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Same old song?

  Some people say the song and dance of the believer is stagnant, short-sighted, out-dated, and boring. To this I say: really?  Others ignorantly assume christianity is a glorified pep rally, playing the same old song and stale as cardboard. Well, … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s not good to steal

Some people wear the badge ‘atheism’ as if it is a medal of honor. ‘A’ meaning a negative, or lack of, and Theos, from God, hence no-God. Folks are actually proud that they have reasoned God not only from their … Continue reading

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Joni E. Tada testimony

I would venture a guess and say listening to this would be time well spent. Yes, it’s a tad lengthy. Bet you can’t get through it with a dry eye. Not because of pity, but because of the depth of … Continue reading

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The atheist monument

There was a victory in FL regarding a granite edifice to be erected to honor atheism. A simple bench as a memory so it is said. Some say this is huge for it will be installed on government property in … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking- God who?

Steven Hawking the noted professor said recently : ‘spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing.’ This would be fine, if he gave the credit to a creator, but he does not. Seems like a major weakness … Continue reading

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Muslims and hope

Only a fool would say there are no decent Muslims,  as morality has many friends, but for the most part, Muslims follow a different god. If you are Muslim, you are asked for everything, and offers so little or nothing … Continue reading

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Predestination- a few thoughts

The cherubim of glory shadowing the mercy seat, of which we cannot now speak particularly… Hebrews Predestination. A word which immediately causes consternation by many, avoidance by others, and a pontificating attitude by still more. It is a bible word … Continue reading

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