More infallible facts from scripture

Note that word. Infallible. Incapable of being wrong. I’m laughing today after reading yet one more ‘opinion’ that the world is headed toward a ‘cashless society.’ Duh. Yeah, these self proclaimed experts are riding the bitcoin wave and cryto crash carnival which they say, is inevitable when all the world’s currencies are depleted into obscurity.

Why need a yen, a franc, a euro, a lira, a kuna, or a dollar, when you can easily get by with a ghost-like account? Yep, paper money or metal will go by way of the rotary phone, and people will s-l-o-w-l-y get on board, the same way they first rebelled against mandatory face diapers…………… Conditioning is a bitch when you don’t understand the fine print. ‘It’s for YOUR safety…….’ Yeah, ok.

So why am I laughing? Tkx for asking. Long before there was a typewriter, locomotives, a gas engine, a computer, there were people making silk, building pyramids, sailing the seas, people whose lives were no different really than yours, being creative, some being lazy, some being honest as they baked bread, others as thieves. The heart of man never evolves, which brings me to this.

There will be a cashless society, as this was written long before Bill Gates was but a runt in a litter. He who stands outside of time said so. I need not link the crypto pages, nor do I need to cite the book of Revelation in its entirety, but fools will continue to be fools, good people will continue to be good, and thieves will always ply their craft. ‘No man might buy or sell…………UNLESS………………….’

Look it up, it will do you good. It will be more precious if you take the time to read it, ponder it, and ask yourself: How did the scripture writer acquire this information which was impossible to know thousands of years ago, yet is so spot on in November 2021? Spanning the entire information age, why was this written and to whom is it relevant?

I’ve said it for decades, God’s word is very good, and God cannot lie. It’s not that He can but will not, it is that He can’t. What a difference when we are speaking of the integrity of the throne of heaven. So unlike us eh, when we may be tempted to deceive, slander, spin, whatever. God cannot be tempted with evil. He is always above the fray.

The idea of the cashless society will no doubt appeal on many levels, but rest assured, it will not be the wonderful ‘second solution’ as advertised. A huge price will be paid, and finance will not exactly have a pretty face. After all, there is that angel of light thing that we ignore or choose to disbelieve. So here’s a shout out to the evolution of depravity, with true wisdom being the last casualty. Is it any wonder that the inspired writer says: ‘Here is wisdom………………

Probably not a bad idea to take note of what exactly this wisdom is. Here’s a clue though, the ‘wisdom’ is not evolution. The wisdom is not the Genome project. The wisdom is not the false god Science. The wisdom is not Bookface. The wisdom is not the Googly god.’ The wisdom is not any media. And yes, the wisdom is not my words either. Just passing along information here.

Infallible though, kind of rolls off the tongue. Free from mistake. And that’s no joke. Remember that little reference that people avoid in Acts regarding ‘many infallible proofs?’ How many does one need ere he rise up from his seat of the unlearned? Which is harder to believe, a man rise from the dead, or that that cash will be an antique? Same source. Same truth. He that separated light from darkness, and the waters from the waters, is kind enough to leave us eyes to see His footprints, that is, if we want to see.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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11 Responses to More infallible facts from scripture

  1. Yep! Just as it is written. I’m glad you’re laughing, it’s important and a merry heart is good medicine! The Bible tells us to rejoice when we see these birth pains, and again rejoice! I’m doing my best but I do get a wee bit concerned and unsettled some days!

    I’m not sure if crypto plays a role here, but in my state they are certainly working on the vaxx passport QR codes that must be scanned by your phone in order to engage in commerce.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Was in Home Depot last week and a lady who was idle, pointed me to a machine. I told her i was actually helping her keep her job if she assisted- she just rolled her eyes.

      So many will automatically jump on board when banks shut down, and get in line for the ‘mark.’ Inevitable. Yet in this, we who have eyes to see the big picture will never be startled, so yeah, laughter is a good thing. But not the hysterical cackles which are annoying.

      Many do not know the difference.

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  2. it’s encapsulated in your final four words “if we want to see”—I think that is the real issue—the want or want not of man…yet how easy is it to open one’s eyes?
    It is so easy and yet seemingly oh so difficult. To humble ourselves, to lose the bravado and ego…
    so simple, yet so hard sadly for so many—a great post my friend


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  4. Tricia says:

    Cashless society is definitely coming, but I wonder if it will be in a good way, such as it would be if it starts from the people using things like Bitcoin, or the very bad way of government taking over that market and granting themselves the power to control our finances and able to turn off and on the money spigot depending on our behavior.

    Ethers way, if it comes from God, it’s mean to be and will bring about His good and perfect will.

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  5. Argus says:

    I think the ‘cashless’ society will never arrive in full. There will always be folks wanting to trade and ‘money’ is merely an intermediary for convenience. The coin is actually ‘worth’ nothing more than its metal content, and the note is only as good as the promise written thereon. (If ‘cashless’ means waving a plastic card (or similar) at a sensor, it is still cash a transaction?)
    So if the Government finds some way to control ‘money’ it would have to make trade and transaction in any form other than with Government (monopolised) Currency highly illegal, no? Perhaps even a capital offence (which I believe has been done before). So ‘government’ literally means using armed force to separate innocent Producers from the fruits of their labours. Not good. Freedom anywhere can be measured not by your “rights to vote” but by the proportions of your own production that you (yes, Bub — you~!) are allowed to keep.


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