Professing themselves to be wise….

Please take a few minutes to consider the greater ramifications of swallowing University ‘findings,’ and putting God’s word in the dumpster so to speak. One doesn’t pick and choose what parts of scripture they find tasty, or do they?

-from BioLogos (Francis Collins)

-The universe was created by God, approximately 14 billion years ago. (Yeak ok, Francis you were there. And you did the math)
-The properties of the universe appear to have been precisely tuned for life. (Ya think?)

-‘unfortunately the concepts of Adam and Eve as the literal first couple and the ancestors of all humans simply ‘do not fit the evidence.’ (uh oh, Mr. Collins, you seem to be doing battle with God Almighty, who expressly said He created Adam from the dust of the ground) 

-While the precise mechanism of the origin of life on earth remains unknown, it is possible that the development of living organisms was part of God’s original creation plan. (Wow, that’s some serious detective work)

-Once life began, no special further interventions by God were required. (Apparently Collins never read the sun of Joshua standing still, or the countless ways in which He aided His people, in battle, in dreams, through very words.)

-Humans are part of this process, sharing a common ancestor with the great apes. (I protest. I have more in common with the cunning whitetail deer………However I got feet.)

-Humans are unique in ways that defy evolutionary explanations and point to our spiritual nature. This includes the existence of the knowledge of right and wrong and the search for God. (Yeah, big news here, read that in Genesis, and see it every day)

Note how Collins states the ‘PRECISE mechanism’ remains unknown, he then ASSERTS boldly that Adam PRECISELY never lived (through the HGP,) thus making the godless science of atheism palatable. Guess what Mr. Collins?  Adam lived. Deal with it. Scripture said he lived. Christ spoke of him as a historical certainty, as did the incomparable apostle, and brilliant minded Paul, who knew more science than all the godless atheists combined.

I would rather take God’s word over Adam’s existence than modern man’s opinion that he didn’t, hiding behind ‘projects’ which only straddle the fence to cohabit with godless science and so-called PhD’s who obviously know more than God….

But note the PROCESS…….the common ancestry with apes………..uh huh, ok, sure, King Solomon had apes and peacocks brought to him because they were his bird friends and ape cousins……….

How convenient to share the life and times of God’s creation with animals, that is, if we only admit that God  gave man dominion over all living creatures. And He did. And Adam was the first man. Period.

(But waiting for the day when Collins will admit he made a crucial error in his calculations, he missed something, but that would make him an embarrassment to academia, for it needs the scriptures to be not true. In this Mr. Collins is an ally of godlessness, perhaps unintentional, but still,  c’mon Francis, get on board with Genesis, completely.)

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C’mon get a spine

Like most correct thinking believers, I tend to blog as I see fit, speaking of things current and past, considering the future, but always telling the truth. This is uncomfortable to be sure, and because of this confidence, many take a simple comment as ATTACKS. Saw it again just yesterday.

A fella did a post on Halloween, but needed the scriptures to make his point that it is actually Christians who are SCARY as he referenced the word of God in his usual mocking manner.

Being the decent person I am, I pointed out the bloggers hypocrisy in using the scriptures to tell HIS truth, but deny the same scriptures that tell him THE truth. HIS truth is of course one that is inconsistent with the truth of God’s word, such as saying Moses never lived, there was no Exodus from Egypt, no Joseph in a pit, no Daniel in a den of lions, no handwriting on the wall, no birth of Christ, no Calvary, and no empty tomb. Well, you get the point.

So is my citing an unbelievers usage of scripture and his comic book mentality toward the truth of God’s word a synonym for ATTACKING? I think not, not even in the least. Worse yet, the once named former Christian, now a proud member of the AtheistsR-us club, erased my gentle comment, and blocked any further dialog. He then ran to post his bravery to another atheist kin, boasting of how intellectually superior they are, and how he withstood the ATTACK from yours truly.

Give me a break.

I call this spineless behaviour, having no backbone, unable to discourse, and completely unable to justify a once held position. One doesn’t merely turn away from THE faith once delivered, and expect that people will not challenge your now new non-belief. One simply cannot cut off his right toe, and expect others to not notice, or care. The body of Christ is a living organism, and it appears far too many have confused this with an organization, then blame God and scripture for their own misunderstandings, failures, and shortcomings.

His loss, just pointing out the ultimate hypocrisy, but c’mon. The cowardice cannot be emphasized enough that far too many who have deconned from the faith, need to get a spine, grow up, and face the music. They may have ‘deconverted,’ they may enjoy the camaraderie of others in their same sinking ship, but the ‘attacks’ they imagine are only self-created because of their own twisted view of God and scripture. It’s that simple.

Their projection on Christians of their own dim-lit views, will not cut it. When a former Christian tells a believer he ‘is unstable and double minded,’ he is using God’s word to tell HIS truth, but is not seeing his very hypocrisy in citing a book wherein he sees nothing but lies and errors. At least have a spine and admit this.

Go quote another book to prove your point or to make your case. Leave God’s word alone. Why? Because you pretty much gave it up for Lent. You have put aside the chocolate so to speak. What you once claimed to love, you now loathe, but you cannot tolerate believers for their enjoyment of the sweet life as you call them delusional, and you are never happy until they become decons like you, and REALLY enjoy life, apart from the Creator, and His word. Yeah, good luck with that.

Is spineless then a good word? In this context yes, and for what it’s worth, I have noticed that in the atheist/infidel/unbelievers world view of evangelism, there is the utmost intolerance for common sense, the ability to reason, the carelessness of comparing things, and the lost-as-fog understanding of scripture itself.

I have never read/met/ or heard a single atheist who told the truth according to the scriptures. They can’t. So it would appear this word they like to toss around ATTACK is only their view of themselves as they are looking in the mirror and swearing they see you.

Beep. No. The mirror of God’s word reveals truth. If you are froward, God will be revealed as froward. But notice, God is not froward. To the merciful, God will be revealed as merciful. To the merciless, God will be revealed as merciless. A Christian does not see God as a ghoulish monster such as they who see God as a green faced Freddie Kreuger. ‘Unto the pure all things are pure,’ and our decon friends would be better served to seek the more excellent way, instead of revelry in confusing Halloween with Hallowed be thy name….

(btw, good people know I do not ban or block. Moderation when necessary is a useful tool however, as some have proved they cannot be trusted with the liberty that freedom affords. This site will not be a host to vile and pornographic crap. And yes, I am an excellent judge of this)

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Yes, your honour

Of the many things that crack me up, this the more. Since mankind is made in the image of God, it would behoove us to carefully pay attention to simple relationships, relationships here on earth, which reveal the sublime and greater relationships of divine truths.

On earth as it is in heaven kind of things.

