My .02 is gold

Apologies in advance for offending at least a handful, but here’s my take on that sproutling CommieLa Harris, the pathetic monument of all things anti-American, erected as the media darling being the latest face of lawlessness masqueraded as intellectually elite:


Cant stand her. Can’t stand to look at her. Can’t stand  her nauseous voice. Can’t stand her Obama like ‘worship me’ aura. Can’t stand the media as they trip over each other bowing to her highness.  Triple ouch and a dozen uggs.

That’s what I think of CommieLa Harris, and to those of you who would dare to abrade me for such caustic language coming from a believer: ha! If you only knew what gracious restraint employed to say even this.

Condescending always. Smug even more. Arrogant to the point of disgust. Heady. High-minded. Look for these traits next time she graces your media device. And try to say I am incorrect.

(and to those of you who may absurdly challenge this premise, because I have not been fair in this assessment of Trump. Don’t. He was despised from the beginning by the leftist media mob. What kind of president he is misses the point entirely)


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The foundations of nature are secure

After all, ‘Doth not nature itself teach you? Oh yeah, but keep in mind, ‘The wisdom of this world is foolishness unto God.’ Chew on this dear friends. Is this limited to spiritual affairs only, or is this suggestive to be wary of the world’s politics, laws, commerce, history, astronomy, religion, science, and education? Indeed, all disciplines employing this ‘wisdom’ are but without form, and void of truthful coherence, unable of correct context. Sad but true.

Winning friends and influencing people? Not looking for allies here but you decide. This will seem controversial to some, aloof to others, and bizarre to even more, perhaps beautiful to others, but then again, that is the nature of any thing truthful.  These tenets are not new, nor original. They are at least 6 thousand years old, maybe older. I’m pretty sure these things can easily be proven without the scriptures, and have been, by many people and cultures using the skill set of logic, facts, and the most virtuous of senses; thankfully the scriptures affirm many things, of which true science is one.

I promised CTom  a follow-up post because of his excellent usual contributions, and his observation below needs further delineation, as the topic of the day concerns where we live as humans. But this is important, because we as believers need not share the faith of atheists. Do yourself a favour and take time to digest the whole. Ten thousand years of opposing views could hardly be settled in ten minutes.

Since the Bible is not a science journal article or text book, it is silly to go there expecting an education in science. God inspired the Bible’s writers to communicate with the people of their day, not with 21st Century scientists. So a large part of understanding the Bible is putting ourselves in the place of those who first read it. When we don’t do that, we must inevitably misinterpret the Bible. The Bible was written for us, but it was not written to us.  (CTom)

To this I say indeed it is not a science textbook, but God’s word never contradicts science either. But I completely DISAGREE that it was not written to 21st century scientists, as God’s word contains ALL that pertains to life and godliness. In any age, God’s word is not only relevant, but necessary, to either prince or pauper, rabbi or priest, college dean or kindergarten teacher, as it is spot on and incriminates man at every turn, while it also delights. The book of Romans could have been written this morning, just as Genesis. Without God’s knowledge of His own creation, we become the spokesmen of others imaginations. Too strong? I dare say not strong enough.

Which is more credible, the fact that God says the earth has foundations, or Degrasse’s opinion that it has none? (Ps. 104)

Which is more credible, the fact that God says the earth cannot be moved, or Nye’s ‘theory’ of a spinning, 67,000 mph orbiting rock?

Of God’s earth, we read: ‘For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.’ (Ps 24) When any architect plans his skyscraper, he must determine how he will found it, how he will stabilize it, and the fact is, the most important component of his building no one sees.  He establishes the building by founding it. Are we then by comparison that shallow in thought to deny the Creator His engineering superiority?

So God made man and woman. ‘Male and female created He them. He made great whales. He made the beasts of the earth. He made the birds to fly. He made the seeds within itself. He made the stars also. He made flora and fauna.’  Is this literal and true? Does this common language need interpreted or simply believed? Is this the dream of a king that needs the gift of Daniel? Or is it already clear as glass, just as the science of Genesis presents?

‘He has fixed the earth firm, immovable.’ (1 Chr. 16.30)  ‘Thou hast fixed the earth immovable and firm.’  (Ps. 93. 1) Is this literal and true? Or do buildings move? Is this language at all ambiguous? (How do you spell foundation?) To think this is mere poetry goes against every logical reading of scripture, as this truth is repeated over, and over, and over again. God then asks of man: ‘Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?’ Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner-stone thereof.’ Some serious construction it appears.

Yet, the talking heads of National Geographic, NPR, CNN, ABC, MIR, NASA, (I know there are good people in any organization) and every evolutionist and atheist on earth says that God is doing science all wrong, that IT IS moveable, that it is NOT firm, having no foundations, and that God’s word cannot be trusted, especially since it agrees with our daily perceptions, common sense, facts, and reason. God is somehow said to be unaware of His own blueprints.

I beg to differ, and wholeheartedly agree with God and His science, as opposed to the machinery, the Disney and cartoonish imagery of space, complete with goofy CGI images of fraudulent attempts to persuade. Toward what? Why? Well let’s see. Romeo oh Romeo, let me count thy ways.

The god of this world (if we believe such things) hath blinded the minds of them that believe not, and far too often, the so-called visions of ‘intellect’ and godlessness are latched onto by believers as sight, so we may maintain our positions in academia, society, or even among friends. WHAT modernist dare say publicly God created the heaven and the earth, and that He sustains it with equal ease as in the beginning? What fool would utter such nonsense? Hmmm?

What math teacher dare believe that the Creator of arithmetic is the Father of this exact science? What railroad conductor dare deny that the ground he is travelling over at 80 mph is stationary and does not move? What desert nomad and his camel need to worry that todays sand will be tomorrows shoreline because it MOVED due to the tilt and insane speed of the earth which makes both camel and rider dizzy?

So yes, every discipline on earth passed off as knowledge which leaves out God is riddled with contradictions and faulty logic. The smell test of sea level and a still lake exposes the corruption.  Our senses demand we pay attention and see the stillness of God. Water never lies. It follows the path of least resistance and always finds its level.

The internet has contributed to the dumbing down of people, with 100 million hits on ‘knowledge,’ and in a second or less we choke on the inability to process such information while pretending to know. Technology has its limits, and God’s patience is not forever; enter that attempt to oust God from heaven by way of the tower of Babel. The headlines: Science tries to reach heaven by bricks! Fools I tell ya.

It has been said that people ‘cannot defend a spinning ball,’  as if it cannot be defended, while others say  ‘defend a horizontal plane,’ as if that cannot be defended, and of course, both ARE defended, but both cannot be correct. And this is the childish myopia shown by they who pretend there is not merit in differing viewpoints. I have many friends with whom we disagree, while having the very best of friendships. I need not dismiss them because they cannot play chess.  And they need not dismiss me because they are better looking.

But the dead giveaway is in HOW people carry their points, as I am careful to observe the humanity or lack thereof, held by people who carry this view or that. Read the previous 2 posts and the comments. Nuff said.  Godlessness loses every single time.  The truth of God and scripture agitates the uncomfortable, while comforting the humble.

But the science of scripture? Of course it exists. Of course it is accurate, Of course it is true. Genesis lays the seeds from which all truth springs, and from which all life grows, both in the ground, and in the mind. If Chuck Darwin can find a flaw in the ‘kinds’ of  Genesis, surely his gripes regarding the ‘species’ are legitimate.  Ha!

Since the seed is within itself, Darwin fails, and fails miserably, as God’s science is far better than his. Since he could not put a dent in God’s truth, others would come along and try to invent their own science, but with pitiful results. God owns the heavens too, and He gave the sun its daily route, bringing heat and light, as well as the mission of the moon, to separate day from night, each having its own purpose, each not trespassing on the other’s daily circuit. This is observable. This is true science and needs not interpreted on chalkboards which erase God. Daniel knew this.

But where pray tell did the earth revolve, if the sun and moon were created AFTER earth. Did God forget something, or is our home just as He made it, and told us, that being immovable, firm, and like any good building,  having foundations, being founded upon the waters, just as our senses and the good book tell us?  No wonder the godless rage.

Do we really need MIR or NASA to tell us where we live, as if we are a dancing mass of accidental rock having no design or purpose, just lucky like other wandering stars?  Can we not agree as to God’s genius? Is it God’s idea that we must walk with crutches and sit under godless PhD’s before we can know WHERE we live?  The building blocks of God’s science are laid out in Genesis if we pay attention, and they are equally valid and powerful yesterday, today, and forever. This is why modern scientists dismiss scripture, not because it is not ‘intellectual’ enough, but because it is true, true because God is true. Sinful man MUST dismiss the Creator from  every discipline.

