Foolishness has many friends

I can’t tell you how much I love this pic.

Sorry a man was foolish to test his law-breaking with 3 powerful animals, but imagine the chaos of that scene.

No doubt money was involved in his criminal activity, and he paid dearly. Poaching is illegal, anywhere, whether it be a caribou in Canada, a whitetail deer in Maine, or a rhino on the plains in Africa.

At least the editors were smart enough to not give the deceased the title of ‘hunter,’ as hunters obey all game laws and understand conservation.

But look at that face. Is there any other animal on earth that strikes such fear and wonder such as that, and even from a distance, or seeing the image on a screen? Awesome, no wonder the darn things are called the king of beasts.

Now consider for a moment if you will, this same creature pacing in the den with that man of God Daniel. Hmmm. Daniel did not test God by walking foolishly in the den of hungry animals. Nope, he was tossed in, and therein lies the difference, as God protected him.

The poacher ran unsent, and he pretty much was on his own, so before folks start crying me a river as to ‘where was God,’ we are all accountable for our actions, and it was his fault that his children are now fatherless.  People should obey stop signs.

But once more, love that expression up top.

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Who is the greatest scientist of all?

I like this observation so much I am going to steal from myself borrowing a comment I answered elsewhere. Sometimes the simplest of explanations are the best. True statement.

Creation is the science of truth.
Evolution is the religion of fools.

Hopefully some will see that the issue on the table regarding the deep answers to life, are not HOW, or WHAT, or WHEN, but WHO.


There is only one WHO which answers every question ever posed, and WHO silences every mouth, and needs not explain things which are overtly obvious, but just to put the icing on the cake, GOD ALMIGHTY has additionally supplied the tools of our conscience, heart, and mind; if that is not enough, the Holy Scriptures alone confirm HE whose ways are from everlasting to everlasting.

And oh as a sidebar, by whom the Lord Christ doth hold all things together by the word of His power. Surely this must embarrass the folks who doth boast of their Higgs boson……

Creation is the science of truth, evolution and atheism are the religion of fools. True statement.

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One by one, like flies they drop

There have been countless visitors, young and old, male and female, believer, unbeliever, atheist, professor, PhD,  political professional or novice, nurse, carpenter, salesman, breadbaker, homemaker, fisherman, mechanic, you name it, all dropped by to say ‘hey,’ and add what they will to enjoy, or to ‘set straight’ this particular blogger, in all matters of life.

They who have hung around from the beginning have no doubt noticed, that here at the Den, there has been no change in appreciation of God’s word, and the resoluteness and stability of scripture presented, has not changed one whit. How could it if God be true and every man a liar?

Aah but you say, that makes me a liar as well if EVERY man is a liar! Fair point, but not no fast with the loose interpretation. If I do not agree with God as to His assessment of myself, and do not take Him at His word, then yes, I would be a liar, but if I believe there are ‘none righteous, no not any,’ then most certainly in this I tell the truth.

The liar is he (I make no apology for including female in the royal nonanthropos of mankind) who generally denies that God is true, and specifically asserts that Christ was a mere man, with no more relevance than a greeter at Wal-Mart. God is true, and the Lord Christ lived in obscurity with a purpose; that God is for us, and that He proved it, according to the scriptures.

So one by one the naysayers do fall by the wayside, after seeing there is no way to make inroads here, so they flee to seek fresh meat, not being able to find one weak link of scripture, not being able to bring the smallest of charges against the demonstrated proof of Genesis, and the consistency of God’s created ‘kinds,’ which are observable, testable, and repeatable, which model by the way is the essence of TRUE science, a fact that is despised by the idolators of science falsely so-called.

In this they lose, every one, every time, for the Creator has proved there is no contest. The game is lost by all fools ere they enter the ring. They are knocked out dead flat by scripture, reason, common sense, and facts, all which have been clearly presented and defended by the history, geography, and complete accuracy of God’s word. Oh how do infidels despise such concrete and changeless truth, so unlike the cartoons of every false discipline.

Of course God left us a record of His doings; He wants us to live without excuses, that we be not as others who grope about, being lost as fog, like a mariner without a compass, guessing which way is north, only to run the ship into rocks, then to blame God for disaster. NO!

You are to blame for the bed you lie in, as all believers know this, even a fool is considered wise on occasion when he uses his brain and asks: ‘So what about Nazareth, what about this alleged son of a carpenter?’

So you see, there can be no inroads made here to suggest in the least that God is not, and that His word is not good. Of course He is, after all, He holds all things together. And of course His word is good. Always and forever. God cannot lie. See that whale yonder in the greatest playground in the world? Still a whale, and still the greatest of guests. Thank God. But you will not. Not because you cannot, but because you will not, and I remind you again that there is no contest.

I heard a man so wonderfully and arrogantly boast that ‘if God shows up, we will do the fire test of the prophet,’ and see if God can put out the fire, then and only THEN will God be true and every man a liar.

Fools just do not get it. God does not play favorites to the whims of clowns. You want to see a circus, go see P.T. Barnum. God has won every contest by not even showing up. His word is enough, but some people just do not get it. For 120 years (that’s a lifetime btw) men btiched in the days of Noah while they enjoyed their daily perversions of thought and deed, THEN blamed God that their wickedness was not rewarded.

So what has changed today? Ha, Solomon had it correct: ‘nothing new under the sun,’ so I’m just passing along solid information, but please do not blame God for your stubbornness, then say it is I who is weak-minded and who needs a crutch.

Hilarious. I know what true science is, and it is not found in the godless bytes of the googlemeister, which has simply aided and abetted in the rapid addition of one dunce after another, as they swear they ‘know.’ After all, they have all these zeros to support their godless proofs of assumptions and theories, ALL which leave out the Creator who made the brain.

So thank you all for confirming the word through this little blog, to the believers who have a sweet savor unto life, and to the godless atheist who has proven you rather prefer a savor of  death. Thus is the strength of scripture, always correct, in any age, historically and scientifically no contest.


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The lambs are not so silent

More toward the welcoming of spring, which arrival is not too silent, as the lambs doth baa. Consider if you will then, the pretended wide and wonderful world of evolution, and the pseudo crap of lazy intellect, which suggests there is a NEED for both lamb and lion, a need mind you, unguided and unaided in the least by a divine hand, a NEED which can supply ZERO reasons why either should exist, AT ALL.

Yet, Mr. Skeptic and Mrs. Infidel have NEVER wondered WHY the lamb was so graced with the wool that was withheld from the lion, and why the lion was given paws instead of hooves. As I said, lazy intellect on display here.

