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Geniuses are overrated

–Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men … Continue reading

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To all good mockers

Anybody who dismisses God’s word as unreliable, untruthful, irrelevant, a crutch for the weak, inaccurate, a collection of useless tales, behind the times, scientifically barren, or any other shortcoming or defect, then you, and I mean you, have an intellect … Continue reading

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Take the TRUTH test

In my never ending quest to speak of the almighty perfectness of true science, coupled with the infallible testimony of Holy Writ, I bring you this for your immediate consideration. Forget the fact that coal, lumber, leather, diamonds, oil, blood, … Continue reading

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I dare you

While contemplating what is plumb (vertical) and what is level, (horizontal) the thought occurred to me. Without God in mind, the common atheist (as good a person as he may be) is just a simple mass or glob of irrelevance. … Continue reading

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An arrow finds its mark, perfectly.

Ah yes, solid gold. Some one-liners just have a way of encapsulating a point, an idea, an ideology, a world view. This happens to be a fav. Enjoy, and try to disagree. But first, do you know the difference between … Continue reading

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Who is the greatest scientist of all?

I like this observation so much I am going to steal from myself borrowing a comment I answered elsewhere. Sometimes the simplest of explanations are the best. True statement. Creation is the science of truth. Evolution is the religion of … Continue reading

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I am Jack the barbarian…….grrrr

Was reminded recently that stone age intellect was not limited to our ancestors, those illustrious goons who unlike us moderns, did not waste their time twiddling their thumbs on a device, but were busy making brass, copper, laying magnificent stonework, … Continue reading

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Professing themselves to be wise….

Please take a few minutes to consider the greater ramifications of swallowing University ‘findings,’ and putting God’s word in the dumpster so to speak. One doesn’t pick and choose what parts of scripture they find tasty, or do they? -from … Continue reading

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The ‘kinds’

I have been saying this for years. Take careful note of the answers, or lack thereof, and the cut and paste repeated answers by so-called smart people who show how utterly lacking, empty, and shallow, is the thought process of … Continue reading

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5 minutes of delight

Why do I say delight? Because of a man’s willingness to engage science using science at the risk of appearing foolish. Here we see logic and facts utilized to challenge what is long assumed.  Popularity is no guarantee of certainty. … Continue reading

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The tsunami and you

A short time ago there was a devastating tidal wave on the outskirts of Southern Asia. As with all catastrophes, the Creator is called upon to defend his actions, and man looks for weaknesses in the arguments of God, to … Continue reading

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