A man named Eugene is a Judge on the Circuit court. He is also a husband to Marlene, father to Sarah, Michael, Josh, and Karen. His brothers are Joe, John, Jerome, Anthony, and his sisters are Caroline, Rebecca, Gabriella, and Jennifer. He is uncle to Louis, Lauren, Darla, Mary, Zach, Ashley, Patrick, and Rose. Eugene is also nephew to Francis, and he is called ‘Coach’ by the boys in the chess club.

His brothers do not call him ‘Your Honor’ but Gene, unless of course, they stood before him in the court, in which case it would only be proper to forego the congeniality in light of respect. Francis would not dream of calling him ‘Coach,’ ‘Your honor,’ ‘Bro,’ but ‘Uncle Gene.’ Sarah and Michael would not call him Gene, but ‘Dad.’

Caroline and Becky would not call him ‘Uncle,’ but ‘Gene,’ and I hope we are seeing the obvious pattern and implication of greater things. Names define relationships, and when I hear unbelievers, atheists, or your garden variety of infidels cite God as ‘El Shaddai,’ ‘El Elyon,’ ‘Jehovah,’ or even, ‘Yahweh,’ I cringe with embarrassment for these lost minds, who are clueless as to simple relationships, and how one should address another, and why.

But it’s a sign of the times I suppose  when you hear 10-year-old Tommy call his mother Julie by her first name, as if they are best friends. Uh hello? She is ‘Mom,’ you have many others you can call a friend. Lack of respect abounds, much more toward God.

And this is precisely WHY the unbeliever is lost as fog as to the relational names of God in scripture, as if they are one plug and play. I have already demonstrated above that a Judge on the bench IN THAT CAPACITY is a far cry different from the role of ‘brother’ or ‘uncle.’ He may be uncle or brother, but not THERE.

Simply put, if one does not see God as Creator, FIRST, as the supreme over ALL that is, then surely you can understand how and why this same person can never appreciate, nor understand God’s relationships with they who have entered into covenant with Him.

Since the JUDGE is a bit more knowledgeable than you, since He knows the intricacies of law better than you, since He knows things about the case that you do not, since He has already adjudicated millions of cases with perfect justice and judgement, since He has withstood every grievance and dismissed all pettiness summarily, since He set in motion law in the first place, since He has heard every btiching gripe under the sun, let’s just say He is in a far better condition to act without blame, and to express His perfection by His NAMES implying uncle, brother, coach, Judge, which all reveal the wheels within the wheels of Almighty God.

You looking for fault with God? Good luck with that, the same old story of sinful man, sitting in judgement of the Creator. Not too smart. So the next time you hear of the circus acts and clown activity of people blaming God for this that, or the other, just remember the all instructive names of El Elyon (God most High), El Shaddai (God of the breast), which are divinely absent from the very first words of scripture: in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Of course, as it should be. One God over and above all, with no relationship yet established. Such are the jewels of scripture as God reveals here a little and there a little, until today, this God, this El Shaddai, is known as the glorious God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle John knew this as he drew near to the Lord’s bosom on that fateful night. Peter yet for a moment (he would learn later) thought God was one of rightful and immediate retribution, but was humbly corrected; you see there is this thing called grace.

Rightful yes, but not immediate; there is this thing called grace.

And to follow suit, it is equally notable how this name is despised among the nations, as if there is a blemish on this Judge. Divine context is always, Always, ALWAYS missing from the lips of unbelievers, who want answers from scripture while not believing one word of scripture……….To mock without understanding is the highest of crimes.

They make no distinction between uncle Gene and El Elyon, coach or God Almighty. Then there is always the 4-year-old daughter of the bailiff who sees the black robe and intuitively says with careful and soft-spoken humility: ‘Hello your honour……’   She got it right, while the atheists spoke with disdain and called him Genie. God Almighty is not your sideshow.

Out of the mouths of babes thou hast perfected praise. And yes, the faith of Daniel was but that of a believing babe too. Some things are ageless.

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The internment of the internet

‘Knowledge will increase.’ So said scripture thousands of years ago by the inspired writers who were led by He who lives outside of time. God knows what He is talking about. Always. He is never wrong. The Creator of numbers, letters, sight, length, depth, weight, height, width, water, blood, bones, sinew, intellect, reason, wisdom, atmospheric pressure, rain, cold, heat, gold, and all the dotted orbs in the sky, has not left His creatures in the dark as to Himself and His ways, nope, there is this made in the image of God thing, where all men, that is All men, one more time, ALL men, are without excuse as to the very existence of a Supreme creator.  There is NO EXCUSE for man’s stupidity in this regard, None. It is never a matter of learning, because of the divine DNA upon the conscience.

A person can gaggle, haggle, boogie, gobble, goggle, and google to their heart’s content, and have their biases confirmed in .0004444572 seconds flat, and remain ignorant and unlearned having more ‘knowledge’ than all the tea in China, yet remain idiots.  The information superhighway is clogged and littered with dunces, and is the lone place where atheism finds a friend in useless data, video, essays, and the latest god, aka so-called science, and those other wannabe celebrities, who must at any expense and effort, make themselves relevant at the expense of God’s ahem, irrelevance. Nice try Bozo.

Am I correct in this assessment? Of course, as common sense rules any day of the week. Ever seen a picture of the ISS, the International Space station, that tin can supposedly racing above us at plus 17, 000 mph? That’s 5 miles a second. But we have pictures. It’s on the internet. Who believes this crap? Have you ever seen an American fighter pilot at Mach 1? Insane speed. Yeah, the ISS has that beat with ease. Puhleeze. Need I remind you of the alleged Tesla red convertible sports car hurling through space in cruise control??? We have pictures. We will believe anything………..because the internet sez so.

The ‘knowledge’ of this does not make it true. It is spoon fed knowledge the same way Disgraced Tyson and the other clown Bill Nye speak of things well out of their mental reach, as they sound like fools from the Outer Limits.

They preach the impossible, and do not believe the credible. Their science lies are fraudulent claims that any panel of sober-minded jurors would reject because of pure speculation. Wishful thinking does not live in the world of sanity. Your trillions of miles and billions of years are the very worst of pretended ‘knowledge,’ but far too many have choked on the information, and are stranded without water, gasping for air by the wayside, trouble is, they do not know it.

The immediate sugar fix of alleged mental superiority because of the false xillions of data bytes at one fingertips tells them: ‘You are smart.’ Google says you are smart. You click, cut, paste, rinse, repeat, and presto chango, your world view is confirmed: there is no God!!!

Wow good for you. Knowledge will increase, and guess what? The love of many will also grow cold. Little boys in girls bathrooms? That’s ice-cold I tell ya and Dopey of the dwarfs would blush in shame at such vile promotions. But thanks to the internet, the speed of such treacherous deeds gain traction, and suggest to the minds of they in drunken stupors, that THEY are the elite, and society is changing for the better. Intellectual bastards I tell ya.