And this is the SOLE matter. I would rather listen to the opinions and testimonies of farmers, surveyors, botanists, bricklayers, coal miners, roofers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters,  submariners, aviators, physicians, gardeners, photographers, nurses, you know, people who actually LIVE in the real world, as opposed to they who concoct theories and assumptions inventing how water SHOULD act, as opposed to how it DOES act, based on facts, logic, common sense, and time-tested observations of daily, repeatable, and provable consistency.

In this, modern science is a huge fail. The so-called scientists of today are worshipped as gods yet they probably never picked up a hammer in their life. I despise the laurels heaped upon such men, because of our self enjoyed ignorance. We WANT a king, and we want that king to be our intellect, but we refuse to see that it is fallen, selfish and marred. We were convinced that scripture has nothing to say about science, because the voice of sinful men has infiltrated the scriptures, so much so, that we convince ourselves that the foundations of God are NOT sure, yet somehow, Darwin and DeGrasse are sure. Perish the thought.

And need I remind my friends, there is one thing God cannot do. He CANNOT lie. It is not that He can but chooses not too. He CANNOT, and when He says the earth is immovable or fixed, rest assured dear friend, He is telling the truth, and since this is a fact, then obviously the science of the world is corrupt to the nines.

Then again, maybe you have seen the earth move one inch, in which case you may want to question your senses. So yeah, we all defend something, it all boils down to what is worth defending. I think God’s word is that gold mine, as opposed to the fool’s gold of atheism and science falsely so-called.

Who care’s what the heathen think of us. They have already committed us to straight jackets for believing God created the heaven and the earth. They think sin is an illusion. They think Moses never lived, there was no Exodus, no town of Nazareth, no Mary, Joseph, no Christ, no death, no resurrection; the pattern of lying history spread by atheistic thieves is palpable to any body who can read.

So guess what? I do not care what the infidel thinks of my world view and science. I have logic, common sense, facts, my eyes, as well as the testimony of nature on my side, not even to mention the overwhelming affirmation of God’s word.  ‘It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in. (Is 40)

There is a strong ‘pull’ like a tug-o-war competing for your affection, which requires an alert eye, because there is a roaring lion seeking about who he may devour.  We need not be his play toy or lunch.

Ps- If you have hung on and made it here, thank you; your time is the greatest compliment. And if you are an evolutionary atheist just waiting to pounce and prove my ignorance, can you at least wait before you send truckloads of junk mail? I am not interested in you trying to steer the narrative, and by so doing scare away all decent people. This is jack the barbarian, and I approve of this message.    😉



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Nature’s herald no. 2

You want to talk about unicorns or large lizards? Not today, anyway, what is exactly large? Compared to what? How about Goliath of Gath, the 9′ prize fighter that was proven to be just another clumsy oaf? Nope not today, do not want to discuss headless fools. How about those marvelous bumble bees which defy aeronautics? Love those fellas but not today.

How about boys at the age of 7 in girls bathrooms because we have evolved to the point of ‘everything is sacred?’ I’d love to tear apart that stupidity, but not today. How about the alleged roadster of Musk and SpaceX cruising through space in auto pilot? Hmm nope, but at least we are getting warmer.

Some time ago I posted a heads up so as to prepare the way for something better, to allow the mind and heart to settle so as to take something more seriously than usual perhaps. There is a topic that scares the daylights out of people, believer and unbeliever alike, (I know this assuredly from personal experience, even though you will hear otherwise; just consider your own conversations with family or friends) and a topic that CAN put people into camps or even dunce corners, but it does not have to be, and that subject is God’s creation in general, and where humans live in particular.

I have no less than 10 times in the past month mentioned that the genius Nicola Tesla and Mr. Albert Einstein were smart men, albeit men who differed in theory and practice. So when I hear the cry of ‘you fool!’ or ‘how can you be so blind, thtoopid, or just plain dizzy in the head,’ I laugh at the shallowness of far too many who  refuse to engage their own God-given brain, and consider WHY there are many points of view while looking at the same information.  (Hello Dems and Repubs?)

I mentioned that since I changed url’s, many readers were lost, and more maybe, \0/ or ;(  but do consider the life and times of man and why we do such things. ‘A friend loveth at all times,’ not when they behave badly though right? but the next offering coming your way is not about love; well, maybe it is, that is, there is this thing called love of the truth, truth which can make us uncomfortable.

To borrow from the lucid and always sharp and sober mind of a man above men, he said this:

‘It is good to pass from fiction to fact-to have, instead of a rotten plank, a strong bridge on which to cross the stream-in lieu of panting in the foggy atmosphere of impossible Theory, to breathe the pure air of heavenly Truth. Let us now, therefore, endeavor to learn something of what the bible tells us concerning the sun.’

Love this. Who talks like this of God’s creation in such simple eloquence while making his case regarding the place we call home? Can an evolutionist or atheist speak with such splendor? A thousand times no, because here we have words coming from a sanctified mind. Of course I am not saying the infidel is a bad person, it’s just that he is not so equipped.

But does our topic of the day matter in the larger scheme of things? I believe so, because it boils down to whether God’s word can be trusted, if our senses agree with His revelation, and if our facts line up with reason and logic not based on assumptions, but actually and factually, so yes, we should consider who is on trial here, and rest assured, it is not the Creator.

But do ask yourself, whether your senses agree with scripture. So enjoy, and do yourself a favour and get out the coffee, warm fire, whatever, but do give jack the barbarian the road.     lol

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I am Jack the barbarian…….grrrr

Was reminded recently that stone age intellect was not limited to our ancestors, those illustrious goons who unlike us moderns, did not waste their time twiddling their thumbs on a device, but were busy making brass, copper, laying magnificent stonework, and showing their unequalled carpentry skills, ‘unto the coping,’ yet magically, as if overnight, we have finally arrived, even to the point of saying the craftsmen of past were doing life all wrong.

Their calculations were incorrect, their math was wrong, water acted differently five thousand years ago than it does today, and the likes of Job, Joseph, Solomon, Priscilla, Lydia, Mordecai, Esther, Paul, Apollos, Stephen, Abraham, Noah, Seth, and Mr. Adam were stone age dunces, AS IF THEY EVEN LIVED AT ALL.

Yep, today, we have Neil DeGrasse and his sidekick Nye to tell us that all these men were clueless as to life and intellect, and that man has not evolved at all as far as intellect, UNTIL he jumps onboard the gravy train of modern science, and comes to understand that Easy Street is found in the halls of godlessness, and in the labs where godless men have dissected God out of His own creation, and in the classrooms of self-made professors who decide, by artificial fiat, what is, and what is not true science. Yuck and double ughs.

It is one thing however to be labelled a fool by evolutionists and atheists, it is quite remarkable however to be dubbed ‘barbarian’ by people who should know otherwise. Why pray tell are some believers on the receiving end of such a wonderful ascription? Ha, I’ll tell ya. When you don’t ‘do’ science quite right, or should I say, according to the standard fare, presto, you are put in the corner, never to be heard from again.

After changing url’s and losing many a follower, the list further narrows any time you put forth ideas that are considered jack-out-of-the-box, and therefore, a pariah. This is so common in life, but more evident on blogs, because we can hide so to speak behind a keyboard, and keep our cards to ourselves.

When I hear that we as members of the human race are SUPPOSED to take as gospel, the WORDS of godless scientists who PROVE we are on an endless carnival ride called earth oscillating and propelling at a mere 67,000 mph, is it any wonder my left eyebrow raises, and asks: where is the proof? Is this asking too much? I think not, yet believers put other believers in concentration camps of isolation and call them unworthy of friendship. Too bad, and speaks to the innate ignorance of both atheist and believer who have formed an unlikely confederacy.

Me? Nothing in common with the religion of atheism, and ever better yet, nothing in common with their science, so this presents a dilemma for far too many believers. To agree with the atheist as to his science, is to sup with the idea that the atheist has ‘facts’ to support such notions, (Hello science falsely so-called?) but to disagree with the believer who sees otherwise, is to say God is not clear enough, so we will default to the science of the atheist. Both are terrible conclusions, and are weak excuses for arriving at a premise.