I despise the godless reasons for life, because the cloak of intellect adorning such minds is so obviously ragged and reeks of intentional blindness. Tis not an aromatic flavor. The lion and the lamb, animals that could not be farther apart in nature, but could not be closer as to purpose, that purpose being their own distinct field of operation, thanks be to God.

Look at the distance between the eyes of the lamb. Look at the ears. The wool. the legs. Evolution should be so embarrassed at the mere insinuation of accidental existence, as if a camel has a thousand legs, a confused wannabe millipede, so please dear reader, don’t pretend that ‘evilution’ is somehow superior as to WHY things are.

Got that? EVILution, because that’s what it is. A lamb is not some mixed up hybrid of camels and humpty dumpty that got lost trying to escape the desert, but are lambs, period, always have been, always will be.

Believers who engage such parlor tricks have not thought the matter through, trying to play the compromise act against the middle to remain academically correct. Sorry, no, there is no middle  ground, and there is no room, there is no suite in the compromise of God’s creation. He made the kinds. God needed no interim period so He could finalize His creation. Everything He made was VERY good, as it was, as it is. The whale spouts this truth. The whale does not lie like humans.

How do I know? Because God said so, thus meaning, my opinion and yours regarding things that are clear, are irrelevant. Casting down imaginations and all that.

If the lambs existence is accidental or dubious, so is the revelation of Abraham that God would provide Himself a lamb, so is the lamb of Isaiah 53, and so would be the assault on the lamb of God Himself, per the great baptist’s own eternal words. Perish the thought.

As with all snares, we can see that to go to bed with evolution, is to actually rape the scriptures, and say God is not true, and His word cannot be trusted. Fortunately, God is true, every man a liar, and His word can always be trusted.

But look at the lion, that fearless creature whose mouth God shut in the den of Daniel. Look at that hungry mouth which can naturally devour a lamb, but did not, no he CANNOT, not while God is involved. Daniel is safe. And finally, look at the lamb in the bosom of the lion, the curse of sin rolled away, and God’s word proven to be true once again, just like before.

Both creatures, reveal the intrinsic glory of God, and the evolutionist should really wake up and pay attention, that the God of Daniel, the God of Abraham, the God of Adam, the God of the baptist, is certainly the same Creator of the lion and the lamb, and more so, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who as Lamb, will shortly display His nature as Lion, and rightly so.

After all, isn’t it only proper that trespassers on His earth, and they who have despised His name and good graces, and they who have willfully abraded good people for testifying to the obvious, while cited as delusional, should have a day of reckoning? Seems fair wouldn’t you say that the records and the books be accounted for.  I think so, for even the banker must keep straight simple ledgers of his customers, how much more God who has given us stewardship and a much more valuable commodity: life.

And if you care to listen, and if you listen carefully, the lambs do scream creation in all their demureness.


(PS- if I were a judge in a courtroom, I would immediately disbar any lying attorney for trying to peddle atheism and evolution in a place where truth is president)



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Are men fools or what?

I noticed the buds on the maples, on time, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before that, after long and brutal winters, their dormancy finally ended, they awaken to the temperature and timing of Spring.

Not an act of serendipity mind you, as if they just so HAPPENED to trade places with the frigid icicles only a month earlier, nope, their arrival, like the robins, is testament to the good Creator who has no issue whatsoever keeping His word, that cold and heat, seed time and harvest, shall not cease, as long as the earth remains.

I love the fact that somebody’s word is good. Always. Without shadow or turning, no deviation, God’s word is most excellent, that we the people be not as some, who are lost as fog, groping about, daily, minute by minute, so lost, that any good blind person would appear to have 20/20 by comparison.

The FOOL says in his heart: ‘there is no God.’ No unbelief, no nay never, but one of simple denial here. There is a conversation tween a man and himself, and the one buried in artificial intelligence wins the day, today only though, for one day, the fool will tire of that dunce cap weighing him down.

So the few of us who blog, we submit reminders to each other, and well as they who pass by, that they can choose their self-made detours of avoidance and ignorance, a trail blazed by their very feet of pride, or stop to see the wonders of Spring, as it says ‘adios’ to winter, per the Creator’s promise.

But instead of tasting to see that the Lord He is good, men will continually curse Him by refusing to bow both head and knee, the head toward the Giver of the brain, and the knee to the Maker of the heart. Maybe some day.

But spring! Playgrounds erupt with the laughter of children, and the earth reverberates with the sound of warmer music, music that can be heard in everything. The songbirds return. The ducks do appear, on time, green is the master color of earth once more, and the last chills of winter exhaust their final breaths of frost.

Don’t be a fool, today or tomorrow. And to they in the bleachers, don’t you dare bring your deaf, dumb, and blind god ‘science’ to this post.  It’s embarrassing to common sense.

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THE most dangerous man…

(This is a copied post from 2014, with a few additions to make it current)

A casual poll was taken recently at a lecture regarding ‘THE most dangerous man’ of our times. Suggestions were asked for and the usual suspects made the list:

Image result for mr dangerous

-Obama, Bush, Clinton, Trump

-Boko, Jihad John, Kim Jong,

-Netanyahu (?)

-Axlerod, Boehner, Biden,

-Maher, Silverman, Colbert, Cooper, Hannity, etc, etc.

After the audience exhausted their picks, and after whispers and laughter, the speaker was happy to inform them of his opinion.

The distinction and award for THE most dangerous man went to: Putin. He cited the missile threats, the confederacies with nations, his speedy and zenith rise to power,  his steely resolve, yep, he said THE most dangerous man in the world is Vlad. He gave a hundred other reasons why, and at the end of the day acquired a few more disciples to his line of reasoning. But I say, ok, I get it but ‘not so fast.’

I was not in this group of people hearing this lecture, because I may have inserted ‘foot-in-mouth’ just to be fair. When I first heard this question ‘who is THE most dangerous man…’ only one person came to mind, and it was immediate. There was no deliberation, no scanning of history or archives of the mind, no files sought so I could make an intelligent selection.

I have a better pick than all the ones mentioned, and with far more reaching damage than the speaker suggested, and he would be the antichrist. But does he make the winners circle as THE most dangerous man in the world? No, for he is not the BEST pick.

To be critically fair, the best choice for ‘most dangerous man in the world’  would be:


Why? Because I do not know unequivocally what is in the hearts of Putin, Bush, and the rest. I do know however what lurks in my own heart, and if one of these slippery thoughts were to gain traction,  heck, maybe I will  ‘deny the Lord.’   Is this dangerous? Hmmmm.

Perhaps moreso than the deeds of tyrants. When brother Peter said ‘ha, Lord , no worries, I will never deny thee,’ The Lord only had to consider that first rascal Adam, to know well enough that Peter would take a fall. Maybe Peter thought for an instant: there are far more people who are more apt to do worse things. But self examination is never a bad thing.