But nooooo, people will not admit that such ‘knowledge’ was documented long ago, and that the heart of men would be exposed, because God KNOWS what is in men. The internet and its ‘knowledge’ have supplanted the knowledge of God, because men worship themselves. They would not admit this of course, but godless science for instance has produced a generation of MEEBOTS, those annoying people who must be the center of attention wherever you go.  After all, only they know how to pour milk correctly over Cheerios.

You know the type. You see them online too. They said that God did not create the heavens and the earth. Heck, they know more than God, of course they are correct. Ha! But professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS. Not my words, just reporting the facts. Takes quite the strong man to remove He who created the weight of all mountains.

So the internet suggests that atheism for example is that strong man. Where is my laff button? Knowledge will increase. There will always be one more video to watch that PROVES men flew like birds, whales walked like dogs, and eagles built children’s swing sets, yep, one more lecture by a self-described expert who has an audience of fools that says there is no God! Yep, he must be right, because everyone shakes their head in derision and laughs at the idea that God created a whale for the water, an eagle for the air, and man as the pinnacle of God’s creation. (Can you hear the snickering jowls in the audience as the godless enjoy their intellect apart from the Creator…)

Fortunately and thankfully, the word of God does not rely on the internet to give and keep its strength. It is self-contained, true, verifiable to the hearts of good men, historically perfect, spiritually accurate, prophetically light years ahead and always true, and is the only place you will find on earth where God justifies the ungodly, while at the same time giving him favour, the favor of kings even. Such is the incomparable grace of God.

But you have heard that the internet is the place where religion supposedly comes to die? Ha! How about the place where all fraudulent miscreants are exposed in light of the glory of God and the eternal truth of scripture.

I’ll leave you with one forceful example. Only one is necessary. A thousand people are in a lecture hall listening to a so-called internet expert/mocker/unbeliever/evolutionist/atheist as he gives his 200 reasons WHY there is no God and scripture can’t be trusted since it was written by stone age dunces.

He says the idea that there was foretold a trading system contingent upon a ‘mark of the beast upon the right hand or forehead’ is ludicrous, impossible, stupid, guesswork, or wishful thinking to dupe people into following a non-existent God. After 20 minutes of laughter, he opens up the floor and every single person in the auditorium expresses utter disdain at scripture and agrees with the PhD that God’s ‘word’ is only meant for the mental infirm.

After the circus abated, one small voice arises and says:  ‘You have never seen your great, great-grandfather sir, but you know he existed. How? By your parents word and by faith. But here you are, embarrassing yourself by mocking things in which you are but clueless. Faith is the operating system of life. You drove your car, having faith that the car coming in the opposite direction will not turn suddenly in your lane and crush you. (the audience became more still)

Well guess what? God’s word is even better than your father’s father, and his father’s word. The mark of the beast has long been set in motion by the very technology that you worship, and the cashless society was foretold long before Jeff Bezos was in diapers. There are no flaws in God Himself, nor in scripture sir. God cannot lie, and it is mighty nice of Him to give us a heads up on things that WILL occur on His earth. That’s His earth sir, where He is well aware of the actions of kids on His own playground, the same way a loving parent sees everything in his own backyard.

Embrace faith. It is God-given. God’s goosebumps are always good, and they make you feel alive as to Him, His purpose, His image, your image, and the complete superiority of man over all beasts. Of course. God’s word will always tell the truth, the internet? eh, a whole lot of cryptic and twisted opinions all striving for the attention not meant for beggars to have.

Don’t be a beggar. There is always a more excellent way, and to live as a godless infidel trying to find fault in God’s word is the very worst of choices. Yeah, I’m talkin to you ye self-made Professor. Why? Because while knowledge increases, and reams and reams of url’s are coded, truth never changes. THIS is the difference that makes man so close in understanding, and so far in understanding.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. The journey between the mind and the heart is closer than you think. Take the leap and become truly smart. Tell godlessness to ‘begone,’ for truth is a much more steadier and faithful friend. And oh, btw, God’s word is always good, and will still be good, long after the internet takes its last search.’

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Bless that little nut

Collectively, all the atheists in the world do not have the IQ of a peanut, with apologies to the little nut.

Why? Because intelligence belongs to, and springs from, He who created the brain.

If you do not believe this, you are simply nuts.

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Pittsburgh slaughter

You have heard on national television the merciless and senseless unabated murder by a monster in a synagogue on a rainy Saturday morning in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. A baby naming ceremony. Heart wrenching. He targeted a Jewish community exclusively. 11 people confirmed dead.

But did you notice these hick town (cited thus by atheists in times past) SWAT teams, and Pgh. Police, and how they ran TOWARD the danger, and apprehended the shooter lickety split? 4 police wounded. Did you notice the rapid response and total professionalism of EMT’s during this regional nightmare?  Hicks huh.

Some who are familiar with death scenes said it was the most horrific they have witnessed in their careers. The man (no I will not lower myself and call him a gentleman as the media usually does so thoughtlessly) was wounded and taken to a hospital. Not just to A hospital, but to one of the finest medical centers in the country. Are you listening ye godless?

This man whose sole desire was to ‘kill all the Jews’ was treated by no doubt, some Jewish doctors. Try explaining that in a world with no higher call, no morals. Why should a monster be tended to in such a fashion?  The Hippocratic oath, doncha know. Ethics and code of conduct blind to circumstances.

Go hide your head in shame ye godless atheist, because if the survival of the fittest was true, then the Jewish MD would be within his rights to slice apart the heart of such a ruthless devil. But no, the oath says, ‘the righteous tend to life,’ even tending to the life of such a one as a murdering bastard. It is not within the worldview of an MD to arbitrality decides who lives and who dies. THAT is reserved for the depraved.

But Pittsburgh, the city of champions, or so we are told regarding the Penguins hockey team, the Pgh Steelers football squad, or the Pirates baseball club, were champions of a far better caliber today.  One local and state leader after another laid their politics aside, and spoke of evil intent of the heart. NOT a time to speak of the evil intent of a gun, which there is none, but good job Pittsburghers, you represented the commonwealth of PA well, and the country I’m guessing also.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Netanyahu sent condolences immediately) and for the families and friends who will never recover from such carnage. And one need not look far to see the evidence of the grace of God.

(Btw, it was genius of Pres. Trump at a rally to include at a moments notice a  praying rabbi as well as a pastor. Loved their words.)

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Thoughtlet for the day

What a useless engine and waste of good energy as to spend a lifetime in alleging: there is no God. After all, the very first words of Genesis, spoken to our hearts and minds, affirm what we already know, and what follows all the way through the Revelation, is proof positive that God’s word is good.

The internet is the fuel that drives the rusted heap of atheism,

While the little punk drivers are reckless, and make the claim God’s word is no good, like a missed field goal. Ha! of course it’s good. There are no defects in God. Nature attests to this fact, and His word is good as gold, better even. God CANNOT lie, it is not that He chooses NOT to, but that He CANNOT.

