Bezos? Not impressed

Surely you have heard that the ‘richest’ man in the world buttoned up a trip to ‘space’ and back in 11 minutes. Ha! What skill. What temerity and tenacity. Sorry, not impressed.

You see, I have been to an amusement park and tested whirls, spins, loops, etc, and truth be told, towers to Babel are not impressive, at least to me. So he built a portable tower. One that moves. So what.

Bezos is one more in a long train of misfits, who has calculated yet another way to deepen his pockets. Plane rides to ‘space.’ That’s all it was, and no, he did not even go to ‘space.’ One more step for mankind? Maybe, but a backward one at that. And one more leap into the sea of despondency. Don’t believe me?

Watch the 11 minutes yourself, and listen to the voices of worship by ‘ground control.’ Read the words and the fawning and foaming of the mouth by people who probably can’t even plant a tomato. Listen to the ‘suggestions’ that one more amusement park ride can change the world for better, by travel to lands yet unknown, to go where no man has gone before. Yeah, Star Trek crap.

So Bezos is ‘rich.’ Does this make him wise? So he’s a zillionaire. Does this make him sober-minded? So he gave a few pennies to others. Does this make him benevolent? So he delivers packages. Does this make him the newest Mercury? Yeah I guess so, messenger of the gods….

Ever heard this guy talk about life and what’s important? I find him boring, but eh, that’s me. The truly sad thing though is not that he has reached the pinnacle of fame through commerce, and has made kingdoms unto himself, but that people are actually envious of his wealth and ability to command. Sorry, once more, boring. Thieves can only ply their craft if there is a market to re-sell.

I however am not a buyer of propaganda. I recognize pure water from mildew. 11 minutes. ‘The greatest day of my life’ or something like that. I could talk about that ’11 m’ for hours, and dissect the absurdities (yes plural) and point out things that others ignore, but what’s the point. Rock stars will sell tickets to people who can’t afford a loaf of bread, and the hungry will swear their ‘sacrifice’ is worth it.

And idols will always have they who will gladly polish their image. Bezos. Gates. Harris. LeBron. Ali. On and on and on. Idols. Step right up. Get your tickets to space. Go higher, further, faster. Buy now. Hurry. The window to the ride in the tower of Babel is closing.

And btw to my christian readership, don’t be so quick to get on board with your possible lukewarm indifference and convince yourself that the 11m is for a greater good………..God is not mocked. No. There was nothing impressive about the 11m, and this is yet one more smokescreen of infatuation that I refuse to applaud. Sorry.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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26 Responses to Bezos? Not impressed

  1. Doug says:

    You are quite the cynic, aren’t you? In this one post you suggested any number of things in the world that seem to just piss you off. You don’t like rich people… you don’t like businesses making a profit… people who are popular are a false idols… A lot of angst here. Why is that? Humanity not living up to what YOU think it should?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi doug. Tks for the read and comment.

      Nope, Not cynical at all. Riches are a matter of opinion yes? It’s been said that many a rich man is under under a ragged coat.

      Yes, he can make all the $ he wants. Free enterprise right? I am one though that needs not flatter his ego, and if you listened intently to his words, like i did, I find no wisdom there. Sorry.


  2. Doug says:

    Were you searching for wisdom “there”?
    One of the takeaways from people.. rich people.. heading into space has been the revelation both of the rich guys.. and former astronauts.. have observed, and that is the humbling perception of how fragile our planet is and placing into greater perspective the need to address our changing ecosystem. Now, you can blame nature in its routine flux or you can blame humans.. either way we need to fix, adapt, or end up extinct down the line.
    You want to assign a spirituality to it all then one could say that gazing back at the Earth from space (or even a quasi-space) makes us as human to appreciate our own humbling existence by being able to see and comprehend the beauty that is all around us… even here on earth. If that’s the end result in going into space.. then by all means, send more people up there to get “sober”.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Like your last line there Doug. As to wisdom I would agree you don’t find it “out there.’

      But truly, the fear of the Lord as in reverential awe, is the beginning of wisdom. He is the source of everything that man knows.

      Im speaking of amusement type interests, of which his 11 m thing is only that. So people will spend millions for a roller coaster ride. Been there done that.

      If it takes such ventures to feel significant, pity the crowd. And while we have messed up enough on earth, we have NO business with joy rides that are lack of purpose. What’s the point.