And the Lord said  ‘Satan wants you,’ and this would surely qualify Peter as the most dangerous man in the world, to be so used and abused by the enemy of God. We cannot under-estimate the damage done by a  person so used by Satan. Does Judas Iscariot come to mind?

Thankfully, men and women, you and I, have all the resources of heaven at our disposal, to lead a quiet and godly life unto the glory of God. Satan walks about seeking who he may devour, but there is ONE greater. Greater is He that is in you…..Thank God.

Putin? Ha, I am the real threat to myself, as to danger, well that’s another story, because there are many detours available to avoid rock slides, no sense in trying to drive through the impassable, but oh how the grace of God sustains.

But we must admit, when we see such decadence in others, there is a tendency and temptation to weigh ourselves against such, and that is a clear and present danger that only we can overcome. And for what it’s worth, any atheist who may pass by this way, no, believers are not better than you, we have simply chosen a better WAY. Why?

Because the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things, who can know it?

And we know the King of Hearts.


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Now that’s a croc

Was watching a nature doc on the world’s most dangerous animals, specifically of the Asian variety. Monkeys, scorpions, tigers, elephants, pan bears, honey badgers, mosquitoes, cobras, and many more were all represented as just plain all around bad news- especially for humans.

Of course the wonderful pictures and vids of amazing creatures comes with the baggage of the usual thoughtless commentary of ‘a hundred million year old crocodiles which have not changed a bit…………..’  only to hear minutes later how the snow leopard evolved over a few billion years……..

Does anybody around here see why I despise modern so-called science? Can you understand why today’s science is yesterday’s golden calf, only to be worshipped as the latest god?

Will any honest person who has faced such imbecilic opinion dare say: this is not science? Will an honest person say the millions of years of ‘no change’ and the ‘billions of years of change’ have not, cannot, and will never be proven, therefore, all such ‘theory’ is MERE speculation, because it can never be testable, observable, and repeatable, which are the only ingredients of science that matter?

Enter humility. But no, humility is not in the playbook of the godless; they must pretend to appear intellectual, and the more zero’s that can be attached to a guess, the more ‘intellectual’ the assumption appears. Enter Google, stage two, which is responsible for the perpetuation of idiots, with full permission from good dunces everywhere of course.

So I watch and enjoy the wonders of the sea and land, to notice the plain awesomeness of the tiger with those off the chart stripes, while at the same time despising the evolutionary and godless commentary which leaves all this beauty to mere chance.

Guess what? There is no chance that an unthinking bang thought it needed to bang, snatching a pebble from here, colliding into a pebble there, and after such a cosmic train wreck, out pops water, blood, bones, stars, elephants, bats, octopus, lions, men, women, apples, cherries, oak trees, apes, peacocks, streams, rivers, oceans, sunsets, yep, all this, courtesy of the cosmic acorn blast………

…….a blast mind you that is responsible for the keeping of the crocodile in his original suit of clothes, while at the same time changing the leopard from a kitty cat that was unhappy with his litter box, after millions of years of course.

Ain’t this a croc? Uh yeah, and only the unthinking fool would purchase this rotten food and swear it is delicious.

But you know what is truly a croc? We focus on the one percent which is speculative, yet avoid the 99% which is obvious.  How old is the universe? Did eagles once live as beetles?Are bears liars? Are you a sinner? Point made, case closed.

(This is jack the barbarian, and I approve of this message)
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Look at her. The moon!

Some called it ‘super.‘  But have we become so immune to creation that we need ‘scientists’ to tell us when the moon is super? Ha! It is always super.


Don’t you just love the moon?  Changeless from the day it was borne. Borne by Divine hands of course. A testament to God Himself, who proves He cares, around the clock.




The subtle.


The demure beauty.




The underestimated glory.



So alike all other night orbs, yet so distinct in nature and purpose. A light, to rule the night. Alone. Apart. Emitting coolness, where contrary to popular opinion her shade is warmer. Love that.

But this light! Needing no help to transmit the nature of God which is light, it stands. She stands against the wiles of godlessness which defies her Maker, and gives her light anyway, and withstands cruel mockings from many fronts such as media, academia, false science, who pretend she sits idly by, just so happening to supply light and favor to a world which despises its Creator.

No! Her purpose is fixed, her mission secure and steadfast, she testifies to the unshakable promises of God Almighty, whose word is good, that day and night shall not cease, as well as cold and heat, and that He remembers His very oath regarding His moon and His covenant people, Israel. He remembers.

  But of course there is more.  It has been said the moon NEEDS the sun to display her majesty, but I ask you friendly reader: do the neon fish swimming miles beneath the ocean need the help of the whale which swims above it ere they produce their effulgent light? Or is the light innate, this luminescence which appears to have engulfed the moon?

Let’s only remind ourselves that the conclusions based on theories and assumptions were spoon fed to us by the godless who have dissected God out from His own laboratory, so on the strength of this point alone, our eyebrows should raise to a heightened level of suspicion.

Or have we simply not given the Creator His own place in the heavens, enough so that to at least consider the moon no more needs the sun light, than does the sun ask permission of the moon before he warms the earth for the flowers. To each has its glory. None need not nor dare not eclipse the other.

When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; (truly how great Thou art)

The next time you look up at that white wonder, take pause to remember that for thousands and thousands of years, how all men and women, from king to beggar, and all in between, who saw, thought, and wrote of the secret ways of God revealed through the moon.


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Just when you think you heard it all…….

So this dude named Sam Smith has attracted the attention of the media, and all of a sudden  he is relevant in the eyes of perversion and decadence. Why? Oh Romeo let me count thy ways.

“Sometimes I feel male, sometimes I feel female. I’m binary. I’m neither male or female.”

Uh hello Sammy boy? Knock knock, anybody home in that brain? So what, I’m supposed to call you Sirless? Ma’amless today? What about tomorrow? SamShe? SamHE? You expect the world all of a sudden to cater to your daily whims, and curl under your idiotic desires?

For once I would love to see my blog pals from across the world and say, ‘You know what jack the barbarian, you know what ColorStorm, I can’t stand what you usually write, but I have to agree with you on this. It is stupid, and you make a fair point about the vile heart of man.’

But nnnnooooooo, I will be railed at as if I am not even-tempered or fair. But this is where we end up as a society when EVERY MAN DOES WHAT IS RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES. Lost as humans with not a drop of reality remaining. You may want to call a plumber pal, or worse yet, give the hospital a shout and ask who your mother delivered.  Surely there is a record of your birth sex if you are not sure.