I get tired of hearing sloppy thinkers say there is nothing God cannot do. God CANNOT lie. It is not in His nature. The well established value of gold suggests this.

The nature of God is His intrinsic eternal perfection, but these thoughts are out of reach to the atheistic world view.

(btw, all other attempts to write books supplanting scripture, are but fool’s gold)


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Now that’s significant

There is a plague in the land. There is a virus that attacks all good things, it has claws and fangs, and it is obvious on the WWW. Like a stealthily serpent it creeps, it moves having a singular purpose: to make life in general, and mankind in particular, insignificant. Ouch, and man oh man is this ever so true today.

When we hear so-called men of learning speak of unproven and unmeasurable trillions and trillions of miles, and guesswork of billions and billions of years, this is the rotten fruit of sinful men’s attempt to put man in the same category as sandpaper.

That’s right, in the worldview where God is not welcome in His own creation, man may as well be no more relevant than a single grain of sand used to make paper. Double ouch, for without design and purpose, life is merely insignificant. This is a factual, reliable, and a brutally truthful statement, for no man would then be qualified to speak with authority since life would only be guesswork.

Insignificance is the seed plot for guesswork.

This is the mind of the stunted intellect thank you very much, a life admitting there is no purpose, for apart from intelligence, eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Rob a bank, kill your neighbor’s cow, for you have just as much right to that cow as he does, after all, there is no purpose, meaning, there are no absolutes, no right or wrong. Steal it, kill it, make a leather jacket, who cares? Sin? Ha. what sin!

In the insane world view of liberalism and godlessness, his cow is your cow, other people’s money is your money, for we are but a cosmic grain of human insignificance. Right or wrong has no place in a world of utter insignificance. How dare you say the spider has no right to trap a fly, or that a black snake is cruel for snatching a bird.

Unless of course, if scripture is true, and man is not on the same plane as the ravaging beast. But scripture is true, men are not spiders and snakes, and man is in fact and in deed, significant, like no other creature on earth, so much so, that the animal kingdom fears and dreads man, just as the good book says, and long before Chuck Darwin wore his first diaper.

Doubt this? Call a common robin to eat from your hand, tell him you will not kill him, tell her to come closer. Good luck with that. Try to pet a whitetail deer in the wild, you know, one who wasn’t bribed to shed her nature living in a pen and eating gourmet food, and she will be long gone with a few leaps. This fear and dread thing of man is a killer to godlessness, for the deer fears not the turkey, as they stroll side by side, but watch them fear the coyote, yet watch them dread man. Oh yeah, quite a difference.

And no trillions and trillions of miles needed for the coyote to walk to earth…unless he was the recipient of that cosmic explosion which gave him teeth and the turkey only got second-rate feathers!

Sorry, but the four-footed creatures are significant, but man more so. Made in the image of God he is, designed to live under the umbrella of God’s goodness. Rain as a gift, the rainbow as a reminder. Men are clueless as to the nature and scope of the Creator, thinking ‘out there’ makes Him aloof or uncaring. Nothing could be further from the truth, for God so loved THIS world. THIS earth surrounded and enveloped by the high seas, this earth unlike any other. It is indeed significant, and God gave men a brain so unlike the frogs, who leap to wrong conclusions.

So take your pick:

In the beginning God…


In sig nif i cance.

Seems a no brainer to common sense, reality, facts, science, arithmetic, the alphabet, logic, nature, and of course scripture itself agrees, after all, truth explains it all. I have chosen. Without the sole Creator, your only conclusion is one of cosmic insignificance, one void of purpose, and with no one to thank for your existence and good life. NO ONE TO THANK. This is your life? Really?

But try then convincing yourself why you are more SIGNIFICANT than a cockroach who can neither tie his shoes, juggle grapefruits, or count to six. But I suggest you take into deliberation this ‘made in the image of God thing…….’

Then again, perhaps you simply enjoy cultivating your insignificance. Triple ouch.

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A little detour

Surely you have seen the pics of the so-called  ‘immigrants’ parading toward the southern US border. But did you happen to notice that which the cameras conveniently avoid because it does not fit the template of liberalism gone sideways?

The model citizens, armed with 500 dollar tennis shoes, while laughing taking selfies on smart phones.

Stop right there. There are many Americans who can afford neither expensive Nikes, and who do not have iphones. Why doesn’t the msm see this?  Not so sure the truly homeless and destitute appreciate being cast in the same light as the well endowed.

Where pray tell are the addresses of these people so Sprint, Verizon, or Cricket can mail the monthly payment? Sounds like the word ‘oppression’ may have been overstated. How many hard working Americans would love to be so impoverished as to afford a thousand dollar phone with feet dressed to the nines?

Just sayin.

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Ready, set, level, create

From the moment we wake up in the morning (Who cares for you while you sleep?) we are designed to create; how in God’s good name, can anybody on God’s good earth be blind to the fact that only an engineering marvel is responsible for the agreeing note of man, made in the image of God?

What SANE mind could ignore humanity’s need to create, in a way that far surpasses the finest masterpiece of a spider’s web, the awesome visuals of geese flying in Vees, the demure flight of an eagle soaring without effort, or the creation of a dam by beavers?

Whether it be by land, sea, or air, it is man, and man alone who stands taller than the Sequoia’s, and only a fool would deny that man is the pinnacle of God’s creation. True, some men have abused this fact, and lived as if they were gods who created the very eagle or tree, but this only proves the point. There will always be imposters or trespassers on another man’s property.

Every party has a guest who is completely obnoxious, toxic, alcoholic, or just plain irritating. Some people are not happy unless they are spreading their own brand of poison ivy. They just itch to flatter themselves with knowledge greater than God’s. Yeah, good luck with that, but better minds recognize arrogance and pseudo intellect a thousand miles away, for the permeating odor is a great warning.

Your preaching of that god ‘Science’ is so boring, not because science is boring, but because YOUR science has no context apart from truth. Like a plastic boat in a tsunami, your science is purely an imaginary wish to deny the Author of true science, tossed and turned neither knowing left or right, up or down.

Your science denies common sense, it refuses to see the triple truths of the never-changing carpenter’s level, the plumb line, or the mariner’s compass, all tools which guide to absolute truth, a direction and foundation conveniently missing from all conclusions reached by the godless. Not too smart.

Soooo, WHO created east and west, north and south? Who created the idea of absolute straight or level? Not you ye godless heathen and denier of creation; yet you create, but do not see the connection proven by your own embarrassment? Not too smart. Stupid even.

Creatures. Created. Creatures by the hands of the absolute Creator. How low has the mind of man sunk in depravity that this discussion is even necessary? To the believer I say take heart, be neither afraid or slow to point out the absurdity of the godless whenever you can; for a testimony must testify!

