The most accurate SCIENCE book ever…..

It’s the sacred scriptures, the holy scriptures, God’s word, aka, the bible.

Now I’ve done it. With the title at the top, many heads have just exploded. “How the %&#@!! can you be so th2pid? Are you some kind of moron? Don’t you know that everything in that old dusty book has been proven to be outdated and untrue? Are you not furrmilyur with carbon dating and Mr. Higgs? I guess you probably believe there was a worldwide flood and that people tried to build the Burj Kalifa to reach heaven too! And the nonsensical exodus?’

Geez, where to begin. First, let me say, the word is FAmiliar. Animals have fur…So right out of the gate I have the advantage, because how we speak reveals how we pay attention to detail, thus how we process information. So an alleged ‘genius’ lectures me that I am unfurrrrmilyer……..with science and the stupidity of creation………has just about zero credibility, sorry to say.

Sooo the first of Genesis reveals more true science than all the labs of the world. And because of this, it follows that academia MUST discredit the very foundation that exposes modern science as fraudulent, because if the cornerstone is correct, then every word that follows is also accurate, believable, and true.

The cornerstone is correct.

There are lights. Not rocks in the sky, but LIGHTS, known as stars. There is the sun. Not a rock in the sky, but a great light to rule the day. There is the moon. Not a rock in the sky, but a lesser light to rule the night. Per Genesis. Per our senses. Per our conscience.

There is water above, there is water below. Only Genesis tells us the waters were separated from the waters. Only a fool would deny that the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams exist. Only a brother’s fool would deny that snow, rain. and hail descend from above. Proven by science, things observable, testable, and repeatable. Then there is that wonderful sight the RAINbow, once again, per Genesis, that demonstrable book that lays the classroom studies for science.

If I’m not mistaken, a fig tree bears figs, coconuts, coconuts, and an oak tree bears acorns, once more, per Genesis, after their kind. Love that. Still true today, An acorn tree does not produce figs. God does not confuse us. Also, the great whale produces whales, and not catfish, per its’ kind thank you very much. Once more, science, once more Genesis is correct.

‘Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?’

was a question asked to man, and a question which modern science is absolutely clueless in answering, for ‘science’ determines the sky is a grand accident, without purpose and function. Do you see why I despise modern science?

Hold up a glass bottle toward the sky in the heat of the day, and watch the sun dance through the prism, watch the effulgent light and revel in the idea of that ‘molten looking glass.’ Do you still feel insignificant as a maggot, or can you possibly conceive the possibility that not only is Genesis good reading, but that it declares God’s present day presence. With purpose and intelligence, man is much more valuable than a can of maggots.

Don’t even get me started on the proven fact that the earth is the Lord’s and all the fulness thereof, and that it is still, motionless, quiet, immoveable, just as it appears, and just as our senses tell us. That mighty Everest stands as God’s crowning glory, made for His pleasure, and that no man on earth can RIGHTFULLY accuse Everest, K-2, Fuji, Shasta, Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, Denali, or any other, of moving an inch from where it is today, is further indictment that we are not happy with God’s wisdom, and that we at whatever cost, must find a way to discredit Genesis and scripture. No.

God is wiser than we, and all the darlings who desire to cancel what is good and noble, will never stop until God’s word is cancelled too. The line in the sand has long been drawn, and people may disagree as to doctrines of faith and works, even as the apostles needed more light, but for heaven’s sake, what is crystal clear is not ambiguous, and is really a sign of the times how far man has fallen, and how really, sin has clouded the minds of people who should know better.

There is nothing unclear about the facts laid out in Genesis, and how the beginning began. There is no shortage of information. Men may not like it, but it does not make it untrue. A nurse I know reminded me in jest when she spoke of herself: ‘just because I’m rude, doesn’t make me wrong.’ She was correct. Whether you believe, like, appreciate, despise Genesis, has no effect on the truth itself.

The world also shall be established that it shall not be moved.

Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.

The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself; the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.

The underpinning of scripture is the truth of God Himself. Can He be trusted with revelation of Himself? Do our senses and our everyday experience not agree with what He tells our through His word? Is He not strong, and are we not in awe of His voice through thunder, mighty water, rippling streams, and are we not silenced through lightning and the Northern Lights? Indeed, as it should be.

So why mention this at all? Because ‘science’ is the modern drug which stupifies the senses, which godlessness demands that we abandon all common sense, and flee from that padlock known as the conscience which keeps our minds safe from error, but from what error too many gravitate towards, not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of willful desire and a stout heart.

And if you haven’t tired of that word ‘science’ over the past year, maybe you should, and take a fresher look at true science, as opposed to what we were warned of so aptly, ‘science falsely so-called.’

I approve of this message.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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32 Responses to The most accurate SCIENCE book ever…..

  1. Nina says:

    Awesome! I approve of your message as well. God bless you!