So once more does God’s word win the day, describing our society perfectly, and revealing the Creator as millenia ahead of men’s dirty doings. But if that’s not enough, we could always call upon common sense.



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Ever seen through carpeting?

Was having a conversation with a rather smart woman and we were speaking of stars, light, night, time, space, matter, and this naturally led to many further fine thoughts and observations. A moment in time. Words spoken. Thoughts considered. Where were you? Where are you? Where am I? Now? and I then asked her: Why is the sky so blue?

After the customary trading of opinion, she asked me: ‘So, what do YOU think?’ Aah, music to my ears, when someone asks what do you think about this or that, and after a long pause I immediately said this:

The blue sky is the floor of heaven.

Which also means that the stars are dotted jewels upon God’s watered carpeting. And that further below float the clouds, like the dust of His feet. Perspective is a wonderful master teacher.

After all, there is this thing called the firmament, of which we all live under its umbrella. But enjoy a golden oldie. If we pay attention, we can hear the singing of creation, and oh my, if our ears appreciate music, how much more does God enjoy the notes on the scale.



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Why mock that which we do not understand?

They tell us it is not important. ‘They’ said the earth and all its fulness is no more special than a black hole. After all, ‘they’ did the math for us, while ‘they’ relied on others. Others told ‘them’ to disbelieve what their eyes saw, that their senses were not trustworthy, and that only a ‘few’ were reliable sources to interpret the apparent stillness of Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, Whitney, K-2, the Rockies, Shasta, and the gorgeous Adirondacks. And we believed them. But not all.

There is an old hymn that suggests we ‘cast our deadly doings down,’ but we greatly err when we think it never applies to me. It’s loaded with practical insight, all coming from five words of health and prosperity. Anyway.

For years, we were convinced that where we live on terra firma is ancillary to things really important, such as politics, entertainment, sports, commerce, family, fashion, hunting, amusements, vacations, evolution, stamp collecting, atheism, gospel preaching, and just plain life, but because of the lack of interest in God’s cosmology, certain things seem strange to our ears, not because they are strange, but only because it’s a song we have never heard. Our hearts were never tuned to hear that grace so to speak, and we unfortunately assumed that yesterday’s conclusions were somehow erroneous or irrelevant.

I love what Paul sings here: ‘I am not mad, most noble Festus; but speak forth the words of truth and soberness,’ and would appreciate the same courteous hearing.

Why do we as humans attach virtue or importance to certain things, yet neglect others, while berate other good people for simply walking to the beat of a different drummer? Who has a more important work, George Whitefield, or the woman who works night shift in the hospital wing of the 7th floor tending to the forgotten familyless and infirmed?

Being told by others I am relatively fair-minded, imagine my elation when an opportunity presented itself by way of blogsville to prove it further, especially on a topic that is extremely popular and unpopular at the same time.  I include below a snippet from a blog pal that assumes people who hold to various cosmologies are missing a few doughnuts from the box, and while the writer is a believer, he takes issue with certain  ministries, and assigns unnecessary criticism instead of the right hand of fellowship.  Why?

‘Sure, engaging with the mentally imbalanced online isn’t sexual sin but, in all honestly, how is getting down in the mess and drama of people who are clearly not well much better? Think about it. People you don’t even know are angering you, frustrating you, stealing time from you, and you are letting them do it. Flat Earthers are literally living rent-free in your head.’   (for context, see the link below)  

Truth be told, many could be hurt by such language, fortunately I am much more tolerant of basic ignorance, but it is worthwhile to point out a few areas of weakness that need not be. If a brother has an affinity for birds lets say, and he uses his John Muirish affection for God’s winged creatures, who am I to challenge his gospel telling through nature? Nor would the sparrow protest either.

If a man has a rare sewing and tailor gift, who am I to tell him he is wasting his time talking to people about the ‘camel going through the eye of the needle,’ and reaching people in a way that I cannot?

So when I read of believers speaking of brothers in Christ and their affinity for science in general, and God’s cosmology in particular, is it not then equally unusual to assume that said believer’s are wasting their time, and are also mentally challenged for not only thinking such things, but promoting views well within the range of scripture?

I’m afraid far too many believers are simply intolerant because of things perhaps they never thought of. Am I exaggerating?

You may have heard that believers who enjoy God’s word are ‘a retardation of the species,’ and I quote from an atheistic evolutionary point of view, but they who ascribe to a stationary earth are ‘mentally imbalanced’ and are no different from porn addicts? Really? You going with that?  Personally, I am not insulted, for I understand the trappings of science falsely so-called and its sharp clutches that grip the minds of far too many.

Since when MUST believers tow a party line as to things scientific, political, religious, or even humorous, especially when alleged science is dubious?  Are we to be that shallow and walk like the zombie Stepford’s or act like a thousand cattle without distinction? Since when MUST believers wear the same color tie lest we be ousted from the club? Hath God not made the jackal as well as the frog?

So when I read Paul’s admonition and excellent word to ‘think on things lovely and pure,’ who is another man to berate such an one for thinking that ‘He stretcheth out the earth upon the waters’ is an impure occupation? Who is he who dares to chastise a man for considering: ‘It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in,’ and thereby say that this is unlovely, impure, or useless to think upon?

Is it also then impure and not lovely to consider He who ‘hath laid the foundations of the earth,’ and in this consideration, true science is revealed? Since when are believers ALL at the same mile markers of spiritual understanding? They are not. We are not. Thus, the scriptures are here to help us mature, but rest assured, it is far from mature to maim that which we do not understand, and cite believers as idiots for their knowing things we do not, or to not understand things that are clear to us or them. 

Is it worse than pornography to think upon God’s created earth, which hath foundations, which earth was made BEFORE the sun and moon, and to consider the extreme wonderment of God’s power and wisdom, and to further consider what exactly the earth was doing, and where it was going……….for what purpose? Are these thoughts not pure and lovely, and is such cogitation really pornography, or simply, proving all things, as the good book says we are to do?  Can we not employ the lessons of Martha and Mary? I believe so.

Should our lack of interest in other believers interest be cause for our trying to cut them down to size? I have found that the most thoughtful of believers are tolerant and considerate of others views, even upon disagreement, for it has been proven through scripture and experience, that far too often the 1, and not the 99, is correct. God specializes in the minority. We should thus pay attention.

But note I said this topic is both pop and unpopular. If blogging is a small picture of the whole, this proves correct, for on any given day, DeGrasse and Nye are promoting their world view, others are aping their words, others are enjoying thoughts of the universe, space, time, and hundreds of thousands more are thinking about a 1,067 mph spinning earth, while orbiting at 66,000 mph, while some say ‘who cares?’ while just as many more are saying: ‘hold the fort pilgrim, where is your proof?’