It takes no effort nor causes no sweat, and oh yeah, don’t be fearful of getting your feelings ‘hurt’ because of the insane responses you will get. ‘You are an idiot for believing scripture. You are brain-dead for thinking God created whales. You are retarded if you think Moses lived. Christ never walked either, He never died, and He certainly never rose again the third day. All idle tales.’

To this I say, blah, Blah, aaaaand BLAH. Are we then surprised when we read that such mouths must be stopped?

And to the unbelieving knuckleheads I say engage your brain, and try to reason like a 4-year-old child who has not been brainwashed to believe that the very house he lives in was ‘created’ by the inconvenient tornado. Don’t be an enemy of common sense. That kid need not go to Harvard nor wait till he hears from DeGrasse or Nye before he can decide WHO made the sun and moon overhead. His brain need not be twisted or damaged to learn: ‘There be no God.’ There you have it, men must UNLEARN what they innately know. Such is the mindset of that other half-breed liberalism, which gives birth to lawlessness, then more chaos.

We need colleges and universities to fund professors to lecture the young man and the rest of humanity, that life is irrelevant, purposeless, and that there are no absolutes, for admitting so, must mean One greater, and the pseudo-scholars who love to look at themselves in the mirror, cannot tolerate such confidence in the living God.

Nope. The fella can decide today. No PhD needed. But you will then berate this simple ‘faith of a child?’ Perhaps you then sir, ma’am, madam, have not yet considered what faith actually is. Faith is not hidden in the billions and trillions of years of unprovable guesswork cloaked as intellect, but is tangible, full of substance, testifying to evidence, having infallible conclusions reached by true science and a perfect record.  I never met my great-grandfather, but I have the word of my father that he was a good man. The science of his existence has not escaped me. Perfect records are handed down. Good men do not lie. And God’s words are far more reliable than liars. Thus, my faith has substance. I’m sorry you are going through life having no foundation, in ANYTHING.

Didja catch that last part? A perfect record. A perfect word. Such is scripture, the only perfect level.  No, no, not the knockoffs of JK Rowling and Harold the Potter, not the bastard children of Shamanism, Joe Smith, Baked Eddy, Frankenstein, Finklestein, Isn’tlam,  and the other kids of Bedlam who are simply hoodlums, no, but scripture, that only true account of God’s revelation to the creatures He made, which account we know is true, because nature, arithmetic, our conscience, all agree with the singular symphonic voice of the word of God.

Extra, extra, read all about it. It’s free, but it will cost your pride. Such is the genius of the good book.

If you do not think God’s word is reliable, verifiable, accurate as to history, correct as to geography, spot on as to Israel and prophecy, dead on as to the life and times of mankind, spiritually astute, with wisdom above and beyond the ages, then you sir, ma’am, are simply not level-headed.


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Zip the lip buster

How long will it be, how many years will it take, how many decades, centuries, how many thousands, millions, billions, or trillions of years must pass…………before the strongest jackal in the pack……….surpasses or out lives his own evolution, and replaces the weakest man on earth, and begins to paint works finer than Picasso?

How long will it be before the jackal drops off two limbs, and the man grows a set of extra legs so man can run faster than a cheetah?

Careful how you answer, then again. one need not take more than 2 seconds flat to answer what is obvious. Oh how does common sense, facts, scripture, and of course true science answer quite easily.

While the wild dogs of the prairie have an excuse for not developing their social skills by learning to knit sweaters or sew a button, man has no excuse for clinging to such stupidity as a world without a Creator. After all, the good book says to our hearts what our conscience already knows.

Tis a very fine thing to have lips rendered mute by the thundering voice and power of scripture.

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Talk about a disconnect

Surely you heard of the buzz going about, well, it’s not really a demure and tolerable buzz, more like an annoying loud screeching siren that wont stop until it reaches its destiny. Trouble is, the ‘knowledge buzz’ that is sought as the end result of man’s quest to be relevant, is never reached……….

13.872 billion years is cited as ‘proof positive’ of life’s timeline, and that God does not exist, while having ZERO proof, and not one drop of evidence of God’s irrelevance or non-existence……….while a mere 6,000 years of verifiable history, factual geography, replete with dates, times, and the provable genealogy of men and women, (courtesy of God’s word) the life and times of kings and queens, and documented evidence of man’s comings and goings, and the world’s groanings, are laughed at as if fiction.  I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. The ability of the human brain to concoct such stupidity never cease to amaze.

‘We rely on 13, almost 14 billion years of FACTS, DATA, GUESSWORK, HALF BAKED FAIRY TALES and untested theories to reach our conclusions, having not one drop of evidence or proof, but are intolerant and incapable of believing that Solomon built a temple, the likes of which the world have ever seen, and that a humble Jew named Daniel was a tour de force in his singular testimony before kings and nations, while having EVERY proof.’ Really? The poison of the godless human mind cannot be emphasized enough.

Worth repeating: The poison of the godless human mind cannot be emphasized enough.

Where is the laff button when sinful men reject what is actual, factual, and substitute the lies of wishful thinking not because there is no proof, but BECAUSE the proof they seek is not pleasing to their stomachs.

Oh how God’s word is ever and always millenia ahead of the gripes and empty imaginations of fools. ‘The entrance of thy word giveth light.’  Without this illumination, how great the darkness of the heart? We, let me tell ya, ever heard of the blackness of darkness? Extra extra, read all about it. Void. Empty of content and context.

‘Let there be light,’ is the greatest example of the sublime, reserved specifically for He who called all things into existence. How embarrassing that people would live and act as if this light is THEIRS, that the Giver and Father of lights in somehow unworthy of recognition or admiration.

Pitiful. Despicable. Treacherous. Vile. Vain imaginary wishful thinking that ‘there is no God.’  Pitiful maybe, but treacherous? Yes, even more so. The contagiousness of the ‘animal pack like thinking’ supplies the visual aid. Misery loves company, and the miserable sight of ravaging jackals feasting on their prey while they are oblivious to the Creator of the animal is the perfect disconnect.

Now please don’t cry ‘science’ as the great end all, because science is always subservient to life. Which is greater, the child’s playground see-saw that brings laughter, or the father who built the fun ride? Which is greater, the house, or the architect? Which is greater, the sun, or the Creator of the one who brings daily light and heat? I’m sensing a pattern…

Even so, without correct context, men will ever worship and serve the creature, being teetered and tottered in the mind, going round and round, up and down, ever learning, and NEVER able to come to the knowledge of the TRUTH.


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Got power?

Southern US is once more bracing for another torrent of ‘nature.’ I say nature carefully because that’s a word we use when we don’t want to face the inevitable. ‘Nature’ is a wondrous and beautiful thing, while at the same time being awful and terrible, that is, full of terror.

Plain unadulterated terror, showing no mercy or favoritism, its power is equally immune to the rich or poor voices of they who cry: ‘leave us alone.’  But the ‘whirlwind,’ that slow and fast-moving monster that listens to no one, always reveals something greater, for a tree is known by its own fruit.