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  2. Love it CS!
    Happy Easter— the Lord has risen— and don’t be surprised, but I hear tell He’s coming back 😉

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    • ColorStorm says:

      tkx J-
      Had a conversation the other day about WHY Easter is not considered a holiday in the workplace, but Christmas is. Hmm.

      I always thought it involved the same person……….but it really does not bust my buttons one way or the other, just asking for a little consistency- but the snowflakes who are easily offended have the loudest mouths and win the day.

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  3. Tricia says:

    Amen ColorStorm and Happy Easter! 🙂

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  4. sklyjd says:

    As an atheist I have to admit CS that I approve of this message if only to highlight how ridiculous it is to believe in bronze age fantasies and how happy I am in my life as a free logical and rational thinker in todays world. Well written post however, especially for those few Christians that believe the Bible to the letter.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tell me honestly Steve, how can you view Everest and man’s attempt to conquer it, yet dismiss the Only reason that gives the mountain relevance.

      Tkx for the visit/read.


  5. Ark says:

    So, was the entire earth flooded as per the tale in the bible?


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx ark/ but I can’t answer as to the ‘tale,’ but as to the integrity of the text, sure, of course, as both nature and God’s word affirm the waters above and the waters below, which enveloped the world.

      I have witnessed (maybe you also) a wee creek turn into a river in minutes, so I’m not sure why you can’t grasp a deluge of monumental proportion- but please- don’t blame God.


      • Ark says:

        So to confirm, you believe there was a global flood as described in the bible?

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Ah but neighbor, I’m a little wise to not fall into that snare. ‘Global?’

          You mean worldwide, if so of course.

          (Ps/ I don’t want to take your other post into the weeds, and have a convo that may be unsuitable/ I actually have manners. Anyway, tell your friends to harass me here if they delight)


        • Ark says:

          Interesting. You do realise, I hope that only Young Earth Creationists, the likes of Ken Ham and his ilk, adhere to this belief that has been completely refuted with scientific evidence?
          I wonder what the bulk of your regular Christian subscribers think of this YEC perspective?
          As you are , as far as I can tell, adamant and forthright in your convictions, and have been for as long as I have known you; would you be willing to do a post, in straightforward prose, rather than your normal literary style of rhetoric, inviting your Christian followers to comment on Young Earth Creationism and the bible story of Noah and the global /worldwide flood?
          It would be a fascinating exercise, don’t you think?

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        • ColorStorm says:

          That is a fair request/ but truth be told, I am not a Hamite. lol

          I’m pretty sure I have testified in numerous places, (incl my blog) that I have no idea how ‘old’ terra firma is.


        • Ark says:

          I am not asking for your view on the age of the earth, merely stating that this view is accepted by YEC’s, such as Ken Ham etc.
          All I am asking is whether you would be willing to do a straightforward post asking for the views of Noah and the global flood
          ( as described in the bible) and whether your regular Christian followers accept the description as told or whether they accept the scientific view which is supported by evidence?
          So, are you willing to do such a post for me?


        • Ark says:

          Fair enough. Yet you do assert that the earth was subject to a global/worldwide flood as per the text of Genesis.
          It would still be an interesting exercise to find out how many of your Christian followers accepted the view of a global / worldwide flood or were more inclined to accept the evidence-backed scientific view?
          So, are you willing to write such a post for me?


  6. Ark says:

    Just a test comment


  7. Citizen Tom says:


    I approve of your forthrightness, but I don’t know what to make of your interpretation. Through the Bible I think our Lord reveals Himself, not science. When Moses wrote Genesis, he wrote to ancient Hebrews, not us. God provided the Bible for us too, but Moses wrote to ancient Hebrews. Therefore, we have to read the Bible as the ancient Hebrews would have understood it. Then we must apply the Bible to our day.

    We know for a fact that the earth spins on its axis once a day. We know for a fact that each year the earth orbits the sun. The ancient Hebrews did not have that knowledge, and God did not ask Moses to write about the orbital mechanics of our solar system because He apparently did not think it relevant. Our solar system is just a small part of God’s Creation, and the Bible exists to tell us about God,

    Is there a problem with modern science? Yes. It was also a problem with ancient science. We worship our own wisdom. That is not an easy problem to solve.

    1 Corinthians 2 speaks of spiritually discerning wisdom. Except for humbling ourselves to accept the revealed wisdom of God as greater than our own, I don’t exactly know what that means. I just know that we have many idols. Sex, stuff, science, state and self seem to be the most common. These are gods we can easily try make serve us. Can we make God serve us? No, but we can try. Instead of obeying and glorifying God, we can use God to justify ourselves and our conduct. I doubt that any Christian does not commit that sin.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx Ctom, trust all is well with you! Appreciate your well digested thoughts.

