I am the greatest?

In years and years of blogging, no topic has been taboo, at least here, and having written countless posts on atheism, and (not bragging btw what’s coming next) still remaining undefeated in dismantling all commentary and arguments against the Creator, it is still effortless, causes no sweat, and suffice it to say, it is rather enjoying to watch, learn, and listen to the interplay with naysayers, many of whom are good people.

But you object to this ‘arrogance’ to say ‘having never lost an argument.’ No not really, but confidence and arrogance are not teammates. I am confident that coal, ice, gold, blood, birds, whales, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, lions, giraffes, elephants, men, women, males, females, arithmetic, the sun, the moon, the stars, flowers, fauna, metallurgy, carpentry, geography, history, ALL speak to One above all.

Blood doesn’t have the brains to know it needs eyes to see what it never saw. A whitetail deer doesn’t design its own leather, knowing it needs protection from bitter cold it never experienced. Gold doesn’t grow underground the way potatoes do………… As I said, One above all.

It is the height of arrogance however to deny the Creator the courtesy of existing. This is the default position when men view history and their evil doings, then blame God for creating them. We forget that once upon a time, things were ‘very good.’ Hmmm, wonder what happened.

That big oaf Goliath of Gath claimed to be Ali, the original rope-a-doper. ‘C’mon you young punk, I’ll make mincemeat out of you,’ said the goon to the teen with a smooth stone in his left hand. A marksman was this David, olympic quality. Goliath, all meat and no brains. His arrogance was his downfall, as he was clueless in the might of the living God, truly not too smart. But take note of the crowd. David had no friends on either side, as he was mocked by Goliath’s team, and hands were over the eyes of David’s pals. Yep, a youngster all alone.

Alone in his thoughts, alone in his heart, but most importantly, alone with the living God. In this was his rock of strength. The contrast could not be clearer, even today on WP. The atheist while not necessarily lying, is still deceived by himself, and the artificial strength of knowledge and that mighty other god ‘science.’ See, Goliath was also a scientist of sorts, seeing the ‘evidence’ before him in his so unworthy opponent, as he stood heads and shoulder above, and as he towered high above David, he calculated this young stripling was nothing but junk mail.

As an equal opportunity offender, it’s worth noting that they who should have stood side by side with David, did not. They hid their faces as it were, waiting to pick up the latest casualty by the enemies of Israel, and waiting perhaps to surrender themselves. Thus began the rise of King David, a man after God’s heart. Where are these men today???

Yet David made no claim to be the greatest, as this was the language of fools, no arrogance, but my oh my, he excelled in confidence. So atheism is the religion of arrogance in a nutshell, with decent people just being stubborn, being immune to their exaggerated importance, not considering that even a maggot has as much a right to life as they, and that the Creator has all rights to end life at any time for no reason. Grace is then a good word today yes?

If a person read God’s word honestly, without the crutches of other’s opinions, without the aid of sceptics clever but meaningless attempts at contradictions (there are none), if it was read as a WHOLE, if it was read as it was meant to be read, the inevitable conclusion would be: ‘yes, things revealed impossible to have been known by men, spoken to the mind, heart, conscience, in a way no other tool could reach, written to the intellect from Genesis graduating to Revelation like a school journey, building upon facts, knowledge, experience, with language changing from simple kindergarten to university level, proving without a doubt only the Divine hand could orchestrate such grandeur.’

And note, I did not even mention that lousy word science in this indictment. There is plenty if we would pay attention and cease the insults like Goliath of old. So to the atheist regulars, tkx for hanging around, but 9′ men do not impress me. And to the believer, have a little more patience with the goliaths of ignorance.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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18 Responses to I am the greatest?

  1. Barabbas Me says:

    God both IS and He Speaks. The only question is… are we listening? To which I respond with Samuel “speak, Lord. Your servant is listening”. Say Amen or Ouch.

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  2. Here’s one of my favorite current songs, Colorstorm. Aaron Lewis, “Everyone talks to God.” Seems to go well with your post.

    I’m laughing, “have a little more patience with the goliaths of ignorance?” Yes, amen, very true, but good grief there are often so many of them. That’s yet another reason why we really need the Lord. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      ‘You can curse Him or blame Him.’ Sez the song. It’s subtle right? Blaming Him for not showing Proof.’ Cursing Him for evil.’ Either way, who are we to blame Him/ curse for anything?

      Then there is Job. ‘I refuse to curse God.’ The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.’ We tend to forget what He gives…..
      Good song Tkx msb/


  3. ColorStorm says:

    True as it’s written, but sadly the sheep want a taste of wolfery every so often. It’s not popular but true.

    One such proof is the chaos driven prophecy wheel, where people gather a following because of itching ears.


  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Everyone believes in God, but not everyone wants to believe in God. The holy is frightening to us sinners. God by His very existence indicts us of sin. So, some of us drive ourselves crazy trying to make ourselves disbelieve, and others surrender and plead for forgiveness and mercy. And he gives us grace.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      True enough Tom/ Everybody in fact does believe in the Creator- but suppress it- they just don’t like what scripture reveals about themselves/ like that arrow that finds center.

      Even the devil himself is not so stupid to question the Maker- albeit he’s quite the trickster and imposter.