Indeed, the hurricane fruit is a spin-off He who upholds all things, such as the rain, the glistening snow, and of course the winds themselves. Who has not seen a tornado and just gulped at the glory of the funnel? Who has not been left dizzy by nature’s display of power? Perhaps a fool doesn’t care to notice, but sane minds at least consider.

But the hurricanes are a collection of those greater winds, yet we don’t think of the bigger picture because we are not affected. We enjoy that ‘car crash’ from a distance, as we slow down, but it is never personal, UNLESS we or someone we know gets caught in the trauma. So what is the bigger picture? I thought you may ask that.


Not as in men’s frenzied desires to control others, but is the pure display of Nature’s fury and awe, awe which laughs at global warming, and earthquakes which have mocked pseudo scientists and madmen alarmists long before rubber, plastic, or the gasoline engine was ever invented.

Yes indeed, the whirlwinds, the quakes, the tsunamis, went about their worldly circuits being oblivious to the foul mouths of they who curse God at every turn, and refuse to recognize that ALL power abides in Him. It is He who sends forth lightning, it is He who whispers the thunder, it is He who sends to earth rain, hail, and that wonderful blanket of snow. That be some power.

You and I? Ha! We can’t as much  create a fingernail, yet we lift those fingers in disdain as we curse He who is altogether good. We see the hurricane coming, but we test him by not heeding the warning to flee, then blame Him for taking our lives. Not too smart.

But I do love seeing the God of nature in all its ways, I love seeing how the testimony of scripture affirms nature’s obedience to One greater, and am struck at how callous the heart must be to not see that all power belongs to God. And btw, God is good to both the just, and the unjust, and He is no respecter of persons when it comes to nature either.

I certainly do not want to see one lost life, and take no pleasure in saying some will not pay attention, as if they can go into a boxing ring against the wind, and expect to win, but c’mon people, wake up, for in all this, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

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Bells of glory

No apes and peacocks today, but something equally finer coming from the book of books, the Monarch of books even, something that rolls off the tongue and sounds so sweet to the finely tuned ear, that can hear both the melody of grace, as well as see where the arrow points:

To the Owner of the alphabet, whereby all words from scripture are perfectly assembled and constructed to say that which only scripture can say. Didja catch that?  To say that which only scripture can say. 

No wasted words. Intentional simplicity. Unapologetic truth. Sublime. Deep. Illuminating. Fragrant. Historical perfection. Geographical marksmanship. Intentionally complex when needed, that men may walk like turtles while cogitating, lest they become intellectual road kill. Scientifically light years ahead of Darwin, Nye, DeGrasse, and every fool who will be borne. Spiritually unchallengeable. Prophetically 100 per cent accurate. Entirely truthful. A book of absolute sobriety. Humorous. The eternal anvil which has withstood every godless hammer against it. Exposes every false religion. The only book which explains the source of sin and death.

But I have already digressed too far…

Perfectly assembled? All of it. But here is a window into that magnificence, and that is: bells and pomegranates. Sure we have the blue, the purple, and the scarlet upon the robe, but upon the hem we have the wonderful weaving of the bells and the pomegranates, so the high priest be heard, lest he die.

Some serious business, this meeting with the Lord of glory thing.

Three English words, six syllables, words so resounding with eloquence that you must take notice. But like scripture is wont, the emphasis is not there, not upon the shadow, but toward the substance. How precise and attending we are called to be, to take note of little things, that we may appreciate greater things, so he that is faithful in the least, is faithful in much.

I’d say this takes a fresh meaning upon they who would merely ‘sweep a floor,’ as opposed to performing ‘open heart surgery.’ Perspective is a great thing when considering the sanctuary, and there is no useless service when done unto the Lord. He knows. He sees.

But the thought occurred to me that the one who wore the bells, would walk so cautiously as to NOT make a sound……..I rather like this idea, but not making this a matter of fellowship. (after all, all the stone work was to be outside the temple, lest there be the sound of the hammer)

But bells and pomegranates. Alternately upon the hem, so when the woman just wanted to touch the HEM of His garment……….well, you make the connection. Perhaps she heard of the purple, the blue, the scarlet, and in this small act, was rewarded greatly, for the Lord, He sees, doncha know.

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The word for the day: insidious

Was having a conversation with a very smart and wise woman about this that and the other, and she told of a tale regarding the inappropriate behavior of a funeral director who in the midst of natural family grief, suggested everyone ‘clap their hands……’ blah blah blah. I’ve already said enough to alert where this will end up. Not good. Some people have zero decorum skills.

Anyway, since the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, there is no topic off-limits as to being related, or interpreted through the lens of God or scripture, so I casually remarked that even the devil is not so stupid as to being an atheist.

The good lady smiled in complete agreement. Mark that well. The devil is not an atheist, for most certainly, he believes in God and trembles, as surely and factually as the good book says.

Granted, he has gained much experience over time, and his wiles are more deceptive, but stupid is not in his playbook. He preaches tolerance for the decadent, he mixes truth and error, but his sharpest tool in the bag is the weapon of pride. Like a skilled surgeon, he directs his scalpel to the brain and replaces anything that points to judgment, redemption, and the wrath to come, for it is he who makes false claim to the title-deed of the earth.

While he believes in God, he is still the ultimate and professional LIAR. He hisses and whispers while he knows it is untrue: ‘Moses never lived.‘  He smiles and hands out the tassels of higher learning: The sun never stood still.’ He deceitfully plies his craft as he articulates: There was no Nazareth, no Pilate, no Herod, no Paul the apostle, and most certainly, there was no Christ Jesus who lived, died, and rose, according to the scriptures.  See the pattern?

He is a liar, and the father of it. The carnage caused by liars cannot be overestimated. They KNOW what they are saying is untrue. It is never a matter of not having correct information, but it is willing, intentional, matter of fact, and clear as a bell LYING.

He knows he cannot win the battle on the terms of creation alone, for he cannot as much as create a gnat, but he can manipulate the minds of men through technology, media, sports, fashion, entertainment, politics, religion, but his weapon of choice is to sprinkle everything with the pride of life; in this, he has no equal.

Enter the devil taking the Lord to a high mountain and offering the kingdoms of the world. Do we see the intent here? Can we also not recognize the magnificence of the devil’s citing scripture when he cites the angels? What a perverse character as he distorts the good word of God. What a prideful and satanic being, he of whom the whole world lies in wait.

He is a liar, and his disciples are liars. Not a pretty word on a resume, ‘this man is a liar,’ but that is the epitaph to end life on your own terms, to do it ‘my way’ as it were.

It is understandable how a man could argue against redemption, since no one wants to be reminded they are a sinner, but good gravy, only a fool would argue against the Creator, as the sun and moon are 24/7 preachers to the goodness of God. Just ask a three-year old. They KNOW. Hardwiring and all that.  Then scripture affirms what we know so there is no excuse.

