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The ship of fools

Can you imagine Noah telling God: I can’t build the ark, I don’t have the internet to tell me how to build it. Uh, that would be a big fat nnnnno. Yet we do have the internet that tells us … Continue reading

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Neither were they thankful….

(note: to the unbeliever, believer, atheist, or whosoever will) Leading up to the quintessential American holiday, it gives us pause and cause to recollect the many ways, and thousands of times, Thanksgiving can be rendered. Unfortunately, far too many of … Continue reading

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Interpret this

As was mentioned elsewhere, to Doug actually, that a few thoughts would be forthcoming regarding a common theme and scripture, that being, that there are far too many interpretations and ideas that suggest the entire text incredible, for after all, … Continue reading

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C’mon get a spine

Like most correct thinking believers, I tend to blog as I see fit, speaking of things current and past, considering the future, but always telling the truth. This is uncomfortable to be sure, and because of this confidence, many take … Continue reading

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Thoughtlet for the day

What a useless engine and waste of good energy as to spend a lifetime in alleging: there is no God. After all, the very first words of Genesis, spoken to our hearts and minds, affirm what we already know, and … Continue reading

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Now that’s significant

There is a plague in the land. There is a virus that attacks all good things, it has claws and fangs, and it is obvious on the WWW. Like a stealthily serpent it creeps, it moves having a singular purpose: … Continue reading

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Ready, set, level, create

From the moment we wake up in the morning (Who cares for you while you sleep?) we are designed to create; how in God’s good name, can anybody on God’s good earth be blind to the fact that only an … Continue reading

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Ahh that lovely field

The thought occurred to me, that doing good things can nurture the bad,  and doing bad things can result in good. Like the human eye, perspective is a wonderful delight and wise tool of the intellect.  Still, I cannot resist … Continue reading

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Love me some sound doctrine

Without an ounce of shame, I bring to you a past observation, that just may be suitable as a thought for the day. With the current climate of worldwide assault on the monarch of books the holy scriptures, and with … Continue reading

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Tell it like it is pilgrim

To borrow: these are the times that try men’s souls. With the all out assault of Christianity in general, and the avalanche of vitriol of Christians in particular, please consider a few tales from the well of clear thinking, which … Continue reading

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Erase this!

No man (or woman) has an eraser large enough to rid the conscience of the knowledge of God. This knowledge seethes deeply and is imprinted long before the newborn’s cord is cut. At every turn in every age, God is … Continue reading

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Donkeys don’t ‘talk,’ they bray, but I do recall one donkey saying a few words to a man because he was stubborn as a mule. Heck, have you ever heard the asinine things some people say that would embarrass a … Continue reading

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Search and seek mission

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‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is the honour of kings to search it out.’ No, it is not Confucius, nor the Lama, nor Sagan, Hawkins, or Nye.  It is the voice of truth as … Continue reading

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The two faces of evil

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–With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;  With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.–  So sez the good book, and … Continue reading

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As long as the motives are pure, hard questions are good. When a child asks ‘why’ mama robin feeds her little one worms, this is a legitimate query. When the same child asks ‘why’ the sun and moon move overhead … Continue reading

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The bell tolls for thee

We interrupt this program to bring you a special announcement. Well you may disagree as to the special part, but at least there are no annoying sales pitches. While finishing up my next release here on WP, the thought occurred … Continue reading

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Complete fairness

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This is not meant to disparage good people wherever they may be found, and whatever vocation they are in, it is simply that God’s word is written to smite the elite. Since the wisdom of God is from above, it … Continue reading

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Tis a sad sack

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You know what really busts my buttons, what really cracks me up? Talking to people who put their eggs in the broken basket of ‘former Christians,’ taking their every word as gospel, defending them as absolute truth tellers, putting more … Continue reading

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Some Fridays take the cake

I once heard a man say the reason he studies Christianity night and day is to help him through his past suffering and recover lost years from believing the bible to be nothing more than tales written by campfire nomads.  … Continue reading

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The finest bible study

Don’t let the title fool you. Even though I have been part of the most exquisite studies ever, (simply because God’s word was opened and unfolded) the one I am speaking of has no equal. Yep, it is one held … Continue reading

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