Somethings to ponder

Is EGO or Intellect the engine which fuels the god of atheism? Why?

Will human beings ever grow skin like the LEATHER of the whitetail deer? Why? Why not?

Has evolution ever created one genuine snowflake?

Can evolution prevent the rising of the once dead but perennial flower bulb?

Do not the four seasons speak of earth’s consistency and promise, without which a Creator would be an impossibility?

Does not the moon’s perfect light speak of a Creator whose watchful eye does not sleep?

Is it not laughable that men boast of evolution having knowledge that they have accumulated in 30 years, while at the same time stating their same ‘knowledge’ points to an impossibly verified billion of years?

Is it not strikingly apparent that men in fact have not evolved, either in learning or morals, and have been but poor stewards of earth’s resources, yet blaming God for every vice under the sun?

Does not the opening line of Genesis answer man’s deepest yearning for truth and purpose, and settles forever the question of How and Who? Yes, ‘in the beginning God……….’

Do not the records of Kings and Chronicles, point to a divine record keeping that is envious of the most attentive Court and Deed Recorder?

Does not Psalms and Proverbs lead the mind toward a greater mind of excellence and wisdom? Do these very books not speak eloquently and ask questions, as well as answer, that man is small but relevant, having the ability to create and perceive?

Has mankind (includes women of course, which no sober minded female finds offense) ever been able to rid the conscience of God stamped upon the soul? Why not?

Does it not alarm you that in the providence of God, He has told any willing ear that there will arrive on the page of history a world-wide trading system, that would eliminate cash and coin? Hint hint: the introduction of bar codes/ chips/ eye scans/ credit cards/ with the self described arrogance of Musk and Gates as the greatest preachers?

Are men not fools for doubting God and His word?

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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3 Responses to Somethings to ponder

  1. Tricia says:

    I enjoyed this post CS. It reminded me of this morning just after sunrise when I watched the still full looking moon hanging in the pinkish sky. God’s eye as you say was watching over me.

    And, yes, men are fools for doubting God’s word but they keep doubling down on their denial.

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