The popular view that instigated new math, oops, I mean globe/ball theory was the visual of the ‘disappearing ships over the horizon,’ and had people actually studied the eternal properties of water, they would have remained happy, but nope, the ships supposedly disappear ‘because of the curve.’ Yikes! And hence, Mr. Copernicus took the suggestion and the ball and ran. Men have been hitting foul balls ever since.

Or they could have consulted God and His word, and not been led astray by vain imaginations, they could have forsaken the wisdom of this world which always leaves out God, and learned about refraction, lensing, mirroring, the vanishing point, perspective, the human eye, and the fact that water Always seeks its own level, (true science doncha know) but nope, we must have others tell us how to think. We need new math in every age. We must alter truth to our liking. We must pretend we have the ability of insects to walk on ceilings.

But I have digressed enough already, so the unpopular view is how dare any man question what is popular and assumed? But eh, who am I, just another fine example of retardation of the species. This is okay coming from an atheist, but quite unbecoming hearing this from a fellow believer. I give believers a wide berth, and on this I will be silent.

I am perfectly aware how this specific area of interest scares people. Some are afraid to engage/comment because a price needs paid. Do I agree with the evolutionist or atheistic world view of an insignificant creation, which of necessity makes the earth one of many, and scripture irrelevant, or do I disagree with believers who seem strange for parting company with the norm? Ah, there’s the rub.

How does an axe head float? How did Peter walk on water? How was it that a blind man saw the color blue for the first time? How do bones grow within the womb? How did Christ rise from the dead?  (The flower bulb is a fine perennial teacher) How did God make foundations for the earth? How did He stretch the line upon it? How does He measure the breadth of the earth? How did He scribe a compass upon it? How do railroads work on a balled surface? How does a helicopter hover like a bumblebee while a MIG fighter rips the sky on a moving surface? How is the 100 mile Suez canal dead level on a ball?

Dare any man say these are not lovely thoughts of life to consider, sooo unlike pornography which kills and destroys. But these things need not separate friends, and we should actually be thankful that God hath not made us as Xerox copies.

Further. The greatest proof of the strength of my arguments is the opposition against it. From every corner the insults arrive, (except for the cool and steady heads of some). The atheist despises the cosmology of scripture, and the believer cannot fathom any other doctrine which challenges age-old assumptions. Traditions can be tighter than an eagles talons holding a snake and flying high. He will not let go.

When I mention a hundred mile horizontal Suez canal connecting the Mediterranean with the Red sea, I am cited as a delusional idiot, YET, the pure science of how water acts is ignored, and I am assumed to have ten heads. Opposition to true science is not my problem, but I dare any man to prove the science wrong. Truth accepts all dares.

When I mention Kansas and the state of Florida are plains, I am laughed to scorn, yet God’s earth remains as testament, immoveable, steady, having foundations, just as He said, and just as they appear. I’m pretty sure God knows more about dirt and architecture than DeGrasse who says there is no God. Are we beginning to see that the science of the godless is not the science of nature, but pure fabrication with the intention to place God into oblivion as if His own word cannot be trusted?

Cosmology IS important. It IS relevant. It only appears strange because we have been fed the gospel of the godless for entirely too long. 1 Corinthians 15 is only as relevant as Genesis 1. Assumptions are not facts. Theories are not facts. Wishful thinking is not a twin of reality. And scripture is always correct.

So when I am reminded by God through Paul to think on things virtuous, pure, and lovely, what man can deny that ‘the beginning of all things’ is not a pure and lovely pursuit? Who can argue that God’s wisdom in creating the heaven and the earth BEFORE the sun and moon are not thoughts worthy of consideration?

Finally, my credibility should be interpreted in light of the singular reason that I do not ask for allies. It’s kind of like the meandering stream that does not ask for permission. It just is.  And water never lies.   😉

As in this excellent example of how to forbear:


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Does your head hurt?

Been through this a couple hundred thousand times. In person, in-laws, outlaws, in class, online, and yep, even in churches by preying wolves with honeyed lips, but fortunately, these characters all come from the same place, and they are easy to smell long before they appear, that is, if one is alert to such things.

‘All Christians suffer from some form of mental illness or are plain delusional.’ Yikes, as if this lame accusation can make water unwet. Some of the finest minds this world has ever seen have been labelled far worse, so what else is new?

I know of several unbelieving ministries (yes, they are ministries) such as AtheistsRus, the church of JohnnyWalkerRed, NopigsinDabarn, NocowsinDegrasse, you get the point, who cannot even admit the town of Nazareth was a literal, historical, actual, and factual place in the time of King Herod and Pontius Pilate, while having absolutely ZERO reason for believing otherwise, yet themselves swear they have proof that whales fetched bones like dogs having four legs……..some 8 bazillion years ago, but it is I who suffer from brain trauma?

Call the cops and take your meds. There will always, there will Always, there will ALWAYS be stale food on the shelves for they with itching ears to feed frenzied stomachs who despise God, His word, and good people of faith. Can we not see the utter disconnection from reality in the minds of they who say ‘Nazareth was not a town in the days of Christ?’

When Nathanael asked: ‘Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?’ seems the word on the street was it was a place of little or no relevance. Like the gas station in the desert with coffee as thick as motor oil, insignificant, useless even, until that ONE customer pulls up after driving a thousand miles looking for petrol, then all of a sudden, quite relevant.  Such is the eternal relevance of scripture.

So don’t you tire of customers who visit your blog sites who while cloaking their interest in ‘religion,’ ask for ‘proof’ and ‘evidence,’ yet have closed their minds and hearts to the evidence staring them in the face. So why bother to say once more what is obvious?

Because it is obvious and needs to be said once more. Sometimes the answer has been there all along. Whales swim. Birds fly. Men walk, swim, and make airplanes. Man is above all as the good book says. And to the mentally challenged who find fault in everything, mankind includes womankind, and good women accept this and have absolutely zero issues by agreeing.

And to they who say this short post is extremely shortsighted or shallow: The deep is but a few steps away, but it takes a willingness to walk further where the water is above the ankles. Your choice. God’s word is most excellent.

Do YOU know how bones are formed within the womb? God knows. Of course He knows. Aah, but there was Mr. Adam, then Evee.  Gotta get out of the kiddie pool though; go where the ocean is deep:

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;
And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Doncha just love the concrete authority of science and Truth which are observable, testable, and repeatable?

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A Fun One: A Reaction to ColorStorm

Happy to reblog this; take careful note how he carries his points. Disagreements need not be caustic, and in his dissection of my post, we can learn some admirable qualities in how to find value in that which we do not understand or even find questionable.

Of course its not a popular topic, but still important, and one which believers and unbelievers alike find common ground, or in some cases, no ground at all.