Prove the 67,ooo mph, and rest assured, not one person has done so. Call me a fool for saying so, but I have my senses, logic, facts, and scripture on my side. If I am wrong show me. If I am a liar, tell me, but please do not do so with opinion or feelings. There is no topic on earth that can not be explained accurately, that is, if we are brutally honest with ourselves. To be labelled a moron by an atheist is expected, but by a believer……………….?

To those of you who have put your neck out for my sake, and have seen the bigger picture that believers are not Stepford twins, that we all see things differently, that we can find value where others see none, thank you. I have neither shunned from the gospel, and have told the truth, truth which makes some squirm.

But I remind you dear friend, that Christ Himself was thought to be a worm, and not a man, with unjust accusations heaped upon him that we cannot fathom, yet in all this, He understood, because He knew what was in man. All it took was knowing one man Adam, and in this He sympathized.

If the Highest of all has gone lower still, what does this say of our self-made exalted positions where we cite each other as barbarians, morons, evil, stupid, or stone age believers?  Nuff said.

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Risky business these assumptions

(I promised this to a few people. Ask yourself though if this is important, and if you and I are on the correct side of ‘science,’ keeping in mind God says there is ‘science falsely so-called.’  But do take note of the exaggerated pic at the outset and how ‘globularity’ is forced upon the brain, and THAT with purpose.  Enjoy.)

Had the privilege the other day of engaging in a rare face-to-face discussion with a thoughtful fellow about this that, and the other. It is the ‘other’ that allowed me some finer thoughts on bias, perception, and strongholds which people have for well, no other reason than the illusion of mental safety, and the protection of long-held ideals.

Conversations flow naturally like water, and take unexpected turns like a whitetail deer on high alert, so the topic of religion popped up, (ha, it wasn’t my idea!) and I asked him to explain the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Without hesitation he assured me it was the virgin giving birth to a male without the aid of an earthly father.)

I told him this was a common assumption, but dead wrong. His eyes about jumped out of his head, as he thought I was nutso. I simply brought forth an important point about BELIEF, and how some cling tenaciously to something, without having examined all sides of the box, and by so doing, have limited vision and therefore lead to faulty conclusions.

He was stricken with awe as I proved to him that it was the conception of Mary which was allegedly immaculate, that this doctrine puts forth the notion it was she who was preserved sinless, mark that, that it was HER BIRTH, assumed to be free from the stain of original sin. He thanked me for this unexpected piece of enlightenment, as I stated that this idea has not one shred of support from scripture, but like a golden calf has long entrenched the beautiful people while providing not light, but fog.

But there is more. I think no less of him for his ignorance in this, as some traditions are stubborn masters, but I wondered why some believers think less of others when they do not cross their tees and dot their eyes in matters equally or even more important.

This ASSUMPTION of things is contagious and proven by the evolutionists and atheists also, as they specialize in houses made of pencil and paper, in which, much to my own chagrin, far too many believers have inadvertently pitched their tent in the wrong camp, and needlessly suffer intellectual compromise. The self-inflicted pain of unnecessary compromise and lasting scars left by assumptions need not be.

Darwin asserts man was not always man, that birds were not always birds, whales were something else, and this so-called science which is untestable, never repeatable, and never observable, yet somehow is ‘true,’ is latched onto by believers who are guilty of similar assumptions as our Catholic friend: good intentions, but wrong.

Further. Many have crawled into bed with the godless ‘theories‘ of an ‘alleged‘ spinning ball called earth, orbiting at an ‘assumed’ 67,000 mph, and with a straight face tell you the Rockies are not still as death as they ‘orbit’ God knows what, at this bizarre speed that would no doubt kill every butterfly and goose in flight. The boy catching a pop fly in Little League must also be oblivious to the fact that he is spinning while he stands still waiting for the ball to land in his mitt. Yikes. Who can process such nonsense?

These are the same ‘experts’ who sit alongside the other folks agreeing with the premise that says Adam never lived, Moses and the exodus was fiction, Daniel never met a lion, the Baptist in the wilderness was but a kid’s tale, Mary and Martha did not have a brother named Lazarus, and of course, Golgotha’s hill was not the place that held a certain One on yonder central tree.

Do you see the diabolical connections and WHY it is important to prove all things? My catholic friend did not prove all things, as his assumption, well intended as it was, had no basis in fact or reality. Wishful thinking, that’s all. But the ‘science’ of the godless despises the science of scripture, and this is a tragic unequal yoke, IF SCRIPTURE BE OUR GUIDE.

Which reminds me. This globe ball thing, with railroads supposedly traversing up and down, all around like a circus ferris wheel to get from LA to NYC, from Timbuktu to Djibouti, from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Fear, has not been proven by they who hold such views. It cannot be proven, as the earth itself cries with loud protest against such a charge, as the assumptions are startling.

Yet, it is not the facts of a stationary earth that we now speak of, but of the disdain that believers show toward other believers who do not agree with them that arrests my attention, and there are many, I have this subtle gift (thank God) of reading between the lines, even among friends who have decided to cite others as ‘intellectual idiots’ for thinking so. Some call it discernment.

I pity such ones, not because of disagreement, but because of ‘assuming’ things they have never examined, and cling to automatic traditions, because of birthright, or because of the appearance of wanting to be seen as credible, or enlightened, to ‘fit in’ as it were, to be on the same team as modern science!  I want no such playmates.

The boast of  “We have Abraham as our father,” is similar to they who say, ‘of course the earth rotates at 1,067 mph, and orbits at 67,000mph, everybody knows that. We have DeGrasse and Dawkins as our father. They told us.’  Really?

But note, there are many, many, many believers who are solid thinkers/engineers/botanists/geologists/PhD’S/biologists/surveyors/doctors/lawyers/landscapers/ on and on, who hold to the fact of a stationary earth, while at the same time, they see other believers as simply unlearned who do not see the same, and still give them the benefit of the doubt as to their sainthood. Intellectual superiority is not a requirement for salvation doncha know. Surely we can give such people the time of day, and perhaps ask questions as to how and why they arrive at such conclusions, but better yet, why and how WE have arrived at our conclusions.

But the scorn. The scorn levelled by they who have not as much as thought a minute of the assumptions they themselves hold, while railing at others who have actually ‘done the math, and examined the evidence,’ is otherworldly. Go ahead, prove it wrong, and in the process you just may learn a thing or two about the talons of tradition and long-held sacred assumptions.

I forcefully say, that I have nothing in common with the ‘science’ of godlessness, evolution, or atheism, and I do so with the blessing of heaven, (since God created science in the first place as a tool to explain His works) and that I will rather believe my own eyes as opposed to the endless theories and mind numbing suggestions and assumptions by they who despise the Creator, as if our earth, where we live, is just another random speck of cosmic serendipity, resulting from an accidental beginning, which makes man no more relevant that a piece of lint. No!

God does not expect a 6-year-old girl to wait until she can be lectured by a godless PhD before she can learn the property of water, or what a compass proves, what a plumb line does, or how to use a carpenter’s level, and what truth these things teach.

Darwins apes need the spinning ball to feed godlessness and irrelevance, for without God, and this will be painful to read, life is but irrelevant. Relevance has context, context has purpose, purpose has design, design has intelligence, intelligence has wisdom and understanding, and these of course come from One source, the Father of lights and only God of eternity.

So to the Christian I ask: why do you fear the stationary earth and cling to DeGrasse and Nyes doctrine of ‘disappearing ships’ as they mock the Creator with their cartoonish explanations and clownish speeches? They promote the idea that the earth is an amusement park that supplies their carnality and frivolousness with passenger airliners  flying upside down, trains travelling like topsy-turvy roller coasters, and all other such nonsense.

If you haven’t noticed, fighter pilots navigate spirals, up and down, proving dizziness is not natural, and no sane train engineer would take his freight, boxcars, loads of coal, automobiles, or people round round we go, up and down, over and under. Trains travel on a datum line called horizontal, and the engineers have never even considered the notion of making allowance for supposed ‘curvature.’ This is a fact. This is called science. Most uncomfortable to Copernicus, but not to he with eyes to see, and ears to hear. Railroads singularly demolish any notion of a ‘curved ball.’ Period.

Have you dear believer thought for more than a minute as to whether your world view agrees with God and His word? Not about faith and His word alone, but where you live as expressed in that same word? Have you thought about bullets being fired east and west, north and south, with absolutely no discrepancy in speed or time? Have you thought about planes (key word plane) flying and the havoc caused by moving runways? Have you ever looked at an escalator and the connection with a moving earth? A nice way to spend a Saturday.

