, you have heard the gripe, one mind you, that has been repeated since man tried to depose God from His throne. There is no God! Genesis is a farce! The scriptures were written by lazy people who were clueless as to science! Sound about right?

Oh yeah, but one of my favs is this:

There was no flood. There is no proof. Oh my where is my laugh button. Nevermind, it’s really not a humorous matter, but people are shortsighted and never see the big picture. That gentle giant of grace and truth, who learned through his failures said this:

Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.

So, if water itself does not act as the only proof you need, perhaps you need to pull a J. Cousteau and dive deeper than he was able, and SEE and LEARN that the world that that was, is buried. And in this place of the dearly departed, we can gain a clue as to why man lived to be 900 years, because things are not quite the same today.

Overflowed with water. Ouch. We do not have this ‘overflowing’ today, but we certainly have reminders, as in, the great clouds above that carry the water which rains the earth, and be thankful, that we are not so deluged.

Can we not appreciate the seldom seen fact that clouds are but a broken canopy of the waters above, just as scripture asserts? True science doncha know, as opposed to the lying thieves of academia, who have no use for either God or science. That these windows of heaven were once opened, and in tandem with the fountains of the great deep, wreaked havoc on this world that then was.

So yeah, you want more proof? Hold your breath and dive deeper than whales, go deeper than  Mt. Everest, deeper than Elon Musk can fly overhead, and see those lakes below, under the massive oceans, those reverential burying grounds that hold the Creator’s promises.

But rest assured, you cannot survive, any more than a man can survive his own petulant cry of sursum cordem, on ward and upward! God already said ‘no’ per that massive tower of Babel. Even the eagles embarrass us by their obedience.

But can’t you at least enjoy that insightful word by our friend in his thoughtful epistle: ‘whereby.’ Love that. As to, and in what manner, a reminder of a truth just as pertinent today, with a view to God’s own oath.

It’s no wonder the scripture writers were mocked then, and now. They told the truth, notwithstanding Peter’s own weakness when he said: ‘I know not the man………..’ You see, his fears were mine, they are yours, as they reveal our very nature. Ah yes, but we NOW have an unction seeing the whole, no mirrored reflection or trying to survive eating a picture of apples, not a figure, but the true.

Then there is always that rainbow thing, an arc of a different nature, and once more not only mocked, but highjacked to put a seal of approval on decadence. Not too smart, but just another proof that I speak with sobriety and truth. But know this as an aside, God is the real Color Master, incorporating His azure sky with the ochre wheatfields and amber waves of grain, the greenery, the brown earth, the lights of night above, blood red, HE ALONE has all copyrights, and it would not kill us to say ‘how great thou art.’

After all, time is oh so fleeting, a thousand years as a day so to speak.



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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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5 Responses to The world that then was…..

  1. sklyjd says:

    Did you know the ancient peoples of the world were not wiped out in any floods, funny that. The pyramids were not covered in water and damaged by this Biblical flood. The Australian aboriginals do not recall a flood that wiped out their existence, nor do any other ancient peoples.

    Sorry CS but the evidence against a global flood is more than established and is a good thing for Christianity as it reduces the body count attributed to God, but I know you will always walk in the dark.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Do u have any proof it showed a thousand years ago steve, or do u rely on hearsay? Rest assured, the deluge is no hearsay. Even old civilizations have written about it- they merely lacked the details and the WHY as well as extent.

      That said, do you have any idea WHERE all the present water in the world came from? And please don’t come crying evolution.

      But more. It’s not that scripture lacks in information or truth for you, but that u simply do not like what it says. It’s really that simple.

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  2. Honestly i’am not good at reading but your blog is really easy to understand, thanks for sharing…


  3. sklyjd says:

    I have no answer that you will believe or want to understand CS. It is impossible for you at your level of indoctrination to be able to apply logic or rationality to anything such as what really happens and science.

    You are exactly like the thousands of indoctrinated Hindu and Shinto Priests, Muslim clerics and imam’s, the Jewish Rabbi’s and hazzan’s who all show an extreme dedication to their faith. These individuals develop unassailable emotional frames of mind whenever they are immersed in their faith through prayer, preaching and apologetics.

    This level of indoctrination within an ideology is beyond comprehension for average people, however psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered the behaviour patterns and operational processes within the brain.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi Steve.
      I actually reread the post here- to see if I was as clueless as you assert. Hmm.

      But nope, the points made were actually good- and you should know, that the groups u mention as to indoctrination/ I would just as quickly bury them as well.

      Truth has so few friends, and needs not the approval of the masses.

      Tkx for the visit though.

      Ps/ u never did write your post on that alleged spinning ball/ I would visit and question your ‘proof.’


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