But I like the idea of ‘fun’ as suggested, and I enjoyed the spirit in which my very thoughts were considered. And by the way, great minds have disagreed for centuries, but in seeing the pros and cons, it may be more interesting for the reader to consider not what I believe but what YOU believe, and why. Prove it so to speak.

Now enjoy the -X files, (and follow this excellent site)

The Praetorian Writers' Group

First some quick background: I like to reproduce in their entirety posts with which I disagree, then comment on each paragraph in turn. This in order #1: to disagree with them comprehensively, leaving no room for the one with whom I’m disagreeing to say, “Ah hah! You didn’t address this!“and #2: to avoid a circumstance in which I disagree with a post that an author then deletes, thereby erasing the record that it even existed.

However, I’ve never done that treatment for (to?) someone with whom I generally agree. I’m going to try it today with someone who’s long been a friend of this blog: ColorStorm. In regard to this post here.

So, ColorStorm, here is a reaction to your post, entitled: “I am Jack the barbarian…….grrrr

I was intrigued by this post, because it’s about science and Christianity, and I’m both a scientist and

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A question of ethics

A young girl falls into a lion’s pit at the zoo. Within minutes a hungry male would have devoured her in seconds, treating her like a happy meal.


The lion was shot, killed, and the girl spared. Why was it ‘ethical’ to save the girl over the lion?

The same lion was in the prairie. A pack of hyenas killed a deer and was run off by the lion who stole their prey and ate their lunch.

Was is it then ‘ethical’ for the lion to act as he did?

Now then, here’s a clue. Without God in the conversation, there is no ethic. There is no right or wrong, for it would have been equally right to kill the girl in the pen, as to allow the lion to have his way with her as bystanders watched in horror.

Why is it ‘ethical’ for the lion to steal and kill the deer, yet unethical to kill and eat the girl?

Without God and His created order, the conversation is over.


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I’m not impressed

So the latest brick to fall in the self-made building of pride is apparently making headlines. ‘Scientists’ are publicly professing skepticism as to Charles Darwin’s ‘theories.’ Well now, what kind of ‘scientists’ must these be, to ‘now’ conclude that fraud is not a new thing?

And He made them after their kind.

What light bulb in their mind was suddenly turned on for them to see in the dark the error of their once alleged enlightened minds?

Newsflash: Darwin’s theories were always dark counsel, appealing only to the deviant of thought, they who only see themselves as the vaults of knowledge, they who cannot conceive of any One greater than themselves, ‘they’ who have bought and sold the useless idea of Darwin’s ‘species,’ not happy in knowing that old Chuck merely stole the copyrights for the ‘kinds’ as clearly demonstrated in the book of Genesis, compliments of the Creator who made them.

Hey Chuck and friends: The bee is still the bee, while you may have hives as you complain, the tiger is still the tiger, the lion the lion, and yep, the great whales are still the greatest guests of the oceans. It’s a btich seeing the ‘kinds’ faithfully proving every word of God is good.

So no surprise here with this article in WND, and I’m not impressed at people’s public statements that Darwin may have been out to lunch, for truth be told, there are far more people than you can imagine who know his theories are lies, but they are afraid to admit, lest they be thought idiots. Guess what? What kind of idiot would think that a whale once walked the earth………………………………………?


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Interpret this

Ever since there has been a history recorded of men’s doings, we have been witness to the spin of ‘why’ one truth is credible, while others are not. ‘Interpretation’ is called upon as a smokescreen to deaden the weight of what GOD HATH SAID. Dreams need interpreted, and there are plenty of Daniel’s when needed, but rest assured, God’s creation of whales, flora and fauna, the sun and moon, birds, and Mr. and Mrs Adam, as well as the mountains, rivers, and brooks of the world, need no interpretation. This is an important distinction to keep in mind.

Believe it or choose to remain in ignorance, but please do nor say there is a drop of ambiguity in the simple words: ‘In the beginning God………’ Only a stiff neck would say this statement needs interpreted. So when we read such things levelled at believers like this:

‘When you talk about “the approval of God, the apostle Paul, Peter, the scriptures, nor Mary herself,” you are talking about your fallible interpretation of scripture. But of course you cannot see this.’

We can immediately see the lazy excuses for not believing what is clear as a bell, and substitute fallible interpretations perhaps as to the seventy weeks of Daniel which many men have disagreed, with God’s crystal clear truth that ‘there are none righteous, no not any.’

The honey laced deceitful question ‘Hath God said?’ is met with an eager group who would dare to assert that God hath NOT said, and that what is plain needs interpreted, and what needs interpreted means God’s word lacks in credibility. Both are fool’s gold, and if food a man would starve.

The greatest man born of women, the harbinger of Christ Himself, was said to have done no miracle. This is monumental, yet, Yet, YET, the words of John and their effect on the proud of heart were not such words that kings needed a sage to interpret, but words that agreed with already revealed scripture.

The fulness of time had come. The powers of Jerusalem were shaken. A lowly king was somehow a threat to godless leaders. Wickedness would be exposed. The heart would be seen for its wonders, and its vice. He who stole penny candy would be compared to the criminal who extorted thousands. Sin would be pointed to as the great deceiver, as the offerer of temporary ecstasy. The elder religious ones would be fearful that their hearts could be thus exposed.

Yet, there were good people, sinners mind you, but good people, as goodness has many tiers. Nathaniel lives in every age, as does Anna, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Esther, Mordecai, Joseph, and of course Mary, all these, and more, yet God’s word is true: there are none righteous, no not any. No interpretation needed.  Righteousness comes in many flavors, but before God, there are NONE. No interpretation needed.

Only the sinless spotless Lamb of God was righteous, before man and before God, and He was MADE sin. Are we paying attention to scripture, the scriptures that need not interpreted but believed, since God is true and every man a liar.

I mean no disrespect here friends, but if our sister Mary Joseph’s wife was sinless, she could have ‘died for our sins according to the scriptures,’ but thank God, God hath said, there was no according to the scriptures in this regard. This needs no interpreting.

Oh if we were only happy to not rape the scriptures, forcing our way and emotions upon the entire warp and woof of God’s word. And by the way, this is not news in 2019, as God’s word has been perverted for centuries. There she was in the upper room after the Lord ascended, not to receive accolades or homage, but was simply there with the eleven.

She was there not to instruct, but to receive blessing as the others. She would not take the lead as Peter and Paul, but would disappear from the page of scripture, not as a ‘new Eve,’ much to the dismay of religionist superstitionists, but only as the mother of the last Adam, and only as a little member of the body of Christ, and not a co-head with the only Head of the body Himself. The throne of God hardly needs a support staff.

