Words with wings

The list is by invitation only, as some words are not welcome. The right word for the right time and in the right place, is like the perfect hue to make a point on a canvas. The list will grow as time and inspiration permit; your suggestions are welcome, they may make the director’s cut. Strike-throughs are not ‘bad’ words, just used to death.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver -King Solomon

Grab a word or two, make it your own

Cogitate, ebullient, eloquent, jasper, grace, usurp, pernicious, stentorian, cherubim, dayspring, similitude,  prolixity,  bloviate, altruistic,  charity, rascal, contrite, intrinsic, awesome, depravity, propitiation, caveat, prudence, salient, gay, rascal, marvel,  level,

rebel, bevel, sovereign, me, nefarious, myopia, asunder, stentorian, unbelievable,  scripture, poverty, sardius, enmity, facetious, multitude, revelation, kindred, genesis, chastisement, emolument, nemesis, mellifluous, prism, incipient, splendor,  atonement,

ubiquitous, thinketh, tangible, recalcitrant, doctrine, requite,  apothecary, egregious, mercy, trigger, benevolent, confirm, texting, reciprocate, cascade, majesty, righteousness, oration, redemption, onus, epitaph, tabernacle, abomination, monastic, plethora, blue,

accommodate, ochre, transfigured, meekness, caustic, balm, rustic, transgress, requiem, malign, embellish, cherish, perish,  justify, mercurial, whisperer, pride, sanctify, exodus, diction, magnificent, witchcraft, purple, cerebral, topaz, ancillary, realm, pomegranates,

concatenation,  brass, ratiocinate (tkx to -xPraetorius), lobotomy, hero, cogent, cool, bells, garment, serendipitous, cadence, tresspass, crimson, beryl, melancholy, gait, verdigris, jewel, nautical, perpetual, atonement, advocate, effulgent, priestcraft, selfie, altitude, demure,  lapis lazuli,

Sometimes a ‘word’ is a string of words to convey a thought, as in, ‘He put in a good word for her.’ In addition, ‘Samuel’s word is as good as bread,’ as he is true, trustworthy, honorable, and upright.

The Lord said, ‘Now ye are clean through the word that  I have spoken unto you,’ and again, this was more than ‘one’ word, but a series of words representing truth. Paul agreed when he said, ‘that ye are cleansed by the washing of water by the word.’

(c’mon friend, give me a good word to add to the collection)

4 Responses to Words with wings

  1. Tim Shey says:

    I hope this is not too long a string of words, but in Shakespeare’s play Henry VIII (Act II, Scene 1), Buckingham gives a short speech before his death:

    “Go with me, like good angels, to my end;
    And, as the long divorce of steel falls on me,
    Make of your prayers one sweet sacrifice,
    And lift my soul to heaven. Lead on, o’ God’s name.”

    I thought the phrase “as the long divorce of steel falls on me” was so beautiful and powerful; “the long divorce of steel” is a perfect selection of words in describing how Buckingham will die.

    Buckingham continues:

    “Sir Thomas Lovell, I as free forgive you
    As I would be forgiven: I forgive all;
    There cannot be those numberless offences
    ‘Gainst me, that I cannot take peace with:
    no black envy
    Shall mark my grave. Commend me to his grace;
    And if he speak of Buckingham, pray, tell him
    You met him half in heaven: my vows and prayers
    Yet are the king’s; and, till my soul forsake,
    Shall cry for blessings on him: may he live
    Longer than I have time to tell his years!
    Ever beloved and loving may his rule be!
    And when old time shall lead him to his end,
    Goodness and he fill up one monument!”

    Buckingham had a very generous and forgiving heart. He had a clear conscience; Buckingham died well.

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  2. xPraetorius says:


    Love that one!


    — x

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