Have you thought about the meaning of sea level? Do you know the Suez canal is 100 miles long with no locks but is dead flat from end to end? Are you aware that godless science has no answer for this but God’s word does? Do you know that according to the globeball’s own math, it needs over 1.666 miles of curvature at that canal? It has to be, or it falls apart completely and totally. It does fall apart, as water laughs at the math of the godless.

More importantly, as to God’s throne and heaven, is He and it also careening through ‘space’ aimlessly, or is He and His throne stable, secure, and immovable, as the good book clearly says?  What does immovable mean to you if not stationary? What does ‘on earth as it is in heaven mean to you?’

The earth is IN the water, as pure as Genesis and Peter tell us. This earth has foundations, did you know that? An architect when planning his building, does not take into account a moving base, as a foundation supports that which does not move. Can we not see the connection as to the master builder, or does God try to fool us? I think not. He offers us wisdom from above, if we only pay attention to His whispers and not the hisses of Chuck Darwin and his dwarfs DeGrasse and Nye. I’m pretty sure God as builder has not left us in the dark.

(Ps, one of the strongest proofs that my points are valid and worthy of consideration is the mocking hurled at otherwise intelligent people who present such things. If we are incorrect, show me, instead of whisperings of foolishness. There is no other topic that people avoid than the proving of where we live, yet far too many will defend something they never even considered.

But why else is this risky business? Because people so enjoy pointing at others defects, and posts like these will seem like ‘strange fire’ to be sure. I target no one, but if truth is valuable, there is a price to pay if only to be ridiculed. Need I remind you of the vitriol aimed toward Christ Himself who did not one thing wrong, yet whose understanding is infinite?

But do ask yourself if your beliefs about anything have the blessing of heaven, and be honest in asking if what you hold dear is not a constructed image of science falsely so-called.

Finally, I expect certain words that paint my postings as ignorant or infantile as coming from atheists, evolutionists, infidels, or self-made intellectual gluttons, but what say ye, dear believer friend, and/or why are believers soooo reluctant to engage the topic of the ages?)

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Gotta love antiques

Don’t let the name of the vid scare you. And don’t be tempted to write it off and immediately dismiss it; you will be the better person for your tolerance and patience.

I love old stuff. Unfortunately, in many areas, we tend to think ‘old’ means intellectually lopsided, short of smarts, behind the times, or just plain old wrong. I beg to differ, and we mistakenly infer we are so much more advanced than ‘yesterday’s children.’ Ignorance has many disciples, yet ignorance does not mean stupid, but simply uninformed.

Sad to say, we have not learned that our ancestors were actually ‘smarter’ than us, that they were really and truly more in tune with common sense, and while we borrow on their achievements, we refuse to see what they saw, and in the process, we draw conclusions based on preferences and the strong pull of society as opposed to things that should be absolute.

Pay attention to the music once the vid settles, and observe the interesting cartography by the passengers as well as the incomparable Gleason map. There is an all around ‘niceness.’ Enjoy, and draw your own conclusions. And of course I am well aware of just posting this vid is reason enough for some to cry: ‘thou fool!’

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The music of the beast?

With recent press time regarding animals in zoos and their interaction with humans, thought it may be a good idea to offer a few observations.

So a lion is put to death because he killed a worker. Sad to say of course that 2 lives were taken away, but I suppose the zoo worker’s death could have been prevented, and the lion could have been kept alive as well.

Without knowing all the circumstances, was the lion killed to possibly save the girl’s life, or was he killed because he killed the girl? Zoos have been historically known as places where we think wild animals are more tame because they are behind bars, and their ferocity is kept at arm’s length, that is until, we let our guard down and become careless, and the wild beasts tear off our heads then go for an afternoon nap feeling content that he has done absolutely nothing wrong.

And there is the rub. It’s the conscience thing. The animal can do no wrong, yet it is you and I who attach worth, purpose, and culpability as to the lives of animals and humans, but we do so wrongly, unless of course, there be a God in heaven.

Which is worse, a lion killing a zoo worker, or that same lion killing a whitetail deer? Why? If survival of the fittest and evolution are the king of beasts, why put animals in cages at all, unless we in our ignorance do not believe what we say, and put artificial barriers between progress and our feelings.

Ha! But we do know that the false god evolution is the joke of the ages, and that a lion will always be a lion, that he will never build the pyramids, and that humans will not wake up from our ignorant sleep, thinking we can be best friends with the big fluffy polar bears and maned lions, because after all, they are sooooooo cute.

Maybe we need to be reminded of that roar that can be heard for miles, that the Creator saw fit to give bodies to animals so unlike our own, and to give us hands, so unlike their own, that we can express, create, imagine, construct, direct, plan, control, organize, and build lives of vice or virtue, so much so that we leave epitaphs, words to remind others that we have lived and left memories, and that we have eulogized humanity, so unlike the dead raccoon by the wayside who has yet to receive a proper burial.

I’m not lyin I tell ya when I say God hath given a certain kind of flesh to animals; the armor of the rhino, the leather of the elk, the glory of lion’s pride, the neck of the giraffe, the trunk of the elephant, the viced mouth of the shark, the laziness of the apes, the smile of the dolphin, the majesty of the eagle in flight, and of course the combined ability of man to do what the animals cannot: to swim, to fly, to walk, to create unlike any other on earth.

Man is the pinnacle of God’s creation, the magnum opus of all symphonies as it were, but far too often we substitute the music of God with the noise of pretended intellect and call that ‘progress.’  But maybe if we consider if a beast can or cannot be a man……we just may be on the road to progress, that is, if we allow God the courtesy of His sovereignty over all that is.

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Now serving 19


Key word service. From the beginning of my experiences in blogging, there has been no deviation, no swerving, no turning, nothing but unyielding affection for the truth regarding the origin of man, the reliability of the historical narrative, the precision of geography, the testimony of good men, the acts of wicked men, the recognition of God’s faithful promises upheld, in spite of man’s waywardness and rebellion, and the ever and always honesty according to the scriptures.

Those of you who have followed, know without a doubt, that I do not compromise God’s word one whit. The Giver of life has every right to take the same life, and still stand blameless. Some don’t get this, but God is always good. He is also not a puppeteer, and while He is indeed Sovereign, we the created ones, are responsible for the life and times we have.

While other blogs are suitable for ‘anything goes,’ regarding the posting of vulgar comments, pictures that would shame a weeping willow, or just all around perversion as to content, this is not one of them, and I do not apologize for not hosting every foul and unclean bird. And yes, I am a pretty good judge of what is foul and unclean. Atheism is foul and false science is unclean, and I have no problem saying so.

Insults toward me I can tolerate, as they are water off a ducks back, but I will faithfully defend the wickedness aimed toward my friends in blogsville at my expense.  It is important that we as believers testify to the word of God, that is, not when things are pretty, but when they are ugly. Blogging brings out both.

Thus the baseless accusations of ‘liar,’ ‘you are mentally unhinged,’ ‘you are a retardation of the species,’ need to be pointed out, and such characters should be sent to the dunce corner until such time as they learn how to behave.

Unfortunately, many spend entire lives in that corner, with thumbs in mouths and blank faces, completely unwilling to reason with their own lack of willful rebellion, and included in this evangelistic outreach, is the visiting and harassing of believers blog sites who are resolute in the faith.

‘If I can get them to doubt Genesis, I will prove God is a fraud and faith a sham.’ This is the SOP (standard operating procedure) and ministry of charlatans and I can see them 4 continents away. I am aware of the phone calls, the texts, the emails, the links, the naming of believers who actually believe Genesis who are deranged…….

Guess what? Genesis is fine and true, accurately and perfectly portraying the only beginning revealed to men. Of course infidels find fault, and they sire grandchildren to follow their train.

‘If I can get them to think Moses never lived, this will make Exodus fall to pieces.’ Blah, blah, blah, then they get a dozen more modern heroes who massage their depraved ignorance of history as they write their own book. Which reminds me. What atheist book finds its home in motel nightstands, relieving the hearts of the weary? Think real hard.

‘If I can get them to believe  that Daniel never spent a night in a den of lions,’ (can you hear the cunning hiss?) they will doubt the fact that God reveals the secrets of dreams, that God protects, that Israel was in exile, and that the book of Revelation is pure nonsense.’ Yeah, good luck with that, as the prophets also confirmed every word of Genesis.