Thank God for the wonderful revelation and consistency of scripture, which all point to the living God, and the only Head worthy of acclaim and affection, not of an organization with mafia like tendencies, trading and bribing favors, indulgences, and wishful thinking, but one in which Truth dwelleth. And to disagree with this, is to have an issue with belief, NOT of interpretation.

At the end of the day we only need ask: is scripture enough, or do we need the crooked opinions of well dressed or robed men to tell us what is plain as day….

I say scripture is enough. I say God is clear. He does not babble. What say ye?


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She didn’t know jack…

Just a little whimsy in the druthers of February. 😉

The Lions Den

Ok you may have heard that Jack and Jill went up the hill, but hold the fort. First, they were trespassing, but that’s another story, absentminded doncha know. Too much manure in the air.

Image result for jack and jill

True Jill’s sister was leaning toward gender neutral, and what a mess that was………Jack’s brother was a local magistrate and said many times people act like animals, as he heard it all………Jill’s father owned a sheet metal factory (he made buckets), Jack’s mom stayed at home but worked like 30 men. Jack was a logger.

At the top of the hill he popped the question: Why don’t you believe in God? ‘Why Jack, because I am not a moron.’ To which Jack went on a rather lengthy discourse using common sense, reason, scripture, nature, arithmetic, but most of all, he pointed out to Jill that the whitetail deer pops out her babies like watermelons, while Jill’s mother…

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The a-theist and his elusive moral compass

It matters little as to WHO is right. It does matter much however when we consider WHAT is right, and herein is the line of demarcation when we consider facts versus feelings. A compass simply does not care how we feel. As it should be.

I read some time ago that the heart, mind, and conscience are the guides of the moral compass when used by the atheistsRus corporation. Is this then a reliable tool, or is the compass merely broken and the arrow follows the a-theist wherever he may be?

Didja catch that? The compass FOLLOWS the a-theist. He decides what is true, NOT the compass. Already destined for failure. The case is made and settled.

My compass could not give a whit as to my opinion when I hold it in my hand. North is absolute, and doesn’t require an explanation if I say it is mistaken. It is correct. Always. Unless of course it is broken. Here’s where it gets dicey.

When the a-theist is asked to adjudicate, anything, he instantly and automatically sets the compass heading to his own preferences; he breaks the compass as it were, making it entirely useless. He has preconceived the outcome. Examples? Sure, tkx for asking.

Same secks marriage. It’s correct because ‘whatever feels right,’ and ‘who are you to determine what is right for me?’  ‘Of course a husband could have a husband, and a wife could have a wife, who are you to say otherwise?’  (btw, if someone wants the same-sex stuff, go for it; it’s still wrong, but go for it, just leave the word ‘marriage’ alone. I suggested long ago a better word, the French sounding ‘mirage.’ Pronounce like Dr. Zhivago)

Gen-der identification by children. ‘Why would you deny a 6-year-old girl the right to say she can’t be a boy on Monday, and a girl on Tuesday?’ Who in God’s name are you to correct a 9-year-old boy for wanting to go into the girls lavatory at school to powder his nose, and watch while the girls change clothes?’

The mur-der of infants. That’s right, MURDER. The liberal mob with the so-called sanctified compass dare assert that it is now fashionable to ‘put out to the curb,’ no, not a puppy, but a newborn, at 9 months if you can even stomach the thought, and smile while doing so because THEY have such a fine moral compass. Bastards.

I could do this all day, citing the mental malfeasance of the so-called moral compass which acts not according to truth, but blows with the winds of change and feeling. But ultimately, it has been proven, it is proven, and will always be proven that apart from God, there is no moral compass. Apart from He who created the true north, apart from the Engineer of the heart, mind, and conscience, the a-theist compass is but a broken mess that knows not where it goes, like a fifteen cent plastic boat tossed about in a hurricane.

And this is the true rub of the a-theist heart. It DESPISES God and His word, because HE has the final authority, and crooked hearts cannot tolerate authority. This is why a man speeds at 90 mph when the sign says 45. He is a law-breaker and he despises authority, as he is soooooo above the fray.

Thus does God’s word expose wickedness, and a self-made ‘moral compass’ cannot tolerate such words, words that tell him his very compass is not only broken , but useless. The compass of the a-theist points in every direction but to God’s creatorial rights as to His design, construction, and maintenance of His own creation, including every thing seen and unseen, and the a-theist puts the proverbial finger in the ear, for ‘in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and He saw that it was all  VERY GOOD,’  is despised because the arrow points THERE, hence the moral compass is defined by fools.

God is Truth. He cannot lie. He is consistent within Himself, needs not explain Himself, nor does He need to give answers to questions that have long been settled. ‘If they believe not Moses………………’ and this is the crux of the matter, for THEY say, not only was Moses a fraud, but they perversely say Christ Himself was lunatic for citing a fraud!

How low can the human heart sink to dream of depravity that would embarrass the high-flying eagle who would look down from above at the pitiful state of the human condition, and would turn his head to look for a place where such disease does not dwell.

Thus does the ‘moral compass’ of the a-theist not see its own condition, that elevates a puppy, while applauding the death of a newborn because the mother has an alleged moral compass too. Let’s see which way the wind blows of popular and personal opinion today, and therein is our heading. Let’s go there captain!

So yeah, the ‘moral compass’ is words only when used in the hands of the shifty or godless. There is no moral compass of the a-theist. It is non-existent by its own definition. Right and wrong are subject to change, left and right are a matter of opinion, up and down are personal choices, and male and female are soooo overrated that who cares if men go into women’s locker rooms, after all, why would you want to hurt another’s feeeeelings?

So of course we can see the pattern of mitigated decadence and unbridled lawlessness, IF WE ARE HONEST, and the a-theist cannot be honest in this, because by his own words, there is no absolute truth. If ‘in the beginning God,’ is cast aside, then of course everything after that is left in the hands of they with the biggest mouths, and unfortunately, the loud mouths affect commerce, politics, economics, religion, science, the arts, sports, and well, you see how all that turned out.

The compass does not lie. To say there is no God is a lie. To say God’s word is no good is a lie. To say scripture is untrue is a lie. To say scripture is historically inaccurate is a lie. To say Saul/Paul never lived is a lie. To say King Solomon never built a temple is a lie. To say Jerusalem is not the apple of God’s eye is a lie. To say Christ did not live, die, and rise again is the grandest of lies. I am sensing a pattern, do you also see the broken compass?

