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To all good mockers

Anybody who dismisses God’s word as unreliable, untruthful, irrelevant, a crutch for the weak, inaccurate, a collection of useless tales, behind the times, scientifically barren, or any other shortcoming or defect, then you, and I mean you, have an intellect … Continue reading

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Some sandpaper for you

Why sandpaper? Well, it abrades and polishes depending on the grit. Dedicated to CTom, ARK, Zande, SOM, mike from books/ sklyd, and of course all others who appreciate evidence and facts. Btw, you all can argue and complain with each … Continue reading

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God bless America, no wait.

Why is this even a story? Certain men in high places have proudly said ‘God  d_mn America,’ and that language was applauded. Still is. Watch out, if you say ‘God bless you’ to somebody who sneezes, you may be stoned. … Continue reading

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The Captains compass

There is nothing like the intricate workings of a nautical compass. It is a fine piece of machinery, tooled to precision, and the brass speaks of  endurance, reliability, and credibility.  The compass reveals truth, as it reinforces that which is. … Continue reading

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Milo’s home run

A man usually made it to all his son’s games, but missed this one due to an overtime job. The following conversation shows some serious amusement, between the atheist brother and the believer, with a sober summary. Ring. ring… ring … Continue reading

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God knew all about it

If the glories of the heavens above, and the wonders of the earth below are not enough… further proof for the existence of God is His knowledge that man would not only resist Him,  but deny He exists, vehemently oppose they … Continue reading

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Hey that’s a fake!

You have seen them and no doubt been to a few: ‘Fairs in the park,’ where vendors and artisans present their wares, mostly one of a kind pottery, paintings, wood carvings, tapestries, and all kinds of interesting stuff. I had on … Continue reading

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A simple question

                        If        the heavens above,      and          the fulness of the earth below,           are not proof of … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s not good to steal

Some people wear the badge ‘atheism’ as if it is a medal of honor. ‘A’ meaning a negative, or lack of, and Theos, from God, hence no-God. Folks are actually proud that they have reasoned God not only from their … Continue reading

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Take another look

In recent discussions  with self-described intellectuals who have no use for God in His own creation,  the thought occurred to me that people are choking on information overload.  We do not ‘chew the cud’ as it were.  We do not … Continue reading

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The atheist monument

There was a victory in FL regarding a granite edifice to be erected to honor atheism. A simple bench as a memory so it is said. Some say this is huge for it will be installed on government property in … Continue reading

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Atheist billboard

The latest advertising gimmick has been utilized by a CA outfit to promote atheism. In nice big letters, it reads:  ‘Personal relationship w/ reality…’  Really? A ‘relationship’ supposes there is reciprocation from the other, kind of odd don’t you think, … Continue reading

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