      Truly, this is only Babel revisited. And btw, when Mr. Antichrist arrives on the scenes, his charlatan ways will make Bezos look like a dunce. Fact.

      And yes, everything can be seen through a spiritual window.

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  3. LOL! “People who probably can’t even plant a tomato?” Love it, Colorstorm. Nope, I am not impressed either.

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  4. Doug says:

    I suppose I tend to give mankind a bit more optimism. Doesn’t make me any better, or certainly no wiser by any means. I am not qualified to debate spirituality as I feel that is a personal thing. But there is an element that can make one feel that going “up there” physically, as well as metaphorically, is getting closer to God.

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    • Citizen Tom says:


      We all were created by the same God. With respect to God, we all have a different point of view. We each gain when we share and try to understand the point-of-view of others.


  5. ColorStorm says:

    Can I correct you sir? You ARE qualified to speak on spiritual matters- as to the value of the content, that’s another matter-

    But iron sharpens iron- don’t underestimate your net worth.


  6. Doug says:

    Net worth is what’s left to offer after experiencing life, and that value is determined by others willing to place value it. We hope for return on investment.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      See, common ground. But I would add that now, this very second, our ‘worth’ is already determined.

      I need not build a plane, an amusement park, scale Everest, or anything else to gauge value.

      It is already mine. My ‘worth’ is being alive- the words I use- the places I go- the things I build- the opinions I have- all are unique to myself- and this is where the average joe had worth far more than they with fat wallets-

      Seriously though doug, people are salivating because of an 11m Disney plane ride?

      Sorry, I just can’t get on board. It is far too boring.


      • Doug says:

        Perhaps you are reading more into it than there really is.. or was. Is it not more a face value thing? A couple rich guys could fund their own rides into space… both acknowledging the humbleness of their own humanity in spite of their wealth. At the same time willing to offer the same experience to others, of course for a price.. of course for profit. Neither needs the money or the profit but they are being fed by the sense of accomplishment that funds itself by the demand of those who want the same experience.
        There is also one other element at play in all this. Essentially it is “good” news for a change during a period of time of constant controversy somewhere… a sense that government need not participate… a sense of a success of human endeavor. For many it was a small return to the heady days of NASA and the excitement of achievement. Nothing blew up on the launch pad, and they all came back just fine. Was it a bit of flamboyant theater? Of course! But it also had its humility.
        I’ve witnessed the entire space program in my lifetime… and a little of the early missile program before that. Yeah.. you could say it was boring, but perhaps that’s more on you than the reality of the events themselves.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          There is no doubt the majority will appreciate your view more than mine. No doubt.

          Your look is altruistic, whereas I see the shadows and the multi tiered connections from the past to what’s coming.

          Babel was a historical event. The leanings from that to something like the Bezos flight are more in tune than u can imagine, but people are fearful to consider what they think is preposterous.

          And you would be pleased to know that I write with great restraint, lest I lose the whole audience. lol

          When I say boring, TODAY, so far removed from the Wright Bros. yes, boring, especially (like I said up too) because of the media circus which only strengthens my case.

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        • Nina says:

          Personally, I was hoping you wouldn’t hold back and reveal some of those absurdities of that 11 minute flight to “space.” But you’re right. You’d probably lose a good portion of your audience (not all) because of the plane truth. 🙂

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Oh my- I wrote a rather nice response and WP ate it up. Gone-

          I’ll try to piece the highlights when I can- Planely-

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  7. Tricia says:

    Hey ColorStorm, color me unimpressed as well. Bezos to me seems a vain and petty man. His spaceship ride I guess makes him feel some sort of value but it doesn’t fill in the important parts.

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  8. The Night Wind says:

    I was hoping that Bezos would get intercepted by a UFO and sent back to Earth with a notice that Space considered him an undesirable alien. That would have 11 minutes worth seeing.

    OT, but has anybody noticed the weird phallic shape of that rocket?

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    • Doug says:

      Yeah.. looks strangely similar to that phallic “Flash Gordon” serial of the 1930’s with Buster Crabbe… and an early “X” rated theatrical release of another name in the early 1970’s. I’m personally offended. :/ I needed to wash my eyes out after that launch.


  9. Doug says:

    Just changed icon and a different blog and setting the follow here again. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

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