Then the devil comes along and says: ‘no, no, no, be your own God, advance your thinking, get on board with my interpretation of history and science which leaves out God. There is no ultimate truth. All religions are poison, especially Christianity.’ Yuck, this be some stinkin thinkin. (Meanwhile, God is THE singular true scientist who put all things in motion.)

He knows ALL religions are not equal, for the grace of God has no competitors. He is a LIAR. He knows God’s word is true when Moses and Elijah appeared on that mount, and when Moses spoke of the Lord’s very own decease, (exodus GK) a truth so many refuse to notice. But the devil noticed, and he is embarrassed at the so-called scholarship of infidels, yet, he uses them for his purpose. What a liar.

Insidious I tellya. ‘ intended to entrap or beguile: an insidious plan. stealthily treacherous or deceitful: an insidious enemy, operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect: an insidious disease.’

Yep. That be him. And this is the seal of his employees who are paid such poor wages to carry out his mandates. Evil beasts, liars, and they can be seen and heard 10 miles away.

Fortunately the light of day as shown through nature and scripture tells the truth, and nothing but the truth.

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Kavanaugh, Flake, and the face of atheism

Strange bedfellows these words above? Nope, not at all, and as usual, no apology will be forthcoming for telling what is plainly true.

The now notable elevator scene with Senator Flake. He was approached as he was closing the door, and the ahem cough couch orchestrated camera’s appeared, and presto, a live stream of two women in an obvious complete meltdown mode of hysterics. Listen carefully. They were hysterical, and the media loved it because it advanced their cause of character assassination of decent people.

Listen ye ladies of the elevator: Mr. Flake did not respond to you, not because he did not hear you, he did not respond because in that instance, he was wiser. One doesn’t reason with a drunk, one doesn’t waste good works trying to settle the rage of a hungry lion, and one surely doesn’t come within spitting distance of a poisonous snake when spuing venom.

One woman said at the top of her lungs: ‘We didn’t tell anybody about our abuse or rapes, nobody listens….’ or something close to that. Did one person catch that massive contradiction? You are screaming at this man and it is HIS fault you didn’t tell anybody? It is HIS fault nobody listened?

But that’s the playbook of the insane leftist propaganda machine. Distract, create bedlam, use hysterical hoodlums under the guise of caring and being fair. No! It is lawlessness. This was never about Kavanaugh, it was about insanity, and if one’s person’s mind was changed because of this elevator spectacle, I feel sorry for such a person.

Emotion and the tears of a raging woman have no place in what is fair when making decisions. Well might the emotions of mothers everywhere cite King Solomon as a cruel monster when he ordered: ‘cut the baby in half,’ words never meant to harm, but to expose the lying deceit of a fraudulent claim. Wisdom comes in many flavors, and the calm response and the ‘no response’ by Flake were cut out of the same cloth.

But no………. not  one word about the raging fools who got in his face and treated him like he was their garbage man, (with apologies to laborers) and it was pure embarrassment when the fools continued: ‘look in my eyes!!!’

Whether Flake was convinced by them is not the point here, that’s his problem, but the greater point is the conduct, both mental and physical, that is missed by they who wish to carry their points. Look ye elevator women,  look ye atheists, no one can take you seriously when you act like morons.

When you cannot even see that it is YOUR behavior, YOUR so-called intellect, YOUR ignoring of history, geography, facts, logic, common sense, and of course the ultimate truth of a Creator and loving God who has easily revealed Himself through nature, scripture, and the conscience, then it is no wonder that you would find the elevator women as useful, while denying the proper response by Flake. Nothing. Nothing but patience, maybe some pity.

And it is the patience of God which is ignored by atheists, because YOU are those elevator women. YOU dare get in the face of God and ask Him to prove Himself, YOU unashamedly debase yourself in His presence as you cite Him with contempt, but it is YOU who is blind to see that blood, water, (lots of water) bones, marrow, brains, veins, lungs, kidneys, hearts, eagles, whales, clouds, mountains, trees, fruit, cattle, love, hate, death, and all of life are enough proof that instead of berating Him, you should be thanking Him.

Flake, whether you like his politics is not the point. In the midst of that chaos, no one seems  to notice he was the perfect gentleman. And in the face of universal disgust by atheists, God is still the perfect gentleman. So while the deafness and hysteria of those women continue, so do the loud mouths and small brained atheists not see the connection.

Wake up and see the goodness of God.

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I’m laughing here. I did a short write up on Dt. Ford. Here is the twin to that. While certainly as a young Irish beer drinking Catholic, Kavanaugh was no Boy Scout, he is probably not the serial killing rapist the Dems have painted him as.

Seriously, his character was on trial subject to a yearbook? Really? Who does that? The hearing was a sham, and what Dems will accept common sense and vote ‘yes?’

See, there's this thing called biology...

“Don’t be discipled by your cable news channel and formed by your social media feed.” Amen. Love that!  That’s a tweet sent out by Ed Stetzer. He also wrote an interesting book called, “Christians in the Age of Outrage.” Check it out.

So I wasn’t going to write about Kavanaugh at all, but my twitter feed, facebook, and TV is just marinating in it. Two people on the ground approached me all distressed, and my own mother is consumed by it all.

Honest to goodness, I am pretty much just a detached observer, slightly curious, but not really emotionally invested. Ha! Until today, when two things came up that really bugged me. Or perhaps it’s really just one thing.

Chronic Exaggeration. Constant Hysteria. Endless Hyperbole. 

Bear with me because I am sure I shall offend everyone before I am done, but I rather resent the portrayal of Americans as fragile flowers…

View original post 486 more words

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Dr Ford?

So how many people have I offended because I have not included her maiden name? So what, who cares?

In the middle of her testimony today, here are a few observations:

-Not ONE Democrat has offered the idea that we will reserve opinion UNTIL we hear from the accused. Wow, what a novel idea.

-This professional psychologist with a dozen degrees is applauded for her bravery, yet she needs a therapist? Appears she has other issues and baggage no one has recognized.

-She loosely throws out her knowledge of the hippocampus, the lobe, and the brains ability to CONTROL information, but has trouble remembering basic facts?

-Supposedly, her life was traumatized so badly, yet she managed to conduct a ‘normal life,’ including a ‘normal’ rest of that day…………….and replete with a thousand exotic vacations that most would only dream of.

-Polygraph? Ha, any psychologist could manipulate information. Brain specialists doncha know.

-She didn’t know what ‘exculpatory ‘ meant?  Really? I mean really?

-Her voice is notably weak, and her ‘woe is me’ tale is boring.

-Feinstein, Durbin, etc. are an embarrassment.

-Ms. Mitchell is treating Ford with kid gloves, but is constructing the demolition of her story, or so it seems.

-Grassley is more than fair.

-How can any sane person judge a matter before they hear from both parties? Kavanaugh will surprise with his turn.