‘If I can get them to think there is no evidence of God…………’ Oh good gravy, what a sad song and even worse state of affairs. As if that great supposed random act of cosmic serendipity put in action the composition for the making of coal, gold, blood, water, flesh, bone, brains, trees, fruit, meat, wings, gills, love, hate, light, dark, male, female, so yeah, no evidence of God.  Of course all these things confirm Genesis, so yes, the hits keep on coming from the evangels of doom and gloom.

But don’t you dare cite my friends as brain-damaged, liars, retarded, or deranged, as this is worse than your Hustler pics you try to peddle, and the consequences of your tone deaf ears are your ticket to the corner to sit.  So here’s a toast to all bloggers everywhere,  with a special head’s up to they who are distinctly primus inter pares.  😉

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The ship of fools

Can you imagine Noah telling God: I can’t build the ark, I don’t have the internet to tell me how to build it.

Uh, that would be a big fat nnnnno. Yet we do have the internet that tells us he didn’t build it, or couldn’t build it. Meanwhile, the ship was more than sea worthy, as its construction had the blueprints of He who created water.

The short-sighted and selfish opinions of men who dare challenge God as to His doings, is distressing to say the least. I had a grown man once who happened to be some kind of engineer tell me that the table I painted, was not painted. A compliment to be sure, but his deceived persona was annoying as I only smiled.

Some people just don’t get it, and never will. God’s word is good. God does not consult with Dow Jones or NASDAQ to see if He needs to change something. The Dow will no doubt be in earthly awe when the ‘mark of the beast’ hits the streets, and people will pull their hair out because some will lose, and others win, as this paperless/buying/selling/ trading/ and money thing, which by the way, was told of thousands of years ago, and long before Bill Gates was in diapers, becomes the topic of the day, hitting every media circus on earth.

And of course the internet will once more be abuzz with the professional opinions of fools, with headlines such as: COMMON SENSE FINALLY COMES TO TRADING, or: THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF THE MARK, or: THE GERMAN MARK RETURNS, and of course the whole world will applaud such economic and societal breakthroughs. Or so they think.

But they will continue to mock Noah, God, his word, His promises, grace, truth, they will have utterly destroyed the truth of God’s rainbow in the heavens,  decadence will be multiplied, pure evil will be enjoyed, and everything that is OF God will be dubbed: ANTISCIENCE! Hilarious but pitiful.

And oh, then there is Israel, which will be labeled as the bane of all progress and is the reason for all the woes on earth. So an alert mind can readily see that whatever the topic on the table, be it Noah, rainbows, buying, selling, the nation of Israel, the end game is an assault on scripture generally, and an affront to the only God of heaven in particular.

But one can always avert such nonsensical influence, and see that God’s word is ever and always good. But the ship of fools?  It’s the USS DEVO, in which holds all passengers who will definitely drown…….but it doesn’t have to be.  (aka the little god science and devolution)

May I suggest a mutiny against the captains of atheism and evolution? Better yet, the true Captain of life bids you welcome, and sets a table prepared for you. Will you accept the invitation, and agree that the pride of life has caused your deafness, or will you pretend to play the violin as the ship of fools sinks….

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“On the Far Side Banks of Jordan…”

Thought I’d post something from a man who you no doubt never heard of. Watch the vid. Do understand that this is a fella who has probably a different view of cosmology than you. But so what.

Judge for yourself the merits of another believers walk, personally, I found this fresh and guileless.

It is a good thing to give others ‘air time’ as you already know.


Mystery forest with lost astronaut

THE LONGER I’VE BEEN IN THE FAITH; THE MORE I MATURE; and the firmer I become on various doctrinal positions—everything from eschatology and cosmology to graceology and doxology—I find myself succumbing to an ever-deepening fear of the Lord on the understanding, and coming to terms with the fact, that I am indeed a fallible soul, and undoubtedly will at the moment of my death be very wrong on any number of positions which I firmly held to.

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Honor Thy Dust

In the spirit of giving, have a look at this post. Saint making, Job, ( as in the book of Job) are adroitly handled here with wit and truth.

See how our perceptions of ups and downs can be better handled, as God actually trusts us with things to test us in the best possible ways. Love the last paragraph.

See, there's this thing called biology...

beige and gray barn owl Photo by Jean van der Meulen on

Chuckling here, but I like order in my world and have these totally unrealized housekeeping standards. If you think life is a hard when then kids are small, wait until they are grown and move back in with you. Add your incredibly messy mom to the mix, in a house that is way too small.

I swept and mopped and polished my floors the other day and not ten minutes later we had to let the dog in. Naturally he’s all wet, muddy, and hyper, and we have hardwood floors, so of course he cannot just “come in,” he must crash and burn and wipe out, sliding mud across my floor and even up my walls, no less than 18 times on the way to his room.

I also chose to rake and clean up the yard not 3 hours before we…

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Remember December

Do you notice that the month of December brings out the finer points of humanity? Of course I speak generally about the yuletide season of eggnog, good cheer, happy holidays, employee bonuses, tolerance, patience, and carol singing, but specifically, all these things are ancillary to the tip toeing around the historical fact and pure certainty that God came to us in the form of Adam, yet sin apart and perfect in every way.

God showed us how man could actually live and thrive in a sinful world. I know I know, sin is not a pretty word, and despised among the hyper advanced and critically acclaimed and intellectually superior heathen, but truth be told, (and we do tell the truth around here) it’s kind of hard to deny the reality of sins payment when facing the newly deceased and recently departed loved one, when that ‘dead one’ laying so low in the casket, resembles nothing of the life which then was.

Sin has claimed another. It has collected its wages by way of death. And Christmas to most, while perhaps avoiding this uncomfortable and inconvenient truth, still dances around the reality that Christ did come, and that was good, but better yet, He became a man, and died for our sins, according to the scriptures.

And this is the crème de la crème of good tidings of good will and the wishful thinking of the godless utopia of ‘peace on earth.’ Not happening…………without the welcoming of the Prince of peace.

Science may try to steal this claim through endless smokescreens of pretended intellect, education may try to advance the human condition through ‘endless books and theories,’ sports tries to make men idols because they can jump an inch higher, music makes women attractive to sell the story and increase the profit, usually having nothing to say except for the next catchy jingle, all the while denying that even the common thief is more polite in the month of December, apologizing as it were for stealing your new shoes from the backseat of your car.

Yes December, that cold month that announces more cold to come, bitter cold, a deep freeze, yet giving us pause to notice that the wrath of man praises God by the mocking of Mary and that good man Joseph, who were instruments of bringing forth He who was born in the fulness of time.

Ah yes, but according to the scriptures, and therein lies the power of that gracious month known across the world as December. People actually talk to one another in check out lines, so unlike last month or the soon to be forgotten next month, yes, honking horns are less heard, courtesies extended where not so common, and just all around cheer and good will toward men. Sounds familiar, yet the skeptic looks the other way while the mocker still mocks, but with one eye half-open to the possibility that scripture is true, God is correct, and every man is a liar regarding himself.

Ha! More than possible, but certain.  (Remember certain shepherds………..)

O come O come Immanuel, and ransom captive Israel. Rejoice, rejoice. (the hymn writer was correct, truly captive, today in unbelief)

Joy to the world, the Lord is come. (ask Mary and Martha about joy insofar as their brother)

I so love the casual mentioning of that mighty one of God Gabriel, when announcing to Mary that she was highly favoured, blessed among women even, that she would be a mother, truly a word from heaven to the delight of her and us. Gabriel’s word was good then, it is still good now. A faithful messenger does not lie and is an ambassador of One greater.

Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinner reconciled. (love that reference to Romans, delivered, developed and explained through Paul) No man acting on his own accord and human wisdom could ever construct the truth that an all holy God who is a consuming fire, and one who could not look upon sin, could justify sinful man, without compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection. Such is the nature of the gospel.

Even the new ager Enya sings of the glory found in Christmas, as well as the one toy soldier keeping time, inspired by the narrative of December’s delight and scripture of course. God’s word works, in believers, and all others.

And it may help to include that among believers, there is both a tolerance for opposing views, as well as intolerance (to their own shame) as to who does, and who does not drink the eggnog so to speak in referencing the babe in the manger. It’s December after all, and our hearts are revealed as to whether or not Gods word has taken root.

Pity ourselves to find fault with any man who enjoys hymns and carols of truth pointing to David’s greater Son, but I like December, snow and all.

(Sung to the tune of the first Noel)

Then entered in those Wise Men three,
full reverently upon the knee,
and offered there, in his presence,
their gold and myrrh and frankincense. [Refrain]

Three? Doesn’t matter, but wise they were, coming from afar, with gifts not given but to the greatest. Gold for the regal King to be. Myrrh as a reminder that some deaths are sweeter than others. And frankincense? Well, there is that odor of the ointment thing filling not only the whole house, but the whole world.

