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Well, this is deeper yet

Imagine the last vid as an appetizer if you will, to this, something better.  So we know next to nothing regarding the fountains of the great deep; those depths of waters clearly above our limited understanding of what lives beneath … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s not good to steal

Some people wear the badge ‘atheism’ as if it is a medal of honor. ‘A’ meaning a negative, or lack of, and Theos, from God, hence no-God. Folks are actually proud that they have reasoned God not only from their … Continue reading

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Is lying justifiable?

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of truth; true there are misfits in this kingdom, both by birth and by practice, but the principle in which God is honored is of truth. ‘He that honoreth me honors the Father,’ … Continue reading

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The atheist monument

There was a victory in FL regarding a granite edifice to be erected to honor atheism. A simple bench as a memory so it is said. Some say this is huge for it will be installed on government property in … Continue reading

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Prophecy and character

For the most part, people want to know ‘what’s going to happen,’ primarily in the future. Prophecy as it relates to biblical understanding, is usually looked at from a single point of view,  and as a result, confusion ensues. The … Continue reading

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Atheist billboard

The latest advertising gimmick has been utilized by a CA outfit to promote atheism. In nice big letters, it reads:  ‘Personal relationship w/ reality…’  Really? A ‘relationship’ supposes there is reciprocation from the other, kind of odd don’t you think, … Continue reading

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The donkey

Go ye over against the village, and bring the donkey and its mother, said the Lord Jesus, that the scripture might be fulfilled: ‘Jerusalem, thy King cometh unto thee, meek and having salvation.’ Zechariah spoke of this day, and Zion … Continue reading

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Critique- the passion (Mel Gibson)

8.  04 The passion The film is no doubt multi tiered, and deep in many levels, far too much to mention briefly. Mel Gibson had his hands full here, so these are just observations from what I think is most … Continue reading

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elders: are you fit?

written 1.05 –Preface A rather demanding and serious topic and a lengthly discourse with many associations in scripture. Necessary reading and study for anybody having an interest in the presbytery. You may be pleased to know, that Paul the apostle … Continue reading

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False teachers

We are pleased to consider your question: how can one know with certainty who is and who is not a messenger from God. In other words, you want to know how you may know a false teacher. This is easy … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Camping

Family Radio July 19,04 Harold Camping An open letter; (feel free to read this on air, but only in its entirety) Sir: I decided not to call you, live, for there was a chance you would have been embarrassed, and … Continue reading

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Predestination- a few thoughts

The cherubim of glory shadowing the mercy seat, of which we cannot now speak particularly… Hebrews Predestination. A word which immediately causes consternation by many, avoidance by others, and a pontificating attitude by still more. It is a bible word … Continue reading

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An Easter salute

Say what you will about Krauthammer: he is quirky, too dogmatic, reminds you of your strange uncle, whatever, he is correct here. Does not the word of God condemn ‘gay’ behaviour? Sure it does, as it points out the same … Continue reading

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Proof of Resurrection?

(A few thoughts) A person asks for ‘proof’ of the resurrection of the Lord; others may say this is foolish, but truth be told, if the heart is sincere, it is not really out of the ordinary to seek earthly … Continue reading

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