-Remember,, these are ALLEGATIONS.

Now let’s wait for the accused to tell his tale.

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Fuzzy math and hammers

You know what cracks me up? The arrogant and heady self congratulating college grad who knows it all, thinking all his new superiors in the business field are idiots, yet, the first day on the job as a ‘superintendent’ of a demolition site, was sent on his maiden voyage picking up donuts (as all new hires are wont to do) and on the way back, to pick up a left-handed hammer at Home Depot.

The kid was gone for a week. No common sense I tell ya in the brains of the self-made intellectuals. Which reminds me.

Are you aware of they who KNOW how OLD the universe is by studying car parts from the earth? It’s 3.8 billion years old, it’s 14.6 billion years old.  It’s 109 billion, it’s 54 billion, or whatever. Well, I may be exaggerating as to the rusted fenders, but I am not ashamed to point out that these folks, like the hammer guy who is still looking, have not a drop of common sense between them.

It was the Creator who designed the day. He set the terms. He claimed the limits. He put the clock in motion. He built the hands needing no atheist hammer. He was the Master Architect of the week, having seven days. Heck, the godless Darwin wasn’t even in diapers when the heavens and the earth were in their planning stages.

Years reveal that ageless divine purpose if we would but pay attention. ‘The evening and the morning were the first day.’ Get that? The first. The primary. The magnum opus of the week. The beginning of life’s symphony as to time, courtesy of no serendipitous or unorchestrated accident, but with intentional, purposeful, and ordered design.

The beginning of our math so to speak. And get this. This day, this 24 hr. period of time, was made before the sun graduated and had its degrees, and this ‘day’ was made before Timex, Longine, or even the Swiss experts were a spark in the jewelers eye.

So don’t come crying to me boasting about your superior mental status as you claim ‘timing and dating rights’ as to the ‘age’ of creation. Please. It is quite embarrassing to common sense. To the unbeliever, infidel, atheist, or anybody else who tries to ‘date’ life, I say lay aside your endless search for the left-handed hammer, as your search for truth is futile apart from the Creator, and to the believer who agrees with such thoughtless ideas, just ask yourself why you have so much in common with ‘atheist math,’ as these truths never add up.

You may as well try to date a water drop from the Atlantic. Yeah, there is a good one. How old is the water of the high seas? Don’t even try to guess.

It is not humility to agree with the godless, and rest assured, if the fool is wrong about the obvious existence of the Creator, how in God’s good name on God’s good earth, can he be trusted with anything else of value? ANYBODY who dogmatically asserts his so-called knowledge of the AGE of the universe is lying to himself. ‘Where were you when I stretched out the heavens?” so to speak is the correct question, and the answer shuts the mouths of every human being.

The answer is not found in fossils, rocks, landfills, the ocean’s floor, the mouths of carp, the stomachs of lions, or in the brains of DeGrasse. Nope. When you can instruct an eagle how to fly, then you are close to understanding the age of the universe. You make yourself appear too large with such foolishness, and you put God in a small box, under your thumb even.

If time is measured by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years, how pray tell you godless owner of all intellect, how can you honestly measure time BEFORE there were seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years? You can’t, therefore your guesswork is pitifully glorified that it might stack another gem on your self-made crown.

So some men are discussing the same questions men have in all ages, and God interrupts: ‘Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?’ Ouch. Darkened counsel with words without knowledge. 13 billion years? Darkened counsel. 900 billion years? Words without knowledge.

God then says:  Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.  Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding?

I’m thinking a big heavy silence here, wrapped in intellectual embarrassment. Fuzzy math ain’t worth crap when faced with Truth Himself. We ignore the 99 per cent what is obvious, and focus on the one per cent which is ambiguous and call ourselves wise. Yeah, ok, but remember, it was Mr. Timex who stole his idea for the wristwatch from those idiot cave men who invented the sun dial, who kept perfect time. Then again, maybe they were not idiot cavemen, and people who laughed at others who would believe in a left-handed hammer.


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Ahh that lovely field

The thought occurred to me, that doing good things can nurture the bad,  and doing bad things can result in good. Like the human eye, perspective is a wonderful delight and wise tool of the intellect.  Still, I cannot resist the following thought for the day:

Please don’t feed the atheists.

Ouch. Biting? Yes. Sarcastic? More so. Good advice? Depends. What’s your perspective? Imagine a cornfield with a sign ‘Free corn,’ while a guy sits in a chair with a sign: ‘Hungry: I need corn,’ while being oblivious to his own good two feet and hands. No, this is not about the homeless. It is about the intellectually stubborn and lazy.

The word of God is that endless field, free for the taking, but some passersby must at all cost, stop the car and rummage through the fields, looking for a gnat on a leaf so they can consider the entire field poison, because they despise the land owner, and even go so far as to say He does not exist. Double ouch.

‘Aha, I found one!’ sez the cornstalker, but soon realizes the speck was a piece of dirt he then casually swatted from his own left eye. No, there are no defects in the fields of God, as He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

In my travels, one of the most glorious sights is watching a thousand cattle graze on a hillside, with their little ones following in their train, white clouds above, the sapphire glass sky further above, all testifying to nature’s God and the excelling words of scripture, in the which there is no equal.

So while it is true that humans must eat, we need to be careful we don’t feed the bears so to speak, as they thank us for our kindness while they claw our flesh from our bones. Nature is lovely and brutal, and giving atheists our good ammunition so they can shoot us……..well, you get the point.

Me? I don’t care, like water off a duck’s back, as every bullet aimed has missed its mark, for God’s word has slain every lying and arrogant goliath that has, and ever will live. But not all are equipped and some will give up. Take heart!  Here’s a hint which will lessen the blows: it is not your battle, the darts are not aimed at you,  it is not your fault that people do not believe, and it is not your fault that people’s demand for ‘evidence’ be turned against you.

People hate the field. They despise the Creator. They serve the gods of DeGrasse, the neat packaged gods of Nye the science clown, they worship Darwin and his ‘ Xeroxed kinds,’ and loathe the Creator and His original kinds, while claiming some special dispensation of atheist intellect.

It is my humble observation that a man has no right to his next breath unless he give God thanks for that breath, and a brain so unlike the jackal, that brain which gives him the ability to both delight and create, just as the blueprint from heaven was given, yet men give God a finger or two. How do you spell depraved?

The fields of God are loaded with trespassers, they who are hidden among the leaves, stalking their prey, looking to make a feast out of their guile while accusing the landowner and the honest field workers that the food is rotten, as they complain of the mud on their boots.

But the thought never crosses their minds to ‘get your own field,’ because they can’t! God owns it all, and a man can neither manufacture an ant who quietly works 9-5, nor can he create an acorn in the lab. Men should be so embarrassed at their pride.

Still, whether there be imposters in the fields, there will always be the quiet ants which nobody sees, going about their business, serving and enjoying the fruits of He who owns all the dirt.

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