Embrace December! And of course, with wishes of  (can I say it without offending someone? lol) a merry Christmas to all friends and foes in blogsville.


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Please hold…

Uncle Paul calls you on the phone and tells you about his wife who was just taken ill. You get distracted, and tell him to ‘hang on a sec.’ He says: ‘take your time.’ You were 18 at the time.

70 years later, after a life of job hopping, military tours, ups, downs, family duties, hobbies, and the common affairs of life,  you find yourself in a hospital bed; hardly unable to move your right hand, you notice the phone (the one with the cord) is off the hook, and struggle to put it back, but first you put it to your ear and say ‘hello?’

Of course the voice on the other end is uncle Paul who says: ‘I’m here, I waited for you.’ Of course the phone drops immediately to the floor. And in that moment of unannounced honesty but bitter and unvarnished truth, you saw the revelation of the patience of Almighty God which has been timeless and changeless. The brutal end of life was shown just as true as ‘in the beginning.’

But notice the kindness of uncle Paul as he said nothing of the lie when the young man said ‘just a sec.’ No, it was not ‘just a sec,’ it was a lifetime of poor manners, selfishness, busyness that had no time for an aunt’s welfare, and the quietness of the uncle to not bring up this behavior was louder than thunder.

God is not that uncle, no, much better even, but to put the creator ‘on hold’ as it were, as if time belonged to us, and to casually dismiss Him because of OUR cares of the world, what WE think is important, is kind of, well, not too smart. It probably would have been a good idea to spend a little time with the wise uncle so many years ago.

God’s time is not ours, and He is far far Far more patient than we can ever imagine. He is that good. But He does grant visions and dreams, things which speak to the eternal that we just may get back on track, so we do not have to wait 70 years before getting it right.

Things like this give context to ‘Jesus wept,’ at the aloofness of men, being saddled by distractions or lack of faith in the tangible and credible, which ignores the eternal truths found in the life and times of the perennial scent of a simple flower.

‘Yes, I’ll take that call, NOW.’



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Let it bee

Since they were first created, the honey bee has been delighting we the people with that wonderful treat known as honey.

The comb, an engineering marvel second to none, (there is that spider ‘s web though) has long stumped godless evolutionists as the only insect that provides food for man.

Why should the bee get all the glory, or why should the bee alone be tasked with such a solitary work load?

C’mon insect pals, evolve already will ya! Or perhaps they can’t, and never will.

I can see heaven’s wink in this, that masterful addition to creation that says: pay attention and behold what ingenuity has been withheld from the wasp, the polar bear, or the common fruit fly.  Behold my bee!

The bee, that humble little creature which performs its artistry and is under appreciated. And who pray tell ignores such a majestic life? Ha! The godless of course who are blind to the quintessential taste of that sweet nectar as to its origin.

But don’t you just love how the bee flits and zips, hovers, up down, zigs, zags, backward, forward, stops on a dime, with a mission that’s just so darn cool to the nines. Jed Clampett may have had his black gold, Texas tea,  but this honey thing is pure gold.  It’s just not fair I tell ya that the house fly has this skill of honey making withheld from his resume.

Will they who deny a Maker complain about this insect, that he alone is given this special skill? Will they argue that we need to wait a couple million more years before the bees hand off this job to the beatles? Or, perhaps and better yet, maybe a few will admit, ‘now there is an awesome God, who reigns above all things.’

Just maybe they will enjoy words of wisdom, and finally let bee the emptiness of godlessness, and thank God for His very genius. But that’s only a start, because the God of creation is also the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Scripture. Nature. Heaven. Earth. Arithmetic. The alphabet. Geography. Biology. Man’s history, man’s life, man’s destiny, death, disease, war, love, pride, greed, contentment, all that is. All of one. Can you hear the quiet tune of the humming bee as he preaches the gospel of the goodness of God without aborting his mission, or will you say the wonderful taste of honey is but a serendipitous accident or fluke of nature?

If you do, may you be stung till you regain your senses.  😉

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Just wishing you some evangelistic merriment

Far far too many names to mention insofar as wishing greetings, you know who you are. What a network of believers found on WP; rock solid in the mind, goodwill in the heart, and passionate in the soul regarding life in general, and the things of God in particular.

Image result for antique clocks

And to the unbeliever, atheist, or fencesitters who have frequented this site, and who have lost every argument as to the truth of scripture and the provable existence of God, thank you too.

You have made my (and many others) faith stronger. We have examined the claims of godlessness and false science, and have understood that the slight difference which cannot be bridged between man and monkey via biology, is as far as east is from west, impossible to bridge, and is utterly incapable of a man being a monkey’s uncle. Of course.

In short, like the good lady on the phone hearing your ‘claim’ about a faulty product, your claim has been denied. Your refund is rejected, as you have simply used the product wrong; you have not read the directions. The user of life is barking up the wrong tree.

To those who cry for ‘more proof!’ wake up, as life itself is your proof. Gold and coal, leather and wood, blood and water, ant and aardvark, turtle and rabbit, eagle and egret, swan and rat, bat and owl, male and female, hot and cold, reaping and sowing, man and woman, living and dying, all testify to the sole Giver of life, as well as the ability to differentiate between sense and nonsense. Which reminds me.

Gold, coal, and wood. Put these babies in a furnace and see what remains. These three, and the greatest of these is gold…………unless……you are freezing, and the wood is golden as it heats you, while the gold is useless. So yeah, imagine an accidental creation where the heat rejects the ‘seeds of wood,’ whereby the earth is left with only gold to eat like Cheerios.  But what heat? I degrasse,  oops, I mean digress. Sense or nonsense…

Yep, God made man and woman, male and female created He them, and oh yeah, horses of different colors. Gotta love God’s design. A woman with ten thousand babies in a ward will walk straight to her offspring by hearing the coo, or the smell of her own flesh and blood. Nonsense?

Wait, I thought this was a well wish, and here it is a sermon on conscience and the Creator. That’s right, Conscience, that intangible which knows God is, and that His word is good, very good even, more solid than gold, and a thousand times as valuable. But if unbelief was a food, then its disciples would die of starvation that can never feed the hungry.

But life on earth? Yes, God reaching low, condescending to a place which neither knows Him nor wants Him. Quite the affrontery. But He came and was refused by His own, yet received happily by the hungry. So as we enjoy eats and treats, let’s consider what really and lastingly satiates.

That fulness of time was, is, and ever shall be. Blessed be He that cometh in the name of the Lord. Emmanuel. God with us. Therefore, God bless us, each and every one. As He has.

And oh yeah, it’s December, but the very best of years end to you, as the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months, are all extended courtesies of He who created time.

Go ahead and toast the holiday spirit, because its all about good news doncha know.


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They are soooo not worthy……

(just another post in the series of marking out the absurd view points of they who have no taste for God, scripture, and decent people of faith. I do not apologize for pointing out such things. If you are a believer, this should warm you, if you are not a believer, try to be honest with yourself when reading, and face the music.)

I have seen many things on the webtoobz, good, bad, and ugly, but this commentary here, by a former alleged Christian, and now a promoter of AtheistsRus, who goes by the name of NAN, says this mind numbingly imbecilic comment:  (and no, I am neither calling such a one bozo or an imbecile.)

‘Why should there be any contemporaneous records relating to Jesus & to Paul? Neither of these two characters was worthy of any note whilst alive.’

I dare you to read that paragraph again and tell me with a straight face that this observation comes from anyone reading with a drop of unbiased reading comprehension. ‘Not worthy of any note whilst alive.’

Really? From Genesis to Revelation, the central theme is the goodness of God above all creation, plainly stated in the only reliable account of man’s origin, history, and destiny, proven completely and entirely in and through the Lord Jesus Christ, who truly is the only FIT man who lived, and whose life was testament to the reliable written word of God, and whose death demonstrated that God is for us, we who are such misfits as perfectly proven by NAN herself with such words of dark counsel.

Let’s repeat for the third time: ‘Neither of these two characters was worthy of any note whilst alive.’  Love that King’s english. Hate how it’s used here.

So NAN, and all ye who may agree with her, did you talk to the woman at the well who had a bundle of husbands yet who received daylight to her unexpected yet yearning heart and without a fee? Did you talk to the man born blind who received sight and saw the color blue for the first time? But perhaps you are like they who also saw ‘nothing worthy of note’ in a blind man seeing, and you would also accuse he who now sees of being a liar? Perhaps you should talk to his parents to see if he was actually born blind, just as the others did, as they then choked on their arrogance, ignorance, and feigned interest in truth.

