Deviled eggs

Now there is one word I actually do not like to say. It does not roll off the tongue like ‘lotus,’ nor does it emit a pleasurable impression to my mind like ‘sandalwood,’ nope, the word ‘devil’ is disturbing to my rather sober mind.

The word is out of sorts not because it is fictitious, but because it has more fangs and claws than all the seaweed in China. But men are not smart enough to dream up something so drastically obvious, nor are they superstitious enough as to be so clever in their ignorance. So we avoid things adversarial.

That’s right, Ignorance, as the earth has become the Devil’s playground, and even a mild mannered infidel will admit: ‘what in the world is going on with humanity?’

Girl Scouts want to be Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts want to join the ‘Girl-for-a week’ club. Gender pronouns now offend a woman who wants to be called ‘it.’ A man can ‘marry’ his pet gerbil. A woman can have a ‘wife.’ A man can marry his ‘husband.’ ‘There is no God.’

Full disclosure here. Remember the part about the sober mind? True story. This does not mean there is the slightest offence toward ANY person who engages in things I find questionable, unbecoming, or just odd, but rest assured, this also does not mean I must agree or that I am narrow minded. Nor should I be punished because of vigilance.

But WHO or WHAT is responsible for the influence that causes so much friction and an assault on common sense? Can it be evolution? Be honest. HOW could it possibly be RIGHT for a young girl to be forced to be exposed to a male in her bathroom??? Is this not mental rape? Yes, honesty says so, and nature agrees. Surely, evo would have voted these people off the islands centuries ago for devouring young minds..

But the devil has laid many eggs over time, and far too many have turned into maggots whereby the sickly somehow find nourishing. Strong language? Ha! Not strong enough. So yeah, there is a devil, and he has successfully plied his craft to the point where he does not even have to cast doubt on his true profession: the weakness of the sacred scriptures, nope, that’s a done deal. Not that the scriptures lack, but because people are darn near brain dead.

His assault is full frontal on nature now! What guts that is, what idiotic boldness to attack what is plain. So he leeches onto the weak, the susceptible, the sponge like minds of pretended intellect, where ‘yes’ can be ‘no’ on any given day, and where every thing goes, in a world where there is no right or wrong. What a slick trick though eh: ‘hey, don’t blame me.’

I see the late night politicians, oops, I mean comedians and their forked tongues, I see the cackling hens of women’s shows and their demonic ‘views,’ I see the scumbag television heads and their wretched smiles breathing out 24/7 rants of how good people are wicked just by being ‘normal.’

So where did all this crap stem from? The ponds of fresh water? Yeah, didn’t think so. No, no, no devil.

(Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour)

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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14 Responses to Deviled eggs

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  2. sklyjd says:

    You forget CS that not only today but going back many many decades when sexual discrimination was far more common men did dress as women and live as women in secret, but often in places they were unknown. Many would dress as women and go to public places and this obviously included the use of the women’s toilets.

    These men understood they were born with a defect and entrapped as a female without will or control, they are no different as a heterosexual man has feelings towards a female. Transsexuals know without any doubts they are sexually and often their personality is consumed as a women trapped in a man’s body and the last thing they would want to do or engage in would be to spy on a woman’s sexual parts in a public toilet, after all they are mentally changed from a man. This devious behaviour would only be undertaken by a sexual predator.

    Why would a transsexual who thinks and acts like a woman and want to be treated as a woman suddenly mentally oppose their whole being as a woman to become a pervert in a woman’s public toilet and risk being exposed as a man?

    Admittedly some extremely devious individuals may take advantages of a woman’s toilet, and that has always been the case, however the majority of men would not think of it. As a heterosexual man I would not consider such an event and can imagine the consequences if I did.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx Steve for the visit/ read/ comment.

      You touched on a part of the whole- but there is always more/ The root of the matter is much more troubling.

      It’s the ‘suggestions’ that I point out. Because .001% engages in this or that- it is not incumbent upon the 99 to accept as fact or ‘normal.’

      And it is usually the ones with the weakest points who have the loudest mouths and have the media microphones.


      • sklyjd says:

        I agree, and like everything CS the “root” could be many things, nothing about human or animal behaviour is simple, straight forward, regular or uncomplicated, especially considering we are biological creatures and from what we know about life on Earth including human behaviours can only be described in scientific and psychological terms.

        What drives an individual to become different and why were they born this way? are questions not yet fully answered and it will take more than current scientific knowledge or any religious doctrines and commands to find the answers, we all simply do not know.

        My thinking is that conflict and possible mass violence is the 2021 major issue between the fanatical right and left political nut jobs and this is where Christian and all religious influences should be following their doctrines and defusing this situation, not supporting it.


        • Tom Salmon says:


          What drives an individual to become different and why were they born this way? are questions not yet fully answered and it will take more than current scientific knowledge or any religious doctrines and commands to find the answers, we all simply do not know.

          We don’t even know that they were born “this way.” Pseudo science. It is ridiculous to demand others believe what cannot prove.

          There are some birth defects that lead to sex confusion, but most of the sexually confused don’t exhibit any defects. There is usually is no evidence of either a physical or genetic abnormality. Yet even if there were, when someone enters the rest room they first have to make a choice, the men’s room or the lady’s room. At that point point gentlemen, out of appropriate deference to the ladies, follow a simple social convention. They use the evidence between their legs.

          You say the world is not black and white. That is not the issue. The issue is that none of us have the right to force our beliefs, even our beliefs about our self, upon people who want no part of what we believe.

          What government does is protect the vulnerable from the predations of the strong. Therefore, because women literarily are the weaker sex, we have separate restrooms and sports activities for them. Just because some guy says he is a gal is not enough reason to let him in the lady’s room or to participate in women’s sports. The unfairness to the ladies far outweighs the desires of his fantasies.

          Think about what you said when you tried to clinch the argument.

          Why would a transsexual who thinks and acts like a woman and want to be treated as a woman suddenly mentally oppose their whole being as a woman to become a pervert in a woman’s public toilet and risk being exposed as a man?

          If the so-called gal is not actually a guy, what is there expose?

          In practice, some guys or gals will have themselves so “transgendered” that people cannot see through their “disguise”. That’s an awful lot of trouble to fix what is really a mental problem. When this “treatment” is entirely optional, is everyone else required to affirm and pay for a foolish fantasy? No.

          Is it right for someone who is just pretending to be a member of the opposite sex to fool a straight person? No. Yet because we have already gotten well down this road, some are already saying it is.

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  3. This southern girl will never look at deviled eggs the same!!!!

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  4. Funny, because I just watched a woman inject chocolate into a hardboiled egg, spin it, and produce a perfect chocolate covered egg. That’s very weird and nobody really wants to eat a chocolate egg, but it was a cool experiment. That’s the kind of weirdness I am more than happy to make space for. Editing human DNA, changing genders, nah, I am not so tolerant. God has intellectual property rights to life and we should not be stepping outside of His design and trying to hijack the whole process.

    “Deviled” in cooking is also thought to have originated as the word “defiled.” One actually defiles the eggs, mixes the yolk with spices and other foreign substances, and puts it back in the egg. At some point in time, probably in England due to our lazy tongues, our “defiled” eggs became “devilled.” I kind of like that translation because there is a defiler out in the world without an original thought, all busy trying to degrade and befoul things that are already whole, Holy, and perfect.

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