I dare you to prove this post incorrect

Look carefully at the pic. A day old, headline news. Not only at the image, but look deeply into the ramifications when this comes to a town near you. Novel? Convenient? Safe??? After all, tattoos are all the rage doncha know.

Yet, for thousands of years, this ‘idea’ was scoffed at by people who thought, (and still do) that God’s word is a useless pile of outdated paper meant to satisfy the weak minded who need a crutch ere they start their days.

Mind you, long before Gutenberg invented the press, before tats were the latest fad, before the idea of a bar code was still in diapers, God SAID men would invent a system whereby all commerce would be approved, and now that the experiment of a ‘masked world’ has been spoon fed to otherwise good people, the latest geniuses are too stupid to understand that what they are implementing has been long foretold.

And this commerce includes travel, international of course, but when the populace ‘approves’ the ease, you will not be able to purchase a loaf of bread at your local mart without the safe seal of approval. His credit is good! He is healthy! Don’t think so? Think again. ‘We want to keep you safe…………’ is the mantra of course, and the current tattoos sported by men and women of every age in every setting, will be taken to the next level, ie, look at hospital workers today, who have armed fashions, so why not be further mainstream.

Prove God’s word is stale, irrelevant. Ha! You can’t. But more. Not only is the ‘mark’ on the right hand or forehead a reality, but so is EVERYTHING ELSE in scripture. The history of man, geography of earth, language, the seasons, the purpose of the sun, (including Joshua’s remarkable prayer) moon, trees and their seeds, fruit and their seeds, whales and Jonah, the life and times of Joseph, the agony and ecstasy of Israel, the arrival of and exodus of Christ, the ministry of Saul/Paul, the exile of Patmos, you name it, it is ALL true.

So to the christian I say take heed, just one more opportunity to express to others how the daily news is rife with scripture. To the atheist who reads, I say ‘wake up,’ and consider that One is smarter than you Who has been kind enough to keep us apprised of His doings, that nothing surprises Him, and that He abides outside of time, where scripture could have been written this morning.

Further. His cosmogony is correct, that He moves the sun like a second hand on the clock, and that by degrees His purpose is seen. As far as east is from the west, modern science is dead wrong regarding ‘space and time,’ and he that sitteth in the heavens laughs at man’s puny attempts to traverse His living room. Remember Babel??? Has God moved one inch since then? Has He been deposed or dethroned?

Is He not stable and is His word not sure? So the tat is a smokescreen that people without understand will gobble up and say ‘count me in.’ Be careful there ye who read. The dreams of Daniel were thought lunatic too. But Daniel was wise and a good man.

So at the end of the day, it boils down NOT to what people think of the tatted arms and commerce, but whether or not God is a liar. Easy peasy here. Let God be true, and every man a liar. Don’t want to be a liar? Once more, easy, simply agree with God.

Foe once, consider the human brain that has the innate ability to know the Creator’s foreknowledge in all things, and that we can life life being not quite as lost as London fog.

Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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11 Responses to I dare you to prove this post incorrect

  1. it is a frightening path we humans are now traveling down

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  2. Amen, Colorstorm! It’s all really scary, or it would be if I hadn’t given up fear for Jesus. 🙂

    A while back in the medical field we started putting barcode bracelets on people, for their own good of course, to keep their meds straight, charting, insurance records, and now we can just scan them like bits of produce in the grocery store. We tend to treat them a bit like produce, too. Not sure why that hit me so powerfully, but yes God’s word is true and prophetic. Also He says to rejoice when you see those birth pains, and meet and gather together, “all the more.” So scary as it all is, this is also a wedding feast and a time for celebration. 🙂

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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    The Communists in China have already implemented a social credit system. Effectively, in China the cell phone has become the mark of the beast. Using their cell phones, the CCP tracks the Chinese people and scores their conduct. When someone scores too low, the CCP punishes them.

    The Bible paints the mark of the beast as a rather black and white thing, and that is essentially true. Once we accept the social credit system and begin to conform to the desires of the CCP or the like, then we find that to conform we must worship the state instead of God.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Great point Tom re State vs. the Almighty- ( sounds like a legal brief- )

      That social score will get legs and teeth no doubt leading further to absolute dependency on govt. After all, they DO know better-


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