Perhaps you neglected to speak to Nathanael, you know, the one who thought he was alone under a fig tree, far, far from the eyesight of man. Perhaps he could tell you what vision you lack, in seeing this Lord, this one who was not noteworthy.

Perhaps you forgot to notice that the Lord as a young man, visited the temple at the age of twelve, asked questions and had answers that came from eternity, so much so, that the learned rabbis were stunned. Perhaps it escaped your notice that His understanding is infinite. But nope, nothing of worth, nothing at all. The ramifications of ‘How can David’s son be David’s Lord’ must have slipped your notice.

The raising of His friends brother meant nothing to you either eh? After 4 days, when the body ‘stunk,’ after there was full proof that death welcomed one more customer because of sin, Lazarus lived again, after all, One who was the resurrection AND the life, spoke to him by name and said: Come forth!!!  You see, we have eyewitness testimony which would hold up in any court, yet Facts are most troublesome to they with agendas, preconceived notions, or prejudice. Darkness rejects light at all cost.

But no no NANNETTE, nothing to see here, happens all the time, sure it does, just watch CNN, where all modern gods agree with you. That’s real news doncha know, good news even, the gospel of the decadent who boast of same-sex marriage and boys who want to be girls. Paul spoke of such treachery, but it was Christ Jesus who suffered for sins once, the just for the unjust, whose precious blood washeth away sin, but nothing of note or worth. Sounds rather devilish NAN and friends to say the Lamb of God is either a fable or a lie, but lucky you, many ‘enlightened souls’ just like yourselves have camped with you, and find fault in everything that Christ and Paul did.

After all, there are many who currently occupy the right hand of God, a place reserved for deity, by One who alone is worthy, as all heaven sings praise and all earth groans. Who is worthy NAN and friends? You? Me? Anybody dare to say ‘yes, me?’ No, every mouth is stopped before Him as every knee shall bow. Mine in thanks, but yours in hypocritical embarrassment.

You may have missed that: EVERY knee shall bow. It’s not a maybe, it’s not a possibility, it’s not even highly likely, it’s a fact of life, because the Creator has told us, and His word is also very good. But right, nothing worthy of Christ Jesus, He who knew no sin but was MADE sin, as the last Adam made right what the first Adam made crooked.

And of course the most spiritual man this world will ever know, Reb Saul of Tarsus, then the apostle Paul, was also worthless of any note while he was alive. He who was in the business of tossing into jail believers who had merely believed the record of scripture, because HE thought they were meshumed, traitors to the God of Israel, only to learn that it was HE himself who was antagonistic to the grace of God.

NO man alive could have dreamed up the content in Paul’s writings, speaking of this grace that makes the unjust just, speaking of this God who gladly justifies the ungodly, yet, without compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection. Nobody on earth left to his own devices could have penned the letter to the Romans. Thank you Paul, and thank you Lord for this man who reveals more clearly your wisdom and glory, but right, nothing to see here….

It was told years ago how the elite of Harvard law were stymied at the powerhouse of logic found in Romans, but right, nothing to see here.

‘Now Saul was breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the believers………..’

‘There were forty men who conspired with an oath that they would not eat until Saul was killed………..’     (Hint: they did not starve to death)

‘Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels………………’

‘There are bodies celestial, and there are bodies terrestrial.’

‘Now the law is good if a man use it lawfully.’

‘Now the law worketh wrath.’

‘Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.’

‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

Only a mind blind to history, the combined emolument of scripture, the life and times of the patriarchs, the epitaphs of men, the various St. Paul Hospitals, (inspired by the unnoteworthy apostle) the very words ‘mercy, grace, peace,’ words which when understood in the context of Saul/then Paul, would make any heart to sing, only a callous soul could say: ‘nothing of note in the lives of Christ or Paul,‘ and to any who holds such a myopic opinion, I would add, you may want to rethink such midget thinking, with apologies to Dopey, and revisit the holy scriptures, wherein lies the keys to life, and which reveals perfectly the wayward hearts of all men.

Unnoteworthy such as Christ of Paul? Yeah, I call that wayward.




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More fruit loops

Congratulations johnzande. Yes it is perfectly scriptural to kick tail and take names, since YOU said this regarding a certain president named Donald Trump and ALL Christians. Got that? ALL Christians. Your words. You named him. You named others. You named me in that group of ALL. And by association, you have named ALL good people who I rub shoulders with, many of whom blog in this zip code.

Not sure you actually know any believers in your family, town, or wherever, (you know, not the once a year Reader’s Digest type like you who do not know Genesis from Revolution) but since you draw caricatures and malign people of faith using a pen with no ink, you no doubt are speaking of believers such as Wally, James, Mel, Tricia, ib22, Ctom, XP, Julie, -x, etc. etc, in your attempted demolition of God and people of faith.

Whether he is a good, bad, ugly, lousy, or even great president is not the point sir. What is relevant and moreso germane is YOUR assessment of good people, people who have never harmed a fly, people who have no mental health issues, and people who understand the allowable government of men, and people who understand the ultimate governments of God. But here ya go, your words, for you to choke on, and for others to see what the atheistic brain thinks of decent people, and I quote:

“and this human stain (Trump) still has their unwavering support. The hypocrisy is stunning, and they’re all just one bad idea away from picking up an assault rifle themselves and going on a murder spree.”

Did you catch that reader? Let me emphasize. ‘All. ALL. ALL.’ ‘ALL just one bad idea away from picking up an assault rifle themselves and going on a murder spree.’

This statement is from the life and times of pure atheism. Congratulations ye fine example of modern thinking, but of course, this be thinking without the brain attached.

In a court of law, any jury with half a drop of common sense would toss you 30 days in the hole for such stupidity cloaked as intellect. They may even forego the bread and water. Where is your EVIDENCE sir of such evil implications? Where is your chart that maps out such deviance of ALL Christians being ‘one bad idea away from going on a murder spree?’

I submit sir, that it would be equally egregious for a believer to say that ALL atheists are ‘one bad idea away from going on a murder spree,’ but this common sense no doubt escapes you, as well as the sad fact that you cannot understand how Christians are fair-minded, even toward criminals and atheists.

There are bad Christians compared to Christ, still, they would not dream of hurting a fly, and there are lousy atheists compared to Dawkins (lol) who would also not dream of hurting a mouse. Yes, there are atheists who murder, and there have been so-called Christians who have murdered, but to put them ALL in the same depraved basket is indicative of a mind gone sideways.

But fortunately for zande, he is not alone in his condemnation of good people, for others have also said with pure delight, they who have supped with him in heart and soul, that Christians (ALL) are retarded in the mind and should stay away from children, who at any moment could wipe out a town at Olympic speed with a gun, BECAUSE they are weak minded Christians.

There is the pseudo professor with superstitious taboos (who has said identical things), there is the guy whose cement ball cap whose weight has dented his skull to the degree rationale has gone on holiday (who has agreed with identical things), there are the women who boast of their knowledge of how temporal lobes work, and how the Christian is programmed like an unthinking computer, there are spineless booksellers who promote man as gods, there are swarms of others who say men had gills, but got tired of the seven seas, there are they who are so mentally challenged that they find ALL Christians as people needing a crutch, truly, misery loves company.

What sane mind on earth would suggest with such audacity that ALL Christians are but ‘a bad idea away from mass murder?’

Dear reader and Christian friend, THIS is why it is important to blog about the vigilance necessary to combat that depraved learning aka atheism aka stupidity, because it is contagious, and because they who cannot think an original thought on their own, need the comraderie of their own kin to justify their perverted views. Perversion, yes, and I say that with great restraint, for the insidiousness is far worse, because it is cloaked as INTELLECT.

Will zande apologize for his ALL Christians comment? Will his brethren side with decency and order and say: ‘zande, you have gone waaaay too far this time.’  I doubt it. At least not in public, but many will agree with me, for it is hardly a matter that needs determined taking longer than three seconds flat.


(PS- my computer may blow up if I link this source, but feel free to take the risk and pass along to any interested knucklehead who may benefit)    😉

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Neither were they thankful….

(note: to the unbeliever, believer, atheist, or whosoever will)

Leading up to the quintessential American holiday, it gives us pause and cause to recollect the many ways, and thousands of times, Thanksgiving can be rendered. Unfortunately, far too many of us only thank themselves. Ouch.

