Full Soviet yoo2be

So you have heard that the ‘intellectual platform of all approved knowledge’ has now banned all content of dissent against the ‘wonderful vax mandates.’

Yeah, we’re all about the free dissemination of information here. Those of you who approve of this draconian measure, you are next doncha know when they come for you, so don’t be so quick to enjoy the campfire.

If something is good, true, virtuous, right, it can withstand the most idiotic of assaults. By the way, medical personnel, who have tirelessly worked in ER’s, operating rooms, triage tents, and all wings of hospital wards throughout the ‘pandemic’ the past few years, have now lost jobs because they oppose vax mandates. Are you listening? These are the hands on people, people who actually know the human body, they know antibodies, they know and have seen everything relating to c-19, and after all this, after applying their years of lab work and true science, now reject in every way the lying lips of fauci and friends, and their own mouths are not welcome in the public domain. This is how we reward the true heroes of health?

No problem here right??? So yeah, the goons at tubers who also silence the voices of any opposition regarding the spinning ball aka earth, have decided by artificial fiat what is worthy of actual discussion. And no voice for you, ye despiser of true science who dare to raise concerns for endless doses and absurd policies.

But more. These morons who applaud abortion at every stage are now saying they are ‘pro-life,’ by castrating all others who ‘they say’ are pro death by not getting on board with the world jabbers. You want the vax? Good for you. You don’t? Good for you. If you cannot see the huge problem here with u-tubes strangleholds………. you may be too far gone upstairs.

Btw, people do crazy things when ‘they can’t breathe,’ when humans are meant to be not muzzled by face diapers for extended periods of time. So we shouldn’t be surprised by the nefarious daily news. And to prove I am correct, just look at the elite when they gather for their caviar. No face diapers, and they stick the middle finger to you.

The blatant lies and hypocrisy is forwarded by Tubers. Right, and these same people say I am revolving at 67,000mph? Do you see why I loathe false science, and why Tubes is guilty of contempt of rational discussion?

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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5 Responses to Full Soviet yoo2be

  1. this whole freedom of speech with stipulations is both maddening and egregious–
    Lies and hypocrisy is right CS
    And it ain’t going to be getting any better until we start saying NO!!!

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  2. Tricia says:

    Well said CS. I’m really hoping another on line video service just explodes and overtakes YouTube. Rumble might it or. B**ch Shoot, they seem to allow just about anybody on there.

    While this is all appalling and sadly par for the course, I am curious how it plays out. When the truth does finally emerge about the dangers of these vaccines and the benefits of therapeutics you’re not supposed to discuss become apparent for all to see, I think the tech censures will be on the chopping block for promoting propaganda that caused many lives. I hope so anyway.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      True trish/ just seems that Stupid seems to be the flavor of the year. If this is what goes on in daylight, imagine the deceitful scheming behind closed doors.

      I swear these people can’t even tie their shoes.

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