Brilliant but without intelligence

Mr. Kasparov is a legend. He is one cool customer. He’s not bad at chess either. He says of DeepBlue: ‘200 million moves a second……but it is not smart.’ Ha!

But Garry understands a computer’s program (and the sciences) do not exist without the input of humans. Anyway, some very good stuff here.

Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them | Garry Kasparov – YouTube

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2 Responses to Brilliant but without intelligence

  1. That was interesting! Thanks for sharing, Colorstorm. We people are created in the image of God, so having created absolutely nothing ourselves, we still bring into the world purpose, meaning, passion, and definition. God is a great artist, but we are the ones who give Him glory, who interpret and admire His handiwork. That has tremendous value and it’s really important. You can teach a machine to reason, but you cannot teach it whimsey, imagination, foolishness, and a complete lack of logic. I am laughing here, but those things that sometimes make us crazy about the nature of people are actually great skills and a very important part of the equation.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tks alot msb. Glad you brought the better spiritual dynamic into play, and even better that you watched the vid, and found it helpful- you are in good company with the Russian/ he’s smart.

      My take on it is personal too, being a chessling of sorts. (new word there, lol)

      He reminds us that computer ‘science’ is a tool, always to be considered in light of humanity. I loved that remark he made about Blue that pretty much said it was ‘indifferent,’ or it didn’t care, couldn’t suffer, etc. Spot on.

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