      But that ‘holy’ thing. Bingo.

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  5. I am amazed at how much effort atheists put into not believing.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Takes more faith to not believe, oh the irony.

      (Saw the train wreck the Clubster was driving at your place. She is a first class contortionist, her arms must be hurting for all the stupid gryrations. No sense in me adding to the casualty.)


  6. sklyjd says:

    The arrogance you speak of regarding atheists must be on both sides CS. Only Christians go onto the streets or knock on your front door and force their beliefs onto the public, you do not get atheists doing this. You do get million dollar Christian worship buildings called churches that are everywhere, but atheists do not have such decadent icons to pray in. You do have private religious schools that teach anti-scientific facts and push the religious doctrine but you do not get private schools that push anti-Christian doctrine unless it is another kind of religious school. You do get many TV programmes promoting anti- atheism by Christian preachers and fanatics telling atheists they are all going to hell with many preachers screwing followers out of their hard earned dollars, but no atheist preachers are on TV screwing these people. Christians have very young children having their genitalia snipped because God said so, however atheists do not have such barbaric rituals. Children are sent to Sunday schools to be indoctrinated with religious doctrine by adults, whereas atheist adults do not send their children to a place to have their brains manipulated into an ideology. When all is said and done CS the Christians are losing the argument because people are getting fed up by religious bullying such as the abortion issue in your country and the declining numbers in Christian churches testifies to this fact.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx Steve.
      The TV preacher thing is pretty much an embarrassment I agree. So why judge believers as being like the ‘dollar grabbers,’ whose antics belong in a circus.

      But Sunday schools and indoctrination? Indoctrinated to what? Telling the truth about something is not indoctrination.

      There is much ‘religion’ that is passed off as Christianity Steve/ but is a poor decoy.

      Surely you know the difference between good and bad fruit? Don’t make the mistake though of judging scripture through the behavior of ‘Christian’s.’

      Scripture is fine and stands alone. It speaks to the hearts and mind- it exposes fraud- it reveals hypocrisy- and yes, it settles the matter of atheism-

      And btw- no manipulation was ever done to me. My decision’s s are based on fact- reason- and yes, even science which surprises many.

      There is more true science in scripture if u would pay attention- the 1st of Genesis ie, botany, astronomy, biology for starters. Uncomfortable indeed to the Tysons/Sagans the world, but facts are facts.

      Agreed too that there are good atheists/ bad Christian’s and vice versa-


      • sklyjd says:

        I agree CS there are good and bad people whatever their flavour is, however I was merely pointing out the arrogance of Christianity by pushing their agenda onto everyone else through many aspects of our lives, whereas atheists do not, yet we are called arrogant in your post simply for not believing in your ideology.

        The indoctrination issue is a pure fact CS, it is simply not telling the kids about God as you believe. Having adults assert their own ideological beliefs on these children before they are old enough to understand what religions are is not allowing them any freedom to make an informed decision. A child from a young age that goes to religious teachings at least once or maybe twice a week and bought up with theist parents and within a strong Christian community until teenage years has to have been indoctrinated, there is no other explanation. Since when should a child be denied their own ability to make a life changing decision?


        • ColorStorm says:

          The arrogance Steve is quite simple. Denying the Creator His existence is just that.

          Bears do not raise their offspring to be dolphins. Foxes do not raise porcupines. Like produces like. The arrogance is saying there is ZERO design in life, and expecting parents NOT to relay their learning and life experiences as valuable.

          But indoctrination? Not me. As an adult I became a believer, after careful and truthful scrutiny of scriptures claims.

          So where is the indoctrination in Genesis???


        • sklyjd says:

          Yes God exists inside yours and all theists heads, of course there are different gods for many thousands of heads. No evidence exists for any of them, I have not seen any god create anything, I have not seen any god given mercy for raped children or murdered children by mass shooters nor any evidence any god has control of anything at all, in fact gods cannot prevent the pedophile behaviour of their own representatives on Earth. The most religious Christian democracy the US is the most unhinged politically and socially and this is mostly to do with Christian demands and fanatical Christian Republican politicians.

          You really do need to take a unbiased look at what your Christian brothers are doing to your country CS. Take a stand on some new gun laws would be a good start.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Stop equating idiotic behavior with Christian’s who actually believe what God expects of them.

          Paul the apostle didn’t hurt a fly. The tenets of the New Testament forbid Hitler like action. Why you keep appealing to rotten fruit is beyond me.

          But no God? No evidence? How many posts have I written that proves blood and water, gold and coal, leather and wood, male and female—– are not acts of accidental serendipity that you would pretend to assume.

          Wake up man.


        • sklyjd says:

          That is where I am CS, I am wide awake, it is the dull sleepy old cobwebbed minds of the faithful that have not woken in reality or progressed any further into the investigation of facts, even after many thousands of years well after the primitive magic tales were scribed by unknown and highly superstitious people who obviously had a sense of humour.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Yeah ok Steve. The makers of brass trumpets who as metallurgists were dunces, and this long before Herb Alpert was in diapers.

          They who built the pyramids were construction idiots.

          But the scientists of today who are still dead wrong regarding c19, masks, etc etc are sooooo much more advanced.


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