More lunacy. No thank you.

After a long waited appt. for an eye exam, I showed up, charming personality hidden behind the maskly donned 6’3 frame, on time, took off my jacket, said hello, and was immediately accosted (ok maybe an exaggeration) by the woman who sits with that condescending over-the top-of the eyeglass stare, who says: ”whoa, wait a second, we need to wash the hands and change the mask.’

Of course the good natured person that I am did not start screaming at her for her embarrassingly lack of manners while she extends the sanitizer for my washing pleasure, and as she proceeds to hand me an ‘office approved idiotic mask that she too was sporting that looked like it came right out of Goofy’s garage. But it wasn’t the appearance of the mask that was disturbing.

It was the fact that MY freshly opened ‘right-out-of- the- box Hospital mask was not acceptable for her office. Noooooo. I said, ‘ma’am, this is brand new, maybe 30 seconds old.’ ‘Sorry, you have to wear this.’

Actually, miss poopsnoodle, I do not. My common sense trumps your insane and arbitrary policy. So I did what most thinking people would do. I turned around and said ‘enough. goodbye.’ Naturally, she was left standing in shock that a person dared NOT to comply.

The issue of whether masks prevent/delay the spread of this or that is a topic for another time. My main beef was she would not trust me with MY mask, but I am asked to trust hers???? Company policy? Do you see where this is headed?

And to any Christian who would find fault with my handling, I say this. We are the sheep of God’s green pasture, we are not the stupid sheep who say ok to Hitler when he says, ‘I have a shower for you. It will keep you safe.’ Again, an exaggeration, but the idea now of ‘you have to wear THIS mask’ is revolting to a sane mind. But wow, I bet her buttons were busted to see a man disappear after waiting for hard to get exams, but so what.

At least there was another patron sitting there who witnessed the carnage. Maybe it woke him up as he stared blindly with his goofy grape office approved mask. Maybe more will stop and think so as to slow down the avalanche of insanity coming to a town near you.

As for me though, I plan to have an astounding -21 with the Lord’s permission.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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7 Responses to More lunacy. No thank you.

  1. LOL! Good for you, Colorstorm! Under great duress from my kids, I finally went to the eye doctor and was subjected to some similar idiocy. I had to go from room to room for each part of the exam and wash my hands with someone standing over me each time. My eyes are fine, but I now need to go to the dentist because I chipped a few teeth grinding them so hard. This is beyond bureaucratic stoopid and reaching the point of sheer foolishness.

    I have prescription glasses but truthfully, I think those cheap reader cheaters you buy at the hardware store are far superior. I have a collection from the dollar store, too. Good for threading needles.

    Happy New Year! Be bold and give ’em heck. 🙂

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  3. “Crap outta hand”—no truer words!!


  4. Tricia says:

    Very well done ColorStorm, I approve whole heartedly! Society has lost their minds over masks and I think actually at least 50% of the public agrees with this. If only we were all as brave as you were and just said, ENOUGH!

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