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Joni E. Tada testimony

I would venture a guess and say listening to this would be time well spent. Yes, it’s a tad lengthy. Bet you can’t get through it with a dry eye. Not because of pity, but because of the depth of … Continue reading

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Is lying justifiable?

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of truth; true there are misfits in this kingdom, both by birth and by practice, but the principle in which God is honored is of truth. ‘He that honoreth me honors the Father,’ … Continue reading

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Critique- the passion (Mel Gibson)

8.  04 The passion The film is no doubt multi tiered, and deep in many levels, far too much to mention briefly. Mel Gibson had his hands full here, so these are just observations from what I think is most … Continue reading

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A marriage song

1.05. 2005 Surely I do not speak as an expert, but this union should be entered upon with the utmost care and sincerity. God has instituted marriage as a good thing, and we have seen good things come from bad … Continue reading

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