The compass of God’s word is true. To say otherwise is a lie, thus is the ‘moral compass’ of the a-theist a useless piece of crap not suitable for recycling. This is accurate, logical, verifiable, actual, factual, certifiable, and demonstrably true. In addition, there is no such thing as an a-theist.       😉

(This is jack the barbarian, and I approve of this message)

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The history of atheistic science dismantled by scripture in fact

Ah yes, time for a fireside chat due to the tundra of North America. lol. Is this a big deal? Depends on you, but personally, I refuse to take my cues from the godless and alleged superior minds of infidel astrophysicists and television comedians. True science has always laid by the wayside every form of Assumptions.

This will be so easy to tear to shreds, like a pack of wild hyenas snickering at the fresh meat, all vying for the choice cuts, but what does the heading have to do with 2019?  Let’s consider this through that wonderful lens and word ‘doctrine,’ as God has much to say about things out of our comfort zone,  but we greatly err if we neglect to hear what God has to say regarding the doctrine of science.

Doctrine is sound teaching that withstands every ground and aerial assault, and in return provides correct context, without which, all opinions are equal. Sorry no. God’s word is not a book of opinions.  It is a matter of fact.

There is nothing in common with atheism and science, true science that is, and there is nothing in common with the demented atheistic version of history either. Scripture cannot be compared, stands alone, and more importantly, cannot be broken.

Scripture is the only standard whereby all other disciplines are judged. Why? Because it is correct. Correct in every way. God’s word tells us so succinctly (because all men want to know) that the heavens declare the glory of God, and only a fool looking to a star lit sky would argue otherwise.

False science despises the FACT that male and female created He them, as it was in the beginning, and as far as it appears, male and female, man and woman, still confirm this truth. Inconvenient of course to atheism and Chuck Darwin, but let God be true, and every man a liar. Easy enough.

But this is easier yet. The common atheist, while having a bible in hand, and unaided by the poisonous forked tongued whispers of ‘you really can’t believe THAT can you?’ has every bit of evidence and proof that would stand the test and scrutiny of the most savvy attorney trying to discredit it, whereby an honest judge must admit: ‘Get out of my courtroom councilor,  God’s word is good!’ Key word, Honest.

…..But having every proof so rejects it, while at the same time believing the mindless assumptions of an orbiting spinning ball, while having zero proof, yet so accepts it! Talk about the disconnect of the ages.  Is God’s earth in the world one of seven, or just another wandering star? Could our world be cited for jaywalking? A serious question.

To the believer I say: atheism needs the spinning ball to discredit the Creator. It needs the world to be one of many, insignificant as it were, irrelevant even, it needs the whirlybird to further godless evolution. It needs the globe to perpetuate accidental creation which of course leaves out God. Why can’t you or at least wont you consider this?

Have we fallen so low that we bow to the godless theories of atheistic evolution and accepted them as fact? Have we feasted on the assumptions of false science to be considered smart in the eyes of the world?

Have we become stooges of the govt at every turn? Sure there are good programs and agencies, but c’mon, do we need space agencies to tell us where we live? Do we need CGI images created by geeks in control rooms to convince us that our very eyes deceive us? Do we need their warped and perverted fish eye lens to SUGGEST to our minds that a water skier is traversing the waves of the ocean on a BALLED surface. Is it not embarrassing to be so susceptible to such blatant error?

God forbid King Solomon was lost as fog because he did not look through Hubble. The good king was not lost as fog, and had far better vision. Did Joshua not know that the backward moving of the sun ten degrees was not true, and that his senses lied to him? Joshua was not lost as fog, and the sun moved backward ten degrees for the simple reason the sun moves forward, JUST AS IT APPEARS.

But no, we need godless scientists, math teachers with endless equations that no one understands, and lying astronomers to tell us our very eyes deceive us, then while we see water moving, birds flying, clouds passing, cows walking, snow falling, we should trust our eyes to this, but not trust them to that. Who can function with such assaults to the brain, to be forced to accept certain realities, while denying others?

The moon moves overhead. The sun moves overhead. Rivers flow. Oceans roll. Railroads traverse planes. No devil on earth can prove this wrong. Rollercoasters go upside down at amusement parks. Guess what? The only unnatural thing I’ve just said is that upside downness to humans, is not natural; our senses know this, as dizziness is proof enough, yet, Yet, YET, YET, we are led to believe that our feet on terra firma are really not stable as we await the bus, and that we are moving, but cannot sense it or feel it.  OooooKaaaaaay.

My senses can be trusted, but we need so-called scientists, Hollywood, rocketmen,  or federal agencies to tell us not to trust what our eyes see? Don’t think so. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: God has not made humans such as insects, with abilities to walk upside down on ceilings, or walk on a basketball all around like an ant. The insect preaches an immoveable earth just as scripture asserts, and thankfully, common sense, reason, logic, and of course nature all confirm this.

I challenge anybody reading to take a 2nd, 3rd, 4th look at the image behind David Muir every night of a rotating ball. Subtle? Overt? Conditioning? Affirmation? Or a decoy to make common that which is not common at all, that being, God’s beautiful and wondrous creation, which belongs to Him, and not registered trademarks.

By the way, scripture never teaches that the earth is water. The earth is IN the water, and the earth AND the water constitute the world. Never in all of scripture, never, no never, not once, is the world EVER alluded to as a sphere. I suggest we allow God the courtesy of His own engineering as the wise master builder, and pay attention to God’s detail in things. He created the alphabet doncha know, and He knows how to collate information far better than you or I.

We give renowned engineers the accolades due them for constructing towers, yet reject the true Architect of life. Not too smart in my opinion. But c’mon friends, be honest. We have never given this topic the respect it deserves, and have cheated ourselves out of riches far greater than what we are fed by the god of this world, who has his mitts in commerce, media, labor, law, science, sports, education, and you name it.

But hope this post warmed your innards in the cold of January.

                                                                                     Railroad map across our fruited plain
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My .02 is gold

Apologies in advance for offending at least a handful, but here’s my take on that sproutling CommieLa Harris, the pathetic monument of all things anti-American, erected as the media darling being the latest face of lawlessness masqueraded as intellectually elite:


Cant stand her. Can’t stand to look at her. Can’t stand  her nauseous voice. Can’t stand her Obama like ‘worship me’ aura. Can’t stand the media as they trip over each other bowing to her highness.  Triple ouch and a dozen uggs.

That’s what I think of CommieLa Harris, and to those of you who would dare to abrade me for such caustic language coming from a believer: ha! If you only knew what gracious restraint employed to say even this.

Condescending always. Smug even more. Arrogant to the point of disgust. Heady. High-minded. Look for these traits next time she graces your media device. And try to say I am incorrect.

(and to those of you who may absurdly challenge this premise, because I have not been fair in this assessment of Trump. Don’t. He was despised from the beginning by the leftist media mob. What kind of president he is misses the point entirely)


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