      I think we shortchange ourselves by thinking they who were closer in years and time to Adam, were somehow inferior to they who would go after them, because of ‘new knowledge,’ findings, labs, inventions, science, etc.

      I believe it is precisely the opposite, that Solomon for example, who was architect, botanist, sage, builder, (including carpentry, metal worker, irrigation, fabrics, stonework, chemist of sorts, astronomer no doubt, etc etc, would embarrass the likes of Musk or Bill Gates really. Yet Solomon would be considered ‘fool’ by these clowns.

      Modern science, as well intentioned as it may be, is only a tool, and is indifferent as to whether men live or die, and only relies on existing information from they who have contributed in times past.

      The book of Job for instance Tom, if we pay attention, is rife with science, as true science is not guesswork, but deals with things observable, testable, and repeatable, things which modern day ‘scientists’ despise, because it exposes all fraud. God asked many science questions which Degrasse would have his tongue silenced.

      Take the science of ‘masks’ today. Surely you tire of such nonsense, where the goalposts are moved ‘feet and yards by the minute.’ Pure guesswork with zero basis in fact.

      God’s word actually puts man in place, and deals with every branch of His creation. He would not have us clueless as to His cosmology, so when He speaks of sun, moon, stars, flora, fauna, the animal kinds producing after themselves, fruit after itself, male, female, *not ten genders…………..’ it’s because He wants us to have His mind, so we are not tossed and change opinions daily with newer ‘science.’

      The ‘science’ of today is resurrected paganism, where everything is ‘truth,’ yet where nothing is truth. She has ‘her’ truth, he has ‘his’ truth, and it is truly distressing. Nothing is absolute, and you are ‘mean and ugly’ if you disagree. lol

      Many minds greater than mine, have said that there is more ‘true science’ in the bible than in any college textbook. Time and space would fail to document the references.
      But as was said, ‘there is nothing new under the sun,’ that men are still decadent, some good, some bad, but I’m of the strong opinion that water acts today precisely as it did 5 thousand years ago, that sea level is demonstrably proven, and that Mr. Musk has duped many by placing a sports car ‘in space’ with David Bowie playing through the radio………….. so yeah, the science of today does not impress. 😉

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      • Citizen Tom says:


        Since music in a vacuum is inaudible, it is kind of silly. So is a car in orbit. Traction is nonexistent.

        But I got to admit SpaceX has some neat rocket technology.

        The people of our era are still much like those of King Solomon’s time. Science does not make us wiser. Instead, science gives us power to do good or or to do evil. Science does not give us the wisdom to discern the difference between good and evil. Nevertheless, some men turn to science to “prove” what they wish to do is good. Unfortunately for them, the scientific method does not support such a use of science. Moreover, I think most of men who would use science that way know that such a use of science is foolishness, but they don’t care.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Everything you said here is true ct/ I’m afraid though as believers sometimes we do not go far enough.

          Surely God, who knows all things, had the drop in they who would ignore ‘avoid oppositions of SCIENCE falsely so called,’ with a heavy emphasis on science in 2021.

          God is never surprised at our lack of trust in what age plainly says/ it’s too uncomfortable for us.

          For instance, the atheist will latch onto Francis Collins belief that there is NO direct connection to Adam- that somehow modern ‘science’ proves otherwise.

          And this is where we fail- Collins claims Christianity/ the atheist does not follow him here- but LOVED the idea that we are not descendants of the first man much to the happiness of atheists.

          I cry foul- LOUDLY. True science and atheism have nothing in common- whereas true science is a bedrock of scripture-


  8. kiabooks says:

    Wasn’t there a fable or a fairy tale about a farmer who sawed the legs of his guests to match the length of the bed in his guest room? We can always justify the errors we really “want” to be true, can’t we? Something to consider.


  9. sklyjd says:

    In fact CS giants did not exist.

    Quote. If these were real skeletal finds, just think of the publicity that would ensue. The scientist finding actual giants would be the toast of the world of anthropology. His academic career would be made. It would be on every newscast and in every magazine.

    I understand you only hate science because it cannot verify anything in the Bible. You appear to be thinking in the terms of conspiracy’s and that I can understand because many thousands of people are controlled by their ideological beliefs every day, look at the Trump mob, they had no idea they were being manipulated and indoctrinated that lead to an emotional state of mind with illegal and violent consequences.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Yikes Steve, saying I ‘hate science.’ Surely a baseless claim.

      However, there are midgets even today, there are small iguanas, and big crocs, there are tall, big, wide, and oaf like goliath types. So what?

      I really don’t care what people ‘allege’ to find. The scriptures are clear, and verified today by the examples I gave you. Size is relative.

      Goliath of Gath lived- and died at the hands of a smaller yet fearless youth, who had a rather large God.

      But science! Ha. I enjoy true science daily.


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