Ye shall go no further


Inspiration visits us all the time, far too often though we are occupied and miss the whisper. Naturally I see the above pic several times a day as it is my phone screensaver, so I commend to you ‘Boundaries,’ themed likewise, and written by Bytes, some good stuff there. I linked, go read it.

But seas-edge, is the perfect visual for what a boundary is and does. The. Water. Just Stops. Ye shall go no further!

‘Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?’ So saith the Maker of water.

Do we really have an idea how much water there is in our world, aka earth? Do we know that the Creator has made it so?

As high as the highest mountain, as deep as the deep below, there is the water of life. Kind of important. So it flows from above, there is no where to hide from the goodness of God. Worth repeating, All goodness trickles from Above…

But when was the last time you saw the likes of the Carnival Cruise Liner strut down 5th Ave in NYC? Did you ever see a camel walk across frozen Lake Tahoe? Good questions really, not comical, but prove that boundaries are good and necessary.

So that water which foam is the end of the road is in harmony with the Creator’s engineering marvel that earth is contained ‘in the water.’ Love that fact that so-called science is oblivious to the obvious, and travels high and low to supplant what is very good, God’s word that is. Boundaries in nature are further proof of God’s care for His creation.

No, evolution did not produce the mighty ocean’s stop signs. Evolution did not produce the great deep. Evolution did not make massive Everest grow from pebbles. The ranges of Nepal are made by He who made Shasta, the Matterhorn, Fuji, the Smokies, Rockies, take your pick. See where one truth takes another, as it is connected to every square inch of life.

But He also neglected to make the flatlands of Kansas or the wetlands of Florida as the Alps. Boundaries doncha know. It’s America the beautiful for a reason. No other country on earth has so much from shore to shore, boundaries/states/ all along the way.

Seems though (as I ramble) that people are entirely too self absorbed/make themselves too large in the presence of themselves. The Norther Lights do not allow such exaggerated importance when seeing such awe. The circuit of the moon laughs at men’s ignorance of He who orders its’ path. But the lights of Aurora have boundaries. The moon too shall come no closer.

Day and night have boundaries, something which should forever silence so-called evolution. The repetition of the cycles of life have sadly made people drunk with what they call ordinary. No, there is no ‘ordinary’ in rain, daylight, heat, cold, snow, evergreens, coconuts, figs, olives, whales, eagles, coal, gold, fur, or blood. But note, even the eagle has boundaries as he would be foolish to build a nest on the summit of k-2.

And when was the last time you saw a bat instead of a gull when you were sunning and funning? Boundaries. Let’s revisit what surfers choose to ride; Look at those gorgeous Hawaii Five O waves!! But they do not continue like the untimely tsunami. Stop! The boundaries have obeyed by He whose laws rule.

So we enjoy the pride of life yet neglect to see the obedience of the proud waves as they cease per boundaries given them. Stop. Pause. Consider. The mere fact we have questions is enough proof there is One greater. Boundaries are evidence that man (nonanthropos includes women for the wishy-washy) is not the god that he has made himself.

Finally, as the pic above suggests, we far too often neglect to see things from Above, a better point of view that is. Small does not mean unimportant, but it’s a good thing that from the heights of 28,000 ft @ Everest, to see for thousands of miles- to see the wonderful boundaries tween heaven and earth.

So is it any surprise that the apostles said when they were in the company of One greater: ‘what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey………..’ Uh, yep, even nature bows to the One who has made boundaries. So what’s our excuse?

God Has Boundaries! | See, there’s this thing called biology… (

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3 Responses to Ye shall go no further

  1. Well said, Colorstorm! I love that shoreline and the separation of the water from the sand. God is all about boundaries, He separated the night from the day as you have said, and He made the kinds, male and female He made them, too. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Sorry, couldn’t help but to link/ your last image forced me/ lol

      But we never get tired or bored of telling the truth about the obviousness of God and His glorious creation.

      ‘Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,’ kind of thing. But yes, boundaries in every way- but here’s a good one too: where sin abounds- grace does much more ABOUND.’

      Gods goodness is impervious to barriers.

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      • Amen! Boundaries are really cool, in the sense that they enable us to have more freedom. We often think of them as keeping things out and limiting our freedoms, but the precise opposite is true, they free us up and let the good things in.


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