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Interpret this

As was mentioned elsewhere, to Doug actually, that a few thoughts would be forthcoming regarding a common theme and scripture, that being, that there are far too many interpretations and ideas that suggest the entire text incredible, for after all, … Continue reading

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Donkeys don’t ‘talk,’ they bray, but I do recall one donkey saying a few words to a man because he was stubborn as a mule. Heck, have you ever heard the asinine things some people say that would embarrass a … Continue reading

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Complete fairness

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This is not meant to disparage good people wherever they may be found, and whatever vocation they are in, it is simply that God’s word is written to smite the elite. Since the wisdom of God is from above, it … Continue reading

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According to what?

According to the weatherman, there was zero chance of rain on Tuesday. Yep, it rained on Tuesday.  According to the pundits, Mr. Obama was supposed to be a messiah. Yea, like that weather forecast worked out well.  Opinions are a … Continue reading

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The Captains compass

There is nothing like the intricate workings of a nautical compass. It is a fine piece of machinery, tooled to precision, and the brass speaks of  endurance, reliability, and credibility.  The compass reveals truth, as it reinforces that which is. … Continue reading

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