A filthy word

I am starting to despise the word ‘science.’ Actually, I have loathed it for years, ever since the high priests such as Degrasse and Nye, Harris, etc, all have hijacked it, the same way the word ‘rainbow’ has been profaned by far too many by promoting their decadence.

Science! they say, is an end all be all for all the questions of life. I say bull$&^#. What THEY say is settled has more holes than swiss cheese, and what was true 10 years ago is proven false today, and what is ‘true’ today will be false tomorrow, for SCIENCE! must change, and adapt with more SCIENCE!

Surely you have heard of Fauci, that disciple of doom, that apostle of fraud, that worm of a man who has stolen two years of your life, has made himself Dr. Science! After all, he said so. Science! says the universe is 13.6 billion years old. Not 13.5 or 14.625, for heck, what’s a few billion years??

I side with the Creator when He says to beware of oppositions of science falsely so called. Yeah, I’m going with that. If Science! in the hands of fools can find a dent in Genesis, than surely the whole house crumbles. No wonder the lying clowns of academia spend their lives poking holes in the monarch of books, as the truth of God and His creation silences the mouths of the arrogant.

There are no defects in He nor His account of His own engineered blueprint for the heavens and the earth. God alone has the registered trademark for Science correctly called, and not so called. As far as I know, hospital records have long proved that He who made the genders, laughs at the innuendoes that ‘men’ will grace the L and D wings and soon give birth by growing placentas! Science!

But I am being overly critical? Ha. Or, is it that I simply represent the voice of sanity in a maelstrom of media driven intellectual incompetence, that had its origin first by that rascal who murdered his brother, and has been refined through the ages by people who have no use for their Maker, while using every single emolument which makes them higher than fleas or cats, jackals or frogs, yet complaining that God is responsible for all mischief. Not too smart.

Not too risky on my part here, but I predict years from now, maybe even soon as tomorrow, that ‘scientists’ will admit their calculations have been incorrect regarding distance and depth, light and dark, time and space, but that this will make them appear credible, for ‘admitting’ their fallacy, but are simply levelled by the ultimate paradox: they are ever learning……………….but are unable to come to the truth. Of course. For Science! has always been the lying little god worshipped by the unfortunate.

And yes, the correct word is worship. Man is wired to worship. Every culture of every time finds a way to express, not superstition, (for evolution would have drowned this out) but what comes natural, that is, to create, to agree with their Maker who made man in HIS image. Shall I document the countless scores of buildings and music that stand to this day, that prove not Science! but the very DNA of God’s doing?

How hard can it be to know that women birth girls and not giraffes? AFTER THEIR KIND is a truth so divine and demure that it is condemning, so condemning, that evolution should forever hide its head in shame. Male and female is not boy and girl. Get it ye atheist or naysayer, even ye wishy washy believer? Science! is that bastard child in the family given way too much attention.

But as it is rightly used, science is a beautiful word, very clean.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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14 Responses to A filthy word

  1. Tricia says:

    Well done ColorStorm. Thinking of Fauci as The Science really makes my stomach turn as does pondering the tremendous suffering many have gone through and countless missed major life events that can never be brought back (funerals, weddings, college graduations, etc..) these past two years due to this sniveling Chief Misinformation spreader. Alas, I must have faith in the Lord that justice will be served, perhaps not in my lifetime, but it will come.

    Love this phrase of yours, “maelstrom of media driven intellectual incompetence”, it pretty much sums up this era of “experts” we find ourselves in.

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  2. Amen! Well said, Colorstorm. I also loved this, “maelstrom of media driven intellectual incompetence” Right?! Sums it up perfectly.

    And schucks, the Creator of the universe Himself is more patient, more long suffering, more gracious, and more willing to answer all our questions, then this little modern cult we are calling “science.”

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  3. Doug says:

    Jeez, man.. what did science ever do to you? Science is what we are, what we use, what we eat.. like it or not science IS humankind. Are you bothered by the fact that science is often used by some to try and disprove religion? Forget all that as that’s not the point at all. Science is the means by which man fulfills God’s gift of life. It’s not about promoting Darwin over Genesis.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Doug, I like ur comment because u read the post- and commented/ can I refer u to the three ladies replies??

      They are a trifecta of confirmation and understand the somewhat lunacy.

      Science in the hands of agenda driven platforms- is like arithmetic gone nuts.

      Getting 5 from 2+ 2 does not add up.

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  4. Powerfully stated CS— ‘stolen two years of our lives’— I’ve never thought of it like that but you are so right!!! When are we going to stand up to this madness???!!! How much longer will the average person continue to tolerate the hypocrisy???

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Well j- todays a good day to stand up. Ha!!

      And truth be told, (and I don’t know why our friend Doug disagrees( the Dr. does NOT represent Science!

      He is a charlatan politician. Period.

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      • Doug says:

        Yeah, J.. well…. I suppose I disagree given I follow the three of you (and others) as my attempt to keep pulse on what “the other” thinks, and the divisiveness in the land. The places I tend to follow are polar opposites of my own views. I blurb out a challenge here and there simply to try and gauge some sense from it all. I tend to approach these things in that where I may lack firm first-hand knowledge (like pretty much everyone else) I will generally side on a humanist perception. Science seems to have come through pretty well thus far for humankind. Seems to me it’s less about people of science using it toward having political agendas and more about alternative political agendas wishing to include their own perceptions of science to support their alternative.
        Bottom line.. to me it makes no sense at all this idea that all the numbers of people it would take to fulfill all these conspiracies wake up in each morning thinking about how to f*** the world and their fellow human beings for fun and profit. Trump people believe in Trump because it’s a cult personification to satisfy being a “victim” of educated elites, distrust of government on their behalf, government institutions, the vanishing white majority, the imposition of cultural differences in society. and a desire to not want change but rather a return to some point of the American past where they “felt” more entitled somehow. But I don’t need to tell you all that.. cause you already know.
        Strangely, I go along with “some” of that, but Trump is no one I want to “guide” me. In the absence of any one person I believe in the Constitution…. and my vote.

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  5. sklyjd says:

    Well said Doug, we will depend on science for our future existence on this or any other planet in the future, whether it is to combat food shortages, global warming, saving endangered animals, to redirecting an asteroid on course to impact Earth, growing new body parts and replanting human organs, creating higher tech equipment for literally everything and of course taking on viruses and diseases that can wipe out the human race as science has done for hundreds of years, of course in a global military conflict this is also true.


  6. SpaniardVIII says:

    “What THEY say is settled has more holes than swiss cheese, and what was true 10 years ago is proven false today, and what is ‘true’ today will be false tomorrow, for SCIENCE! must change, and adapt with more SCIENCE!”

    Excellent…it made me laugh and is very true.


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