Byden’s Olympic gaffe

Surely you have heard. Well, it’s been in the mix since forever, and little joe is the latest mouthpiece for the leftist mob posing as high powered intellects.

Transgender guys and gals are now greenlighted to engage in sports acting as equals. Hmmm. It’s been reported that the gold medalist in woman’s running (400m or something like it/ doesn’t even matter as to the details) can presently be outrun by over 300 male high schoolers. Yikes. Sound fair?

So with the stroke of a crooked pen, little joe and his pea sized brain have decided to wag the finger to all things decent and natural.

The female gold medalist has just been demoted to the nether world of sports obscurity. Tks joe for listening to the hiss of your comrades in depravity. Utterly.

Not even to mention the mental abuse forced upon young girls when a male appears in their bathrooms. Nice work joe, you commiela, and the goon squad of all things anti science. But that’s for another post.

Which reminds me. Don’t even mention the word SCIENCE in my presence joe, as my ears cannot tolerate such screeching. Then there is your push when you say ‘the world is safer when transgenders are given their rightful place in the public eye,’ or something like that. Really now? What is this RIGHTFUL place when it is inherently WRONG?

Back to the sports. I have an easy solution if this nonsense is headed to the Olympics. If a male pretending to be female enters a race, all the females should act as one and refuse to race. Let the circus clown win his medal alone. The media would go nuts at this display of biological common sense. Imagine if you will Usain Bolt deciding to run as a female in women’s races. Uh, would ANY female have a chance???? Would it be FAIR? Thank you

There is a reason it is called the ‘Boy Scouts,’ or ‘Girl Scouts.’ No joe, there are not a hundred genders. There are TWO. The anatomy of the genders is as distinct as night from day. The heart size, body mass, lung capacity, hand, leg, foot size, natural gait, take your pick.

In a week, Byden is proving what others have long known: he is a puppet held by the strings in a very dark room. Religion or spirituality aside even, what sane mind could argue with me. Go ahead and try.

(I know, the spelling is incorrect, trying to halt unnecessary flagging/wiping of a blog post)

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7 Responses to Byden’s Olympic gaffe

  1. Ha! Good post. We’ve now entered nutty world. Sorry to all the lady athletes, but the pResident seems to believe that the men who think they are women are now better “women” than you are. That’s precisely how that works because of course the clothes you wear or the names you call yourself don’t change the truth and reality of having a greater muscle mass, greater speed, etc. Biology is a stubborn thing.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    ‘…………………..better women than you are.’

    *****5 big ones


  3. Tricia says:

    Yes our President is indeed an empty suit puppet. I’m hoping that this ridiculous EO that will allow boys to play on girls teams, share bathrooms and locker rooms etc…will finally get some liberal parents to wake up.I doubt it but one can always hope.

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  4. Ark says:

    I thought after the Caster Semanye controversy (800m ‘Women’s’ champion) there was a ruling about testosterone levels for competing athletes?
    I haven’t followed this nonsense for a while so has Biden moved the goalposts or something?

    I can’t see any problems with men and women playing on the same team, especially in a sport where physical attributes are not the key issue. Rally driving comes to mind where a top notch navigator is as crucial as a driver and in either case sex is of no consequence, and there are numerous sports where mixed teams can compete and muscle mass is not relevant / a key factor.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Cmon ark/ surely you can’t equate mixed genders on the same team with ‘artificial’ genders.

      Imagine U. Bolt going full tilt acting as a women competing for the gold in the 400-

      Would Any women have a chance? In what Universe iis this fair?


      • Ark says:

        You miss the point I am making. Whether I acknowledge transgender athletes is neither here nor there.
        The testosterone issue was addressed after the Caster Semanye controversy. I do not consider her to be competing on equal terms. There was similar problem with several Easter Block athletes in days of yore, you may recall. Granted they were recognised as ”genuine” women.
        This was why I asked if Biden had shifted the goalposts.
        My mixed team part of the comment was in reference to Tricia’s remark.


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