I speak specifically from the platform of life’s opportunities daily, no, minute by minute, in rendering thanks for all the offerings of life. Someone left the power on so you would have light, heat, coffee. Thanks. Someone worked the service station so you could have fuel, air for the tires, and coffee. Thanks.

Closer to home though, we could always gives thanks for the ability to see, feel, touch, perceive, think, and most of all create. We are but little creators, and this fact escapes even the most stubborn of hearts. We choose to create peace, art, war, environments that welcome or dismiss God; we choose to create a life devoid of thanks, or full of thanks.

‘Thanks’ assumes a response. You sneeze, ‘God bless you’ is a common response, and ‘thank you’ is the next obvious response, regardless of whether one believes in God or not. It is a well wish, that’s all, and only the most proud or self made indoctrinated fool would say: ‘I don’t need your thanks, as God is but an imaginary figure.’

‘So neither were they thankful.’ I love how the sovereignty of God can be seen in a simple sneeze, innocuous as it seems, yet in these unbridled moments of life, the unexpected idiotic and unrehearsed hearts of men are revealed.  ‘Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.’  Saying nothing would be a far cry better than saying something so mindless and insulting as ‘I don’t need your God to bless me.’

I look up at the night sky and see order, beauty, reliability, awe, magnificence, and I say ‘thanks.’ The impressions of the images are a reminder that for thousands of years, I have pitched my tent with they who have also looked up, such as Abraham and his offspring, and see the same innumerable company of the star studded canopy as they, and have also agreed that God’s word and promises are good. Thank you.

Life requires, no, demands thankfulness, and if there be no God to ultimately thank, then mankind is the most miserable of creatures, for we have had dominion over every living thing, and have pillaged the earth and seas, for what?

I think of the silverback ape here, and if he could talk he may say: ‘No thank you, I am nothing like you.’ He would be correct, and we would be liars to say he was mistaken, thank God.

‘Neither were they thankful, but were vain in their imaginations.’ Ha, how true is this! From that intended tower that would reach heaven, (and where God said no!) to the modern day PhD’s who write ‘peer reviewed papers’ to dismiss the Creator from His own creation, and do so with such bravado, they were/are both vain and stupidly imaginative.

Takes quite the imagination to ignore why eagles do not build nests underwater, and why whales cannot juggle grapefruits, but in this, I am thankful for understanding the nature and purposes of God Almighty. He simply made the ‘kinds,’ thank you very much.

Even a child with poor manners will invariably let out a ‘thank you’ for the cookie given by mom. So what is our excuse as adults, when we refuse to give thanks for life and all things? It’s simple. Our rock heads and stubborn hearts have stolen our common sense to the degree that we cannot see that ‘thanks’ demands reciprocation.

Even the Lord Himself took pause of a certain group who found His favour by having a malady removed, yet only one returned to give thanks to God. Truly an observation worthy of noting. Are you of the nine who said “eh, no big deal,’ or ‘Thank you sir?’

‘Neither were they thankful’ is but a sign of the times, and we are embarrassingly reminded: an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.’ Tis a sad day on earth when there is not a man to give thanks. And yes, to the women who are cut out of a greater cloth, you have no hard feeling when I assert that you are included in the ‘mankind.’  Thank you that you understand, and you are mature as to life.

So in this traditional Thanksgiving week, may we think of new ways to render thanks, not only for a country of freedom and the privilege to hold the pages of scripture, but to appreciate the thousands of things we take for granted.

Life summons a response to the Creator. So what’s it gonna be, thanks, or no thanks?

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And now for the news

Today there are spectacular fires in the western US, ice storms in the east, recent hurricanes in the south, flooding in places one would not expect, snow in the north, cold where one would not expect, and heat where one would not expect. Of course.

Beautiful and tragic. awful and awesome. How true is God’s word, that seed-time and harvest, cold and heat shall not cease, as long as the earth remains. Truth is ye television viewer, the earth shall not always remain. This thing we know as time is borrowed. It is fleeting. It is quicker than quick.

Doubt this? Just ask the gals who danced the halls of Paris or New York 70 years ago in their svelte bodies and their beauty, as they today do not have the power to move a leg muscle to do a wheelchair shuffle. Oh how time vanishes like a vapor. God had the drop on ‘vaping’ long before smoking was fashionable. Of course.

And let’s not forget the earthquakes, those clearing of the throat hiccups by the under belly of earths carpeting. All in all, the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof. We are ALL on borrowed time. What Mr. Timex or Mrs. Rolex would give for another days breath, so as I enjoy the snowfall while others curse the inconveniences caused to them……this could be the day that you and I have seen our last infomercial, or snowfall.

This could be the day the music died. So here’s three cheers to the God of nature, creation and redemption. Of course. He doeth all things well.  Can we truly then say: the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

In the meantime, we press on, doing good, giving thanks, keeping an eye out for thieves who peddle fear, doubt, strife, and they who would wage war against God Himself, by stealing the title-deed to the earth, and keeping it in the rusty vaults of Darwin, Nye, DeGrasse and all other cosmic liars.

Love me that white blanket of snow btw. God’s got this thing covered. Of course. Now its time….back to you in the studio.

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Thieves I tellya

(just another brick off the wall in the dismantling of godlessness)

The interpretive rights of scripture do not belong to liars and thieves; to be sure, that uncompromising and ever so sharp monarch of books bloodies the hands of they who would trifle with its sacred contents, thereby exposing the proud, the many, most even, from the few and soft of heart who bow to the revelation of Almighty God.

A fool may fear an earthworm, an ant, a black snake, a butterfly, or a harmless spider, yet have not one ounce of fear in his body toward He who gave the spider legs like an octopus, the ant a work ethic second to none, and a worm who irrigates the earth with his passages.

The FEAR of God however is not your garden variety ‘ooh, yuck, eek, shriek,’ but a posture of mind and heart which humbly recognizes and submits to the owner of the alphabet, the originator of arithmetic, and the supplier of all storehouses of wisdom and knowledge.

Got that ye skeptic? Your wisdom and knowledge is borrowed. You are not smart enough to stretch the lines out upon earth’s boundaries. You are not smart enough to devise a plan that keeps the four winds in place. You have not one whit of engineering sense to structure the great ice walls. You are embarrassingly incompetent to make a tornado, a hurricane, a seismic shock from below, or give directions to the lightning. You are clueless as to the fountains of the great deep, discovered a few years ago, but mentioned so casually in Genesis oh so many thousands of years ago.  God is the true Scientist.

Modern ‘Science’ is a snare and a delusion with pretended smarts and fancy data theories which if was food, a man would starve in a week. Godless science is evil to the core, and its proponents grasshoppers who cannot leap over a peanut. (true science is the correct revelation of creation, using of course, facts, our senses, things testable and repeatable, and let’s not overlook common sense)

Yet, still, you do not fear God. You do not give Him the courtesy that you give to the eagle in flight, as you look upon its majestic awe and effortless flight. WHERE pray tell did you get such a brain that commands you to look upon creation with such disdain? Not from the Creator, so then where?

Is this then an exaggeration when I say  ‘you look upon creation with such disdain?’ Actually, it is not strong enough. We have water as the drink of life, yet you think the fountain of youth resides in pretended science and perpetual theories which provide endless questions while avoiding a million answers already given, so yeah, a world of water is a daily indictment against the stout of heart who refuse to give God thanks.

Yet what does God do? He giveth more water. He giveth more grace. He giveth to they who are both unthankful and unworthy. THIS is the God we reverentially fear because He is an awesome God.  And oh there is this: the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Still refuse to acknowledge Him? You sir, ma’am, are most unwise. You say He does not exist while giving you every bit of evidence and proof? You sir, ma’am are a liar. Put THAT on your resume in capital letters. You want believers to be like you, free in the mind of life’s owner so you can pretend you are truly advanced, sooo unlike the morons who built the great pyramids and brass musical instruments long before Herb Alpert puckered his lips?  You sir, ma’am, are a thief. And Giza condemns our ignorance perfectly.

Don’t be a liar and a thief. But who can boast of interpretive rights to scripture? No one. Boasting is not a good plan. There is however this thing called reading and understanding, which takes into consideration first, that God is, and that His word is good, and secondly, that the human heart is built in such a way that it recognizes that the voice of nature, the level, the plumb-line, and the compass, all attest to the precision and truth of scripture, as it is, and as it should be.

But go ahead and argue. Your gripe will not be with me.

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